My name is Maila Maire Marketta Myllari and my friends call me Margie. I got this name when I was a commercial student practicing as an AIESEC trainee in New York. I like the energy of this name, especially when it’s pronounced in English.


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Margie's books:

Anna, Jeesuksen Isoaiti/ Anna, Grandmother of Jesus

Anna, Magdalenejen Aani / Anna, The Voice of the Magdalenes

Book Reviews

Sielunpeili -magazine 5/2019

King Salomo's prayer
Uusi Rovaniemi 24.8.2019

To the lupine enthusiasts
Lapin Kansa, July, 24th 2019

Love for the mankind
Lapin Kansa, July, 3th 2019

Listen to the child
Lapin Kansa, May, 29th 2019

Dancing Wind
Sielunpeili -magazine 4/2019

Brother Geoffrey
Preserving the Voice of the Magdalenes

Sielunpeili -magazine 2/2019

Anna Reveals the Resurrection Mysteries
and Anna’s Vision on the Mount

Sielunpeili -magazine 1/2019

Shopping as a Meditation
Uusi Rovaniemi 19.12.2018

About the English texts:

The Finnish texts are translated into English by Margie and edited by Rachelle Giuliani, and since Jan. 2009 by Lisa Marie Teubel.
Margie’s warm Gratitude to these Beloved Sisters!

You’re welcome to check into the many Finnish articles with photos that are included on the website.

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