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Interview with Mary Magdalene
the magazine Ultra 7-8/2005


Anna Reveals the Resurrection Mysteries and Anna’s Vision on the Mount

Grandmother Anna tells us:

During the 150 years that bridged my return to Mount Carmel from Egypt and the beginning of the phase of my life in which I began to give birth to my numerous children, there were many changes made upon the political face of Palestine.

After Alexander the Great died of a fever in 323 BC at the age of 33, his Macedonian generals divided up the spoils among themselves. Although they had been skilled at war, they were, in most cases, inexcusably inept when it came to political governance and social reform. It was only a matter of time before their descendants began to do battle with one another for control of the lands that they had inherited. Shortly after my return to Mount Carmel, the storm clouds began to gather again.

When Hellenistic culture was enforced upon the Jews, the resulting political tension gradually increased until finally in 167 BC it culminated in the Maccabean revolt. Eventually an independent Jewish state was established in 142 BC, governed by the Hasmonian dynasty. One of the descendants of this dynasty was King Herod who is known in your New Testament account. Much of the impetus that later created the Jewish Zealots and spurred the conservative fundamentalism of the Qumran Essenes derived from this divisive revolt which was further amplified by the presence of conquering Roman soldiers and governors. It was within this context of political fermet that I settled into my life’s daily routine in Carmel.

This was our situation in those troubled days that I began to go out from Mount Carmel to trod the fertile hillsides of Palestine with others of our Essene Order. First we went to the nearby villages in Galilee and the towns and cities of Samaria and Judea in the south. I often journeyed to Capernaum on the Sea of Galilee and Qumran on the Salt Sea, or the Dead Sea as it has come to be known. Along the coast of the Great Sea, which you now call the Mediterranean, I made my way by boat from Ptolemais to Tyre in the north and to Joppa in the south. The Plain of Sharon, which extends along the coast all the way from Mount Carmel to Joppa, was well known to me.

I also trekked northward, following the River Jordan beyond the Sea of Galilee to its source, and upward I climbed to an ancient sanctuary near the top of Mt. Hermon. I made a pilgrimage to an even more anciet sanctuary high on the slopes of Mt. Ararat. No further during those years, by land or boat, I did travel in my body of flesh as do most pilgrims; however, I teleported and bilocated to any number of places and across many timelines.

As a high priestess of the Order of Essenes, I now had a sacred responsibility to reach out to our people. Yet, we who were from Mount Carmel were neither zealous nor fanatical in our evangelism, as some might think. Rather, our work was quiet. To those with ears to hear, we brought the Way of the Teacher of Righteousness (the wisdom teachings that reveal the right use of energy), However, only tose who were receptive to our message did we invite to join our Order.

My reason was twofold for making my pilgrimages. The first I have already explained; however, the second reason is much more hidden. I will now introduce you to some of the little understood resurrection processes I used as a Teacher of Righteousness to maintain my physical body from generation to generation.

In addition to deep, daily meditation, in which I disengaged from the tribal consciousness belief in suffering, disease, and unconscious dying, I also took myself for extended periods into sequestered silence away from any possible distraction. As you recall, I said that I had mastered the Rite of the Sepulchre in Egypt. Therefore, it was possible for me to go into stages of consciousness that the Hindus call samadhi or union in God, during which time my physical vital signs were indiscernible, and in some cases, nonexistent. Yet, my body remained sweet and vital. Because I chose to continue to abide on the earthplane in order to extend my days of service, I did not master the higher stages of samadhi that would have caused me to become completely absorbed in God. Thus, in order to attain my purpose on the earthplane, there were times when it was required of me to enter the lesser stages of samadhi, not only for a few weeks of rejuvenation and rest, but to remain in suspended stages of animation for many years.

Indeed, there were periods in which my physical body abided in such states for a generation or more, so that my physical body abided in such states for a generation or more, so that when I resumed my walk upon the Earth, ordinary society around me thought of me as one of them without raising questions of fear. Those of our Essene Fellowship who knew the Way of the Teacher of Righteousness kept its practices strictly guarded, supported each other’s bodies during our ”vacations”, staged funerals, provided aliases, and offered understandable explanations for our rather mysterious comings and goings.

I’m sure if you were to stop and imagine yourself chronologically older than everyone around you; you might begin to understand the rather delicate situation that a physical immortal experiences. After all, how would you explain to someone who didn’t understand physical immortality how you could live for hundreds of years? Although you might look like a youthful adult, would you openly admit that you were the ancestor of hundreds of descendants, most of whom had died, and some of those presently living who appear older than you?

Often when I took myself out into the surrounding counryside to serve our Essene communities and to visit my descendants in their various villages, I would go to the secreted places that supported rest and regeneration. These places are known by the Brother-Sisterhood of Light and have been preserved through the rises of civilization. They are always protected from the uninitiated, the naïve curiosity seeker, or plundering thieves. There were three primary sanctuaries that supported my cellular regeneration. The one I most frequnted was within a cave at Mount Carmel. The other two were in caves near Qumran and Mt. Hermon. These three caves acted as a focus of triangulated energy that was held constant by the priests and priestesses who facilitated the caves’ maintenance and served the adepts who came there.

Within these caves were stone sepulchres carved to precise dimensions, inscribed with magical prescriptions and life-sustaining antidotes, and filled with a peculiar kind of living plasma that had the consistency of amniotic fluid. Anytime I desired to rest and regenerate,I always went through a period of purification and an extended fast, accompanie by deep meditation. If it was time for me to be away for a while, I was prepared for the full Rite of the Sepulchre.

You might well ask. ”Why would a soul as evolved as mine chose to undergo the rigors of the Rite of the Sepulchre and the potential dangers of lying in suspenced animation?” My reasons for doing so were multifold. Firtst of all, I was deeply guided from within to remember how to preserve and resurrect a physical body for short and extended periods, which I later came to understand was a preparation for me to teach my grandson, whom you call Jesus, how to resurrtect his body. Secondly, I personally preferred to maintain my physical body, as long as it served my soul’s purposes, instead of passing through the rigors of the birth canal and infancy or walking into a body again.

My desire was to master the laws of the physical plane and spiritual immortality, remain in service to humanity as one who appeared quite ordinary, and then when my soul had accomplished all that I had come to do, eventually take my ascension. My few experiences with ascended beings informed me that their visitations into the density of earthplane were infrequent and that when they came to assist humanity it was for short periods of time. At some point, ”popping in and out” as an ascended master would also be my choice, but for now I was content to linger close to humanity and Mother Earth as long as I was guided to do so.

After going through the appropriate Rite of the Sepulchre purification rituals, I then proceeded into a deeply altered brain state. When I reached the desired state in which my body was asleep, and my consciousness was identified completely with my higher light bodies, my anointed physical body, or Khat, was wrapped in swaddling clothes. These are similar to the cotton and linen shrouds that are used in mummificaton. The cloths were saturated with essential oils known to preserve and regenerate tissue. If I were to go through a relatively brief regenerative process, my swaddled body was placed on top of the sepulchre or inside without the lid put in place. In such circumstances my face was exposed, except for a napkin that fluttered with my returning breath, signaling to the attending priest or priestess that my body was becoming animated.

If I were to be ”away” for several months or for an extended period of many years, my entire body was carefully wrapped and placed inside the sepulchre where a nurturing ’amniotic-like fluid’ or ’molecularly restructured water’ had been poured, facilitating a state of suspension or antigravity. Attending priests and priestesses then hermetically sealed the lid of the sarcophagus once it was levitated into its precise position. So it was that all the elements of the Rite of the Sepulchre acted in complete synergy.

At times, appearing in my Ka (etheric twin), I returned to the cave and hovered near my physical or Khat body to support its regeneration. At such times I was quite visible to those who were guarding the sepulchre, and we communed together and gave my physical body the appropriate healing energy that it might require. Most of the time my consciousness was elsewhere, even visiting other places. I especially enjoyed going to the Hathor healing temples on Venus and continuing my studies at the higher spiritual universities located in the Pleiades and Sirius B. There, I was prepared for my role to be the mother of Mary and the grandmother of Him who would publicly demonstrate the Way of the Teacher of Righteousness – the way of a Christ.

When it was time for my return to the earthplane, I made my presence known to an overseeing priest or priestess who supported me in my full reentry into my physical body. The silver cord or secret channel which always remained connected to all my bodies was charged with life force and then I spiraled back in much the same way as I had spiraled out. The lid was unsealed and I was lifted out of the sepulchre, unwrapped, bathed, and given liquids to drink. It usually took a number of days, sometimes weeks for me to fully regain my pysical faculties. All of these experiences assisted my soul to evolve and to prepare for my coming work on the earthplane.

You may think I am fabricating a fairy tale, or at best, science fiction. Yet, I assure you, my friend, that as the approaching Golden Age reveals this ancient science of physical and spiritual immortality, you may awaken to super-consciousness and remember what we called The Way of the Teacher of Righteousness. The Grail Codes of Light, that presently lie dormant within the sepulchre you call your body and the larger sepulchre that is the unconscious material world, are rising in resurrected consciousness. Although you may think that my life was more significant than yours and my level of self-mastery greater than you can attain, I am compelled to emphasize once again, that you are remembering your soul’s past and future lifetimes of mastery that are now culminating in your everyday life. You may make different choices to serve others through your self-mastery than I demonstrated. Yet, regardlesss how you express your full divinity, I am here to catalyze you into resurrecting the indwelling Christ, your true Self, who always knows the way.

Thus, you can see that I knew well the initiatory process of ”crucifying” my separate identity as a physical body and ego, laying that small self to rest, and resurrecting my vaster consciousness that is always in union with my Creator. The crucifixion initiation, as it has been taugt by those who attempt to control the masses through fear, would have you believe that atonement – to be at one with God - is accomplished through suffering and blood sacrifice. I reassure you that only when the ”separate self” resists being at one with God is suffering the consequence.

Whe God-Goddess is realized as the source of love, the only sacrifice required is the willingness to offer up one’s arrogant sense of separation, so that love can claim its own.

Over a long span of years, I continued to partcipate in the ritual of the Rite of the Sepulchre. As time passed and my mastery increased, I had the opportunity of initiating others into the mysteries of the crucifixion and resurrection initiations. With the continuing passage of time, I gradually arrived at a clearer understanding of the nature of my assignment to prepre the way for Him who was soon to come. I also realized how it was that all my experiences would serve a greater part. And so it was that I passed across the threshold of celibacy in order to experience a more expanded compassionate love that can come through conscious, sacred relationship and childbearing.

Anna’s Vision on the Mount

The times in which Mary Anna grew in stature were indeed perilous. By the time she was twelve years old, conflict and agitation between the various political and religious factions were constantly disrupting the little peace we had. As a consequence, the Romans had taken all of Palestine well into their hands, and though they tried to maintain peace, it was a very troubled peace. I can still remember how shocked we were by the horrifying news that the soldiers were using crucifixion to keep the many factions in obedience to Rome.

Ever since the Maccabean revolt, in 63 BC, there had been a gradual dispersal of our Essene community away from Carmel to Qumran, the Sinai, Egypt, Asia Minor, the Himalayas, Gaul, and Britain. This caused many of us who remained in Carmel to turn more deeply inward. We also looked for ways to safeguard that which was most precious to us – the lives of those committed to living the Way of the Teacher of Righteousness, and secondly, our oral and written records.

Therefore, we kept to ourselves as a sect and avoided as much as possible going into the densely populated areas. More than ever, those of us who hailed from Mount Carmel, clung to our ecumenial ways of brotherly love and forbearance, sometimes in marked contrast to our Qumran brothers and sisters whose ascetic monasticism embraced Hebrew fundamentalism.The growing schisms among our Essene community indeed troubled my soul.

When discontent, violence and oppression strike close to home, it is easy to judge those who fear the empowerment of the masses at the risk of losing their position of authority and wealth. However, I have found that to do so is to add fuel to the fire. My preferred course was to do what I could to pass on the arcane wisdom that empowers internal sovereignty, as it has always been done – quietly, and with an underlying trust in Creator’s plan. This is the essence of the wisdom that I acquired during the course of my long life. And this is the orientation which I sought to share with all of my children, while at the same time honoring their right to learn from their own experience by taking their own free will choices.

So it was in the midst of this increasing chaos, that I chose to walk one day upon the burnt hillside of Mount Carmel hoping to find and heal any remaining survivors of Rome’s most recent political demonstration. The grasses of Galilee had been burned in retribution for some wayward folly of the peasant folk, who rose up with the Zealots to decry Rome’s and Herod’s punitive taxes. And now, homes as well as fields and pasturelands had been burned to the ground. A sore darkness enveloped the hillsides. Dust devils riveted the sky. Vultures hovered over the meager prey to be found.

Satisfied that we had found everyone who could be assisted, I turned homeward. As the day wore on, my heart became extremely heavy. The sun’s almost unbearable blistering heat was intensely amplified by a strong desert wind that whipped black ashes skyward. Covering my face with my shawl, my footsteps slowed by the assailing gusts and debris, a spontaneous lamentation arose from deep wthin my bowels.

In this way I spoke to God, ”On the hillsides of Galilee, I walk amidst the burning grasses. And the dust flies in the wind. I am tired and alone in my fears of what is coming. An ancient, abysmal feeling wells up and presses upon my heart. I ache in my being.

”Oh my God, what is to become of my people? I know not. Oh my God, I burn in the depths of my being for my people, Israel. Why do I mourn so in my heart? Are we not the Chosen, your Elect? Are we not protected by you, our God? What has become of reason? Little do I know of the passing of time and the sore indiscretions of those who say they know what is best for our small community of followers of Him whose time is nigh. How are we to walk in faith, oh my God, when there is so much suffering of mind and soul? Oh, I of little faith. Come up to the Mountain of the Lord, Oh my soul. Show me your face, Oh my God! I quake in the smallness of my being, and the aching of my soul oppresses me. Rise up, Oh my heart. Be not cast down.”

So I thought and expressed these lamentations to my God, as I traversed the burning hillsides of Galilee, awaiting Him whose time was nigh. So many questions pressed upon my mind.

How am I to do this thing required of me? How am I to speak to my beloved Joachim of this distress that oppresses me and burns in my bowels? How am I to meet with my little flock and share with them the substance of my knowing that the time has come for which we have yearned so long? In the midst of great tribulation we have petitioned God to bring us the prophesied Teacher of Righteousness, that we might be lifted from the travails of flesh and the afflictions of our souls in the deepest of nights. A flash of lightning moved across my mind as I reflected upon this.

And so it was in those days that I, Anna, walked amidst the burnt grasses of Galilee. Often, my soul was taken with the lamentations of weariness, and fear beset me. Indeed, it was the crying out of the peoples of the Earth that rested heavily upon my heart. I could feel of the entire Earth and knew her great weariness within this darkest of cycles. In my soul, there was a restless torment, as of one lost in the wilderness of a dark night. For, indeed, there was much tribulation among the peoples. No one rested well in our slumbers. It was as if a great calamity would come upon us, and we knew not when, nor of what magnitude. It was a silent aching in my heart and a heavy weight that I carried upon my shoulders as I walked the fields of blackened grasses.

As I continued my walk back to the compound of Carmel, I suddenly felt inspired to climb to the highest knoll upon the mount, where Hismariam had taken her ascension over a century earlier. As if guided by an invisible hand, I made my way to the summit and prostrated my body upon the ground. Within moments, I was taken up to receive revelation of the coming days.

Great was the exaltation of my soul as I stood face to face with the Lord God of my Being, for on His right hand was the Radiant One, whose time was drawing nigh. Into effulgent light I was drawn until all awareness of my individual identity dissolved. Then, the veils were drawn aside, and I saw a new Heaven and a new Earth. And I knew that much travail would come upon the Earth beforehand, even that which would temper by fire the very essence of Earth’s creation.

He, who would soon be coming through Mary Anna, then took me aside. Together, we walked in the midst of a most beautiful garden. Here, he placed his arms around me, calling me ”Little Mother”, With a penetrating gaze, he merged his being with mine until we were taken unto the very Throne of the Father. I know not how long I was taken up into the One. When I returned into my separate awareness, he announced that his time had come. The next year would be a great preparation for his entering into Mary Anna’s womb. One who would be his forerunner was already about to enter the womb of Joachim’s brother Jacob’s eldest daughter, Elizabeth, who had completed her training at Mount Carmel and had returned to Bethlehem to await her time. There were other women who would also be called. Each would receive according to her agreement in Spirit.

Mary Anna would be required to go through several more levels of initiation. After these were accomplished and there was a stalization of her physical and subtle bodies, the complete impregnation of very vast, high, light frequencies could occur. And, last but not least, her cousin, Joseph, the youngest son of Joachim’s brother, Jacob, was to come forward in betrothal to Mary Anna in order to set the stage, activate the Light Conception codes, and provide a strong bastion of protection and emotional solace to mother and child.

Next, I was shown my part. He showed me how my initiations in the great temples of Egypt prepared me in the Way of the Teacher of Righteousness. The wisdom would be drawn upon during his youth and would assist the Great Work that he was coming to do. This, I secreted away into my heart.

Then, he showed me glimpses of his walk upon the Earth and events to come. Te darkest moment was also the lightest; for in crucifixion, he would remove the sting of death. He told me that he was coming to fulfill all prophecy and to anoint all humanity with the redeeming love of the Father-Mother of life. His disciples would demonstrate unto all; that what he did, all could do, and even more. The Divine Plan was laid out holographically. It was decreed in the heavens, and all the players were taking our positions upon Earth’s stage. All was in readiness.

Gently, he pressed his fingers into the palms of my hands and blew the Breath of Life upon them. A celestial wind penetrated deep into my flesh and bones, reviving an awareess of my identity in the eternal realms. A healing balm wrapped around my small form until all sadness departed. I knew all was well, even though the mystery school drama soon to be publicly enacted would be misunderstood and not fully received for many centuries to come. This was the time ordained to set a greater evolution into motion within this solar system, galaxy, and universe.

Then he opened my hands and taking each palm to his lips, he whispered, ”Into these hands shall I be born to glorify my Father-Mother. Blessed are you among women. Fear not, my Little Mother, for like your daughter that you presently call Mary Anna, who is my heavenly Mother incarnate, you are likewise born to lift up the Son of Man until all be returned to my Father’s kingdom. Hold these words in your heart. Though the night draws a heavy cloak over you, the dawning follows. In that hour, roll back fear’s stone that covers the portal called death and emerge into my heavenly Father-Mother’s garden, where I await you.”

Thereupon, the Heavens rolled back yet further, and I saw before me a most wondrous sight – the Earth, renewed and transformed! Her waters and lands were resplendent in pristine beauty. Life teemed with robust virility and abundant fertility. All enmity and discord were removed. All life was imbued with a splendor that far exceeded the visions conveyed by the words of the prophets before me. Alas, my heart overflowed with thanksgiving as I rejoiced in the blessings of the Creator, which rested upon me as I quaked with the witnessing power of Shekinah’s fiery, indelible presence. Angelic hosts trumpeted, ”Hosanna! Glory, indeed, be to God! Peace, O Immanuel, come among men!”

Joyful tears flowed through my heart, the very heart of the Earth, the very heart beating in all humankind. Indeed, there was but one vast heart that cradled and was the All.

As the transmission of fove energies continued I became aware that not only would my grandson represent the Father Godhead, but that his twin-soul would also incarnate joining with Mary Anna to bring down into the earthplane the full return of the Mother Godhead. My soul indeed rejoiced as I slowly gathered myself and picked my way down the mount to Carmel’s north gate.

Love and Blessings,
Margie Magdalene
Maila Maire Marketta

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Shopping as a Meditation

Our leaders urge us to save our economy by shopping and consuming as much as possible in order to keep the wheels of our economy running strong. At the same time we, as the inhabitants of the globe, are urged to preserve our environments and our planet by our activities. Who do I listen to? Ultimately, I think it’s best to listen to my own inner voice.

When I was studying at the School of Economics and Business Administration one of my main subjects was marketing. Afterwards I applied for a job as a marketing teacher at one college and I was even elected for that post. But then I stopped to consider what I was going to teach because I had already started to question what I had studied and learned in marketing classes. Did I really believe that people could be manipulated and that they could be made to buy rubbish and anything else, including things they didn’t really need or want AND with loans to cover the money they don’t have? And, finally, did I think people could be manipulated into contributing to the ruin of their own cash flow by collecting firms after getting themselves deeper and deeper into debt?

As a Peace Minister I believe our outer peace comes only from the peace deep within and that we radiate our inner peace into the world. So I consider preserving one's peace of mind to be of utmost importance to everyone who wants to affect world peace.

We can easily test our peace of mind in the following way: Go to a big supermarket or mall when it’s very busy and there are many people around. As cool as a cucumber, walk around and observe everything going on. Don’t buy anything, just notice all the things that you do not need. Be positive and peaceful all the time and radiate your inner peace. If something disturbs you, that indicates an area in your life that needs thought and effort for you to keep and maintain your inner peace. Good luck. The test is great fun and easy to do. But not perhaps to those who have no sense of humor.

With blessings and love,

Marketta Mylläri
Lady Peace Minister

Yeshua’s Light Conception and Birth

Late one night just before sunrise, during the last week of June in the year 5 BC, Joachim and I were lying upon our pallet, when an immense light came over us. Within the light were four angels: Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, and Uriel. We were drawn up, as within a whirlwind, into a great light-filled chamber. I recognized this chamber as the same one that we had experienced during the times our children had been light conceived. I liked to think of this extraordinaly beautiful place as one of the many rooms within the City of Light that I called the New Jerusalem.

We were pleased to behold Mary Anna and her beloved Joseph entering into the chamber. Others of our family and extended family, living near and far, also entered in. Among these were Mary of Magdala and Joseph Arimathea, Tabitha and Isaac, Rebekah and Simeon, and Noah who was standing beside a beautiful unidentified woman with long strawberry blond hair. We were informed that all of these couples, as well as others, would be participating in Light Conception so that the souls who would play their integral parts could make their entrances. Mighty and wondrous things did we see and hear.

The four angels, each in turn, told us that Mary Anna and Joseph ben Jacob had been over-lighted with the full presence of the Son of Man. Like Mary Anna, Yeshua would also be born as an avatar capable of anchoring vast fields of cosmic consciousness into the earthplane. And just as Mary Anna had entered fully into my womb without Joachim’s physical seed, so it would be with the conception of her son. And as it had been that Joachim’s genetics were not required for Mary Anna’s earthly expression, so it was that Joseph’s physical DNA was not required. Likewise as it had been with Joachim, Joseph’s etheric seed and DNA were permeated with light as he energetically merged with the great cosmic soul that would be his son.

As we heard the sanctuary bell ringing, we once again became aware of our pysical bodies touched by the dawn’s first light. Tenderly holding each other, tears flowing, our bodies quacking, we lifted our hearts in praise to God on High. At last he was here! No sooner had we expressed our thanksgiving, than we heard a gentle knock at our door, which then slowly opened.

There stood a most radiant Mary Anna and Joseph. Their countenance shone with white light. Inwardly knowing that we knew what had occurred, Mary Anna and Joseph joined us as we silently knelt together and offered up our prayers of immense gratitude. The sweetest fragrance of lilies and roses wafted upon the air. Our hearts overflowed with thanksgiving. Upon hearing the call to morning prayers, we went before the community to announce what had come upon us. The young women wo had been prepared with Mary Anna wept with simultaneous joy and sadness. Each was a worthy candidate, capable of Immaculate Conception of the Son of Man. All had prepared well and had given their hearts to the often arduous task. Now that Mary Anna had been chosen, the weight of the long months of initiations was felt and lifted up by each maiden, according to her degree of attachment to being the ”Chosen One”. So, in this hour, there was yet another initiation for each beloved soul. Instead of succumbing to disappointment, it was time now to shift their intention to bringing forth other great souls who would be Yeshua’s disciples also demonstrating and supporting the Christ initiations. Instead of going out into the fields to labor, we first attended to the essential chores, and then all gathered into the sanctuary for an entire day of fasting and prayer. Long into the night we prayed. Some continued in this fashion for several days. When all had received a witness and guidance for our next steps, the commnity of Carmel resumed its usual routine.

Because there is misunderstanding about how Joseph received the news of Mary Anna’s pregnancy, I am weaving this account in such a way that you may walk with me between two worlds. Much of this misunderstanding is due to the manner in which your Gospel accounts were recorded and translated. On the one and there is the story, as it is understood by the human mind, governed by fear and unbalanced polarities. And on the other hand, there is also the story as it was lived by those who are not bound by the limitations of the third dimension.

In your Gospel account, Joseph is described as distraught and ignorant of what had come upon Mary Anna. It is also implied that Mary Anna knew very little about Light Conception. It is said that it took a visitation of Gabriel to convince Joseph that there had been no foul play, so that he would accept Mary Anna as his wife and not bring recrimination down upon her. Thus would the egoic human mind contrive such an explanation, so that those who did not know the mysteries science of Light Conception could make some sense of the story that presented Yeshu’s conception as a miracle.

Through the following centuries of darkness, those few adepts who knew the secret mysteries cloaked the meaning, and hid up the records which came from the very hands of those who had witnessed the events. Some of these records are still hidden, some are suppressed by church and state, others were destroyed. Yet that which was hidden is now coming forth when the cycles change to birth an era of light. Many will be surprised when your Bible’s multi-layered codes are broken.

As I have already shared with you, Joseph well understood what was happening.

Several weeks after the conception, Mary Anna confided that she had received guidance from Archangel Gabriel to make a pilgrimage to the Essene camp at Kadesh Barnea. Then she was to stay in Bethlehem with her cousin, Elizabeth, during the last trimester of Elizabeth’s pregnancy, which was also a Light Conception. So, she and Joseph prepared for the journey. Mary of Magdala and Joseph of Arimathea, Tabitha and Isaac, and Rebekah and Simeon accompanied them.

All was brought into readiness for the journey to Kadesh Barnea, a remote Essene encampment in the Wilderness of Paran near the trade route toward the Sinai. It was here that Sarah and Abraham, the matriarch and patriarch of the ancient Hebrews were prepared to conceive their son, Isaac. It was here that an additional anointing of divine light would be delivered into Mary Anna’s womb and into the wombs of the three other women whose lot it was to give birth to three daughters: Mary Magdalene, Sara, and Mariam.

These female children, who would eventually become some of Yeshua’s key disciples, would also be initiated into the greater mysteries of resurrection and ascension. Of these, Mary Magdalene, Sara, and Mariam would play pivotal roles in supporting Yeshua’s life and work. So it was that Mary Anna, Mary of Magdala, Tabitha, Rebekah and their husbands responded to the call of Archangel Gabriel, even though it meant traveling under adverse summer conditions in order to receive a greater portion of light. Although I was not physically present, I attuned myself to bilocate from time to time and witnessed many wonderful things that I was asked to hold in my heart.

In this way a new chapter of our lives opened to us. Now that Yeshua had been conceived, we looked ahead to the fulfillment of all that he had come into the earthplane to accomplish. You may well imagine the joy that filled our hearts as you contemplate the children you have welcomed into your life. Whether or not you were the birth parent, to be close to a soulmaking its entrance into the earthplane is to be close to the heavenly realms. This is also true when one is close to souls taking their departure.

I have shared with you earlier that there are many highly evolved souls taking embodiment at this time to assist Mother Earth through her ascension process. Just as it was true for Yeshua and his cousins, who were light conceived and assisted by conscious parents and a supportive community, so is it possible to participate in Light Conception today. The process of coming into the density of Earth is wonderfully enhanced when parents, relatives, birth attendants and caregivers consciously choose to lift their vibration into greater light. When there is coherent love present, it is possible to resonate harmoniously with these very sensitive children. With this support, these wondrous souls, who come with the ability to express great love, can accomplish the trasformational work of replacing society’s dysfunctional structures with those that are more conscious and humane.

Thus, while fulfilling my role as a mother and guide to the light conceived parents and children, I often reflected on the importance of communal family life at Carmel. I treasured Joachim’s and my years of raising our beloved children. Reluctantly, I realized that his role as an exemplary father and teacher might soon be coming to an end.

So it was that Joachim and I drew close to one another. As we served our community, we felt the closeness of the glorious light realms as the light conceived babies grew in their mothers’ wombs.

Yeshua ben Joseph’s Birth

I hovered over Mary Anna as much as she would allow me. I loved to place my hands upon the swollen bellies of the beautiful women whose light conceived babies were as my own. I taught them how to commune with the souls who were growing within their wombs. Each soul brought very high frequencies of light directly from the Throne of God. We assisted each incoming soul to hold its latticed patterns of multifaceted energy in perfect alignment. With Metatron and the Archangels, Seraphim, and Cherubim, we wove and encoded the DNA grids with enormous amounts of information. Together, we prepared the frequencies within and around the mothers, husbands, and community, so that these precious souls could come in as harmoniously and painlessly as possible.

Then, in January, we received unsettling news from Judith’s husband, Justinian, who had just returned from Rome. He told us that Augustus Caesar had decreed that a census of the Empire’s populace be taken during the three weeks following the spring equinox. It required every household to go to the town of ancestral origin, to be registered by the tax collectors and to vow allegiance to Rome. So it was that the community of Carmel came together to discuss our differing opinions about this hardship which was being asked of us by Caesar. Many of us were incensed over having to divide our allegiance between God and Caesar. In the midst of this controversy, our attenton was drawn to the loud thumbing of Joseph ben Jacob’s staff on the flagstone floor.

Silently, we turned to Joseph, who had just opened the scroll containing the words of Micah the Prophet. He then read: ”But thou, Bethlehem Ephrathah, though thou be little among the thousands of Judah, yet out of thee shall come forth that One who is to be ruler in Israel; he whose goings forth have been predicted from of old, from the days of eternity. Henceforth, he shall deliver them, until the time that she who is in labor has given birth; then the remnant of His brethren shall return to the children of Israel. And He shall stand and shepherd his flock in the strength of the Lord, in the majesty of the name of the Lord His God; and the people shall return; for now His dominion shall extend to the ends of the Earth; and this One shall be peace.”

So he read from the prophet Micah, until all began to understand that Creator was orchestrating a divine purpose, using Caesar as an instrument to fulfill prophecy. Joseph suggested that, rather than wasting energy debating, all who were from the house of David and whose families had come out of Bethlehem gather together and pool our resources, so that the necessary journey could be taken as comfortaly and safely as possible.

Also to be taken into consideration were the women whose pregnancies were coming full term, including Mary Anna and Rebekah. It was sore to think of the journey being taken when their bellies were so swollen with child. Therefore, during the next several weeks, Joseph organized our community’s resources so that there were plenty of wagons, supplies, and able-bodied men who could make the trip go smoothly. The winter’s cold had passed and spring was in the air. The Passover was soon at hand, and the early harvest of winter grains, the lambing season, and shearing of the flocks required our attention before we could begin our journey. There was also the taxed allotment of our harvest to be delivered into the hands of the local tax collectors.

In order that our community be left with a small, core group of men all times, we divided ourselves, according to our tribes of origin and our destinations, and cycled our leave at different times. With enough of the community moving in companies, there would be little concern for the marauding bands of thieves who robbed the unwary upon the highways. Instead of feeling sorrys for ourselves, we chose to ”gird up our loins” and make the best of our unfavorable circumstance.

Mary Anna and Rebekah were placed into a blanket-laden cart, pulled by two sturdy oxen. Then a joyful surprise happened a week before our departure when Rebekah gave birth to a beautiful girl, named Mariam. The very young and elderly also rode in wagons. I rode a mule. Several other women rode donkeys, camels, or walked. Most of the men and children went on foot. We brought our musical instruments, food, tents, and fodder for the animals. We sang as we walked, told stories around the campfires, and took turns with the necessary duties, which moved us along our way over cobble stone paved Roman roads. As we passed by the outskirts of Jerusalem, the road widened and became paved with stones, cut and laid by the Roman garrisons and slaves. Aqueducts and deep wells along the way supplied plenty of water.

We felt protected and well cared for until we arrived within the narrow street of Bethlehem, which were thronged with tumultuous crowds of people, animals, and conveyances. Roman soldiers were everywere. Their swords and spears bristled against the sky, and their whips smacked the backs of slaves and naive passersby who did not know the appropriate protocol. Such clamor I had not witnessed since Alexandria.

Just beyond Bethlehem, near Etam, where I had lived long ago, there was a valley watered by a small spring. This land belonged to a distant relative who was the father of my son Luke’s wife, Abigail. There we took refuge, away from the noise of the swollen village. We set up camp near the well that watered their sheep and cattle. It was good to have our close friends and family around us. We awaited other family members who would be coming from Galilee, Judea, and Samaria. In order to raise our spirits, we took this opportunity to create a wonderful family reunion.

Joseph ben Jacob’s sister, Elizabeth (who was also Mary Anna’s paternal cousin) had given birth to her Light Conceived child six months earlier. It had been twenty years since Elizabeth had last conceived. Her womb had been barren the last eight years since the ceasing of her monthly bleeding. So it was that we were eager to welcome this miracle child. In accordance with guidance which her husband, Zacharias, had received from Archangel Gabriel, their child was named John. They also had a grown daughter by the name of Azirah, who was recently married and expecting her first child. Zacharias offered to stay at the Temple in Jerusalem, where he performed his priestly duties, so that Mary Anna and I could stay with Elizabeth in her small abode on the outskirts of Bethlehem. Rebekah remained at the camp with Simeon and her baby while she was still undergoing her time of purification, as the time of bleeding after childbirth was called by the patriarchy. Joseph came and went from the camp every day.

When the first day arrived for those of Galilee to be registered, we went before the census takers and tax collectors in Bethlehem. It was an ordeal, no matter how philosophically I attempted to look at it. By the time we were finished that evening, Mary Anna’s birth contractions had begun. Joseph sat her on Elizabeth’s faithful donkey, and we made haste to Elizabeth’s small upper room, which was situated above a stable that opened to fenced pens and hillside caves that were used for animals and storage. Her room was accessed through a breezeway to an inner courtyard that was shared by three connected dwellings that belonged to Zacharia’s brother, Zenos. Then, Joseph carried Mary Anna up Elizabet’s narrow stone stairs and laid her on the special pallet that had been prepared for her labor. Joseph had already sent a runner to bring Luke to act as attending physician in case there should be any complications.

We were less than three miles away from the hillside caves and fenced stables where Hannah had given birth to Aurianna long ago. I reflected that it had been almost five hundred and ninety-two (592) years since that moment when Hannah and I, her greater self, merged in the humble stable-cave of Nami’s son-in-law. Now, here I was again in Bethlehem awaiting the moment of all moments for which I had taken embodiment so very long ago.

Following Joseph and Mary Anna, Elizabeth carried John upon her hip and a bundle of Egyptian cotton sheets in her other arm. I carried urns of water. Mary Anna’s small body quaked as she panted. Her contractions quickened and became more and more intense as we approached the midnigt hour. We continually reminded her to breathe as she pushed, relaxing into the birth pangs. Between chewing on a root which lessened the pain, she repeated mantras to her beloved child to calm him and herself. With her eyes turned upward to the Holy of Holies at the center of her brain, she prayed and allowed herself to go into a very deep trance stage. I checked Yeshua’s position and found him coming down the birth canal favorably.

The contractions gradually intensified through the midnight hour. She bore down with great strength for so young a maiden of sixteen years. I encouraged her to sound forth the feelings that engulfed her. Straightway, Mary Anna’s yoni began to open with Yeshua’s crowning head. It was good that we had been preparing her body during the past month for the birthing process. Because she had not known the penetration of a man, we had assisted her by applying salve, massaging and expanding the delicate tissues through which Yeshua was now passing.

From somewhere deep in my being arose a litany of sounds. Out of my throat came the familiar song of highest destiny, which the priestess of Hathor sing to newborn souls. High above us, clearly visible as a stationary ”star” in the heavens, was the Beth Elohim MerKaBa. Hosts of angels, dominions, and elementals gathered and hovered. It was as though all life held its breath as the deepest silence pentrated the very core of Heaven and Earth.

Soon his head, covered with curly, dark, auburn-gold hair, followed by the rest of his small body, lay in my hands! ”Glory be to God in the highest. Peace, good will to humankind!” the refrains of the angelic hosts resounded. Our chamber glowed with golden celestial light. ”Behold, My Son, in whom I Am come to gather My own. In thee, I am well pleased,” were the words etched into our hearts by God Most High. So did we receive the Son of Man. And, just as he had promised and shown me over a year before, Yeshua had delivered himself into my small hands! Indeed, I was blessed among women, even so was his precious mother.

Yeshua was born in the sign of Aries. His birth occurred about one hour after midnight on the twenty-first day of Nisan, according to the Jewish calendar, which corresponds to early April of 4 BC, according to your Gregorian calendar.

Joseph had remained with us throughout the labor and delivery. Sometimes, he would pace the floor, feeling that he could not interfere with the midwifery in which we older women were absorbed. Adding to Joseph’s awkward dilemma was also the shyness he felt because even though he was Mary Anna’s husband, he had not yet had sexual intercourse with her. However, the moment Yeshua began to crown, Joseph was immediately at my side.

Several days earlier, Josweph had gone to the stable below to fetch a small, wooden corncrib, which was used to feed the sheep and goats. We had already washed it and lined it with a sheep’s fleece and the freshest straw that could be found at this season of the year. Over this, we added folded sheets of soft Egyptian cotton. This humble manger would later receive the infant Yeshua so that Mary Anna could rest.

John lay in a cradle near Elizabeth’s pallet. He had remained wide-awake during the entire birth. Sometimes he would cry, and Elizabeth would give him a breast to suckle while she washed and cooled Mary Anna’s face and hands. Then, when Mary Anna required more attention, John would be laid back into his cradle or placed in Josep’s nervous arms. It was in the thick of things that John preferrted to be. So it was that he observed the coming forth of his cousin, whose pathway he would open and prepare.

While Elizabeth tended Mary Anna’s delivery of the placenta, I gently laid Yeshua upon his mother’s belly with the umbilical cord still attached. Then I placed the placenta into preservative oils within a special container to be ceremonially buried later. Joseph hovered over his son and his beloved Mary, as he called her. We abided in silence until the life pulse connecting Mary Anna and her babe had finally subsided, then we cut, tied the umbilical cord, and washed the newborn babe.

Here he was, safely delivered! We praised the Father-Mother God with all our hearts, minds, and souls. We prayed for the strength and wisdom to and prepare Yeshua ben Joseph to accomplish all that he had come to do.

We wondered that Luke had not arrived yet, but were thankful that his medical skills had not been required. Although it was still dark outside, a great light flooded our little room as though it were noonday. After we had washed and anointed Mary Anna, we took her to her own bed, which was behind a hanging rug that partitioned the living room. Yeshua was swaddled with the finest woven Egyptian cotton, which Mary Anna had carefully hemmed and embroidered with a colorful geometric design that was common to the lineage of David. We could feel the presence of the Great Ones all around. Communions between the many realms and dimensions were listened to within our hearts, as we silently sat together for the next few hours, watching over the sleeping babe at Mary Anna’s breast.

Then, there was a knock at the door. Elizabeth ran to open it and found her landlord and brother-in-law, Zenos standing with Luke, whose fast breathing indicated he had been running. Luke immediately approached his youngest sister and the babe, Yeshua. After washing his hands, he carefully proceeded to examine them and was overjoyed that they both were healthy and robust. As he was trained to do from his youth, Luke later made a written record of this most wondrous of stories. This record although altered, has survived in your day as The Gospel According to Luke.

Luke profusely apologized for not being present for the birth, but explained that he had been attending another birthing mother, assisting both mother and child to survive a critical condition. I inwardly smiled as I realized that it was to be my hands, not Luke’s that would receive Yeshua ben Joseph, just as my grandson had promised!

A short time later, Zenos returned to announce that there was a gathering of celebrants at his door on the street below. Some were shepherds who labored for Luke’s father-in-law. They told him a great host of angels had appeared to them while they were caring for their sheep on the hillside. Others of the group reported they had been awakened from very lucid dreams in which they were told to come to Elizabeth’s home. They had known Mary Anna was about to give birth when they last saw her. All had been told to arise and come forth to behold a child, newly born, called Immanuel, Prince of Peace, who was favored of God, even as was Zacharia’s son, John, who would later be called John the Baptist.

As the sun began its ascent, all of these beloved pilgrims were invited to take turns coming up the stairs behind Zenos’ main house in twos and trees to sit for a short time of meditation with the sleeping babe. From time to time, unexpectedly, Yeshua would open his wide, almond-shaped, blue-gray eyes to look upon these family members and friends who were among the first to welcome him.

Of my children, there were Nathan, Luke, and Rebekah who came with their mates. Rebekah brought their baby daughter, Mariam. Joachim’s and my other sons and daughters were far away. Joseph of Arimathea along with his wife, Mary of Magdala, and his sister, Martha, were counted in the census at Bethany. In a fascinating synchronicity, Mary Magdalene was born the same number of hours after sunset as Yeshua’s birth occurred before sunrise on that very same day in Bethany.

Among Luke’s father-in-law’s laborers, there was a young boy of twelve years by the name of Nathaniel ben Tolmi (bar Tolmi in Aramaic). He had been with the company of shepherds who beheld the angels. In his arms was a newborn orphaned lamb, which he brought as an offering to Yeshua. When he saw Yeshua, he fell on his knees, crying out that in a vision several months earlier he had seen this very child, whom an angel had told him was the promised Messiah. As he wept, his tears fell into the soft wool of his bleating offering. When he looked up, Mary Anna invited him to come forward. Laying a gentle hand upon Nathaniel’s head, she looked steadfastly into his eyes and said. ”You, my child, are favored of God. He who is now with us has called you to come out of world and to be as one who is his friend and disciple forever.” Then, she asked Joseph to take the lamb, while she placed the babe, Yeshua, into Nathaniel’s tanned arms.

I realize, my beloved friend, that my story is becoming increasingly complex. I also realize that much of what I am sharing with you conflicts with the stories generally accepted by Christians today. Although I am risking confusion and conflict for you, my intents is to bring clarity and open-mindedness. There is so much given portion by portion, topic by topic, energy flow by energy flow.

More than to bring forth another version of the Christ story, it is my deeper purpose to prepare you for the advent of the Christ within your own heart. In this way, you are being prepared for the great changes that are coming upon you. Thefore, open your heart and remember the energies that are witnessed through your feelings.

I shall say further that I am here with ou. The very purpose of my coming long ago is the purpose of my being here in this present moment. You need not think that I am distant in time or space, or that what occurred 2,000 years ago has no relevance for our day. You are currently in the process of rewriting your past history. Indeed, some of you have come back from the future for precisely this purpose.

I am Anna of Carmel, returned to bear witness to the birth of the Christ in you. I am here to receive you, just as I received the Annointed One 2,000 years ago! As I bring you a chronology of events and the stories of familiar characters you have studied, know that it is the transmission of transformational frequencies that is more important than the words throught which they come. Once you can hear beyond the words, you may remember who you really are and step forward to fulfill your mission by playing your part in this grand drama of planetary ascension that we are cocreating together.

Love and Blessings
Margie Magdalene
Maila Maire Marketta

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Anna, Grandmother of Jesus   
Anna, The Voice of the Magdalenes

Anna and Joachim

Grandmother Anna achieved a remarkable life span (612 BC-82 AD) for she knew how to use the cellular rejuvenation. Her Divine task was to birth and school a spiritual lineage that continues to benefit humanity today. The ”Seeding of Light” - the dispersion of Anna’s, Mother Mary’s and Jesus’ enlightened descendants whose ”bloodline” acts as a living catalyst for awakening unity consciousness and your intrinsic Christ-Magdalene potential.

The Descendents Charts of Anna’s big family can be found in the book Anna, The Voice of the Magdalenes, and also some charts in the book Anna, Grandmother of Jesus. In the book Anna, Grandmother of Jesus, there is the painting of Anna, made by Claire Heartsong. In both of the Finnish books you will also find the same picture of Anna on the cover.

Both of the writers, Claire Heartsong and Catherine Ann Clemett, have a close relationship with Grandmother Anna.

Matthias and Anna’s children were two, Joseph of Arimathea and Martha Joachim and Anna’s children were 12, of whom the youngest was Mary Anna (20BC- 66AD), the mother of Jesus (4BC-72AD)

The youngest son of Jacob, Joachim’s brother, was Joseph, Jesus’s father. And the eldest daughter of Jacob, was Elizabeth, the mother of John the Baptizer. Today there live Anna’s descendents all over the world.

The meeting of Anna and Joachim

My beloved friend, I know the desire of the human heart for true love. All too often the experience of love on the earthplane is frustrated, at best a shallow reflection of that for which one secretly yearns and knows is possible. I hear your soul’s prayer for a mate with whom there is rapport on all levels, especially the spiritual in which the fulfillment of our sol is to uplift life through your committed example of wholeness and unconditional love. As your soul envolves, an intense desire emerges to join your life with someone with whom there can be deeply realized divine destiny.

Is such love possible? Yes, my dear friend. When all is in readiness, and most often when you least expect it, the Beloved comes forth in physical form to mirror Creator’s divine love. As you come more and more into an ever-present, intimate relationship with your own eternal Beloved, as did I, you may also serve the evolution of life by attracting a soulmate with whom you perfectly mirror each other’s internal mystical marriage of Divine Feminine and Masculine.

I will now share one of my most treasured memories of my experience when my beloved came into my life. As I recall, it was late in the summer season of the year 52 BC according to your calendar, when Virgo was the sign of the heavens, that I was walking at dawn in the midst of the garden plot, within the cloister of the sanctuary. It was near the dormitory of the women that I paused to listen to an inner sound. This sound was a soft, lifting trill of birdsong, and yet it was more like the sound of pipes. I wondered at its origin, for surely it was my inner ears that heard. I felt pulled by an irresistible urge to find the source of this haunting melody, which seemed to play upon the very strings of my heart. Quickly, I finished the gathering of fruits and vegetables and took them to our communal strorehouse.

I kept the beckoning sounds to myself as I carefully washed the soil and sweat from my hands and face. I replaced the linens of my undergarmets and to prepare my body as if for the Sabbath. My heart continued to quicken while I placed the freshest of my robes upon my slender form. As I smoothed the finely woven Egyptian cotton over my breasts and hips, I felt an unusual awareness of my body. I carefufully ran my Egyptian tortoise comb thtroug my long, thick, chestnut-brown hair, which had bleached to a flaxen color where it had been exposed to the summer sun’s blistering rays. I took perfumed oil into the palms of my hands and lightly massaged it into my waist-length tresses that I plaited into a braid to be wound around my head. Because it was so unlike me to give my appearance so much attention, I wondered with increasing curiosity at that which was calling me.

With one quick glance into my polished bronze mirror, I fled out of the cloister by way of the outermost gate. Through the pastures I ran. I darted like a doe among the small groves of nut, fruit, and shade trees and te few remaining pines and cedars. Upward I climbed to the mount, my heart pounding as if to take flight from its cage within my chest. Finally, I stopped to gather myself. No one could I see, except the shepherd boys far below me, and faint hints of those who moved within the outer walls of Carmel. Seaward, there were those who were harvesting the wheat and flax upon the valley’s lower hills. Warm, balmy wind currents rushed upward from the Great Sea, cooling my steamy skin and disheveling my carefully coifed air. All I could do was laugh at my ardent passion for the Beloved, which brought me to the top of the mount emptyhanded.

I sank into the tinder-dry grasses. Tears of longing mingled with laughter’s sweet release. I lay down, my back against a smooth warm stone. Soft grasses cushioned my head as I gazed into the cobalt blue sky where swallows, hawks, grackles, and sea birds darted and soared. The sun waxed overhead, and still I heard the inner music, so haunting and familiar that I was transfixed. I continued to lie there engulfed by soothing waves bliss, fed with effulgent nectar. Slowly, I dissolved in an ocean of flame. Such burning! I was too drunk to stand.

So the hours passed until I finally began to come to myse, still not knowing the purpose of my spontaneous excursion or the source of the heartfelt sound. When once I was able to rise to my feet, smoothing my skirts about meI thought to myself, ”I must gather herbs, roots, and flowers. There must be some explanation for my going.” So I began to pluck stems, leaves, berries, rosehips, and petals. Roots I dug, until my outer skirt and shawl could hold no more. Then, there were wild roses and a handful of summer lilies which, last of all, were picked to place upon the altar.

I was so engaged in my labors that I did not notice when the inner song became the same as the song that wafted upon the breeze. It was only when I stood up, my cornucopia harvest gathered, that I realized the lovely sounds I heard were coming from across the crest of the hill beyond me. Carefully, I carried my treasure to the precipice and knelt amidst the boulders. Not far below, beneth the shade of a lonely cedar, was a robed minstrel. In turn, he played the lyre and pipes. So this was the music that had played upon my very heart, calling me to the mount. I gazed unashamed while drinking in the melodies he sang and played. Then, as if sensing me, he turned his tanned, bearded face to scan the ridge above me. Our eyes locked in an eternatal embrace.

Such joy! Here, at last, in physical form was the one I knew mirrored my soul in perfect wholeness! An unquenchable burning arose from somewhere deep within me to consume any remaining resistance that I might have to fully dissolving into the vast arms of the Beloved on High. While fully aware of every sensation throbbing throughout my body, my soul again took free flight.

As if attracted by a magnet so strong that nothing could keep us apart, I let go of my precious harvest, except for my handful of the season’s last roses and lilies, and ran to the path that led to the lone, ancient cedar below. Before I rounded the last outcrop of boulders, tere he was running toward me. Catching ourselves just in time, we slowed toa measured gait, each eyeing te other, weighing feeling against reason, as we approached our moment of truth. Tears welled up from the tenson of holding within our breasts eons of longing for the Beloved incarnate. Our eyes blazed with light. Out of ourt lips passed a suppressed sigh. Then, peals of laughter, quickened with deep recognition, lightened our steps until we stood before one another, face to ace. I thrust the bouquet into his hand and, like a deer, almost bolted away, but he reached out and took me into his arms. Gently, he cupped my face, and stroked my cheeks, fluhed and glistening with tears.

I hardly knew what to do with myself, feeling awkward and shy. Not knowing what to say, I silently allowed myself to be with this man, wjo announced that he was known as Heli to jis Persian brothers and Joacim to is nrothers of Galilee. The sun haloed his face. His curled, salt and pepper hair spun tendrils of midnight blue and silver. In that moment, he was a Greek sun god. It was as if Hjelios stood before me. For me, Jochim wold never do. At that moment, in my heart, he became Heliochim. After I Introduced him, the Carmel community began to call him Joachim, as I came to do.

My beloved towered above me, my head abreast of his heart. His shoulders were wide, his bearing strong. Lean was was his form, contouring the bleached linen robe he wore. His long, densely tangled hair denoted a Nazirite Jew, a group of ascetic Essenes who wandeted the lands much as the saddhus of India live by the Mother’s grace. His hair was parted in the middle, as worn by those of Galilee, yet his olive complexioned skin and dark, almond-shaped, oriental eyes told me he was also Persian.

As we stood looking upon one another, reading our energy fields, I remembered the moment, several months ago, when I was lifted into the light realms with Isis and Osiris. My vision returned as I beheld before me the one who had knelt at the feet of the Christed master, Maitreya. Then, I knew who he was and realized that now was the time to bring the covenant of our one soul to fruition. At last when I could catch my breath, my winged heart content to rest, I introduced myself.

I noticed my voice, softer and lower in pitch than usual, as I explained who I was and my station at Carmel. As if catching up on a very long history, like children reciting our lessons, we informed one another’s inquisitive minds, while all the time feeling the undeniable testimony of our hearts singing familiar, ancient rhythms. Our hands could not leave the other’s clasp until we noticed the rays of the sun had passed behind the mount. The sound of a bell reverberated its call to the faithful to come to evening prayers and the communal supper table. Responsibility and a childlike eagerness to share the excitement of Joachim’s arrival with my Carmel famly moved us gather our things we had laid aside during our rendezvous hour.

Down the uppermost slopes of Mount Carmel we descended, in joyful anticipation of Joachim’s first meeting with Joseph and Martha. Those gathering around the long tables would soon see us washed and prepared for Joachim’s formal introduction. So it was that my beloved and I entered the outer gate to bring our lives and destiny together within Carmel’s sanctuary of peace.

Soulmate, twin-soul and twin-flame
Now that I have shared my story about meeting with Joachim, who was my soulmate as well as my twin-soul and twin-flame, I will briefly explain the nature of soulmate relationships, a very popular and misunderstood topic. Every soul has numerous soulmates, both physical and spiritual. You might think of soulmates as a huge extended family that lives on the earthplane and also in the realms of light. However, before external relationships with soulmates can be understood, it is vital to become intimate with your internal soul with whom there is an eternal bonding.

Although I will elaborate on external relationships, I will wish to emphj – your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects integragted into a wholeness of being. Some in dividuals mistakenly put their lives ”on hold” thinking they can only do their divine purpose with a spiritual partner. Some miss their appropriate soulmate necause they can not accept the human element thaty disguises the soul essence of their beloved. If you find uyourtself single, or with a partner wjo is either spiritually asleep or awake, please know that yuour primary and most fulfilling soulmate relationship is with your beloved Self.

Soulmates, like divine complementary mirrors, perfectly reflect your consciousness in every moment. Sometimes the reflections may express as the opposite polarity from the one that you are consciously experiencing, but what you perceive is still mirroring your energy, which is expressing through the same resonance. You attract these experiences so that both of you can be conscious of your subconscious or shadow material. Then you have the opportunity to harmonize and balance the polarities within self as well as those that emerge within the chemistry of your combined relationship.

Soulmates are not limited to sexually intimate relationships. They can be relatives, friends, and even enemies. Always, they come into your life, and you into theirs, at the perfect time when your soul desires accelerated growth and healing of separation consciousness. Because there is so much love between you on a soul level, your souls agree before you incarnate that you will find one another and that you will play the most appropriate roles in our life’s dramas.

These relationships prepare each of you for your highest empowerment and destiny. Sometimes those roles are very loving and harmonious. Sometimes there can be extreme suffering. Nevertheless, the ultimate purpose of soulmate relationships is to enter into a divine relationship in which the self is at first mirrored. Then once clarified through forgiveness and compasskonate love, the Beloved who has always been preent is revealed. Through self-knowledge and self-empowerment gained in conscious relationship, each soul remembers ow to beresent for both self and the perceived one.

The giving and receiving of love through all kinds of frelationships becomes the greatest of eternally expanding gifts. One way or the other, your soul comes to understand there are no victims, no tyrants, and truly there is nothing to forgive. Yet, forgiveness is the key that opens a wounded and callused heart to feeling the love that it has been missing and craving. Forgiving, compassonate love sees self and others in innocence. This love without limits is the open door that brinngs Heaven to Earth.

I could go on and on about the empowerment that comes through conscious, sacred relationship with the whole of life, which by the way, is constantly immersed in the free-flow of divine sexual expression. Indeed, I have come to celibrate all life as sexual! Human sexuality, when it is consiously and compassionately expressed through an awakened heart, becomes a powerful spiritual path in which you may come to know your Self as the Lov e, lover, and the Beloved. Although this terrain of the heart – so often misunderstood – is near and dear to me, I will bring my discussion to a close.

Meanwhile, let us turn inward and feel the gentle presence of the Beloved with whom you are already eternally wed.

I now will share with hyou a verse that weas norn of my heart at ourt firtst meeting. This poem i bave to Joachim after our nuptial rites, as we stood before the congregation, who witnessed our communion. Let me first say that the rose is the flower with which my soul is most aligned, her fragrance and soft petals, and also her thorns. Within this mystery, you may come to know me.

The verse goes like this:

Rosa Mystica
The season’s last gift of roses beckon you and me To stand beneath our nuptial bower canopy. Golden sunset’s brilliant star, our familial witness, Cupped within a silver chalice, our beloved Venus.

Those roses that once were buds When last, this way we came, A cup of wholeness, now exclaim our rosy hearts to be the Holy Grail.

Let us breathe and be breathed; Our kiss, the fragrance of the Rose. Let us drink and be drunk: The Beloved’s Wine flows.

There is a rose of white and gold, Within this hear of red, That I would have you know. Come, Beloved, enter my bridal bed.

Bring forth your risen flame, Illumine this many-petaled chamber. Sing with me the Song of Songs. Let us renew Solomon’s templed splendor.

Three-fold flame of eternal love, Transmute these fleshy stones, Reveal the diamond Earth star Risen above our merged hearts’ altar.

Let us enter the Beloved’s Garden And find the twined Roses, silken and dewy. Yours, Heaven’s gold and sterling. Mine, the Goddess’ pearl and ruby.

Hidden within a garden of roses Rests Christ’s heart of petals and thorns. The Mirror of the Rose reflects who we truly are - God I AM...the ONE Beloved.

Love and Blessings,
Margie Magdalene
Maila Maire Marketta

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Anna, Grandmother of Jesus   
Anna, The Voice of the Magdalenes

Daddy's daughter Lizbett

Elizabeth Hannah, the Daughter of Yeshua and Mary Magdalene Soul’s Mirror magazine 6/2018 In the book Anna, the Voice of the Magdalenes, Claire Heartsong is functioning as the facilitator of this session by asking questions of Catherine Ann Clemett who responds as ”Lizbett”. When first learning about Lizbett during an early session with Anna, Catherine Ann espressed a desire to be Lizbett’s Akashic Record proxy because she sensed a strong affinity with her. She feels a deep soul connection with Lizbett.

Lizbett was conceived at Winter Solstice of 32 AD and was born in the sign of Virgo the following September of 33 AD.

Mount Bugarach, 36 AD, Age 3
Daddy is standing at the foot of my cradle, which I have almost outgrown. I am around two or three years old. As I look, he’s really, really tall and I am pretty small. He’s looking down and he’s smiling at me. I’m supposed to be going to sleep but I would rather be playing with him. He’s my daddy. I don’t see him a lot.

From my cradle I am aware that Nana is reading and writing. She’s more in the background. Daddy has moved to the other side of the room where Mama is sitting on a large pillow on the floor. He puts his arm around her and she puts her head on his shoulder. They just sit quietly. I can tell they love each other a lot.

It’s quite dim. There is a little fire that is dying down and there is a candle by Nana. There is a little lamp that burns some kind of oil. There is not a lot of light, it is pretty dim. There are others around. Mariam and my aunt, Martha, are over by one of the lamps working with their sewing. Everybody has their projects.

I hear the others speaking very softly, but they are mostly quiet. I hear an owl and I hear the wind. I am hearing the word February.

Daddy can be pretty fun
Daddy plays with all of us children. There are lots of children and he’s laughing with us – running and jumping. He can be pretty silly sometimes. He likes playing with the children. He’s fun. He’s not so stern and stand-offish like some of the adults. He just gets right down and makes mud-pies with us. He tickles us and we all laugh. I love his laugh.

The sun is out. Daddy is wearing a very plain long tunic over some leggings. He is dressed like the other men who live here. The cloth is woven out of linen. It feels sort of rough.

I have a little tunic of similar material. But it’s not so scratchy against my bare skin. It goes down almost to my ankles. Sometimes I have little leather sandals, but I always take them off. I like going barefoot. Even when the ground isn’t warm yet, I still take my shoes off and go barefoot. Sometimes, when it is really warm, I take my tunic off. Some of the grown-ups try to put it back on me – but most of them don’t really care. Mariam doesn’t like me running around without my tunic. She’s afraid I will catch a cold. She feels responsible for me and for making sure that nothing bad happens to me.

Mariam is very pretty. She has long, dark brown hair – it’s almost black. It’s really thick and a little bit frizzy. When it isn’t tied back, it really sticks out. I like to run my fingers through it. Her skin is light, kind of golden with some freckles. She has a very nice and kind face. She has light brownish-grey-green eyes. It depends on if she is in the sunlight. When the sun glints in them, then they are more of a pretty green. I like her eyes when she smiles; but sometimes she can be stern and then she frowns. Sometimes she’s really sad and she cries.

Here is also a little baby. She is Sara’s ad Phillip’s. She is crawling. She is maybe eight months old. I like the baby. I get to play with her. It’s fun. I have some little toys. There’s a little cloth dolly stuffed with lamb’s wool and there are other things made out of carved bone and wood. There is one that I like best. It’s shaped like a triangle.

I play with the triangle I make believe it’s a big house like the one I saw when we went to the town by the big river. Sometimes I get flowers and put them on my triangle. Sometimes I put it in the dirt and pretend it grows grass and other pretty things. Sometimes I hold it up to the sky and I block the sun out and watch the light dance all around it. Sometimes I run with it. Sometimes I show it to the baby. And sometimes when I pick little yellow flowers, the baby tries to grab them. When the yellow flowers get all white, the baby and I blow the white fluff and we watch the wind carry the seeds away.

Mount Bugarach, early autumn, 38 AD, Age 5
I am in my home by the big mountain. There are soldiers marching. The Roman soldiers are marching down a road that’s not too far from the place where we live. Everybody is worried. Even though we dress like the other people who live nearby; and we have a kind of magic that we use so that our community doesn’t attract too much attention, there is still concern that we will be found out.

Our customs are different than the soldiers’ ways. We are afraid that they will disturb our way of life. Some of the other children and I climbed a nearby hill this morning where we can look through the thick trees down into the valley. We can see them off in the distance. There are lots of them. They have horses and carts and they make the dust rise. Long lines of them are walking. We can hear them. There’s lots of dust and noise.

It is early fall. The leaves are beginning to turn yellow. There is something going on – like something important that makes us feel uneasy.

The Romans cause trouble
The local farmers and villagers are complaining a lot about how the Romans are making everyone give them more of our grain and animals. There are more Roman soldiers coming to the village these days. Just yesterday a small group of them rode horses right up to our gate. They did not show any respect. They just walked up to our big house where we gather for meals and sharing. While we were eating, they banged on the door. They didn’t wait for us to open it. They just came in and looked all around. Isaac, Joseph and Nana talked to them and gave them something to eat. They went away with extra food.

The grown-ups talked late into the night. They are saying it is time for those of us who came here from the Old Country to go with Joseph (of Arimathea) to a far away island called Avalon. Joseph is my Grandpa (mother’s father) and he is very old. He is rich and he has boats. I haven’t seen them; but I have heard lots of stories. He comes and goes like my daddy and my two mothers.

Two mothers
My other mother is Myriam (of Tyana). She looks different from my mother. She’s taller and bigger and she has darker skin. She’s very beautiful. Mama’s very pretty, but I think Myriam is beautiful like Queen Esther. She comes and goes, too. But most of the time she and my mother are here. She is fun like my daddy. She laughs a lot and sometimes I like to be with her more than my mother. Mama seems more far away, even when she is here. I know she loves me and my big sister, Sar’h. I think Sar’h is more like her than me.

Usually I feel safe, but right now nobody is feeling really safe. It’s like they have been through this before. The others have said that. They tire of it because there are many times in different places when they have been through this concern. They used to be concerned about other Jews, who are different from us; who don’t like us. They say in the Old Country both the Jews and the Romans gave us trouble.

I heard the grown-ups talking about how Nathaniel was arrested by the Jews and killed by the Romans in a far-away place. I have heard stories of how my Daddy had this happen to him, except he didn’t die – he is still alive. I am so glad Daddy is still here, though I don’t get to see him much. I don’t know very much about how Nathaniel died. I just know it has been very hard for Mariam. She cries more than she used to cry. Before it was like if she felt tender about a beautiful flower or sunset, or about a new-born baby or lamb, she would cry…but she was smiling when she cried. Now she cries and she’s sad. She doesn’t talk anymore. We find other ways to talk. I wish I understood better because I love Mariam very much. I just know that everyone is concerned that what happened to Nathaniel could happen to us.

Grand Mama, Mary Anna (Mother Mary) is here, too. She is so nice and so kind and she likes me so much. Yes, she is here at the moment, but she’s not here all the time. She comes and goes, too. Sometimes she goes off with my Daddy. Sometimes she goes off to other villages where there are others like us. She loves taking care of people when they are sick. Everyone feels better when she is around and when she tells her lovely stories about my Daddy. She has a way of showing people how to be happy and how to be kind to each other. I miss her when she is away. She is like another mother. Daddy’s younger brothers and his sisters are here, too. I like them a lot. I have a very large and loving family. Here live also Grandmother Mary Anna’s children.The oldest sister is Aunt Ruth and then there’s a big girl named Esther Salome. They also like to take care of me. The boys are John Mark and Matteas. Some of the men go with her to give her protection. Often Nana, Ruth, Esther Salome, Myriam and Sara go with her. Sometimes my mother goes and Sar’h and I get to go, too, if it’s not too far away.

Sara and Philip
Tabitha’s and Isaac’s daughter, Sara, and her husband, Philip have besides the baby a boy that is older. Justus was born not long after me.

Sara is very sweet and she has a beautiful face like Mama Myriam. They both have dark golden skin in the summertime. But Sara’s skin is darker, like her mother’s, and sometimes she has very rosy cheeks. She likes to pick little berries that grow wild on the hillsides. When she takes us with her to help her pick, she sometimes puts berries in our mouths. Her baby makes a funny face. The berry must not be sweet enough – and she spits it out. She collects herbs with Nana. Nana has taught her about herbs. I like to go herb gathering with them.

Philip has black hair and a bushy beard and brown eyes with bushy eyebrows. He’s nice, but he can be very serious at times. He seems a lot older than Sara. He is good with the animals. He is good with the horses, the mules and the donkeys. He knows how to train them to be good for riding and pulling wagons and plows. He is very handsome riding our big, new stallion that has glistening brown hair and a long, flowing black tail. Sometimes he lets me ride behind him, my arms wrapped around his skinny waist. He likes to tell us stories about my daddy. I like it when he sits me down in front of him and takes my hands in his and tells me special stories about my daddy and my mother. He knows that I miss Daddy and he wants me to know I am loved very much.

Philip alwys makes sure that everything is taken care of when Daddy travels with any of the grown-ups. He takes care of the animals and makes sure there are enough provisions for everyone. He feels very responsible. He makes sure everything works right.

Healing herbs
The herbs are for when you are sick. Sometimes they make a paste or salve out of the herbs. If you get a rash or something, they put the herbs on the rash.

I had it put on my leg when it was hurt a few weeks ago. It itched a lot. They put it on the sores and told me I wasn’t supposed to touch it or scratch it. It made my leg better in a couple of days. Actually, it felt better right away, but it took a couple of days for the rash to disappear.

On the way to Britain, late fall, 38 AD
We are traveling. We are wearing thick, warm travel garments that are kind of rough, like burlap. They are dark brown so that we blend into the countryside. We travel mostly at night when we’re not so visible. We are going to a place where the Druids live. We are friends with the Druids. It is a place where we can be safe while the Romans are marching around the countryside. We’re not settling there, we’re just going to take refuge for a time. We have visited other Druids on our journey. They help us a lot.

We are still in Gaul. We are traveling to a place where we can cross the ocean in boats. We have already come close to the great ocean several times. I could see it shining far off in the distance. It went on forever into the misty blue sky. GrandpaJoseph (of Arimathea) knows the way. He has everything arranged. Nothing bad has happened to us. Sometimes it’s really cold and rainy. That slows us down, but our Druid friends give us shelter. Most of the leaves are off the trees now.

We are at the place where the boats are being prepared for sailing. It’s pretty here. I like to see the foamy waves splashing on the big stones. I like the smells and the many sea birds. Everything is windswept and wild. Inland a little ways, there is a village where Grandpa Joseph’s friends live. I like the children who live here. I don’t quite understand their words; but we find a way to share our stories and play games. They like to take the other children and me to the places where there are standing stones and groves of old trees. There are fairies here. There are lots of fairies and little people called elves. The people who live here and do their magic can see the little people and talk to them.

Magical people and fairies
I heard about the fairies where we used to live, but now I can see them. They are very friendly. They like us. They come up to us and they are playful. They have jobs. They help the flowers and trees. They help the earth. They help everybody live their best life, whether it is a plant or a flower or a bumble bee or a person. They know how to vibrate with the right colors and the right sounds. They work best with the sun and the elements. They help everything work right together.

Nana has told me about them and how they help the herbs that go into making tea and salves. The fairies somehow get the herbs to do what they are supposed to do so people can get well. She calls them devas and angels. I don’t see the angels yet. The angels are bigger. I can see the fairies and the elves when I am in this special place like I did in certain places near the big mountain where we used to live. I think I will get to see the angels soon. Nana says there are fairies and elves in the new place we are going. Daddy knows about these little people, too.

Avalon, 41 AD, Age 7
I’m on the green hillside twirling around. It’s sunny and the grass feels warm beneath my feet. Things are peaceful now; at least today… the Romans aren’t here. Sometimes we see a few who do business with Grandpa Joseph. But we don’t see the soldiers anymore. It’s mostly peaceful. I’ve heard stories about the nearby tribes fighting amongst themselves; but now it is peaceful.

I can see far away when I stand on the top of this hill that is called the Tor. It is close to where we live. Today I am by myself. I am just twirling and feeling the sun on my face. I twirl and twirl until I get dizzy, and then I fall down. And then, when I fall down, I roll over and over down the hill. Then I just lie there until the world stops spinning. And then I run up the hill and do it again. We will have been here three years when the days are very short and it is cold. I just turned 7 years old a week ago.

Our home
There is a kind of fence made of big thick branches that are roped and woven together so there’s no space between them. The fence surrounds our entire village. It is a kind of protection and it keeps the animals from wandering away. We also have another kind of protection. The people who live here know how to make a mist come up when they want our village to be invisible. Inside the gates, we have our houses.

I don’t live in just one house. The houses are round with pointed tops made of stiff straw and reeds. Some are big and some are small. They are mostly clustered close together. Nana’s (Grandmother Anna) is a ways off all by itself. Sometimes I stay with the other children in one of the big houses, but sometimes my sister, Sar’h, and I stay in Nana’s little house. We have a place to sleep where we don’t bother her.

Community life
It’s different here than it was at Mount Bugarach, mostly because it’s so much colder and wetter. We still share everything – all our food and work and clothing. Some of the families that have always lived here, all live together – the grandparents, the parents and the children all share the same space. Those of us who came here from the Old Country live more in dormitories. The older children live together with a few grown-ups who take turns looking after us. The men and women who are not married live together, but in their separate dormitories. The couples who are married have their little huts. There is a large roundhouse where we come together to eat and share prayers, singing and stories. Guests who travel a distance sometimes sleep there. It’s in the middle of the circle of roundhouses where we live. There are several large gardens and springs nearby. The sheep and cattle roam over the hills and there are fields that grow our food. There’s a special place where the animals; their food and the wagons and tools, are kept.

Things to learn
We always learn. We go to different houses to learn different things. Sometimes the girls learn different subjects. Sometimes we go and sit at different teachers’ feet. Some of the teachers are old and some are not much older than me. Each one has something special to teach us; like how to watch the movement of the stars and how to predict the weather, how to care for the animals, how to count and measure and build things and how to keep from getting sick. Some show us how to grow food and how to prepare it for meals. There are drum and harp players, also singers who teach us songs and special dances. Some know how to make things that are useful and they know how to decorate them with pretty designs. Others are master storytellers. They train our minds to memorize many things and how to recite them and how to think clearly. We also learn how to speak different languages and how to write and read some of them.

Being taught how to think
I like to focus my mind and concentrate until everything feels very still and full of light. We learn about our breath and how it’s connected to our thoughts and feelings. We work with our imagination and with our dreams. They make it all into games. Sometimes there is laughter; but most of the time we work and practice with lots of determination and focus. I think the older children do the same things, but what they learn is more difficult. Right now, we mostly just practice.

Sending energy
Sometimes Mama teaches me and the other children. When we are alone together she sits down in front of me and she puts her forehead to my forehead. Then she holds my hands and touches her feet to my feet and her hands to my hands, palm to palm. She smiles and breathes with me. We practice and practice gathering the energy. It feels nice and warm when she sends the energy through my body. Then she has me send the energy through her body. It goes around and around. I can feel it. I like doing this with my mother very much. Mama knows a lot about energy.

Mama is not here all the time. She, Nana and my Daddy (Yeshua) come and go. I don’t think they go too far away. Myriam (of Tyana) and Mary Anna (Mother Mary) have been away for a long time. They went with Grandpa Joseph to the big city where the Roman emperor lives. I have heard they are now visiting a far away place in the Orient where Daddy and Myriam (of Tyana) used to live. Some of their children are here with me. I know their mothers will come back someday. Mariam is here. She doesn’t travel so much. She still doesn’t talk. I’m used to her being quiet. We understand each other very well even though we don’t talk in the usual way.

Even though we have horses and provisions when we travel, my parents, sometimes, can also travel differently than other people – it’s like they can come and go and just kind of reappear. That sounds like a lot of fun. It’s not so cumbersome, like when we have to travel. I don’t understand why they don’t do it that way all the time. Maybe it’s because we don’t all know how to disappear and reappear like they do. I will think about this and talk to Nana about how to learn to travel with them.

Nana and John
Sometimes there are people that come and visit with her. She is always very happy to see them. Her heart is very joyous. I’m not sure who they are. Some I have seen before. She gets very excited when they come to visit. There is one man friend she sees a lot. His name is John. I think she loves him because she looks at him and touches him in a way that says he is very special. Sometimes she blushes when I ask about him. I’m not used to seeing Nana this way. I’m glad. She’s not so serious.

Avalon, 47 AD, summer, Age 13

The ceremony – a “coming of age” ritual.

I am dressed in a very fine bluish, flowing material. It’s almost see-through. I have an embroidered dark blue ribbon on my head which covers my third eye. Then the ribbon comes back behind my ears where it ties. There is a small crystal sewn to the ribbon where it covers my third eye. My dress also has a ribbon with the same embroidery and it comes across my chest in a cress-cross pattern. I have long, medium brown hair. It’s parted down the middle and it goes below my waist. I have very fair skin. It’s pale like my Grandma Mary Anna’s (Mother Mary). There are very few of us with such pale skin. Almost all of my relatives who came from the Old Country have olive-colored skin. There are many more light-skinned people who live here in Avalon. I am standing with my hands slightly away from my sides, with my palms forward. We are having an initiation.

A special initiation day when we get to actually experience, for the first time, what we’ve been taught. This initiation means we get to take the light and move it in a special way through our bodies. We take our light from the earth, moon and sun. And not just the sun we see with our eyes, but the sun beyond the sun. We take all the light into our head and move it down into our energy centers. We focus it down into our organs where babies are made. It is a powerful golden light that comes down and connects into that energy center and into those organs. It sets up an energy field that carries a particular frequency. It connects with the moon’s blood that comes upon reaching the threshold of womanhood. It connects with all the blood that flows through our whole body and all the energy that flows through all our being.

In this way, our blood carries the vibration of spirit. It is an anchoring of spirit into our consciousness so that when the time of shedding our moon blood comes, we can use our thoughts and our words to benefit life and give birth to good things. It is a time of responsibility in which we bring nurturing care for others; and it’s a fine-tuning of self. It is a time to be more like the Great Mother – to be her daughters in true sisterhood.Who

Who are leading the ceremony
Grandmother Anna, my mother (Mary of Bethany) and Noah’s wife, Dancing Wind are leading this ceremony. They are wearing long, midnight-blue, hooded tunics. They are each holding a long wooden staff. It anchors and directs the flow of light and energy. They use it to calibrate the energy for our group of eight girls who are in the inner circle and for each of us individually. They have a band across their forehead that holds a crescent moon over the third eye point. They breathe deeply while they tone sounds and sing chants. They form a triangle at the center of our circle of eight new initiates. There is a larger circle of women and older girls surrounding us. Some of the women are the girls’ mothers.

At first, we girls are standing at the threshold outside of the triangle getting ready to enter, one by one. Even though we have had this energy come down as a group, each one of us goes and stands in the center of the triangle. There are stones arranged on the smooth ground at the center of the sacred grove. There are two large inter-twined circles in which we all stand. Five other priestesses come forward and make a pentagram, the symbol of the sacred feminine. Within the shape that is formed, where the circles overlap, it is the shape of our eyes, our mouths and the shape of our sacred female gate. Grandmother Anna, Mama and Wind Dancer make a trinity to amplify the energy at the innermost center.

We walk one at a time into the space they create. They move and dance around us, lifting their staffs toward the full moon. She is bathing us with her silver light. They chant and beat their hoop drums and bring the energy in. They bring it in and bring it in until we are trembling and almost swooning – the energy is so strong.

The triangle
The the triangle that is formed is similar to the toy you loved when you were a little girl. I think it was kind of an imprinting. Now it’s an entry point to many other worlds and dimensions. Each point and each surface allows a different kind of access. And in this initiation, we are being granted the permission to move into another level of teaching. We are having the energy that follows sacred geometry to be imprinted within our being to allow this unfolding. It is very exciting. It’s something we have been taught from childhood. We are working very much with our planet, our beloved Mother Gaia. We are learning more about the Divine Mother, how to hold her great energy and how to be a conduit, or a sacred container, through which other energies can pass and come into harmony. That is part of what we do.

The boys have their own initiation. The uncles; Joseph, Andrew, Josephus and Noah, the boy’s fathers and brothers lead the rituals of becoming a man.

I am thirteen. I will be fourteen in two more months. Some of the girls are twelve. The oldest is sixteen. Some of the girls in our village have children at our age, but we are on a different path. It is not that we are not allowed to have children at some point later in life; it is just that we are choosing a different training or path of teaching. We young girls, who are coming into our womanhood, are being taught how to carry the information and the codes to a different fruition. We are taught how important it is to be able to utilize our wombs for a higher energetic exchange and a higher alignment with our mates. Whether we do this for our enlightenment or for allowing a greater divinity to come forth when we have our children; it is done with much more loving awareness.

My mother and daddy brought me into the world in this way It was a very sacred exchange, a blessed moment, sanctioned by all the Councils of Light.

Being a Magdalene My mother is called Magdalene. She is of that family and that spiritual lineage. I am not a fully initiated Magdalene; but a Magdalene at the first level of training.

I carry the genetics and the potential for being a Magdalene, which are carried from generation to generation. But just having the Magdalene genetic codes does not make me a Magdalene. There has to be a willingness and readiness of mind, body and soul. Much study, contemplation, and cleansing of thoughts and emotions are required. There are activations or transmissions of spiritual energy that must come down and awaken the codes that are held in the earth elements of the body. Then there can be an ignition of a spiritual fire within. When this happens it ignites internal pathways of knowledge to be expressed in external paths of service. Then you can be addressed as a Magdalene. Some Magdalenes have to look back many generations to find their genetic connection.

To be a Magdalene is not by birthright alone. It is through a deep desire and a willingness to be trained and taught. It is accomplished in collaboration within a lineage of those who have gone ahead of you. It is an honoring of those who walk with you; and it is an honoring of your own physical and emotional self. When all the required elements are present, there is the uniting of the memory and the ancient wisdom that is carried through lifetimes into the present incarnated self. Then one holds the mantle and the staff of the Magdalene. It is a great honor to never be taken for granted. A Magdalene vows to never bring harm or to feel superior or prideful.

Men can be Magdalenes
There are men aligned in a similar order. They are the protectors or knights of the Magdalene. They receive their own similar experience of teaching and fusing higher dimensions of divinity into awakening the codes held within physicality. The frequencies are a little different for the men whose path of service brings together the union of spirit and flesh; but they go about it with a slightly different focus than the women.

It is important to understand that the codes may be carried in a female body in one lifetime and then in a male body in the next. The soul has the opportunity to experience a full spectrum of how the Great Mother, through her Magdalene sons and daughters, helps all living beings return to her full embrace. Some of the Druids carry this ancient wisdom and they work in harmony with those of us who are called Essene-Magdalenes. On certain occasions of teaching and ritual, the men and women come together.

Because there is a slightly different complementary frequency and function, the initiated men and women can come together like a lock and key. There can be a powerful fusion. This is needed for conceiving more awake children in the Light, for conscious dying and rebirth, for the Rites of the Sepulcher, and other things that we do not share with those who would not understand.

You do not need a partner to have these fusion experiences You can do it all by yourself. But it is very helpful to learn in increments with a partner. The partners may change with time, as either one may develop faster than the other, or one may be better suited for a particular ritual and not the other. My parents,Yeshua and Mary of Bethany, and sister, Sar’h, and other relatives were my first partners, like when my mother and I circulated energy with each other. There may be a series of partners, both men and women, until we are ready to be with our partner who perfectly meets our highest destiny.

A perfect fusion Then there is a perfect fusion and a perfect fit on all levels. Then we can create an incredible energetic field. There is an energetic interpenetration like a pulse that goes out and then it returns, amplifying and magnifying the joined partners as they join with the Light of the Beloved on High (as Grandmother Nana calls the unnamable God). It is like the sacred triangle. The two people are the base of the triangle and the Beloved is the point at the top, where they both join. They are equally joined at every point of the triangle. Then the triangle becomes a powerful generator of energy like the Great Pyramid in Egypt where my parents took some of their Magdalene initiations. Information and wisdom is gathered and experienced. There is a spiraling out and in of greater and greater magnitudes and more and more dimensions.

The boys and the men come to the priestesses and maidens to learn from them. That has not happened to me yet, but I know that in a year or two, after I have the training, then those experiences will commence.

Avalon, 48 AD, summer, Age 14
Living with the maidens feels kind of exciting because we get to share and talk about things that girls our age get to know – things we didn’t know or care about when we were younger. There is much practice that we do, but we also have fun. I get to live with my sister, Sar’h, now. We also have our house mother, who lives in our home with us. She’s usually one of the women in the community who doesn’t have children. It is thought that it would be better to not have anyone’s relative so as not to have any favorites. Occasionally, a relative comes when there is a need. Usually our house mother takes turns with other women.

Grandpa Joseph, who is Mama’s father, was gone with Mary Anna (Mother Mary) and Myriam (of Tyana) for several years. He came back to Avalon when they went on to visit relatives in Tyana and India (41 AD). He left this summer to bring them back home. He has a great sense of responsibility for our community and for overseeing its welfare. I miss him. He’s very old, too; but he doesn’t look as old as Uncles Andrew and Josephus. In fact he is quite spry. He has a wife named Nueme whom he married soon after his return to Avalon in 41 AD. Nueme gave him two boy children who are twins. He is very proud of them and I know he must miss them very much. I think when he gets back this time it might be his last long voyage.

The Romans’ invasion
Five years ago our peace came to an end. The Romans invaded far to the east and many lives were lost. Now there are thousands of soldiers, just like in Gaul; except there is more fighting in the fair land of Britannia, as the Romans call it, because this is Rome’s new frontier. The Celts of Gaul have long been suppressed under the rule of Rome. The Britons are very brave and fierce warriors. But they are not able to keep the Romans from pouring onto our sacred land. The legions keep coming and it is easy to see they are here to stay. The Emperor Claudius even came for a few weeks.

Right now we are being ignored, which is a good thing. We continue on with our ways and our life. But we pretty much need to keep to ourselves. We blend in as much as we can with the common folk. It is best that way.

Avalon is a consciousness
There are other places sometimes referred to as Avalon. It’s like Avalon is a consciousness, not so much the name of a physical place. As a consciousness, it is the combined wisdom of the Magdalene-Essenes and the Druids; it is an ethereal realm of peace, beauty and magic that lies beyond the mists of the ignorant mind.

Daddy comes and goes
Father (Yeshua) comes, but he comes less and less now. I have not seen him in quite a while, although I know he is here on the inner planes close to my heart. It seems that he spends more time in the mountains you call the Himalayas. I think that is partly the reason his mother and Myriam went there. I see some things in my inner sight. He shows me things. Mama, Sar’h and I sit together often and ask for Daddy’s presence. We can feel a part of him come and be here with us. Sometimes he actually shows up for an hour or two. I think Mama sees more of him; but she doesn’t talk about it much with me. She knows how to travel to the great mountains in her light body. I am still learning.

Glamorgan, Wales, early spring, 55 AD, Age 21

I am being sent out into the world, away from my beloved home in Avalon. I feel some trepidation, yet I know I am to carry the flame of divinity and the codes of the Magdalene to other people, especially other women. I am twenty-one. I am alone for the moment. I have gone to the land and villages of the Silures in southern Wales where my uncles Andrew and Josephus used to live. They began a monastery here when I was very young and still living in Bugarach. They are no longer living, but there are some relatives and people I used to know in Avalon who call Glamorgan home. My other mother’s (Myriam of Tyana’s) children: Joses Simeon, Jude and Miriam; and Grandmother Mary Anna’s children: Uncle Matteas and Aunt Esther Salome live here much of the time; as do I. We come and go between here (Glamorgan), Avalon and Mona.

It is difficult being here because the Roman soldiers have encampments and forts everywhere. Most of the local people do not trust us. We refuse to fight, and because of this, they think we are siding with the Romans. They do not hide their anger toward us and their hatred of the Romans.

Right now I am crossing many fields and rolling hills on my way to a village where I have been invited to share my knowledge of healing herbs and midwifery. I have a large hunting dog (predecessor of the Irish wolfhound) with me for protection. He is a good stalwart friend. We are walking very briskly; as fast as we can along the muddy track, and we should arrive at our new home well before the sun reaches its zenith. I usually don’t travel alone. But I am confident I will be safe. My inner sight is well-developed and I know how to be invisible. This is an opportunity to use what I have practiced. This is my first journey alone. In the past I could lean on others. This is my first journey being really responsible for my self and listening to my own inner counsel/council. Although I know I will find brothers and sisters among the Druids and my relatives, and there will be teachings and camaraderie, I am truly my own timber, so to speak, at the moment.

My mother is also living in Wales, near Mona, but, like my father (Yeshua), she comes and goes. Sar’h is here. She is receiving training at the Druid sanctuary on Mona. I may go there for my advanced training. It has not been revealed to me if this is mine to do or not.

Grandmother Anna mostly stays where I spent my growing up years. Occasionally she comes to this land and spends time on Mona. She’s always very thrilled every time a member of the family comes to visit her in Avalon. We are rather scattered now. It’s getting more difficult for her and the others from Avalon to travel because there are so many Roman soldiers and forts separating them from the West Country. We have to be very careful. There’s a lot of talk about how we can protect ourselves and make our travels safer.

Life with the common people
I am being guided now to live among the common folk in order to serve them and blend in with them. It is important for my own safety to not “stick out” like a sore thumb, as it were. The people who work the land have an arduous life. They have suffered much at the hand of the Romans. It is good to learn their ways and to gain their trust. My half-brothers, Joses Simeon and Jude, and my half-sister Miriam and also Aunt Esther Salome and Uncle Matteas are married to good men and women who mostly carry the blood of the Britons. This fact does not go unnoticed by the local people; nor by the Romans. We walk a delicate balance.

Lizbett and Simeon
Lizbett lived with his husband Simeon and their three children in their beloved home of the monastery in Glamorgan. After ”the Great Gathering” in Fortingall, Scotland in 55 AD, Grandmother Anna’s big family was dispersed during the years 56-59 AD to many countries around the Great See and further away; and today it is spread all over the world.

Lizbett with her family found refuge with Grandmother Anna many a time; also after the destruction of Glamorgan and Mona. Grandmother Anna, the beloved Nana, tells about Lizbett: To Lizbett her children are a great comfort, since her mother (Mary of Bethany), Myriam (of Tyana) and Mariam went to India. Her father (Yeshua) consciously ascended from the Earthplane nearly a decade ago, leaving traces of his ethereal body elements as a powerful radiation field.

Sadly, Lizbet has a congestion of the lungs which is settling around her heart, perhaps it is the grief we all bear, as loved ones leave us to walk in our existential aloness. She knows the Truth of the All-One-ness and in this realization she finds comfort and peace.

Love and Blessings,
Margie Magdalene
Maila Maire Marketta

See also the ANNA books

Anna, Grandmother of Jesus

Anna, The Voice of the Magdalenes

Martha and Judas Iscariot

People are used to thinking of Martha as a hardworking and practical woman, as an example to every woman. So it essentially is but there are also many levels and dimensions in Martha. You may be astonished to think of Martha in a new way.

Martha was born at Bethany in 3 AD, and is Anna’s granddaughter. She is the daughter of Anna’s oldest son, Joseph of Arimathea, and the younger sister of Mary of Bethany and Lazarus. She lived in the large family home that Joseph of Arimathea built for his second wife and Martha’s mother, Mary of Magdala, located in Bethany near Jerusalem and the Mount of Olives. She lived in Bethany before going to France and Britain. She returned to southern France in 56 AD, where she lived the remainder of her life.

In the book ’Anna, The Voice of the Magdalenes’, by Claire Heartsong and Catherine Ann Clemett, (that I have translated into Finnish), many Magdalenes tell about their lifes at a certain moment in a certain place. Martha also tells about her life; in a very open way, about her relationships with men, and especially with Judas Iscariot.

Martha longs for light and warmth
I find this dark, wet climate depressing. I am thinking when the ones who are from Bugarach return to the sunny land of Gaul, near the Great Sea, I may go with them. I will wait and see if this is wise. Even though I miss my home in Bethany and my more recent simple life in Bugarach, I am glad that I can be here now with so many of my family. I feel safe. The Romans are not here. I feel that I can help with the children; that I can help my grandmother; and that I can help many people in the community, like I’ve always done. I am learning many new things and I have my place in the household.

Martha and the Mysteries
I don’t understand completely what it is about the Mysteries that attract so many of my family. I have been surrounded by people, all my life, who know about the invisible realms and who can do things most people cannot do or even think about. My mother taught me about the Goddess from my infancy. For many years, she served as a Magdalene high priestess at the village of Magdala, on the Sea of Galilee. I experience the Great Mother’s ways as being very exciting and beautiful. I know those who have soul Awareness beyond their mind’s concepts, and who are present with their breath, are much happier and calmer than the ordinary people I meet. But many of the alchemical practices of the Magdalene seem too difficult to understand; and they take so much time and energy. How the others, like my sister, Mary (of Bethany), and my brother, Lazarus, do these things so effortlessly escapes me.

Martha, the skilful mistress of the large household I prefer having good conversations with my family and spending my time with what I can tend to with my hands, such as making clothing and preparing healthy foods. I am good at creating very soft and durable garments. I can weave all kinds of fibers and piece fabrics together. I know many things about how to keep our bodies healthy and functioning well.

There are some of the communal meals which I like to create, especially when we are observing a special feast. I have learned how to help with certain foods that are good for individuals so that their bodies are ready for fasting retreats. I also enjoy being available to provide rejuvenating meals when they are finishing their time of cleansing. If anyone is ill or injured, I can administer healing tonics, which soothe them and speed recovery.

I am thankful for our Essene practices of cleanliness and eating only vegetables, fruits, nuts and grains. I try to continue eating only raw food but that is not always easy in this cold, dark climate. Before long, as the light increases, it will be time to fast and cleanse. There will be ample fresh produce from the gardens and orchards. I am glad that the coming days will help us all feel lighter in our bodies and minds.

Martha loves children
I love children. And perhaps, because I never had any of my own, I like to spend a lot of my time tending the babies and teaching the children. I especially enjoy teaching the different languages that I have learned over the years to anyone who is eager to converse in them, no matter their age. I am somewhat facile with a number of spoken languages, but not so good at writing them. I confess that I find this ability helps me to feel some measure of intelligence, especially at those times when I don’t understand more esoteric subjects.

Marha’s ability with languages
I know how to speak, read and write Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek. I can read Latin and speak some of the Latin vernacular that the Romans use in Palestine and Gaul. I also understand a little Egyptian and some of the language of the Samaritans. I very much enjoy learning a few new phrases that Yeshua, Myriam of Tyana and my sister teach me when they talk about their travels to India. While we were in Bugarach, I learned how to speak some of the native dialects.

Now I am learning the Celtic tongue that is spoken by the native peoples here in Avalon. I am able to discern several different dialects because there are numerous Celtic tribes who speak according to their origins. My ears are able to hear nuances of sound. With a little practice and a kind heart, I can often engage conversations with almost anyone. People come here from different places, just like they did in Bethany and Bugarach. I am very interested in their stories and what brings them here – and how I may be of help in some small way.

Martha, a great mistress with guests
From the time I was a small child, Father (Joseph of Arimathea) hosted many guests from many places, who came to our homes. He often invited me to sit with them and I quickly learned that I could carry on a conversation with little effort. I learned how to interpret and translate so that we could all understand each other. This gave my father and me much pleasure. And because Father was away so much, I must confess that, I, like my siblings, enjoyed his attention in all the forms it came to us.

Sometimes I write, but more often what I do is communicate through speaking. These past years, in which I have had much more time to be with Grandmother Anna, she has begun helping me to learn how to memorize some of the oral spiritual teachings in Aramaic. One of my favorite recitations, treasured among the Magdalenes, is the “Song of Songs,” which Queen Sheba gave to our great patriarch, Solomon the Wise.

The oral traditions
There has always been an oral tradition among us who practice the mystical path of the Essenes and the Great Mother. Some of it, I learned from my mother (Mary of Magdala) who was also skilled in oral rendition. Because I chose to stay in Bethany, where I was the mistress of our large household, I did not learn much of the ways of arcane wisdom, as did my siblings and cousins, who went away to the places of initiation at Carmel and Egypt. I tried to learn at the synagogue and I visited Qumran a few times, but I found their formal teachings too dry and boring; so I gave it up.

After Yeshua returned, I found his way of teaching much more to my liking. His words communicate directly to my heart and not just my mind. This is true of my sister and brother, as well, when they share their great wisdom. It is a wonderful treat to sit in my adventurous family’s company and receive the many teaching stories they have gathered over many years of study; and their travels near and far.

Grandmother Anna also has a way of making her teaching stories very interesting and meaningful. My family’s example motivates me to memorize and recite more than I would otherwise. It is for this reason that I feel somewhat hesitant to go back to southern Gaul.

Avalon and the celts
Avalon is a great place of learning and I have a wonderful opportunity for enriching my later years by being here. I have also been told there is a much bigger center of Druid culture, what you would call a university, far to the west of us where the land of Britain extends out into the great Atlantic. Just beyond this far shore, there is an entire island which is given to sacred practices. It is called Ynes Mon or Mona. We also call it an Isle of Avalon. I hope to go there someday.

There is a very sophisticated oral tradition among the Celtic people that has been carried on since ancient times. I learned a little about this while in Bugarach, but here in Avalon it is given great emphasis. Those who keep and transmit oral wisdom are called Druids and Bards.

My father and uncles, Andrew, Josephus and Noah, have been taught how to transmit these oral traditions. They are highly respected, especially Noah who is already considered a great Druid and Bard. I was very surprised to learn that my beloved father has been trained in the Druid wisdom; and that he is looked up to by many of the Celtic kings and chieftains who come to visit him. Many years ago Yeshua shared some of the experiences he had with my father and uncles when he came to Avalon as a boy of thirteen. Now that I am here, his stories come more alive.

Martha’ s relationship with Yeshua
I think of Yeshua like a beloved brother, and I am his beloved sister, more so than just being cousins. I feel very, very close to him. My sister and brother pick up on the deeper meaning of his sayings right away, but for me they often go over my head. That troubles me some. It feels like I can’t be as close to him as I would like to be. But there is a part of me, in my heart – yes, in my deepest heart – where I know he knows me and I know him. I can feel his beautiful energy melting away all my tension when I am in his arms. Sometimes like right now. I can attune to him and he helps me relax. I can breathe and let go of my worries and my cares.

Yeshua’s energy patterns
I don’t see energy patterns like my sister, Mary (of Bethany), does; but I can feel subtle energy as a movement of warmth in my body. I can feel a vibration like when the sunlight comes through a window and the little particles of dust dance in the light. Sometimes the little hairs on my body stand on end. The top of my head, my skin and my muscles vibrate. Sometimes I vibrate very gently – the vibration is hardly noticeable at all – other times my body quakes all over. The energy feels like the warmth of the sun. I feel more warmth throughout my body and my muscles become softer. In my stomach, where I often feel the tension, it begins to loosen up and go away. My mind gets very still and I can feel a soft glowing energy between Yeshua and me. All sense of being in separate bodies dissolves. I can tell that Yeshua likes it when I become soft.

Martha’s early youth
When I was younger I liked to be with men. This troubled my mother very much. She was reluctant to tell my father. I liked how I felt when we lay together. Often I felt ashamed for the feelings that I had because I knew that women who had many lovers were despised. If they were caught in adultery, by their husbands, they were usually stoned to death. I witnessed that such women, especially the ones who received money, had troubled hearts and troubled lives. I did not want a hard life, nor did I want to be thought of as a harlot.

The mother, Mary of Magdala My mother who was the priestess of the Great Mothers, Isis and Ishtar, tried hard to teach me a different way to use my sex. She taught me about the Goddess and her powers. Some of the rituals I liked a lot. We worked with the elemental energies of fire, water, earth and air. We sometimes took various herbs that opened our minds and bodies to more energy. We learned how to breathe consciously and recite words of power. We used certain oils to anoint our bodies so that we had more stamina and flexibility. We moved and stretched, taking postures that were very ancient. We danced until we attained ecstatic states of trance.

I love to dance – to sway with the music and make myself hot in my loins. All this makes me feel powerful as a woman. It took many years and some difficult experiences to learn how to tame this powerful energy. As I became less selfish, I slowly learned how to use my life life-force as a way to benefit others instead of just myself and the men who gave me their brief conditional attention.

The home in Bethany and the healing work Our homes in Jerusalem and Bethany were very well appointed because my father was wealthy. He hosted many dignitaries who traveled great distances. When my Aunt Martha, whom I was named after, was the mistress of the household in Jerusalem, she had maids who helped her. After Father married my mother, Mary of Magdala, and Aunt Martha was no longer strong enough to carry on her previous duties, my mother gladly accepted help with our new home in Bethany, where she preferred to live.

My mother had a great love of people who were of all stations in life. She especially wanted to serve those who were in great need. Father added on extra rooms so that we could give temporary shelter to the homeless: unwed mothers, orphans, battered women and the infirm.

Before Mother died I learned much of what I know at her hand. Lazarus and I carried on her healing work when she became ill. When my sister (Mary of Bethany) was home recuperating from her grave illness, which came upon her in Egypt, she joined us in our efforts. Then Father added even more rooms and acquired other properties for our humanitarian outreach. Our sanctuary was well known and we sadly had to turn people away. Much to the Pharisees’ dismay we took in several lepers which astonished many people. One of these was called Simon, the leper. He is mentioned in your Holy Bible with reference to our home in Bethany, during one of the times when my sister, Mary, anointed Yeshua with spikenard oil.

Martha discovers her sexuality Let’s return to the maids and my youth when I was discovering my sexuality. Some of the maids, who worked in our home, lived a secret life. My keen ears overheard them whispering among themselves. What they said intrigued me. They accepted me into their circle of confidence. After I was opened to these mysteries, they taught me how to mix and drink certain herbs if I lost my monthly bleeding. I knew at those times that a child might be coming and I assisted it to move out with my blood.

Afterwards I felt very badly. But I continued in this way for more years than I would like to admit. Part of the sadness was keeping so much hidden from those who loved me. But the greatest sadness came when I wanted children. Then, like my sister Mary, I found myself barren. Her barrenness was caused by the extreme Kundalini energy that coursed through her body during an initiation in Egypt. Mine was caused by unbridled lust.

Judas Iscariot
I had one lover I liked very much. In fact, I believe I really loved him almost as much as Yeshua. If he had been willing, I would gladly have married him. His name was Judas. In later years he became a devoted disciple of Yeshua. You know him in your Holy Bible as Judas Iscariot. Judas was also my sister Mary’s dear friend, but he was never her lover.

Within Yeshua’s inner circle of twelve men there were also twelve women – the “outer/seen twelve” and the “inner/hidden twelve”. “The Twelve” acted as an alchemical chalice/circle that surrounded and supported Yeshua and the Magdalene who stood in the center – “The Thirteenth.” These twelve couples served as an energetic unit throughout Yeshua’s and the Magdalene’s formal ministry, especially during the times of their ceremonial ministry that included healing and teaching large audiences.

Judas was tender and very sensitive
In the last years of Yeshua’s ministry I was Judas’ Magdalene consort.

Judas had a special way with me that was very tender. His eyes were dark and deep and so knowing. He was extremely sensitive. I felt sorry for him because his father was harsh and demanded so much of him. He tried very hard to please his father – so much so, that he would ache with despair in his heart when he thought he had failed in some way. Each time Yeshua came back from his journeys with greater wisdom and abilities, Judas became increasingly awestruck. He was the kind of person who was deeply devotional. He believed strongly in the scripture’s promise of the Messiah. He recognized Yeshua as a fulfillment of those scriptures, as he understood them.

The monastery at Qumran
In the days of our ardor, Judas came to be with me from the nearby desert monastery of the Essenes called Qumran. Sometimes I went there, but I did not like it very much. It is a harsh place. Their rules and demeanor are far too stern for me. Later I joined with Judas and my brother, Lazarus, in following John the Baptizer for a short time. That was after Judas and Lazarus had gone with John to Mount Sinai. They were in retreat with him for three years. This was before Yeshua came back to Galilee from his second journey to India.

John the Baptizer
I was present when John the Baptizer announced Yeshua to be the Master Teacher – the Teacher of Righteousness – the Messiah, which the scriptures prophesied. John said that his purpose, as the one who had come to prepare the way, had been fulfilled. When Yeshua was ready to begin his public ministry, John asked his disciples to follow Yeshua instead of him. Many did, but some remained faithful to John, even after he was brutally murdered. There remains a division among those who still follow John’s teachings and those who follow Yeshua. This is difficult for us, for we truly desire unity among us all. We still venerate John and we keep his skull as one of our most precious secret treasures.

Judas and the Zealots were taken with Yeshua
Judas was so taken with Yeshua he began to see him as the Hebrew god, Jehovah, walking in the way of flesh. His adoration was similar to that of the Romans who bring offerings to their gods and their goddesses. The emperors even call themselves gods and require their subjects to worship them.

The priests, who serve at David’s temple altars in Jerusalem, bring forth sacrificial offerings to appease Jehovah. Blood runs deep. Although blood sacrifice was an abomination to Judas, and remains so for all Essenes, he was willing to offer his whole heart and his very life, as a sacrifice, if that were asked of him. Judas felt Yeshua really was an incarnation of the one true God, as monotheists believe. He did not fully understand the Oneness Yeshua taught and he expected great things of Yeshua. When Yeshua did not live up to Judas’ expectations, he felt not only very disappointed, but betrayed. This created much internal conflict for Judas.

Judas, like his father and other Zealots who lived at Qumran, wanted Yeshua to rise up as their earthly king. They passionately yearned to have Yeshua rid them of the Romans, whom they saw as the embodiment of evil – the Sons of Darkness. It was in this way that my friend, Judas, and some of my other lovers, spoke of the coming Messiah. However, in my household, we believed differently.

Yeshua did not mean the Earthly Kingdom
When I was with Yeshua I knew in my heart that he never intended to rule the people as a political king. For those of us who could truly hear him, we knew he spoke of the Kingdom of God within us; and that it is not of this world. I weighed Yeshua’s and Judas’ sayings in my heart. Sometimes I felt confused. I wanted to keep this confusion out of my mind. I wanted to keep my life simple. So I withdrew from such conversations and turned to the things that I could do within our household and hospital. I preferred to serve the downtrodden people who came to us for healing; and left talking about politics to others.

Then our lives became more exciting and more challenging at the same time. Yeshua said it was time to fulfill the purpose for which we had come to earth. Everything we had done to prepare ourselves was now to be lived in such a way as to be examples to others of how to not only serve God, but BE God. He taught us that God, the infinite Father/Mother Creator, is not an angry, jealous god. He said when we feel separate from God we try to make a god in our image. But in truth God is an unnamable, unborn-undying Presence, whose essence is both emptiness and bare intrinsic awareness, expressing as pure BEING and Love. This Great Presence manifests in all forms and walks in earthly bodies, as one family of humanity. He says it is time to establish Heaven right here on earth – right here in the gentle beating of our hearts – in the loving expression of our lives, moment by moment.

Yeshua, the Teacher of Righteousness
As I spent time with Yeshua, especially during the last year of our outer ministry, I allowed my view of him to change from being my older cousin to that of being a Teacher of Righteousness. I came to know with all my heart that he had attained Oneness with the Father/Mother of Life. From then on I called him Master.

Even though we looked to him as our most beloved teacher, he always remained humble and very approachable. He asked me to join with the company of women who walked with him. I was thrilled to be part of his support team who made his path much easier. I agreed to not allow distractions to interfere, except to briefly oversee my duties in Bethany, from time to time.

Martha’s inner change
During those intense months he took me aside and opened me in ways I had never known before.

Besides learning how to circulate and transmute my life-force energy for the benefit of Yeshua’s ministry, I attained the great stillness beyond the constant chatter of my mind. In the Great Silence, I came to directly know Yeshua as one of the Great Ones who had realized his True Nature, beyond time and form. I came to know him to be a Son of God and a Son of Man. And even though it took longer, perhaps because I had always thought of my sister, Mary (of Bethany), as just my older sister, I came to know her as an incarnation of the Great Mother. During those extraordinary days with Yeshua, Mary, and Myriam of Tyana, I came to know what it means to be in the presence of awakened Christ-Magdalenes.

Judas’ difficult role
There is one last thing I wish to say about Judas. I think he understood his most difficult role, as best anyone can. I barely understand myself what was asked of him in those last days. My heart still breaks when I look back on that very anxious and terrible time. I do know this though; Judas was greatly loved by Yeshua. Yeshua, Myriam and my sister, Mary, spent a great deal of time with him so that he would be prepared to do what was his to do, as a Christ-Magdalene initiate.

The Osirian mystery
As the Osirian mystery goes, in the enactment of the raising of Osiris by his beloved Isis from spiritual death (the ignorance that is separation/duality consciousness) into life (spiritual awakening/Oneness), someone must play the role of the “villain,” Set. (Set is Osiris’ jealous brother who betrays and kills him. Isis, the Divine Feminine – Wisdom and Love, raises – awakens Osiris’ awareness of who he truly is.) Set personifies separation consciousness: selfishness, greed, avarice, resentment, jealousy, lust, betrayal, and so forth. Set is the inner “enemy” – the betrayer of life and the inner Christ. Set is the part of us, as unrealized sentient beings, that obscures our true nature – the Christ Light.

Judas played the dark role of Set
Judas stepped up to play that very misunderstood “dark” role – the role of portraying Set, the antichrist – Set, the opposite of love and light. Set, the brother who attempts to betray and kill his brother – his own true Self – the Christ. But, in fact, sets in motion the very process of the inner Christ being raised into full awareness. This is the great paradox within the Osirian-Isis mystery – the mysteries of the Christ-Magdalene. Yeshua demonstrates the raising of Osiris – the victory of pure love transmuting fear in every moment – in every breath. As a Magdalene, I have come to know Yeshua IS the resurrected Christ. Yeshua IS the Love, the Life and the Light. And in truth, Judas and all beings can know we are already the Christ – we just don’t know it yet.

Judas sank into deep depression
My heart continues to ache for Judas’ soul. In spite of everything he, and everyone, did after Yeshua’s crucifixion and resurrection, he continued to sink into a deep depression. I think that Judas’ internal conflicts since childhood were compounded by the hysteria of the angry mobs. And then added to this was the unbearable weight of his own self-doubt, compounded by the scape-goating among those of us who misunderstood him and his role. There were some among us who had not been fully initiated within the Magdalene mysteries. They did not understand the role Judas innocently played. And so it was that his mind was besieged and battered, until he could no longer bear the pain.

The shame and guilt of the women
The things that have been hidden are at the surface of so many hearts and minds. My story, like many women’s stories, speaks of the burdens we have carried – so much shame, guilt, abuse and sorrow. It is time for us, as women and men, to put aside the wounds of our hearts and our minds. It is time to forgive and allow healing – as individuals, families and society. I know when we do that we will take far better care of our mother, the Earth. My vision is that we will be one family without jealousy and distrust of one another.

We women will put aside our insecurities and not vie for husbands or ceaselessly try to get our fathers’ and men’s attention. We will not compete and betray and libel one another. Ours will be a true sisterhood where we can rejoice in one another’s intrinsic beauty and support each others’ different talents. We will be present for each other with our nurturing abilities from the moment of conception. Through our unfailing love, we will make sure no one is left alone to suffer during life’s inevitable passages – birth, sickness, aging and death. We will see our suffering with greater patience and compassion so that all beings may know happiness.

Martha’s future visions
In my vision, I see men no longer competing with or using women or the Earth Mother for their aggrandizement, their gluttony and their lust. Our men will not go to war to prove themselves, nor take offense in order to gain power.

With a greater sense of communal Oneness, there can be less defensiveness toward possessions and borders. They will no longer be so busy filling time with constant distractions, unaware of the joyful, present moment. Then there will be fewer regrets of the past and worries for the future. They can bring their full presence to their lives, as spiritual beings first. Then they can be good sons, brothers, husbands and fathers. As a true brotherhood, they will inspire and support both men and women to be all we can be for the benefit of all beings.

When I speak of men, let it also be understood that the masculine energy expressing through women will also be brought forth in the ways I have spoken. And so is it also true, that the feminine energies expressing through men will be cultivated and honored for the benefit of all.

In all these ways we will honor each gender’s divine complementary gifts and bring union, balance and wholeness to all our relationships. With a sense of equality that embraces our diversity, we will co-create the Earth to be a home of harmony, healing and holiness.

I feel a deep peace knowing my sharing may somehow bring more love to your heart and to the way you live your life. May your ability to love increase as you relate to your brothers and your sisters; to your mothers, your fathers, your children and all beings.

Martha’s last years
Martha continued to live in Avalon until 55 AD when she returned to southern France with, her brother, Lazarus, after “The Great Gathering.” Before this turning point, Martha fulfilled her dream of living several years on Mona at the great Druid sanctuary. Martha and Lazarus were instrumental in assisting Sar’h and Andrew with their humanitarian efforts of expanding a network of hospitals, orphanages and hospices throughout southern France. Martha died at the age of 84 in 80 AD near Mount Bugarach.

Blessings and Love,
Margie Magdalene
Maila Maire Marketta

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Anna, Grandmother of Jesus

Anna, The Voice of the Magdalenes

The Divine Mothers in my Life

The Mothers of my Life are the most importantWomen in my Life

Our mother Tyyne died early, so the the youngest children of our family were forced to live without this precious support in their lives. Fortunately we had loving aunts, the sisters of our father that took us under their wings.

I was raised by two of my aunts since I was five years old. The one was Maria in her soul, and the other Martha. The Maria-soul was my aunt Lyyli who was a school teacher, and the Martha-soul was my aunt Anna who was the city cashier in our town. The entire monetary flow of the town went through her hands. After the second world war, the aunts built a little house near the old farm house of our family by the river Kemijoki. They gave the name Keinuvuopaja for their home, as the little waterside of the river had that same name. Keinuvuopa derives from the Lappish word keino and water meaning ’waterway’.

From this little house they radiated love and caretaking for our very large family. They also supported their brother Mikko’s family of 10-children (especially after the family lost their mother, with the youngest being only half a year old). Aunt Anna adopted me, although she was actually quite old to take care of such a little child. Also the youngest, Riitta, came to live with the aunts when she started school. So, the aunts had two chilren to take care of; in addition to their being the physical guardian angels also for the children of their other sisters.

Mother Tyyne

I thought early on that my aunts were like the Bible’s Maria and Martha of Bethany. Both of them lovely people in their own way, and at the same time so different. How did they both, while almost at the age of retirement, adapt to living together? Maria attended to the inner household, and Martha attended to the outside practical housekeeping.

The splendid representatives of the Misses Culture

My aunts were splendid representatives of the ”Misses Culture”.

Mervi Autti has made a thesis about this theme at the University of Lapland. The concept “The Misses Culture” sounded very odd at first to many of us listening to the presentation, as well as myself. However, after some time it started to feel great.

Mervi Autti: “My thesis is multidisciplinary research that studies the lives of two photographer sisters, Lyyli (1898-1950) and Hanna Autti (1901-1996), who lived in Rovaniemi, on the Arctic Circle. They were called the Misses Autti. My sources are the sisters’ album photographs – either pictures of them or pictures taken by them. I examine their lives using a microhistorical approach in different ways: the research text, photograph exhibitions and a historical documentary. These sources share the common denominator of being visual.”

“Women on their own” expands the concept of singleness to include all the opportunities women had, as well as the resistance they encountered. In its positive sense, singleness opened up women’s options for independence and autonomy. In the case of unmarried women, we can speak about a multidimensional concept, which includes a certain freedom – albeit one limited and controlled by discourses. Unmarried women lived in a liminal state characterized by both new agency and possibilities for resistance.”

Money has always been important to women. Without money you are nothing, and under the control of a male person.

These ladies of the Misses Culture did not live for themselves. As educated women they often educated the children of their relatives, and very often also sacrificed having a married life of their own.

I am deeply grateful to my aunts. They have genuinely affected my own concept of the female approach and its value. My self-esteem has never been injured. I am grateful as well to Jussi, my beloved husband, who was a great gentleman. The spiritual life was also often transmitted through the aunts, as it was in our family.

Lyyli Myllaeri, my aunt (1886-1980)

Aunt Lyyli was the eldest of her family. She attended the highschool in Tornio, living with the family of her aunt, Anna Kurth. After that she went to the Teachers’ Seminary for 4 years in Raahe, to become a schoolteacher. Her first job as a teacher was in the new school in Rautionsaari, about 20 kilometres from Rovaniemi. After that she made a long career as a teacher in her hometown of Rovaniemi.

When the school had its 50 years’ celebration, my aunt wrote an article about her first job. Here are some extracts from her writing:

In the summer of 1909 I was elected the first teacher of the school in Rautionsaari. Janne Koerkko, the chairman of the school, came to visit my family and told how sorry he was that the building of the school was not yet completed. My father responded that so is with the teacher. I thought that I had gained my graduation from the seminary, but I said nothing, knowing that it would not have meant anything.

The school started in the middle of August. There was no railway, not to speak of cars. My father asked one of our farm workers to take me this way of 18 kilometers by horse cart. It was great fun to drive on a beautiful summer day, but near the Valajaskoski rapids this Eemeli from Tennivaara started to frighten me. He said that in a new school there are always old, bad-mannered boys, tall like men. You will not manage, you have to leave. I said that I don’t think that they would bite you without reason. But on the top of the Haekinvaara hill where you started to see the blue river of Keminjoki and all the red houses, I just could not admire the beautifl scenery, when I thougt of those guys waiting for me.

The friendly hostess of the Maalari’s Inn gave us food and coffee, and then she took me by boat across the river to the shore of Rautionsaari. There was only a little way to the old mansion of Vanha-Hanni where the six-week ”little school” then started. This house was a distant relatives’ house. The father of of our grandmother of our father’s side was from this house.

There were folk in this house! There were seven men, tall like firs in the forest, the same amount of women, and then me. But there were not any kind of disputes, but very friendly, nice people all together.

The children were small and kind. The chin of Kustila’s Miina just reached the edge of the table. As seats there were sturdy benches around the tables made for the ”running” schools. During the breaks we played in the grassy yard. The folk in the house were very kind to us. It was nice time in this big mansion with many farm works. There was harvesting, threshing, and in the evenings I helped a little bit the housewife, brought coffee with the girls to the fields for the haymakers; sometimes I went to help milking cows on the other side of the broad river of Kemijoki.

One night when the teacher’s platform was being painted, Kustila’s Pietari said: ”I will paint here forbearance, patience and love for the teacher.” But I said, that also energy, even strictness are needed. But Pietari only laughed and said that longer his paintings will take.

I must admit that Pietari was right.

In Rautionsaari I was as a teacher for two years. During that time the school became quite completed under those conditions. That cannot be said of the teacher, and did not become even during those forty years that I worked in the town. The educating work is a life that it cuts you down to size.

- When the school had its 100 years’celebrating, I sent this writing of my Aunt Lyyli to the newspaper of Uusi Rovaniemi were it was published. I was present in the anniversary celebrating of the school giving my flowers on behalf of my Aunt Lyyli.

All people are equal children of God

Aunt Lyyli worked as a teacher for the last years before her retirement in the school of Katajaranta, near our home.

My Aunt Lyyli’s colleague and good friend, Augusta Lappalainen, was my teacher in the third and fouth grade. Both of the teachers were spiritually very awake and broadminded. Great teachers! For them the ways of religons were different branches of the same tree, and all people equal children of God. Aunt Lyyli was a subscriber to Ruusu-Risti magazine (Rosicrucian Society’s magazine), without being a member of this society. She never preached anything, just lived in her own way. Some years later I myself became interested in this society. It took me to Ruusu-Risti where I then met Jussi, my future husband.

My Aunt Lyyli affected alot of my life

Aunt Lyyli

In the summer of 1991 I had just returned from my trip around the world. I returned to my Keinuvuopaja house, where there waited for me my collie dog Lady and the lovely couple of my friends who had attended to all my affairs during my absence.

My purpose was to return to my old job as a teacher in the local commercial college. At night I, however, saw a miraculous dream that I remembered well in the morning. It was very odd, as I hardly ever saw dreams, not to say that I remembered them.

In the dream some light being took me to her grave. I was standing in the grave. Then it became dark as black. At the same moment I pressed the lift button in the grave. I realised that the light being was my Aunt Lyyli. She had taken me to her grave. I woke up, sat up in my bed, and went over this in my mind what all of this might mean.

She was a teacher. The new building of our commercial college where I was supposed to teach, was situated between two cemeteries, our family grave also being in this neighbourhood. Suddenly everything was clear to me. I left to go directly to the school. I had to let them know that I would not be returning to my previous job, and would be resigning my position, giving them a one month notice. This would give them enough time to get a new teacher to replace me. And the day that I had that dream was the last day I could do it, to go to the school and advise them of my leaving.

I met the headmaster sitting at the computer. I said quickly: ”Hi, I won’t be coming back to work, the reason for this is personal.” I left the headmaster astonished at these words of mine. Then I hurried to the school office to let them know of my decision not to return to work. That’s it, I thought. I would certainly have died there ’standing upright’ between two cemeteries. The free bird could not go into a cage! After this I did not go to any permanent job, but was having temporary jobs and facilitating courses, especially using the suggestopedian method.

I rented my beautiful Keinuvuopaja house, and left with my dog Lady for Tampere where the little flat of my big sister Eeva just was getting vacant in Itsenäisyydenkatu (theStreet of Independence!) What a quick, sudden change in my life!

It took me almost 25 years before I realized, while translating the Anna -books into Finnish, that it was then that I had started my Sepulchre Rite initiation.

Anna Myllari, my aunt (1894-1974)

Anna Myllari, my aunt

My Aunt Anna was very active and effective in every matter. She built the house, created the garden and looked after it with great love. She even got the first prize in the garden competition that the town arranged to the citizens. She also helped many of her relatives to find their homes and jobs.

Aunt Anna has taught me most of the practical things. Even today I remember her advice when ironing that ’iron a surface on the cloth, then it would not wrinkle so easily’. I also learnt that there are two things that are the point of honour to the house: the wayside clean and the compost heap well made. What good lessons! I also learnt to take good care of my money matters. She loved Rovaniemi, and wrote articles about the history of the home region in the local newspapers. In this way, she has been a role model for me in my present writing of articles and books.

When the Aunt a gun bought

This writing of mine in the newspaper of Uusi Rovaniemi in 2009 describes Aunt Anna well.

My Aunt Anna worked as the cashier of the town of Rovaniemi for many decades. Before the Second World War, then during the war when the town administration was evacuated in Pietarsaari on the west coast, and then again after the war until her retirement in Rovaniemi when the war ended.

Her work was extremely responsible and strenuous. At that time, among other things, all the salaries of the town were paid in bills direct from the cashier’s desk. On paydays there were also two debt collectors sitting in the same little room as the cashier. Their job was to collect any debts you might owe as you were receiving your salary. They were always smoking, which filled the room with smoke. I wonder how anyone could do any responsible work in that kind of environment. And the men did not care!

I often went after my schoolday to my aunt’s office to wait for her when we had some business to do together. So I learnt to know my aunt’s workplace very well.

Once again there was the payday. My own teachers also came to get their salaries from my aunt’s hand. I especially remember our Swedish language teacher who was a very aristocratic looking lady. This ’Exellency’ that wore her hair in a bun, saw me sitting and waiting. After getting her salary, she gave me a glance and said in an ugly way between her teeth: ”gives like it’s her own money”.

I did not understand at all what she meant. Only much later I recalled this episode when during a Swedish lesson she unnecessarily and without any reason ’tore me apart’. This did not, however, leave me anything ’between my teeth’. Her grave is near the grave of my grandparents, and I so have the chance to bless her when visiting the cemetery.

The big bunch of keys of the city cashier

The city cashier was responsible for a large bunch of keys. I think there were at least ten big keys in all. And all this imposing my aunt, she carried between home and work. The weight of those keys alone was amazing. Or so I thought at that time as a schoolgirl, and I still think so.

In the winter I often went to meet my aunt after her work by kicksled, so that she could at least the rest of the way sledge down to the riverside. We lived in Katajaranta by the river Kemijoki in the little house that the aunts had built after World War II. I had lived with my aunts since I was five years old. When the mother of our family of ten children died, the youngest being only half a year old, the importance and responsibilities of our aunts increased significantly. In 1950, the same year as our mother died, Aunt Anna adopted me. At the age of retirement, she received me as her own child.

My aunt got a little handgun

In most private houses there was at that time a food cellar under the floor of the kitchen; and there was a hatch to open and a window from which the potatoes were put down to the cellar. On the floor of the kitchen there was also a hatch, to open and go down the steps to the cellar.

One dark evening in the fall, Aunt Anna happened to be in the kitchen and heard a strange noise, as if the hatch was being lifted. She did not hesitate a moment, but shouted in a loud voice some man’s name. In our home, there lived no man, but the aunt got it right away. Scaring the intruder was now needed, no matter who it was. It worked well. The intruder drew the hatch back and cleared off.

My Aunt did not hesitate, and acquired right away a little hand gun to defend the funds of the city. Never did she use the gun, but surely she would have defended the keys of the city financial resources at full capacity if needed. She was a courageous and very capable woman in every respect.

When my Aunt left her work as the guard of the city money chest, it was a male cashier that replaced her. All the work responsibilites were reassigned, as no one man would ever have agreed to the amount of work that my Aunt did alone. And so it is. One woman can complete the work of many men in the work place.

What about that intruder to the food cellar? It remained an eternal riddle if the person was after the keys of the city money safe. Or even - who knows - after the potatoes of the aunts!

Woman and workload

The amount of work of my Aunt Anna became familiar to me in my own job right at the beginning of my cafeer. I studied at the Helsinki School of Economics and Business Administration. First I gained my Bachelor’s degree as a foreign correspondent, then applied for the job as a correspondent at the Kajaani Oy Paper Mills in Kajaani. I thougt that it would be easy to visit my aunts in Rovaniemi and help them with the house and garden. I had a new driver’s licence but not yet the money to buy a car. So I had to go by train, and wait for hours in Kontiomaeki and Oulu to change the trains. Oh my goodness! Very soon I was ready to move back to Helsinki.

When I left Kajaani Oy, they hired three persons to replace me: the vacancies for the secretary of the managing director, the foreign correspondent, and third the telex operator; and translating of the annual report of the company had to be given to a special firm to do it. Good heavens, such a significant workload and responsibilities I had acquired while working there! It made me recal my Aunt Anna and her enormous workload as well.

I think that it is so certainly so, even today. In many jobs a woman works hard without complaining. A man needs a title, position, and money, much more than a woman. The greater the self-confidence must be boosted, the less genuine it seems to be.

After Kajaani, just for fun, I applied for the job as the secretary of the managing director at the Commercial TV. Soon afterwards, I left that work. The position of a secretary there was not worth anything. It was disgusting.

I happened to sit in a tram that passed by my old School of Economics. The yard was full of students on the opening day in September. I suddenly got an inspiration and idea to start studying for my master’s degree. I wanted an independent work, where no man could control and order me. So I walked inside my old school, and started my studies again. Just like that!

Nothing happens at random

My fellow student saw a piece of paper on the board of our school. On it was written that Klaus Waris, the Chancellor of our school, was looking for a secretary for the new Independence Fund that was to start soon.

Klaus Waris was the former ”Big Boss” of the Central Bank of Finland and was one of the founders of the new Fund of Finland’s 50 years’ Anniversary. Klaus Waris gave me the job. So we started together, the two of us. It was very convenient. Before noon he worked as a Chancellor of our School of Economics and I attended the lectures for the Master’s degree. In the afternoons we then worked on the Fund.

Klaus Waris was a real gentleman, and most kind, humble, and modest. He was the greatest employer that I have ever had in my life, having also a great sense of humour – as the Great Souls usually do.

I am grateful to Life that I have had a chance to work with such a great person as Klaus Waris.

The Fund grew quickly, and so did the personnel. Besides my studies, I started also my student teaching and oriented more to teaching and schooling. Maria, in my soul, had awakened and wanted me to do more spiritual work.

When Sitra had its 40 years’ celebration, I was invited there. In my little speech I said: ”As an International Peace Minister, I venture to share my vision that Sitra will contribute to Finland being the model country of tolerance and peace.”

In December of 2017 Finland had its 100 years’ Anniversary, and Sitra its 50 years’. I was invited to Sitra’s celebration. At the banquet I gave the Anna –books, that I had translated and published, as a present to the library of Sitra.

Tyyne Eveliina Myllaeri, my mother (1907-1950)

Mother Tyyne and family two oldest children: Eeva and Martti

My birth mother was the only daughter in a big farm house. She would have liked to go to highschool like her brother, but she was needed at home to help her sick mother.

She was very skillful, and could organize and lead during the war when lots of people lived in the house. While the others still slept in the house, she took the foal from the stable and drove a couple of kilometers down the riverside to check on how things were going on her parents’ farm. When the men were at war, the women had to take care of everything, including the big farms.

Strong and independent

My mother was a strong and independent woman. She got the full share of the property of her home. She also had self-esteem.

This story describes my mother well:

During the war, my mother Tyyne was evacuated with her eight children in Norsjö, Sweden. The youngest child was baby Helena. My mother’s own mother, Kaisa Eveliina Keskioja, died during the evacuation in Skellefteå, Sweden.

In January 1945, Mother got word that our farm house Myllaeri in Rovaniemi had been miraculously preserved during the war. She decided right away to set off for home, without any permisson. The following day, the evacuation facility was put into quarantine due to an epidemic. Perhaps she knew it intuitively. She somehow managed to get train tickets to the town of Haparanda on the Finnish border. In order to take all of her eight children, she arranged that some of the children were listed as ’the children of other women’. In Haparanda she somehow managed to get her family on an open truck that was leaving for Rovaniemi. It was winter and very cold. Mother and baby Helena were inside the driver’s cabin, but the others were with the goods under the tarpaulin in the back of the truck.

Big miracle in Rovaniemi

In Rovaniemi we had a big miracle. Our father Mikko was there with one worker from our farm, with two horses to bring goods from the truck.

Our father had come with the first Finnish soldiers from the southern direction to Rovaniemi after the German soldiers had left the town after burning and devastating the whole region. In their rush to leave, our farm house and some others were left unburnt. What a miracle!

Our father had already cleaned the house so that some people could live there. Also the first Christmas gospel by the old priest, called Eeli, could somehow be celebrated there.

Our father Mikko was astonished to see his family jumping down from the lorry, first Eeva, the eldest. The evacuees did not yet have a permission to arrive at the burnt, destroyed town!

Was there a changing of the souls

During the evacuation, I was three years old and I was taken to the hospital. I don’t know the reason why. I shouted, crying aloud, longing for my mother. One nurse got nervous and told me that my mother will never come if I do not stop crying. I was shaken by shock at the thought of my mother never coming for me, and I fell off the bed unconscious. So much so that I needed to be revived. My Mother was never told of what had happened (so I was told later by Luule Viilma).

It is possible that there was a changing of the souls during this stressful happening. My Mother did not know me, and I did not know my Mother after that. Perhaps this was the reason for my taking to the Aunts to live.

Later in life I got the breast cancer. Luule Viilma, the best known doctor, clairvoyant and healer in Estonia (who greatly affected my healing and whom I’ve met with many times), told me my mother/child relationship, and its breaking, was the reason for my illness. She mentioned of my Mother that ”she fought like Jeanne d’Arc, and felt that her country had betrayed her.” Mother gave all her strength for her family, and was dead at only 43 years of age.

At the same time as I met Luule Viilma, I also got to know Liisa Kinnunen, the health therapist that became a dear spiritual sister and helper to me until her death in the year 2015.

I admired my Mother secretly from the door

I loved my mother in a shy way, admiring her ’secretly from the door’. Mother was always very kind and asked anout the aunts when I came to bring milk to the aunts. One Mother’s Day I brought with Aunt Lyyli a beautiful flowerpot of roses to mother.

I remember how I saw from the open door how my mother looked at the roses and read the card, crying. I did not understand what it was all about. I did not know this woman, although secretly I wanted to learn to know her.

One time my brother, Erkki, a couple of years older, came running to the aunts and said out of breath: ”Mother is baking, baking rieska (flat bread) and I have also been helping.” Right away we went running to Myllaeri. I stopped, standing shyly in the doorway, wondering if Mother would notice. And of course, Mother did.

The warm, just taken from the oven, piece of bread in my hand. The butter running on the bread, so in a haste to eat. What blessing and bliss! I was happy and loved my mother.

After the evacuation travel to Sweden, altough I was already three years old, I did not know anyone or remember anything. Only now after reading the Anna -books, I have learnt to know that I was born a walk-in as in the changing of souls. The souls ’change the places’. Anna, the grandmother of Jesus, for instance, was born in this way.

When writing this, it is the Mothers’ Day. Yesterday there was a funeral for Erkki, my brother. Erkki was for Riitta ’Eekki’. The brothers did not like the idea that Riitta was not raised by the relatives. So very soon she was taken home. All those taking care of this little sister, were ’mothers’ for Riitta. Brother Arvi was ’Avvi mother’.

Young Riitta sister.

Have I learnt anything

What have I learnt from these three, most important women of my life? Have I expanded their dreams wider? Have I realised them as we are all supposed to do?

From my mother Tyyne I have received my life, my courage, love for freedom, independent thinking, and healthy self-esteem. I have also been able to study and travel as my mother had dreamt of doing when she was young.

I have also realised the lives of Maria and Martha, and their dreams to manifest in my life. I studied in the School of Economics and worked in the business world as my aunt Anna did. My studying continued her business schooling.

But I was not happy. All the time I went forward. I felt that I was a pioneer. So the new things fascinated me.

Next I realised the dreams of Maria. From my ant Lyyli I received a theosophical way of thinking. She lived accordingly this way. I found her old magazines of Ruusu-Risti (Rosicrusian) at the age of thirty years. I joined this society on my own initiative. Aunt Lyyli had never joined this society, even though she was a Rosicrucian theosof in her soul. I was also educated to be a teacher. First a commercial teacher, then an English teacher, and finally by facilitating ’know yourself’ workshops and courses. Currently I am a Peace Minister of the Beloved Community. Most recently, I have translated the Anna Books into Finnish: Anna, The Grandmother of Jesus and Anna, the Voice of the Magdalenes. In addition, I have also published these books.

Thanks to the Guardian Angels of my life

In my youth I was not interested Jesus or Maria Magdalena.

I said once to my aunt Lyyli that I do not need Jesus. I have direct contact with God. To this my aunt Lyyli said that it is not so.

I felt shame, but I really did not care of the suffering Jesus that the church offered. Maria Magdalena was some prostitute that Jesus healed, nothing else. Mother Maria was a cliché picture in the frame of the Roman Church. I did not need the church.

When I think what Jesus and Maria Magdalena now mean for me, I am dearly thankful to these wonderful ladies that have been my Guardian Angels. I have lived the life of Bethany with Maria Magdalena and Martha, and I have the best possible places to grow and live.

From my mother Tyyne I received my life. I have awakened in this life to continue that work that these physical angels of mine did. And I know that they go on blessing and protecting me in this work to express the Feminine Christ consciousness in our day.

My Beloved Mothers in my heart
Gratefully and with great love

Your daughter
Maila Maire Marketta
Margie Magdalene

See also the ANNA books

Anna, Grandmother of Jesus

Anna, The Voice of the Magdalenes


Margie Magdalene

Soul’s Mirror 3/2018
Text: Maija Salmi / Reetta Ahola

Marketta Margie Myllari who is well known for the readers of the Soul’s Mirror aims at awakening and assisting her fellow people so that they can consciously start studying and processing their own lives.The continuous processing of myself are the basics of my work, Margie tells.

The Finnish landscape of the soul is a piece of lake, a nightless summer night, a mountain. Somebody's soul rests in Lapland's foaming rapids or on the slopes of the rocky peak of Koli (in eastern Finland). Someone is at home amidst blooming fields of grain. Rugged, national romantic scenery, with its big pines, is the best soul healing for most people.

A human being searches her/his innermost soul scenery in the flow of life. The sparkling melody of the summer, or the melancholy of a winter’s dusk, is difficult to find anywhere as it is in Finland.

But does the soul feel comfortable in concrete surroundings where the sky reflects a very tiny strip of earth and the only green is in some flowerpot? Does the soul feel comfortable in such a home? Do you find peace only within - and the place is not of much importance?

Marketta “Margie Magdalene” Myllari who lives in Rovaniemi loves the variations of land heights, water and sky. They are power places for her to live and receive strength

Nevertheless she believes that everyone can build a scenery in her/his own home and make it a place that invites you to return there time after time. If the countryside is far away, from an apartment house you can get out to see the sky and to hug the trees within a park.

- It is true that this requires some effort. When we think of for instance Nelson Mandela; during his prison years he had to use his imagination to preserve his own inner landscape, Marketta ponders.

Marketta Myllari has been able to preserve her soul scenery even in the busy fuss of the city. She did not let the concrete surroundings restrict her life; no matter the noise of the busy street and the little back yard; in a little one-room flat in Tampere she spent the most creative time of her life when she created materials for her Suggestopedian courses.


In 2008 Marketta Myllari returned (after a long period of time) to her home town of Rovaniemi. She now lives just a half of a kilometer from the city’s center. From her window she sees almost the same landscape as when she was a child: Poyliovaara, the arctic hill, near which the farm house of her mother's family by the river Kemijoki had been. When she goes out the landscape gets bigger. The two big rivers, Kemijoki and Ounasjoki, and the arctic hills, Ounasvaara and Poyliovaara (among others) rise as a panorama.

When I look at the landscape, I sense its healing strength. It is for me a real soul landscape, Marketta says humbly.

Marketta tells that she was born in the confluence of two big rivers. The rivers make a huge Y -letter in the heart of the city. Y refers to the word Yes, in which form a human being with the hands up says Yes to the reality of the Spirit. Yes refers to the Aramean name Yeshua for Jesus. In her Seminary of Peace Ministry, Marketta has learned that the word Yes is one of the most powerful words in the Universe.


Rovaniemi is surrounded by rocky, arctic hills. They are important places of power for Marketta. Also important is her home altar. Here she sees rocky hills, trees, water, sky and fire. The fire is in the flame of an alter candle.

“I couldn't imagine living somewhere else any more, not for long period of time anyways.”

“Trees and forests show the power of nature. Magnificent sunsets and the colors of the sky speak. I have so long absent from here that the landscape has become more and more important for me. “

Marketta tells that she has spent a long time away from her home town. She sold her house in Rovaniemi without any real reason. She just had to give up her dearest place in the world and journey out in the world to experience new things, returning home with new energy and enthusiasm. Now she dreams of buying back her old house.

There is a native Rovaniemi farm lady and a universal lady peace minister within me; both live together in my soul at the same time.


The forest has traditionally played a significant role in the Finnish life. It has provided livelihood, food and refreshment. Three quarters of Finland is covered with forests. For each Finn, there are about four hectares forest. No wonder that Finns are concerned forest people - good and bad.

Marketta regards herself as a lover of the forest. When a big branch of a spruce dances behind the window of the living room, she looks at its movement and it’s swinging in the wind. The dancing of the branch is fabulous! She loves looking at trees; they give her peace and energy.

“The different seasons here in the north are just fantastic. I like walking by the river Kemijoki; all the time the Mother Mountain is present and blesses the riverside of my ancestors. I miss nothing. “


As fond of Lapland as Marketta is, she has also found her soul scenery in other places. In Tampere she lived in apartment houses and in a little house with magnificent trees in the neighborhood. Water was also present with many big lakes like Lake Nasijarvi and Lake Pyhajarvi (to name the few of the larger ones).

“These sunsets on Lake Pyhajarvi were incredible. I always wondered why people sat in the buses with their eyes closed. Well, they might have been too tired after work and had forgotten that seeing such beauty gives amazing strength and replenishment. “

Marketta fell in love with the landscape of Tampere. In winter she went skiing on Lake Pyhajarvi and found there the same atmosphere as in Lapland. The water element, and the differences of the land heights, helped her to recover from the home sickness of Lapland.

“And the Lake of Tohloppi and all the ridges around Tampere! I just loved those ridges and water, water, water! For instance in Helsinki, I never found the same kind of peace, no matter that there is the sea scenery. My landscape needs differences of height.”


“You do not need to lose your soul scenery when traveling about the world.” Marketta found it also in a little village of Theologos on the island of Thassos in Greece. There Henryk Skolimowsky, the ecophilosopher, had a retreat place where he ran seminars. Theologos became familiar to Marketta when she attended these seminars. Once she stood on a high hill from where she saw the village beneath. The view left an everlasting impression with her.

“The village was like in the palm of the hand. Everything; houses, people, animals, were in the little palm of my hand.

It was a wonderful feeling. It was imprinted deeply within me, and was reflected for me in the same way as being in Lapland. “

In the early 1990's Marketta spent one year traveling on the world. In India she experienced this familiar feeling in the streets of New Delhi. And yet everything was different.

The streets were surging with people. You might think that this could oppress you, but all the people, cars, animals, were surging as on the waves of a sea. I experienced it as people landscape where there was chaotic traffic and terrible noise, but nevertheless everything went forward smoothly. It was reflected and imprinted within me as another type of landscape.

“Your home, and especially your return home, are important for people.” Marketta believes that it is in our genes: even if we are out in the world for decades, we miss home.

We Finns are a unique people, still quite separate, and have not lost what we genuinely are. We have preserved our origin. And that is why our own landscapes are so important for us. No matter where we go and what we superficially do.

For people living in Lapland, the landscapes and magnificent nature are imprinted within them. The 'craziness of Lapland' easily strikes those living in the southern country! For instance when you come here from the rainy south the contrast is huge. That is the first impression for any traveler.


The roots of Maila Maire Marketta Myllari are in the old agricultural culture of northern Finland and her home is located on a bank of the river Kemijoki, the capital of Finnish Lapland.

Both her father's and her mother's families cultivated the fields by Kemijoki for centuries. From them she inherited her respect for Life and Mother Earth.

Her most important values are based on Jesus' ethics as taught in the Sermon on the Mount. She has consciously striven to learn and adopt these teachings:

“Be peaceful, be pure also in your thoughts, be honest, respond with good and love all people.”

Marketta married Jussi Kivela who was a school teacher and 33 years her senior. They met at Ruusu-Risti, the Finnish Independent Rosicrucian Society. While attending Jussi's study group she got in touch with the beauty and wisdom within the Finnish great Epic, Kalevala. That time has provided the firm foundation upon which her life has since been based.


In 1988 during the spiritual forest seminary in Lieksa in eastern Finland Marketta met Henryk Skolimowsky (the great Eco-philosopher) and learned about his Eco-Philosophy. Afterwards, a gradual shift from the old methods of working to new ones occurred.

Two years later she took one year off from the school and traveled around the world as a backpacker. Marketta learned new things: she found among other things the Suggestopedian method of learning and teaching. Marketta has described it a revolution in her brain. She also found James Redfield's books.

The pieces came together: The Suggestopedian method, Redfield's book and her own life became basic resources to run own courses, to help other people in their spiritual growth.


Marketta has earned a Master's Degree of Divinity and received her Ordination as a Minister of Peace in the Beloved Community in September 2005, in Assisi, Italy.

The most well known of the Beloved Community Peace Ministers is James Twyman (the writer and Peace Toubadour) who has performed many Peace Concerts around the world, including Israel, Iraq, Northern Ireland and Kosovo (among many other countries).

Marketta has studied at the School of Economics and Business Admirations in Helsinki and has earned her Master's Degree.

She has worked among as a secretary in big companies, as a teacher at commercial colleges, as an English teacher, as a facilitator for courses, as a columnist, writer and more recently as a Peace Minister.

Marketta is an Ordained Beloved Community Minister of Peace, devoted to Our Divine Mother.


- In March of 2015 I got an ispiration to start translating Claire Heartsong’s book, Anna, The Voice of the Magdalenes into Finnish. I got the translation finished by my birthday celebration in May, the same year. The book was then published in autumn and was ready for the Christmas sale.

I was led by God to revive my old firm, and so my new printing house Santa Claus SanctaDivina was established on the first of September 2015. The first published book in Finnish was Anna, Magdalenejen Aani.

In March 2016 I again got an inspiration to translate Claire Heartsong’s book. Now it was Anna, Grandmother of Jesus, in Finnish Anna, Jeesuksen Isoaiti. I translated Claire Heartsong’s ANNA books in a reverse order what they had been published in the States. (Anna, Grandmother of Jesus, 2002 and Anna, and The Voice of the Magdalenes in 2010).

- In the ANNA books I got to know a new person, Anna, the Grandmother of Jesus, that I had not known before. She is THE LADY BEHIND EVERYTHING. She gave birth and raised a big family (14 children) that became to support the Divine Mission of Jesus on Earth.

Maria Magdalena and Jeshua have long been in my heart. Now also Grandmother Anna and the other Magdalenes make my heart sing with joy and gratitude.

- Studying and the continuous processing of myself are the basics of my work where I aim at awakening and assisting my fellow people so that they can start studying and processing their own lives. I do my work with love and with a full heart.

Margie is aiming now to make the ANNA books into electric e-books. (The text is based on the article *The soul landscape of a lady Peace Minister* by Maija Salmi in the Soul’s Mirror 1/2009)


Sway my swing
in Keinuvuopaja
within my soul.
Whisper the wind
bring my message.
Embrace my heart
the dream land of my dreams.

My birch, my fairy,
related to to the angels,
caressing I touch
the mist of my dreams.
The warm cheek,
of the birch and fairy.
The white trunk
of the sun boat -
of the sky and and the magic.

Where is my swing?
Here and now,
within my soul.
Time and place -
there is no limit.
Love opens everything.
Love is within myself.

(written by Margie, Marketta Kivela in 1996 in Tampere, when missing her home Keinuvuopaja in Rovaniemi).

- The word Keinuvuopaja is still important to me. It is the name of my house that I sold when I started off to the ’big world’. The word is Lappish and and means ’waterway’. The house is located by the river Kemijoki, near the old farmhouse of our family.

My vision is to repurchase this beautiful house and establish there the Spiritual Center. I pray for this to come true.

See also: Articles about Margie / The landscape of a Lady peace Minister / Soul’s Mirror 1/2009



ULTRA magazine 3/2018
Text: Ilona Kanto, Erkki Kanto, Hollywood

Ultra met Catherine Ann Clemett, the author-hypnotherapist, in Los Angeles. Here we tell, how the Anna -books were created and how the high consciousness of the Magdalenes continues.

We met Catherine Ann Clemett, the co-author of the book Anna, The Voice of the Magdalenes, by chance at the table of the cafe of Conscious life Expo, in Los Angeles. All the other tables were occupied, but she sat alone, so we asked her if we could sit down at the same table.

Clemett is a hypnotherapist who helped the other author, Claire Heartsong, into hypnosis when she was making the Anna book and channeling the text. The books bring forth Jesus, his mother and grandmother in a different way from Bible.

Clemett tells about her first meeting with Heartsong.
- That was led from the other side. I was raised as a Catholic, and it didn’t feel OK. As early as a teenager I started to read the Seth books and the metaphysics. I was in a healing workshop, and someone there told that she had read a book Anna, Grandmother of Jesus. I bought the book and there they mentioned St. Germain. I had had earlier a physical experience with St. Germain. I had heard that St. Germain can appear in a meditation, but not physically.

Clemett contacted the author who told that she had constantly had discussions with Anna, the grandmother. Claire Heartsong responded to my contact, and I first went to work as her business manager. After her first book she said that she could not write without help. Anna had prepared her for ten years to give her text. Now Anna suggested me to be her partner.

- I had worked as a regression therapist before, and so I made Claire lie down. 19 persons came forth, and everyone brought different kind of knowledge of the life where they lived. They all were close persons to Anna. When we started, we never knew who would come forth.

Catherine Ann has been on a spiritual path her entire life although this did not come into the forefront for her until about at 30 years. Her early life was devoted to dance, its teaching and theatre. The professional career abruptly ended in a car accident. Although the ending of the career was first a shock, it opened a new path for healing and channeling.

The high consciousness of the Magdalenes

The second book concentrates on many Magdalenes, and its Finnish name is Anna, Magdalenejen Aani. Catherine Ann Clemett says that Mary Magdalene is much more than what we think that she is.

- Most of us know only that Mary Magdalene is the twin flame of Jesus. She is, however, a portal to much greater. Magdalene is the voice of the consciousness for both men and women. This Order watches the downwards and upwards of the humankind. It functions in different universes, and existed before the creation of our earth. This high consciousness has been presented to me in a shape of heart with millions of cells. These cells have incarnated in physical bodies, and we only don’t know that they are Magdalenes. It makes no difference what meaning we give for we are connected with many different names.

The book Anna, The Voice of the Magdalenes, reveals the ”lost” years after Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection.
- Anna knew how to use cellular rejuvenation to achieve a remarkable life span of more than 600 years. She saw the time turning worse, and so it was time for her to leave.

Catherine Ann Clemett admits that the books can be considered controversial, as they tell the things in a different way than we are used to hearing. Claire Heartsong under hypnosis channeled detailed information about the life where Anna and the other characters lived.

- Jesus had relationships with many women, and also children with more than one woman. We did not even know if we had any permission to reveal this information as it could be regarded controversial.

Anna Grandmother of Jesus has also told in the channeling by Claire Heartsong that Jesus also had a twinbrother. They also tell in the book that Jesus practised crucifixion before his death, and so he did not suffer on the cross.

Anna wanted to make her life known

Now Catherine Ann Clemett teaches the Voice of the Magdalenes. The other writer of the book, Claire Heartsong, has retired.
- She knew that her task was to write these two books, and I knew that I will continue to bring the message forward. The people are in their ways Magdalenes. We are supposed to work together, and so the pieces will fall into place.

- The books are coded as the teachings of the mystery school are. Sometimes the reader will fall asleep after reading some sentences. This results from the Light Councils’ activating of the reader to get the DNA awakened.

Clemett facilitates workshops all over the world. - In the workshops they concentrate on awakening the Magdalene consciousness. There are thirteeen lines that they try to activate. They are different from the ley-lines, they are multistored. Now there are mass awakenings. Catherine Ann Clemett channels also herself. To her Anna’s descriptions do not come as detailed as to Claire Heartsong.

- I have lately started to channel also Archangel Ariel, as well as other channels and spiritual teachers. They say that the key for awakening is joy that brings forth our lighter being. This helps to enhance the frequencies. It is sensible that when we are positive we will lighten ourselves and the frequecy changes automatically higher.

Clemett tells how grandmother Anna suggested to Claire Heartsong in the 90’s that her story was not known and asked if Claire could write it. It took about ten years for Heartsong to prepare for this task.

The first book, Anna, the Grandmother of Jesus, was published in 2002, and the sequel Anna, The Voice of the Magdalenes, in 2010.

The both books have been translated into Finnish, in a contrary order, first Anna, The Voice of the Magdalenes, and next year Anna, Grandmother of Jesus. The both books have been translated by Marketta Myllari.

See more on Catherine Ann Clemett’s website:


This is the translation (from Finnish) of an interview that appeared in the magazine Ultra in Fnland. Margie Marketta Mylläri is a frequent contributor to this magazine and the translator and publisher of “Anna, Grandmother of Jesus” and “Anna, the Voice of the Magdalenes” into Finnish. She is dedicated to promoting the awareness of the Anna books, and we were fortunate to meet each other and spend time together when she came as a participant on my Israel tour last fall.

As mentioned in the interview I did have a chance meeting with Erkki Kanto who is a member of the Hollywood Foreign Press. At the time we met a couple of years ago I shared about my work with the Magdalenes and about the Anna books eventually mailing him the books to read and to explore the possibility of moving forward with making them into a movie, a process of investigation and planting seeds.

On the Footsteps of Saint Anna in Israel
Ultra-magazine 3/2018

Text and photos: Sirkka Laakko

We made an amazing and demanding Tour to Israel, to balance the Energies back 2000 years

This was not a normal tourist trip. This was a true journey of a lifetime, a pilgrimage where we joined our hearts and energies to the bigger plan as we were walking through the Holy Land in Israel. Jesus´s grandmother Anna has opened us these energies of love with the books that she has channeled. Anna, Jesus, Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene with the Hosts of Heaven were with us every moment. And so were the opposing old energies which we consciously loved as well as the resistance.

Vibrations and Resonance

Our task was to reconnect - with our tourleader Catherine Ann Clemett and the guidance she had received from Anna’s family - to the places and incidences of their times. Catherine Ann has been touring in several parts of the world for years making grid activations. We would like her to visit Finland, too. As a part of the larger Magdalene grid we could also use during our tour those meditative, sound healing etc. practices and manifestations performed by Anna in the books. We were able to be as their representatives and ’future selves’ by connecting with the vibrations they locked in the grids of the earth in their past times. We left the same task to our own future selves. By resonating with their hearts, souls and light bodies we opened and activated the ancient energy grids and light codes. This will help to enhance our consciousness individually, as a group, and also as the whole planet. Every life, incarnation and event is stored in Mother Earth, in its multidimensional energies, grids and crystals, which are the most permanent forms in our world. And as our talents increase everything can be collected as data from the disk of a computer.

The Hebrean language vibrates in a very special way, and in our group we had one special person with her roots in Israel. Gila Gadry has practiced to use strong sound healing. Singing with Hebrean tones is very powerful in healing, and especially the Psalm 23 in Hebrean is of the purest vibration. Gila vas guided to share these Hebrean songs with us. The Hebrean language consists of much vibration of the divine source energy. The Jewish race was the Keeper of the masculine Spark and balancing it with the feminine principle was important to Jesus.

Anna has expressed her gratitude to us afterwards and confirmed that much more took place than we were able to understand. We brought a greater alignment, harmony and union of the male/female principles within and a greater balance to the extreme polarities that have played out there for eons – on multidimensional levels of consciousness and planetary imprints.

On the Footsteps of Anna, Grandmother of Jesus

The powerful and detailed book Anna, Grandmother of Jesus is channeled directly from Anna by Claire Heartsong. The tour was as amazing as the book, and it tells a lot. Besides two Finns, we had on our tour four ladies from the USA and two ”geishas” from Japan. Our tourleader Catherine Ann Clemett is the co- writer of the second book, Anna the Voice of the Magdalenes, together with Claire Heartsong. Both books are translated into Finnish in years 2015-2016 by Marketta Mylläri, the other Finnish lady in our group.

We experienced during our tour absolutely more than we had expected. As a small detail, our journey was brightened with the number 23 (Psalm of David and the power of Hebrean), which followed us in many incidents, and the number of our hotel room (Margie’s and mine) at Dead Sea, 358 reminded us of Home-Finland. One thunderclap with a little rain at dawn of the day when we had planned to have a boattrip to Lake Genesareth changed perfectly the weather of our trip – it was not windy nor raining. We were favoured by the weather phenomenona, and the weather surprised us positively all the time. It was unbelievably warm and sunny, as we were prepared to have almost 10 degrees lower temperature. Several times we also witnessed that a guide speaking the local Hebrean language –like Gila in our group – is worth gold during the tour.

The Great See (Mediterranean) showed her glowing beauty always when when we saw it at the horizon. Graceful dawns and sunsets were overwhelming, and on the 4th of November at Dead Sea we had the full moon, which was always appreciated by Anna and her family.

For our delight our geisha priestess Lina had spotted after the tour and posted us later that ”The largest experiment for piece in the Middle East takes place on Thursday, Nov. 11, in Jerusalem!” And just before our tour there was also happening this: the voice of mothers and children invoking to end the warlike situation inside the nation.

At the Mount of Carmel

At the beginning of our tour we travelled through the Northern Israel from Haifa at the coast of the Mediterranean to the Sea Genesareth in Galilee. The morning sun brought us up to the Mount Carmel to the sanctuary of Prophet Elijah. One of the most famous, important and sacred caves bestowes Haifa its religious significance in the eyes of Jews, Christians, Muslims and Druze alike. The monastery school where Anna taught has been located near the sanctuary. At the moment when Anna stepped down on the earth she got at the same time her daughter Aurianna. Later Aurianna’s descendant Hismariam, who came from Egypt, ascended on this mountain. Later on Hismariam had the incarnation as Mother Mary, who was born in today’s Turkey in the Greek town of Ephesus. On the hillside there is located the Stella Maris (Star of the Sea) Church and Monastery of Carmelite Order. There is a specially pretty violet coloured altar /shrine and below it a low cave sanctuary, as well as great floor-mosaics, iron double doors decorated with reliefs, and outside the doors a pyramid shaped garden construction.

When leaving Haifa we passed the 19 Terraces of Baha’i Gardens with a Golden domed Shrine, which glowed lightened in the dark nights down to the city. We continued to the Mt Carmel Forest, the huge Hanging Bridges at Nesher Park, where we had a little rest, quieted down and had a some discussions. In the early evening we had dinner and bought some souveniers in the Druze-villages. A 12-13 year old Druze boy who worked in the local restaurant told us about the Druze traditions and customs as a very withdrawn community. We stayed overnight in Nazareth to get in the morning to our destination, the square of the Well of Mary. Near the well there was a huge tree with a hollow in which we found a terra coloured piece of a claypot with a message: Three farmers from Southern Africa had left a prayer of blessing a few days ago with a note ”Psalm 23”; we wished them a good harvest year.

Next we went on to the Mount Tabor, where Jesus used to have time to meditate and discuss with heavenly realms. The hillside was extremely calming and some in the group got lovely light appearances, orbs in their photos. At the early night we arrived to the town of Tiberias at the Sea of Genesareth. The thunderclap at night brought an unbeliavable serenity to the sea, that even our guide had never seen anything like that. Our little wooden boat was built to look like those of Jesus’s times, but its moving force was soundless with the electric motor, and in the little control panel was ”hidden” a modern sound system for music. We asked for pieces of music, like ”New Earth” of Michael Jackson that immediately spread out gracefully on the waves. Later we visited the Hot Springs in Tiberias where the hot mineral springs, the spa with in and outside pools and ”saunas” gave us a foretaste of salty water.

Magdala, the hometown of Mary of Magdala

We had then several options what places to visit, and we chose Magdala and the Mount of Beatitudes. The guide in Magdala showed us the magnificant, 2000 years old structure of the community that had been excavated since the year 2006. The active city of fishermen, shopkeepers and townpeople, with paved straight streets, was also the hometown of Mary of Magdala, the mother of Mary Magdalene. They came together to Magdala from Betania where they lived near Jerusalem, especially at the times of solstices and equinoxes. Jesus taughed probably also in Magdala multitudes and healed people. In the year 2009 it was found from the excavations the Magdala synagogue that was decorated with mosaic and frescoes. It is currently the oldest excavated in Galilee and one of seven from the first century synagogues in all of Israel. The unique Magdala Stone was discovered inside it and the Stone indicated a three dimensional representation of the Second Temple of Jerusalem and included the world’s oldest carved menorah. There are two copies of the Stone in Magdala, and the original is maintained in the museum in Jerusalem. According to the excavations there has been a market place with shops that would likely have sold everything from pottery to woven goods to fresh procedure and fish from the small plastered pools. Along one part of a street there has been several rooms, some with basalt-floor and one with mosaic-floor. In the area there were natural springs to lead water into the four pools for ritual purification.

At the northern side of the Sea of Genesareth near the town of Capernaum there locates the Mount of Beatitudes, where Jesus taught at least part of the multitudes. The most famous part of the teachings are Our Father God prayer and ”all you want people to do for you, do that to them”. The whole area is very beautiful and harmonious with many details, such as the lovely church of the Fransiscanes and the formation of two fishes and five loaves made of smaller stones on the pathway and standing stones with inscriptions of multitudes by Jesus.

Jerusalem and Betlehem

We toured for example the Christ’s Tomb at the Hill of Golgatha, the Chapel of St Helena, and in the Armenian quarter on Mount Zion, the former Mount of Tempel, the Church of Dormition, the room of the Last Supper, and the Tomb of King David. At the Jewish quarter there is the famous Western Wall where we left our prayers, too.

In Jerusalem the old water systems and parts of the citywalls and thousands of years multilayer building of the old underground city are astonishing and unbelievable. We walked from the Christian quarter along the Via Dolorosa among the many treasures, and then visited the Church of Saint Anna, honoured for her. Many visitors as well as we sang in this beautiful and graceful church with elegant acoustics. The gratest recognition in many ways was given to the beautiful, white statue expressing Anna with her daughter Mary, and the Chapel of Mary sanctified to her birth. At the side of the Church there are the vast excavations of the Pools of Bethesda. Walking through the scenery via the Kidron Valley and the south side of the tomb tempel of Virgin Mary we came to the Mount of Olives to visit the Garden of Gethsemane with the ancient olive trees and The Church of All Nations. Other significant churches in the area are the Russian style orthodox church with golden domes dedicated to Mary Magdalene and the Church of Dominus Flevit, from which Jesus is said to have looked at the destruction of Jerusalem, the Monastery of Pater Noster, where ”Our Father God Prayer” is written in 123 languages. The symbol of the town of Jerusalem, the golden Dome of Rock, was not allowed for tourists to visit.

To get to the Palestinian quarter for our guided trip in Bethlehem we had to take a taxi and walk through security precautions. From the Manger Square we stepped into the Church of Nativity, the oldest church in the Holy Land and sanctified to the birth of Jesus. Down in the cave of the church there is a silver star on the floor indicating the place of Jesus’s birth. The history of the star is in itself peculiar: there has been several fights about the star. In the Milk Crotto Church of the Virgin Mary, it was told that Mary stopped to breast-feed the baby Jeshua, and the milk drops coloured the stone on the floor white. Anna, the Grandmother of Jesus, also was born in Judea near Bethlehem about 600 BC.

Before returning home we had some time to rest and digest all the experiences of our tour in Ein Bokek at the Dead Sea - followed by the full moon again!

(This is a shortened version of Sirkka’s text with many photoes.)
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Sielunpeili 2/2018

Margie and Maiko who plans to translate the Anna books into Japanese

Lina and Maiko with our guide Gila, light/sound healer who has Jewish roots and knows Hebrew

Johannes, the youngest Son of Yeshua and Myriam of Tyana
Cappadocia, Turkey, 48 AD, Age 22

I am Johannes, one of Mary of Tyana’s son, one Magdalene. I lived in India until now. I am presently 22 years of age. I remained in the household (in Varanasi) of my father’s brother, Joseph (the Younger or Joses), until my mother and Grandmother Mary Anna came. They stayed in India for almost seven years. I could say many things about our travels and adventures together; how we met with the Great Ones who live in the Indus Valley and the high mountains; how my father came and the rejoicing we all experienced. For reasons I do not fully understand, my father, mother and siblings went back to Galilee to begin the great ministry and I was given into the care of my uncle, Joseph (the Younger). I was only one and a half years old at the time. Perhaps they thought I was too young for the arduous journey and the unsettled circumstances they knew were ahead. As the years passed, I became reconciled and resisted moving away from the only home I knew.

On the way westward to Avalon
Now we are traveling westward toward the Great Sea and beyond. We joined a caravan to make our trek across the great wastelands. It is a long journey with many stops along the way. We are visiting my mother’s family in Tyana for quite a long time. They have never seen me, and there is a lot of celebrating. I am travelling with my father’s mother – my grandmother, Mary Anna (Mother Mary), and my mother, Myriam, and my father’s brothers Thomas, Simon and John Mark, and my two consorts, whom I now call Ruth and Salome, instead of their Sanskrit names. My wives are sisters and they are quite lovely. We were married less than a year ago and we have not borne children yet. It was an arranged marriage, which is often practiced within the Brahman caste. Although we do not condone such control and divisiveness among people, it was decided by Uncle Joseph (Yeshua’s brother) and his father-in-law, that such a marriage, among royal bloodlines, would be best for us and coming generations.

I have met many very interesting people all along our route. Here in Cappadocia, I am meeting some very wise teachers and sages who used to live in the high Himalayas. There is a wonderful exchange that goes back and forth between these two regions. I like them a great deal. It is good to be reunited with several teachers I once knew when I was a lad. Not far from here, there is a large cave which is used as a library. It is filled with ancient records and artifacts of all kinds, shapes, and sizes. Grandmother Mary Anna (Mother Mary) and my mother have told me about my great-grandmother, Anna, and how much she would have enjoyed seeing these treasures. I am very much looking forward to meeting her, and learning from her, as my father did.

Wise teachers
There was quite an extraordinary teacher who joined us on our journey through the country you presently call Afghanistan. We had stopped to rest and there was time to share our common interests and acquaintances. Making certain that we were of equal spiritual understanding, he told us that he had been in deep retreat with several beloved masters. It turned out that one of these was my father! He said he had also had a very empowering experience with the one we call Mahavatar Babaji. He did not openly say this; for to do so would not be honoring or wise, but he said enough for those of us who know Babaji and my father, to recognize who it is to whom he gives so much reverence. Without saying more, we joined our new friend in a ritual of paying homage to these beloved masters.

Grandmother Mary Anna and my mother had an opportunity to be with Babaji for almost six months. I went with them but I was not sufficiently prepared to meet the Master face to face. I did have visitations with Babaji on the inner planes. I also had the good fortune to visit the site where my father’s father, Joseph ben Jacob, took his ascension. The stones within the cave rang with his vibration. And most dear to me, I must confess, were the weeks, here and there, that my father spent alone with me during the almost 23 years I lived in India.

Those times with my father, especially after his resurrection, were a turning point for me in my spiritual life. Over the years, I had increasingly become preoccupied with my medical studies and personal affairs. But in saying this, please let me reassure you I was not completely overtaken with the mundane world. I did immerse myself for long periods with the great teachings of many masters (both Hindi and Buddhist) and I participated in extended meditation retreats in complete solitude. This prepared me for my more recent experiences with my father. Remembering his clear Light still assists me to know the True Self, whom I seek to reveal and express day by day. After having those glimpses of the Absolute, I experience my often absent father, more as a Great Soul and less as a father. Now I am able to see my path with greater clarity. There are times I miss my father’s physical presence; but I also I know he is always with me in spirit.

One extraordinary teacher joined us. As we shared our family connections, it turned out that this extraordinary teacher is a relative of my mother. They are cousins, which makes him my cousin, also. He is called Apollonius of Tyana. He was born several years after my father was born.

Like many of my family, I have been through many initiations over the years of my short life. When I was a youth I was trained up in the ways of my father and my mother. I think I was motivated to be diligent in the practices, in part, so I could spend more time with them, and that somehow by immersing my self as a good student, they would come back to India. I hoped that they, and my older siblings would stay with me, instead of being so far away. We received a message that told us they had gone far to the mountains of the West.

Quite often over the years I was consoled with lucid dreams in which my mother came and comforted me. And as I have said, Father appeared out of the ethers and walked and sat for hours with me. During these past years that my mother has been with me, he has also been with me much more than he used to be. This has been a great joy and healing. But I must confess; there is still some residue of feeling anxious about being abandoned, toward which I continue to bring compassion to myself and others who are afflicted by this strong emotion.

Feeling abandoned
As I look back on how I have held the thought, “it was I who chose to stay with family members in India,” it was no doubt to remove the sting of feeling abandoned. In truth, of course, since I was only a child when they left, it was my parents and Uncle Joseph who really made that choice for me. However, I am certain Father and Mother left me with great reluctance. When it was time for them to leave India and return to Galilee, they lovingly communicated with me in such a way that I did not feel abandoned. I was too young to really understand. But somehow I knew they would return for me when the time was right.

My mother, Mary of Tyana, possesses a greatness of spirit and a sweetness of presence. I am thankful for these past years in which we have come to know each other better. I must confess in this moment, as I contemplate my youth that I feel a shadow of grief and anger coming over my mind. I see that the feelings I have denied about being abandoned by my mother, as I have perceived it, are causing me to not see her clearly. Thank you for assisting me to bring light to my unacknowledged darkness. I shall take this revelation to heart and bring more healing to my heart and mind. Because I know all time exists in the present moment, and that I can change future outcomes by bringing conscious awareness to any choice, I shall now investigate what I have been shown.

How fortunate that I can now bring a greater love, compassion and honoring to my beloved mother. For it is she, who gave me life in this realm of existence in which there are so many favorable conditions for me to awaken my full potential in this body. Thank you, my sister, for your insight and willingness to bring healing to my soul.

Study of Ayerveda medicine, and hermit’s life
As it turned out, it was for the best that I stayed in India. I can see that my parents understood both my independent nature and also my need for stability. I believe they also could see that India and the master teachers which abound everywhere would give me the best possible training. At a very young age, I began to study Ayurvedic medicine. The healing arts were to be my calling in life. I knew Uncle Joseph (the Younger) also had this knowing as a boy. He became my trusted and beloved mentor. I had the very best schooling a young, ambitious young man can receive in both my spiritual life and in my career. Thankfully, I have the wisdom to practice integrating both endeavors, as one and the same.

Besides my medical studies, I spent a full year in pilgrimage to sacred temples and shrines. I received the blessings of beloved teachers who follow both Krishna and Gautama Buddha. I spent much time in hermitage. I walked far up into the mountains and I also wandered in the hot, humid valleys of the Ganges. I gladly put away my clothing and exchanged my comfortable life for a beggar’s bowl and a loin cloth; leaving my hair uncut and my heart filled full. Even though I had a natural affinity for such utter simplicity; I also knew my path included holding a position of influence so that I could be of service to others who walk many different paths.

I was alone for longer periods. There was a time, shortly before I came back to my studies, in which I was sealed up in a cave in the same way that my father and mothers have been. I have many more initiations yet to experience. That is why I desire to go on this journey with my grandmother (Mary Anna), to visit those places she and my parents know so well. Perhaps I will go to Egypt and Britain. I desire to walk in my father’s footsteps as best I can. I also desire to be with my siblings, Joses Simeon, Jude (half-brother) and Miriam, who live in Britain. They are much older than me. I do not remember them. It will be a blessing to have our family all together.

My Uncle Joseph became my mentor. He is a very skilled doctor. He prepared me for advanced courses in which all manner of medicine are studied. I was shown how the body, the mind and the soul are inseparable from one another – how expanded brain states; light, sound and color; sacred geometric patterns; earth and cosmic energies; nutrition, conscious breathing, life-force cultivation, exercise, energy cycles and harmonious thoughts all contribute to well-being. I will miss Uncle Joseph and his large family very much.

Stonehenge, Salisbury Plain, England, 53 AD, Age 28
I went to Egypt with my wifes (that are called Ruth and Salome) and with several brothers of Mount of Carmel. I met Great Uncle Joseph of Arimathea in Ephesus. He took all of those who had gone to India on one of his freighting boats to Caesarea near Mont Carmel and then we went on to Alexandria. Those who were to linger in Egypt made our way to Heliopolis; the others returned to Mount Bugarach and Britain. Approximatwely five cycles of the sun have passed since I was in Tyana. I have lived in Avalon the past two.

Spring Equinox ritual
Now we are gathered in our white robes to initiate a spring equinox ritual. The mark of a spiral is drawn upon our foreheads. We are walking slowly and mindfully on the path that takes us through a certain pattern laid out on the Earth’s surface. This pattern aligns us with the stars above and the electro-magnetic lines that weave through the Earth Mother’s body. Twilight is approaching. The stars are just beginning to come forth as we approach the heel stone. We pause and further attune our body/mind with great awareness. We slowly proceed on our walk. We approach the great blue stones which you call the Henge that rests in massive majesty upon the Salisbury plane.

This is Stonehenge. We are progressing through a long processional. Many from near and far are gathered into this space. This is a Druid ritual. The both genders are present, because there is a belief in balance. Both polarities, in equality, are required. We know we are being observed at a distance by a small company of Roman soldiers. Our large number arouses attention.

There sre Seventy-two of us. There is plenty of room for us. We are still in the waning energies of vernal equinox and the waxing of the passage called Beltane (May Day or May 1st). We have been observing and conducting the energies for several weeks. There are different locations in this general area. It is an opening portal for interdimensional energies and it will also be a place of closure. We will return to the Henge to close the portal when the moon is made new after celebrating Beltane at the Great Processional Henge of Avenbury.

You have asked about the congress of men and women, the training up of the initiates to incarnate the heaven worlds and to make both males and females receptive and fertile. By this, I mean fertile in the way of calling in souls to be born, the harvest of crops to flow in abundance and our well-being to be felt harmoniously. It is the time in which to lie with one another, to burn the ritual fires, to join one with another while bridging heaven and earth.

It is a time to commune with the stars and the wisdom therein. It is a time to bring much light into the cells of our bodies and into the womb of the Great Mother. These stones assist us to do this. They are like a light-craft made of stone. As we join together in mantras and mudras, we begin to spin our energy fields. A great mandala of light is created. The Henge begins to spin. The stones become very ethereal – a very powerful vortex is created and we all become exponentially expanded through the night.

Light-craft from the Pleaiades
There is a large light-craft above us. I am told the consciousness within it is from the Pleiades. Some of us have been learning and practicing the ways of Light-conception, as taught by my great-grandmother, Anna, and my paternal grandmother, Mary Anna. Both of my mothers (Myriam of Tyana and Mary of Bethany) understand and have practiced these ways of conceiving children; both with and without the seed of a man.

These mysteries are very ancient and they have been corrupted through time. We are doing our best to preserve them in a way that honors both men and women. Our desire is to bring unity and balance. Our way is to provide an immaculate space for the most evolved consciousnesses to have physical bodies. I have listened carefully to Great-Grandmother Anna’s, my grandmother’s and my mothers’ wisdom. I have also listened to my father (Yeshua) and my great uncles – Joseph of Arimathea and Noah, who are powerful Essene-Druids. They call this the work of the Magdalene. They tell of a time when these ways were only practiced by women without the seed of man. Then there came a time when men sought to personify and embody the “gods,” with whom the women mated on the astral planes. This is true today. Sadly, there has been much corruption, abuse, conflict and suffering. We seek to find a way to bring men and women together in a way that heals separation consciousness and opens the portals beyond duality. We seek a way that goes beyond the agendas of gender identities, which express as dominance and submission and all manner of war, pestilence and famine.

Light Conceptions
My female forebears have experienced virginal conception and also conception with physical seeding by their conscious, male partners. With every conception, there was a triangulation of man and woman with the Beloved on High; who directed the flow of energy in every aspect. Each soul to come into physical incarnation was conducted to the Earthplane from the spirit planes by the angels and Great Ones. Each soul’s journey into the Earthplane was physically supported by the grounding energies of initiates, whether close or at a distance.

Some of my relatives, as I have said, conceived children with ethereal “Light-seed,” but not with the physical seed of their fathers; such as the Light-conception of my grandmother, Mary Anna (Mother Mary) and her Light-conception of Yeshua, my father. Most of our family members are Light-conceived with the physical seed of our fathers. This is true of my siblings and me; except for my half-sister, Lizbett, whose conception (after Yeshua’s resurrection) was facilitated with my father’s ethereal seed. My mother (Myriam of Tyana) has confided in me that she is preparing for a Light-conception with my father in the same way that Mary of Bethany conceived Lizbett. She is overjoyed with the prospect of such a union and the coming forth of another child even though her monthly bleeding is no longer regular.

About how the Light craft and Stonehenge assist Light-conceptions I could say many things about this topic. It is one of my favorites – one that I have been studying these past years with great interest.

I will share with you is that there is a rather complex interdimensional matrix of energy aligned with interdimensional purposes which are accomplished by the interaction of Light-craft and stone circles, as in this case. This is also true with other Light-conceptions which occur within mountain caves, such as the conception of Lizbett, within the mountain cave in Mount Bugarach. I have also been told there was a great confluence of Light-craft and intergalactic consciousness, which facilitated the Light-conceptions of my father and some of my aunts and uncles, who are of my father’s generation.

Mer Ka Ba
It is that on occasions such as this one at Stonehenge, we are now over-lighted by a Pleiadian Light-craft. That is to say, it is of the Light – beings of light, in complete unified Oneness, have co-created what is called a “Chariot of Fire or a Chariot of the Sun” – some call this living Light-craft a group Mer Ka Ba energy field. This Light-craft is not physical. Although it utilizes the energies of the Earth, it is not bound by gravity or by physical plane frequencies. It is more aligned with cosmic frequencies of Light, Sound and Color. It is intergalactic in origin; although the beings present on this particular Light-craft are attuned with the higher ascended consciousness vibration of the Pleiades.

Sound technology
Of the kinds of cosmic technology present, sound technology is particularly important for the regenerative work we are currently facilitating. Sound technology especially enhances the harmonic interaction of the Light-craft, the blue stones, and our unified consciousness – the Magdalene-Druids who are very carefully attuned and calibrated with one another. When you understand that all manifest creation is comprised of frequencies; and that frequencies are sound; and that the conscious awareness of sound facilitates manifestation; then you understand on another level why Stonehenge was created.

And so it is that we consciously use our voices which are amplified by the power of each stone. Then we work through the collective harmonic arrangement of the stones, together with the Earth’s electro-magnetic frequencies in alignment with the Earth’s core and elements. And last, but not least, cosmic harmonics are sounded through the Light beings/Light-craft in Oneness; unifying and amplifying all that we are anchoring on Earth through our bodies. All together, in unified harmony and balance, WE SING THE STONES!

Depending on our purpose, whether it is bringing fertility to the Earth and to the well-being of our minds and bodies, the Light-conception of children, or affirming peace and harmony among all beings, Sound, Light and Color are the technologies we use as Druid-Essene Magdalenes. In concert with the Earth Mother, sun, moon and stars – we are in harmonious attunement with the creative energies of the Music of the Spheres and the All That Is.

Sound Healing Temples / the Hathors
I became aware of these technologies in my medical studies in India. My father and mothers freely shared their understanding with me. I also entered sound-healing temples; which are dedicated to the Greek physician Asclepius, when I was in Cappadocia and Ephesus. When I went to Egypt, I entered into the Temples of Hathor and became aware of my profound intergalactic life-stream which carries the consciousness of the ascended Hathors into the Earthplane. In ways that you would not now understand, I bring forth these technologies for the benefit of all beings in my time and in your day. I do this for the awakening of Light-seeds encoded within the Earth Mother; including all her stones, such as these of Stonehenge. There is also the awakening through the Voice of the Divine Mother (the Magdalenes) of the Light which is seeded within the crystals and limestone of mountains, and within the elements wherewith your bones and blood are composed.

I leave these words for your contemplation and further exploration. As I have said, I find this topic not only of great interest, but of great importance for Earth and humanity in your day of planetary crisis.

I can say that there are other rituals, as well, that bring forth the Divine Mother’s infinite love, compassion and wisdom. We attune to her regenerative powers to heal and bear fruit upon what has become a sterile and arid physical plane of consciousness. I am not speaking so much of the Earth Mother, although in her wisdom she reflects the arid consciousness of a male-dominant society. Both men and women have lost their connection to the feminine heart of compassion and the interconnectedness of all beings – the Law of Oneness. We all suffer as a result. We must be mindful and alert as a community to protect the ways and the body of the Great Mother. We men, who are trained as Magdalenes, do this with our women, children and the stewarding of this verdant land. We grandly respect and honor the Goddess and her powers.

Peace from the traumas of childhood
I have made peace in my heart concerning my childhood wounding when I perceived that my mother abandoned me. I have come to see that we all need to heal this collective wound of abandonment; actually self-abandonment, that comes from perceiving as a separate self. Feeling like a cast-away, we experience afflictive emotions which relentlessly cycle through us, causing us to feel unloving, unlovable and unloved. Our grief and anger push the Great Mother’s ever-present love away. Blind to the love and the mercy and the goodness that are always present within us, we bring harm to ourselves and others. We need to feel the Divine Mother’s love so that we can love all beings, including our human self.

Then we will all flourish. Our Mother, the Earth, will don her glorious garments of light and fertility. This is my vision and aspiration. I dedicate my life to this purpose. With these great stones and the radiant stars over my head as my witness, this night and forever, I consecrate the life-force flowing through me to the benefit of beings, through all the times and realms.

It is all good. This is a time of great healing and goodness. Even in the midst of the greatest darkness and chaos, this is the grandest of opportunities for love to come forth and heal the minds and hearts of all beings. We have but to relax, let go and let the love that we are just simply BE. Through non-judgment and non-efforting, we will bring forth our intrinsic wisdom and take compassionate action.

I am called Johannes and I am available to assist you from the other side as a healer who understands the mending of broken hearts; whether you require physical, emotional and/or spiritual healing, I am at your service.

Peace be with you.

Love and Blessings,


isoaiti The statue in the Church of St. Anna in Jerusalem: Grandmother Anna with her daughter Mary Anna

Margie took part in the Israel Tour, Nov. 25- Dec. 7, 2017. The tour was arranged by Catherine Ann Clemett, the co-author of the ANNA books. During the tour 8 Magdalene Sisters (USA, Finland, Japan, Israel) visited many of the sites, mentioned in the books, and also activated at the same time the Magdalene grids in Israel.


There was one in our community who had been with me in Egypt and who had accompanied me on the boat during my return to Mount Carmel from Alexandria. Her name was Hismariam, and as I have already said, through my daughter Aurianna, she was one of my descendants who had succeeded in mastering the secrets of cellular regeneration.

During previous lifetimes, her soul had been prepared by the Brother-Sisterhood to teach and exemplify virgin birth and physical immortality. In ancient Lemuria, she had graduated from the Naacal Mystery School. And in more recent times, she had incarnated as Tiye the daughter of Joseph the Israelit, who was sold into Egypt. Although her identity has been concealed in your Bible, Tiye became the queen of Amenhotep III. Queen Tiye further merged the royal bloodlines of Egypt with those of the ancient Hebrews by giving birth to a number of children including Amenhotep IV, who took the name Akhenaten.

Queen Tiye was known for her ability to synthesize the Egyptian pantheon of gods and goddesses under the umbrella of ”One God”. Thus it was that through his mother’s influence Akhenaten brought forth monotheism to the resistant Egyptian prieshood who called him the ’heretic king’ and later attempted to eradicate any trace of this revolutionary reign. Although unrecognized by many, it was also Tiye who was instrumental in her son’s mystery school teachings

Divine Mother
Hismariam carried the energy that was later destined to come forth again as a fully incarnated representation of what you term the Divine Mother. Through her choices to complete her initiations in this life, this one was prepared to play the role of Mary, whom your churches call the Virgin Mother.

I had always known Hismariam to be tireless and one so devoted to the ascent of humankind that there was nothing that could deter her from her focused purpose. She was illumined of mind and body. Indeed, I would not be exaggerating to say that she was the Mother Godhead incarnated in flesh. Yet, she was humble and completely unassuming, always asking what she could do for others. Simple in her ways and completely empathic, she was aware of every nuance of energy as it passed through and around her.

So it was that Hismariam and I prayed, talked and walked together within the sanctuary and upon the grassy hillsides of Carmel. During the course of our meditations, the specific details of the Divine Plan were gradually revealed to us. As a consequence, she and I agreed to allow her essence to gather within my womb in the appropriate timing. At that time I would be her mother again, as I had so often been through the cycles of time. We had played these roles of mother and daughter, holding the Grail Cup of the Divine Mother as our stewardship for humanity. The time was not yet, however; for there was still much preparation to be done to pave the way for her return in flesh.

Both Hismariam and I were high priestesses of our sacred order and were well acquainted with the processes of physical immortality. Thus, when it came time for me to assume my duties as one of the primary overseers of our Essene community and mystery school, it was well understood by everyone that she would become one of my chief assistants. She was, indeed, my dearest friend and companion, and over the many years that we served together in Mount Carmel, our relationship continued to deepen.

We were in service to Life
As the years progressed, Hismariam and I discussed how her transition from the earthplane would be accomplished. For many years we had been practicing internal alchemy so that our conscious awareness of our subtle energy bodies was greatly strengthened. We knew that consciousness could survive the dissolution of the physial body and that all our memory of our earthplane experiences would pass unhindered into the spiritual planes. The difference between most people who pass through death and initiates such as Hismariam and me is that we knew how to remain conscious while dying instead of ”falling asleep”. We also knew processes that gave us the option of choosing to either ”lay our gross physical body down” or ascend our physical bodies into a higher dimension.

Either way, we were in service to life. If the choice was to consciously slip our light body out of the physical focus, the physical elements that were ”left behind” were charged with higher states of ascended consciousness. Our interred bodies would continue to radiate benevolent blessings into the Earth Mother to assist her eventual ascension. If the choice was to ascend our physical bodies we could increase the frequency of the physical elements in such a way that we disappeared from the earthplane, thus ascending the physical elements of the Earth to the ”other side of the veil”.

The idea of consciously passing through death was not to remain identified with a body. We knew we were much more than a body. Our desire was to expand consciousness in such a way as to exemplify to humanity that life is eternal and that all who choose to reclaim union in God can rise beyond the limiting belief of being imprisoned in flesh. Our hope was that by evolving and mastering our own souls we could liberate collective consiousness from the fear of being lost in a wilderness of separate bodies and minds.

Hismariam’s choice was to ascend her physical body into the light realms and when the time came for her to slip out of her earthly body’s focus, we were ready. I remember well that peaceful evening when Hismariam confided in me that she had been directed to take her leave just before the dawning of the day that proceeded the Sabbath sunset. We both knew that it was time for her to reconnect in the higher realms of light with the One who would come through her loins after she returned to the earthplane as my daughter.

Fragrance of roses and lilies
Hismariam had received guidance to take herself to that place near the top of Mount Carmel where, many centuries earlier, Elijah the Prophet had bowed his head to the ground after building his altar of twelve stones in the name of the Lord. She confidentially invited Judith, Josie Mary, and me to accompany her. Late that night, we quietly left the sanctuary and made our way up to the mount to the top, bathed in the light of a setting full moon. Hismariam bade us sit on the benches, which were made from te plentiful flat stones along the meandering path. Judith took her position on a lower bench, and Josie Mary found her place a little further on. Then, not far from the crest of the Mount, I was invited to sit and pray.

I continued to watch Hismariam as she made her way to the very top. The wind gathered her skirts and shawl and whipped them around her small, slender body. As she disappeared from my view, tendrils of her long, black hair caught the breeze, and the fragrance of roses and lilies permeated the air. Alhough my outer eyes did not see her glorious ascension, my inner eyes beheld an expanding globe of brilliant white light move out from her heart center. I felt the very molecules of her body quicken and restructure into a much more refined form as she merged with a spiraling light. Then, as if the wind suddenly exploded with a whoosh throught a vacuum, she was lifted up.

Britain 22 BC
It was during one of our last days in Britain, while visiting stone circles on Mona, that Archangel Gabriel made one of is unexpected visits. Joachim and I had gone somewhat inland to an ancient holy spring where a monastic Druid Order trained priestesses. We were invited to take sanctuary with these wonderful sisters. The head of the Order was named Arianrhod, to whom we made known the wisdom and prophecy that the Angel Gabriel had imparted to us. The Goddess, a living embodiment of the Divine Mother, would be coming forth very soon.

When I shared these glad tidings, Arianrhod and her priestesses took me aside to a special chamber where she brought forth drops of sacred oil and holy water from two flasks, which they used to anoint my entire body. Then they painted my body with pigmented clay, creating ancient spiraling patterns to anchor the Goddess’ signature and blessing. Thus, I was consecrated unto my high calling. These beautiful sisters bowed to me, seeing Her presence all around me. Already there was a glow radiating from my womb. They called themselves blessed to touch the vessel that would bear the Daughter of the Sun, Earth, and Moon who would be called Mary Anna.

Ephesus, 21 BC
It was in late December of the year 21 BC, one month after we first arrived in Ephesus, that Archangel Ghabriel visited Joachim and me one night. He had a way of surprising us, even though his visit earlier in Cornwall made it clear that our beloved daughter’s divine presence had already begun to enter.

We were both lifted up on High to meet with our beloved Hismariam, who now announced herself as Mary Anna, whose time had come.We took her to our bosoms and felt her presence descend into every cell of our bodies. Joachim also conceived the light which was this one’s presence until he, too, was consumed by her being. We did not come together, as with the other eleven, in the penetration of my womb with his seed. Into my womb came Mary Anna, in totality, to fulfil the promise of virgin birth. And so it was that, in Ephesus, the Divine Mother, incarnate in Mary Anna, returned to the earthplane.

Mary Anna’s birth 20 BC
Mary Anna was a bright light. Brighter than your mind can imagine. To know her then and now, you must be still, centered, and open to the present moment, as is a child. Let us pause for a moment and allow that peaceful silence.

When Mary Anna first came forth, she loved to bask in the light of the sun. She would stretch forth her little hands to the light coming through the window of our humble apartment in Ephesus and make sounds much like those of her dolphin brothers who frolicked and leaped through the dimensions. She loved to have her father take her to the terraced porch overlooking the expanse of the Great Sea, glistening blue and silver far below. With a keen eye and a knowing heart, the dolphin pods could be seen performing their acrobatic dances.

Mary Anna’s mind developed very rapidly, and during her second year, she derived great pleasure from reciting the psalms and sayings that we gave her. Before we left Ephesus, she had begun to learn how to speak and read Aramaic, Hebrew, and Greek. She was quick and very energetic, able to do more than two things at once. Yet, she was calm, unhurried, and always graceful, wise beyond her years. Just as Hismariam had been, Mary Anna was a clear empath, feeling every nuance of energy swirling around her.

In the early autumn of 17 BC, shortly before Mary Anna’s third birthday, we returned to Mount Carmel, where she was heartily welcomed as a member of our Essene community. On her third birthday, she was consecrated to the Lord Most High, and her care, schooling, and initiations were placed in the custody of the Mount Carmel Mystery School. Indeed, she weas no longer ours, as if we could ever have thought she had been.

Mary Anna and Joseph
It was understood that some of the male candidates who were also being prepared for Light Conception would select brides among the prepared women. So it was that the parents of a number of great souls responded with devotion to their assignments. Joachim and I taught those who were chosen, for we had much experience through the bearing of our many children. One of these candidates was Joseph, the youngest son of Joachim’s brother, Jacob, and his wife, Lois. Joseph was thirty-two years of age at this time, and had been a widower for five. He had only been married one year when his wife and baby died during childbirth.

We knew that Josph was highly favored of God, for he was already adept at all we had taught him. He had taken advanced initiations in Egypt and India during his young adulthood. We could feel the confirmation of Spirit that what we had been shown in our great Vision would be fulfilled through Joseph and Mary Anna.

When the fortnight had passed, we called the Carmel community together once again. After rehearsing the well-known scriptural prophesies of Enoch, Zadoc, Isaiah, Daniel, Micah, and Malachi regarding the Messiah, we revealed more of our vision, as we had promised. Next, we shared our understanding that Josph and Mary Anna were to be betrothed, and we gave forth our blessing upon this arrangement, should these two agree. As we turned with a questioning look to each one, we caught the glimmer of shing eyes and blushed faces. Then, we understood that these two had already secreted their vow of love, and had perhaps known, well before we did, the plan that was to undold through them. So it was that Joseph and Mary stepped forward to accept the community’s blessing of their right to wed.

Light Conception
Late one night just before sunrise, during the last week of June in the year 5 BC, Joachim and I were lying upon our pallet, when an immense light came over us. Within the light were four angels: Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, and Uriel. We were drawn up, as within a whirlwind, into a great light-filled chamber. I recognized this chamber as the same one that we had experienced during the times our children had been light conceived. I liked to think of this extraordinarily beautiful place as one of the many rooms within the City of Light that I called the New Jerusalem.

We were pleased to behold Mary Anna and her beloved Joseph entering into the chamber. Others of our family and extended family living near and far, also entered. Among these were Mary of Magdala and Joseph of Arimathea, Tabitha and Isaac, Rebekah and Simeon, and Noah who was standing beside a beautiful unidentified woman with long strawberry blond hair. We were informed that all of these couples, as well as others, would be participating in Light Conception so that the souls who would play their integral parts could make their entrances.

The four angels, each in turn, told us that Mary Anna and Josph ben Jacob had been over-lighted with the full presence of the Son of Man. Like Mary Anna, Yeshua would also be born as an avatar capable of anchoring vast fields of cosmic consciousness into the earthplane. And just as Mary Anna has entered fully into my womb without Joachim’s physical seed, so it would be with the conception of her son. And as it had been that Joachim’s genetics were not required for Mary Anna’s earthly expression, so it was that Joseph’s physical DNA was not required. Likewise as it had been with Joachim, Joseph’s etheric seed and DNA were permeated with light as he energetically merged with the great cosmic soul that would be his son.

Yeshua’s Birth, 4 BC
Yeshua was born in the sign of Aries. His birth occurred about one hour after midnight on the twenty-first day of Nisan, according to the Jewish calendar, which corresponds to early April of 4 BC, according to the Gregorian calendar.

Soon his head, covered with curly, dark, auburn-gold hair, followed by the rest of his small body, lay in my hands! ”Glory be to God in the Highest. Peace, good will to humankind!” the refrains of the angelic hosts resounded. Our chamber glowed with golden celestial light. ”Behold, my Son, in whom I am come to gather My own. In thee, I am well pleased”, were the words etched into our hearts by God Most High. So did we receive the Son of Man. And, just as he had promised and shown me over a year before, Yeshua had delivered himself into my small hands! Indeed, I was blessed among women, even as was his precious mother.

Mary Anna in Rome, Italy, autumn, 39 AD
I have continued to hear that some of our beloved brothers and sisters have lost their lives. There continues to be arguing amongst my son’s followers, even more than when I was with them in Jerusalem. There are so many who are arguing needlessly. It grieves me to have my family so at odds with one another and with my son’s simple message of loving-kindness. When he was openly traveling with us, many felt a truth within his words. We could feel a deep peace within our hearts. His message was intended to be a simple and direct passage to greater love and peace for all people.

But now that he is no longer as accessible as he used to be, there are ones among us who are having difficulty interpreting and living his words. They are wondering how to share his message and the story of his life. Who should lead? What should be taught? What seems to be emerging with the passing of time is the opposite of what we intended. This is bitter for me.

My nerves are very much on edge. I don’t fear for my life. I have faced that fear in my training since I was a young girl. I know the greater Truth that removes death’s sting. I simply desire to accomplish what is mine to do with my mother’s love. I desire to bring peace to my children. As I look ahead into my children’s future, I am troubled; not just the family of my loins, but the greater family of this Earth. I don’t know if I can make any difference, but I must try. The Father/Mother of Life walks with me and gives me strength. For this I am thankful. There are some who have advised me against this journey. They say it is futile and dangerous, but I must follow my mother’s heart and do whatever I can.

I don’t know if they will listen, but I feel compelled to do something. I have come a great distance and now I am in a very strange place which is contrary to my way of being. I desire to be in non-judgment, but it goes against my brain to be here. The dreadful noise and constant movement impacts my nerves and my constitution. I must practice abiding in calmness and compassion with great concentration, while breathing very consciously to keep my heart open to all that I am experiencing. I know in the Oneness there is no difference between what is within me and what I perceive to be outside. As I rest calmly in a sense of spaciousness in my mind, I experience the all-pervading Peace.

It is now 9 years since Yeshua’s ascension. The emperor, Tiberius, has been replaced with a very cruel man, that is called Caligula. He has caused much suffering to all Yeshua’s followers.

It concerns me that this misplaced devotion comes to my son and me to the extent that it does. I can see this is one reason why there are increasing disputes and differences of interpretation of Yeshua’s teachings. As I look more deeply, the concerns are justified that I have about some of the brethren’s motivations. I can see that over time there will be those who would take advantage of the simple hearts who want to believe that Yeshua is a god with the power to save them from themselves – to somehow miraculously remove the effects of their karmas. Those who seek power, in the years to come, will preach sayings that give me cause to grieve.s I have heard these stories and now I see for myself that it is so.

Ignorance of Mystery teachings
It is unfortunate that there is so much ignorance and misunderstanding about the great mystery teachings, such as those of Osiris, Isis and Horus; which form the basis of our work as Magdalenes. Often that which was intended to remain as parable and metaphor is taken literally. Yes, we literally enacted the ancient story of “The Dying and Risen King,” but it was for the purpose of demonstrating that there is only Life permeating all physical forms. Death and birth are but transitory passages through which the Absolute emanates its unborn/undying Being.

This is why Yeshua emphasized that anyone who loved God and their neighbor with all their mind, might and strength, in Oneness, could directly know the Resurrection and the Life, as he did. But those looking for a savior “King,” do not see Yeshua as a reflection of their own Infinite Divinity. Instead they deify him as the “King of Kings” – God in flesh. And sadly, they see themselves as unworthy outcasts. There is deity worship all around me in this great city. There is little wonder that, like seeds cast before a mighty wind, all manner of false teachings are spreading.

Mary Anna in Ephesus, Turkey, 61 AD, Age 80
I am in a small community not far from the great Roman city of Ephesus, on the western coastline of what you call Turkey. It is a very ancient city. It is the place where my beloved mother gave me birth. I have heard that my son, James, has been tortured to death in Jerusalem. (James was stoned to death by a Jewish faction.)

My bones ache with sorrow. John Mark, Esther Salome and Matteas; and most of their children, are with me. They are a great comfort. I am relieved that they have chosen to live nearby. My daughter, Ruth and her husband are here from the great mountains of eastern Gaul (the French Alps), where John Mark also lives, as needed from time to time to fulfill his duties. My son, Jude and his wife, Galeah, are here from Nazareth for a season. I am told that Thomas and Simon will be coming with their wives and some of my grandchildren for a short time.

We mourn great losses – so many more than I wish to count. It is such a troubled time. There is a mixture of despondency and an increasing zealousness among Yeshua’s followers because of the exploding degree of suffering which is afflicting so many. It is like an insidious poison. Those who have a voice of authority won’t listen to what I have to say. They seem to have some measure of respect for me because I am Yeshua’s mother, but otherwise it seems that they have no patience for me or my words.

Big sorrow
I have seen my nephew, John ben Zebedee, on a number of occasions. He has great concern for me. His brother, James, was killed in Jerusalem during the time I was India. (James ben Zebedee was beheaded in 44 AD by order of Herod Agrippa in order to please zealous Jews.) It is difficult to bear the sadness at times. There’s not a lot to say, my dears. What can I say? I lament the suffering of the women and children. As one who knows the Goddess and serves her, I lament the rampant trampling of her ways into the dust. Peter and those who follow him speak of Yeshua’s love of his consorts, Myriam (of Tyana) and Mary (of Bethany), with continued resentment and bitterness. He and others, like Paul, speak of the Great Mother and the Magdalenes with disdain.

I can see that, like the Pharisees, some of those who profess to be disciples, have turned their hearts inside out. Their minds have become clouded. They shut out the light that used to shine so brightly. Thankfully, they are not as hardened as I experienced the priests of Jerusalem. But it grieves me that some of the brethren are different from the way they were when we walked together years ago.

False teachings of Yeshua
I confess I feel a greater kinship with the men and women who go to the grottos of the Goddess than I do with many of these brethren, who call themselves the followers of the Word, or the Logos, as they call it. It has so little heart, my sons and daughters. In their zeal, they are trying to find a way to proselytize Yeshua’s subtle Gnostic teachings among people who are steeped in the worship of Apollo and Zeus; spiritually ignorant people who take their words literally. They are making Yeshua into a god; just as the emperor makes himself into a god to gain power.

The role of women
The role of women and the Goddess is often demonized, and at best, women are made inferior and subservient to men. My counsel is heard out of respect for me, but it is dismissed as soon as I am escorted away. I am searching for a way to assist, but it seems there are few who can really hear me. I do not wish to bring further division, so I am increasingly withdrawing into the Great Silence. Yeshua comes on occasion, which is always a great blessing.

Be like children
As Yeshua said, ”Behold these, your children, who surround me and sit upon my lap. Yea, to be as one of these little ones is to be mindful of the present moment, resting in innocence, wherein all opposites are met in One and salvation abides. In the simple way of the lilies and in the innocent play of children, the keys to the kingdom are given and all its riches may be found.

Verily, all that you seek is within you. Therefore, know your self. Your body is indeed the temple of God. Simply open the door of your heart, and enter in. Your Father-Mother awaits you.

Mother Mary’s last words:
”There is no more need for words – there is only the need to BE Love. It is my prayer that you may realize true Love in all your relationships, as all that comes to you presents itself to be embraced in every precious moment. Love is the greatest of the Mother’s gifts to you and the greatest offering you can give. Love is who you are. BE STILL and know this Truth. Peace be unto you.
I am always with you. I bid you a fond adieu.

Love and Blessings,
Marketta Myllari
Peace Minister/
The Beloved Community

The source of the text, the books:
Anna, Grandmother of Jesus
by Claire Heartsong

Anna, The Voice of the Magdalenes
by Claire Heartsong and Catherine Ann Clemett

MARIAM OF MOUNT CARMEL Sielunpeili 6/2017

the Beloved Magdalene Sister, tested in Sufferings and Love

Yeshua’s three Marys that were especially dear to him, were Mary of Bethany, Myriam of Tyana and Mariam of Mount Carmel. Mariam was Yeshua’s cousin and adopted sister, whose Light Conception was delivered at the same time as that of Yeshua, Mary of Bethany and Sara. Sara’s father was Isaac, Anna’s son. Mariam’s mother was Rebekah, Anna’s daughter.

”Several weeks after the conception, Mary Anna confided that se had received guidance from Archangel Gabriel to make a pilgrimage to the Essene camp at Kadesh Barnea. Then she was to stay in Bethlehem with her cousin, Elizabeth, during the last trimester of Elizabeth’s pregnancy, which was also a Light Conception. So, she and Jopseph prepared for the journey. Mary of Magdala and Joseph of Arimathea, Tabitha and Isaac, and Rebekah and Simeon accompanied them.

All was brought into readiness for the journey to Kadesh Barnea, a remote Essene encampment in the Wilderness of Paran near the trade route that passes south toward the Sinai. It was here that Sarah and Abraham, the matriach and patriarch of the ancient Hebrews were prepared to conceive their son, Isaac. It was here that an additional anointing of divine light would be delivered into Mary Anna’s womb and into the wombs of the three other women whose lot it was to give birth to three daughters: Mary Magdalene, Sara, and Mariam.

These female children, who would eventually become some of Yeshua’s key disciples, would also be initiated into the greater mysteries of resurrection and ascension. Of these, Mary Magdalene, Sara, and Mariam would play pivotal roles in supporting Yeshua’s life and work. So it was that Mary Anna, Mary of Magdala, Tabitha, Rebekah and their husbands responded to the call of Archangel Gabriel, even though it meant traveling under adverse summer conditions.

The angel Gabriel had appeared to Mary Anna’s Joseph in a lucid dream and had advised him not to return to Mount Carmel, but instead to take Mary Anna and their child directly to Egypt, and to remain there indefinitely until he received guidance that it was safe to return. So they lived in Egypt for eight years.

When the family heard that King Herod had died in 5 AD, Joseph received word from Angel Gabriel that it was now time to return home. Several weeks before Yeshua’s eighth birthday, Joseph and Mary Anna invited their relatives to come together for a feast day of celebration prior to their departure back to Carmel, which would include a pilgrimage to Mount Sinai.

Among Yeshua’s cousins, the one he loved most was Rebekah’s daughter, Mariam, who moved to Egypt with her parents when she was one year old.

Outwardly, Mariam was beautiful and graceful, yet reserved. It was in Mariam that Yeshua confided his deepest thoughts, because she could always bring herself to be fully present for him, no matter what he shared.

On the evening of the feast, before they left Egypt for a new life, Yeshua asked Mariam to walk with him a short distance from the merrymaking. Beneath a grove of great date palms, beside an ancient well, Yeshua and Mariam embraced and promised that they would always be faithful to one another. Mariam gave Yeshua a necklace that she had made of colored glass and alabaster beads, shells, and small pieces of lapis. Yeshua gave Mariam a sheath of papyrus upon which he had written psalms that had come from deep within his heart. These gave expression to his love for the One God, his love for all life’s bountiful wonder, and his love for her. So they woved allegiance to one another and to the divine plan, however it would play out or wherever it would take them. Yeshua kissed Mariam’s tear stained cheeks, squeezed her hands, and led her reluctantly back to the music and dancing.

Two days later, Joseph, a pregnant Mary Anna, Yeshua, his brothers, James, Jude and Joseph the Younger, left Heliopolis together with Simeon, Rebekah, Mariam and several other adult cousins.
They began their pilgrimage trek to Mount Sinai by following the same path Moses had taken with the Israelites across the desert to Etham.

Shortly after his eighth birtday, Yeshua was taken into one of the caves on Mount Sinai to have his first Rite of Passage. Now it was time to pass from childhood into the responsibilities of adulthood.
When the four days of Yeshua’s initiation were finished, he returned to his family, that had prepared a great feast for him. Mariam, who was watching from a short distance, took a deep breath, clasped her hands to her heart, and almost swooned with love for Yeshua, who had instantly become her hero.

Grandmother Anna waited in Carmel for the homecoming of her family. She tells:
”Arm in arm, with Mary Anna in the middle, Yeshua and I walked among the pilgrims, hugging and kissing each one as we went. When I came upon Rebekah, who was with Mariam in the ox cart, my heart burst with agony for her affliction. Open sores covered her face, causing one eye to be swollen shut. I reached into the lumbering cart to place my hand upon her gaunt form, and placing my ear close heard her faint words, ”Mother, I have come home. I know you can make me well. For this I have prayed.” I looked up into my granddaughter Mariam,’s doe-like, golden eyes. Such wise and noble beauty I had not seen among all the maidens born of the light, except the one you call Mary Magdalene, the daughter of Mary of Magdala and Joseph of Arimathea.”

Grandmother and the family did all they could to heal Rebekah, but soon she died of leprosy.
Mariam, Rebekah’s only child, was bereft beyond comforting for almost a fortnight, until one evening when Yeshua came to her where she knelt beside her mother’s grave. Gently, he picked her up and held her close to his heart and blew his breath until Mariam began to shake. Yeshua continued to blow his breath into her heart until her sobbing began to subside. Holding his cousin fast to his bosom, he waited until another wave of grief and anger crested, before reuming breathing into her heart. Torn by sobs and screams, she beat her fists on his back. ”Why? Why, O my God? Wy did God take my beloved mother?” she lamented. All Yeshua knew to do was to hold her, until the months of futile hope and deep anguish that had frozen into vacant-eyed numbness were dissolved. Then Yehsua led her to his mother. Mary Anna took Mariam to her bosom and adopted her as her own child. So it was that Mariam became Yeshua’s sister. Remembering the promise that she had made to him in Egypt, she then proceeded to devote herself to fulfilling her vow that she would be his eternal friend and confidante.


”When Mary of Bethany was in her ninth year, she heard the exciting news that her cousin Yeshua had returned from Egypt, and that her parents were planning a special journey to visit her grandmother at Mount Carmel and to meet relatives she had only heard about. What would Yeshua, James, Jude, Joseph, Ruth, and Mariam be like?

It was with great enthusiasm that Yound Mary packed her things and set off with her parents and younger siblings for Mount Carmel to meet her Aunt Mary Anna, her Uncle Joseph, and her cousins. As it turned out, the experience of meeting Yeshua and Mariam was far beyond anything that Mary could possibly have imagined. When Yeshua and Mary looked into each other's eyes, they instantly recognized one another, as a piercing light moved through their hearts. Both of them felt as if they had been struck by lightning.

”When Mariam and Mary beheld one another, there was a similar experience of soul recognition. In their case, however, the quickening of divine light was accompanied by a dark shadow. Because they both loved Yeshua, there began to be an awkward rivalry between them, as they both attempted to claim Yeshua's full attention. This thorn of contention between Mariam and Mary grew over the years as they came into their maidenhood. It was this thorn that became the great test of divine love, which moved both of them through their probationary initiations.

So it was that Yeshua grappled with the intense feelings that arose within his heart, and was torn at a young age between these two great loves in his life. He knew that his destiny was entwined with both. But how?

During the next four years, Mary came to Carmel with her mother on several different occasions. And although Yeshua was thrilled to see his cousin, he also felt relieved when it was time for her to return home to Bethany. He often encountered her in his dreams, and even though he missed Mary, he was glad to have only Mariam present at Mount Carmel while he focused his energies on the many tasks that required his attention.

”As for Mary of Bethany, that first meeting with Yeshua at the age of eight constituted the pivotal point of her life, and from that point onward she began to know ever more fully who she was and for what purpose she had incarnated upon this Earth.

When Mary became thirteen, she was brought to Mount Carmel by her parents during the time of Yeshua's final preparations to leave for Britain with Joseph of Arimathea. Mary’s mother had already begun to initiate her into the mysteries of the Order of the Magdalene at the Great Mother's grotto at Magdala. However, she had never been required to commit to any consistent discipline. Mary went through a very difficult period for a number of months. She went on hunger strikes and refused to eat.

Although Mariam had endured Mary's stinging barbs and had continually compared herself unfavorably with her cousin, she now began to feel a love for her cousin that she had not felt before. Mariam also began to realize that she, and only she, understool Mary, from whom everyone else had become alienated. She understood her longing for her parents, her moodiness, and her rebellion against Mount Carmel's strict discipline and piety. In short, she understood why her cousin had become aloof, withdrawn and numb.

Mariam understood her cousin to be more like herself than anyone else that she knew. The essential difference between them was that Mary did not hesitate when there was an opportunity to be an active reformer of the outer world, while Mariam preferred to invisibly harmonize discord on the inner planes.

And so it was that these two began to truly know each other. They found solace by bringing healing balm to one another's broken hearts. However, there continued to be a barb of jealousy over their mutual love of Yeshua and their suppressed fantasy that he would some day choose one over the other in marriage. Although this thorn continued to test them through the remainder of their early years, they opened their hearts to each other as only soulmates can, once they see through the veil of distrust.

At the age of sixteen both Mariam and Mary of Bethany left with other young initiates for Egypt to get more advanced initiations. They both were eager to get more advanced initiations to help later Yeshua with his big Mission.

When Mariam and Mary returned from Egypt they heard that Yeshua had got married. He had returned from Britain and married Myriam of Tyana, and right after the wedding they had left for India. Both Marys were in shock, and it took a long time for them to recover.

Mariam married her old friend, Nathanael, who as a shepherd boy, at the age of twelve years, wittnessed the newly born Yeshua. He became Yeshua’s devoted friend and disciple. Mariam and Nathanael got a son, Benjamin. The child was born with a clubfoot and often shook with palsy. Benjamin was a teenager when he was healed by Yeshua.

”Lying down beside Benjamin, Yeshua held his crippled hands as they continued to gaze rapturously into the star-lit night.The moon had not yet risen. Gradually Benjamin’s breath began to soften and deepen. As his mind stilled, his Book of Life opened to his inner sight. He wittnessed many lifetimes passing before him with all the errors for which he had not forgiven himself. He saw how he had shaken tight fists, had kicked, and thrown himself at perceived enemies, cursing them to hell. He observed all manners of familiar patterns that he still repeated over and over, even though his intent was to be harmless and of service to his fellow beings. More than anything, he began to understand why his soul had chosen to heal itself through a body that shook and walked with crippled limbs.”

Benjamin’s body no longer shook with palsy. He lifted his hands to look at them. They were no longer twisted. He stood and took a measured step or two. His clubfoot and twisted legs were straight and could support his full weight.

Benjamin studied to be a rabbi. His fate was to die in a terrible way. Benjamin was stoned to death by a Jewish mob 18 months after Yeshua’s crucifixion and resurrection.

This was a terrible blow to Mariam and Nathanael. When Yeshua and Myriam of Tyana returned home from India and met Mariam and Mary of Bethany, the three Marys very soon became true friends. Since then they always supported Yeshua in his great Mission.

In the Initiation of the Great Pyramid in Egypt before the Crucifixion Yeshua’s Marys were present to help him. During the Crucifixion and Resurrection the whole family of Grandmother Anna had their important roles to support Yeshua in his Great Mission.

Very soon after Yeshua’s Crucifixion and Ascension Anna’s family had to escape to southern France where their most important monastery was at the foot of Mount Bugarach. In Britain there were many Essene monasteries, especially in Avalon and in Scotland.

In Bugarach Mariam again got sad news. Her husband Nathanael who wanted to follow Yeshua’s teachings, left with some brothers to head for Alexandria. They were stopped on their way in Carthage in norhern Africa when they were teaching in a synagogue. Some priests became angry with them, and they reported them as rebels to the Roman authorities. They were put into a prison where they all were beaten and starved to death.

This was more than Mariam could bear. She went to a cave for a long retreat, and wanted to die. Grandmother Anna and Mary Anna saved her. Mariam still had her vow of silence for many years. She started to speak only when Grandmother Anna needed her help to come back to her body after being badly injured in an ambush.

During the Great Gathering at Summer Solstice, 55 AD in Fortingall, Scotland, Grandmother Anna’s whole family, including Yeshua, and the great Beings, Mahavatar Babaji and the future Christ-Buddha, Maitreya, were present in their ethereal appearances. During these three days all three ”Marys” were impregnated with Yeshua’s Light-conceived children. Mary gave birth to the baby son, Michel, and Myriam gave birth to baby daughter, Zariah.

Mariam conceived a child but she did not bring her baby to full-term, but got miscarriage.
Mariam had to experience also this sorrow in her life. There happened miscarriages, also for Grandmother Anna, as these Light-conceptions were very demanding processes.

Did Mariam have a physical relationship with Yeshua?

Mariam: ” No, not in the physical sense as Mary and Myriam had physical intercourse with him or in the same way I had physical intimacy with Nathanael. Since Nathanael’s death my relationship with Yeshua changed, however. There is a greater intimacy, but it has been without physical penetration. As his body becomes more and more etheral, so does our intimacy. That is also true for Myriam and Mary. I confess I dearly desired Yeshua to be my husband and lover in my youth. I was very disappointed and even hurt that he chose to marry Myriam when we were away in Egypt. Mary’s already bruised heart, which was recovering from her near-death experience during her Egyptian Rite of the Sepulcher initiation, was stunned with grief when she learned of their marriage.

”First of all I would like to say that I entered into a deeply committed and conscious relationship with Yeshua, Myriam of Tyana and Mary of Bethany. A simple betrothal ceremony honored us about a year after we arrived in Avalon. The relationship that the four of us had known for years immediately changed and deepened. We have always been a close trinity of feminine energy - Myriam, Mary and I – even though we earlier had to work through our difficult emotions of jealousy and distrust. Over time we became a bonded and true sisterhood in support of Yeshua’s ministry.”

Mariam served all her life her family, especially Grandmother Anna as her servant in the cellular rejuvenation processes.

After the Great Gathering in Fortingall Grandmother Anna and many of her family were injured in a big ambush on the way to Mona, 55 AD. Very soon after this the members of Grandmother’s big family were dispersed all over the different countries.


”I see now that the experiences of suffering that I may have misinterpreted during the season of my life, long ago, were not in vain. I am seeing them with clearer vision now. It was very difficult for me to see clearly in those days which were so fraught with trauma. I forgive my obscured vision as I behold an immense light around my life as Mariam. Even now, in this conjunction of time, I am able to create my remaining days in this body with greater freedom and insigt. I am glad to have my voice reclaimed for this day and through all time.

I do not wish to distress hearts, but I also know that hearts will be relieved of their burdens when what has been so suppressed has an opportunity to arise into the light of conscious awareness. Then there can be greater self-forgiveness and compassion for all beings. Then all that we gave will have deep meaning and purpose. Then all beings can be at peace. This gives me great solace.

My life is full to overflowing with all that is unfolding with Yeshua, Myriam (of Tyana) and Mary (of Bethany) as we take one initiation after another within the sacred mountains called the Himalayas.

I thank you, my sister, for co-creating this brilliant sphere of remembrance, illumination and fulfillment. I thank all of you with all my heart, my beloved family of Light, who are reading my words. I bid you a fond farewell.

With Love and Blessings,
Peace Minister
The Beloved Community



I am the Rose of Sharon, the Lily the Valley. As the lily among the thorns, so is my love among the daughters.
A garden enclosed is my sister, my spouse, a spring shut up, a fountain sealed. A fountain of gardens, a well of flowing waters, and streams from Lebanon. Let my beloved come into his garden and eat his pleasant fruits. I am my beloved and my beloved is mine, he feedeth among the lilies.

Sexuality is quite a taboo even nowadays. It is, however, a normal, natural thing in everyone's life. God created us in Her/His own image, woman and man. And quite apparently Mother/Father/Creator wanted us also to increase on this Tellus, our Beloved Earth. Why is sexuality then such delicate a matter for us?

There is a Divine spark within us; we are Divine Beings who are born here to the physical world ”to test our wings”. Development does not stop but searches all the time for new dimensions, new worlds to search and create anew. Can you ask with reason why humanity has denied the other half of its Divinity? Where has Mother God ”hidden away” all these thousands of years?

Christianity regards Jesus as the Son of God who was born to a human being to this physical world. He was allowed the role of a sufferer in the human being, but nothing of the sexual joy and happiness. A mere thought of that kind might be impossible to a religious one. You can question with reason; How can this kind of savior redeem a human being without experiencing the whole scale of joys and sorrows of the human being? I have often wondered this odd logic of the Christianity. If it was meant that the human being was to be saved by some Holy Being, so it is. But the Church specifically emphasizes that Jesus, besides being the Son of God, was also born an ordinary man among ordinary people.

During the time of Jesus the position of a woman was as miserable as it is today in many countries. For Jesus, a woman and man were equal. His Beloved and Wife Maria Magdalena was the one that understood the most profound mysteries and shared all the wisdom that Jesus had. Without Maria Magdalena Jesus could not even have been able to fulfill his mission: to manifest the Christ Awareness on the physical level. Together they formed the Holy Union where the Feminine and Masculine Divinity united in a sacred and holy way. This kind of marriage is made in heaven but on the physical level it is manifested also in the physical sexuality that creates children; and so it was also with Jesus and Maria Magdalena.

When a person falls in love she/he starts an adventure to deeper Divinity. The human being searches for her/his soul's companion, the lost connection and the experience of Unity. Everyone who has experienced this, at least once, recognizes what the soul is missing and its fulfillment. It is a great blessing, joy and comfort given to a human being.

A woman and a man must first balance within themselves the male and female energies. It isn't until the energies of the lovers are in balance that they can successfully start a harmonious, loving couple relationship. There are many kinds of couple relationships, but the most profound is a spiritual union on the soul level; one that can be revealed on the physical level as an intercourse. This is natural and holy.

The marriage of Maria Magdalena and Jesus was a big threat to the Church. As Maria Magdalena violated many Jewish laws, she had to be eliminated. Even many male disciples condemned and humiliated Maria Magdalena into tears. We can read this in many of the Gnostic writings, such as Pistis Sophia, the Gospels of Fillip, Thomas and Maria Magdalena. Very soon, as early as the fourth century, the Church systematically started to remove Maria Magdalena from the sacred writings. And it was Pope Gregory I in the year of 591 who declared that real believers must consider Maria Magdalena a whore. This intentional lie was withdrawn by the Church – in the year of 1969.
It took time (almost 1378 years)!

Constantine the Great, along with the Church, started to create their own image of Jesus. It was important to lead and control people. Fear/guilt/shame/hell and original sin helped a lot. These were rooted effectively in the minds of the people. Constantine the Great and the Council of Nicea in 325 started an effective manipulation of people. They created a doctrine of Jesus and man's sinfulness from which only the Church could save the poor person who was doomed to live their lives with sin, guilt and shame. This led to the fact that the Church had to create more odd doctrines to manage their explanations.

In the fourth century St. Augustinus got a genius idea to create the original sin that starts with Adam and Eve; according to this doctrine even the newborn baby is full of sin. Only the Church can pardon the sinner. They created also the eternal hell where you were sent if you did not obey the Church. The word hell is in Hebrew 'Gehenna'; the name for hell and apparently the whole idea was taken from the rubbish dump (with the eternal fire) outside Jerusalem that was named Gehenna in the days of old.

In 554, The Council of Constantinople condemned as heresy the reincarnation that was to Jesus and many living in Palestine a natural understanding in those days.

Where did the Church’s denial the marriage of Jesus and Maria Magdalena lead to? It denied the sexuality of Jesus, the son of God and Man. Thus, it appeared Jesus did not redeem the sexuality of human beings. The consequence of this was that sexuality became unholy, even filthy. And where did this lead us? The priests had to be celibate. This is something that St. Paul never had demanded from his priests. And what followed from this impossible requirement? Many priests, especially bishops and even the Popes themselves led obscene lives, secretly of course. And even worse, sexual abuse, which is one of the most terrible things that a religious leader or believer can do.

In all of this, there was no room for Feminine Divinity. The power was masculine, and the Feminine Divinity went underground. Maria Magdalena, who was pregnant, fled to Egypt and from there to southern France. There She declared and taught that Divinity is the balance of the Feminine and Masculine Christ within a person. Maria Magdalena has for many years now manifested this truth.The Divinity is found within, not outside the person. As a young man, at the age of 17, after returning from Britain, Yeshua met Myriam of Tyana and married her, after which they very soon travelled to India. The other two important Marias for Yeshua, Maria Magdalena and Mariam, were during that time in Egypt having intiations. So it was meant to be. Why, you will see when you read the book Anna, the Voice of the Magdalenes, where there is also a beautiful description of Yeshua’s and Myriam’s wedding, told by Galeah, a young relative of Myriam.

Grandmother Anna did not give more detailed information about Yeshua’ s family life and children in the book, Anna, Grandmother of Jesus. She knew that people would have misunderstood and condemned that. Grandmother Anna never mentioned the name of Myriam of Tyana in that book. She mentioned a couple of times the name, Maria Salome, but did not tell anything about her relationship with Yeshua.
The marriages of Yeshua were also concealed in those old days for the reasons of safety.

Galeah tells about the wedding:

”We have an ancient love poem among our scriptures passed down to us from Solomon the Wise and Queen Sheba. Myriam has taught a number of us how to understand it on levels beyond the ordinary mind. Much of it requires a different way of seeing.
This wedding is an enactment of ”The Song of Songs”. It is an ancient ritual of the Goddess Mother mating with Father Creator. It is the anointing of the Bridegroom to prepare him to enter the Bride’s sacred chamber where they will open to one another. In union, they bring Heaven’s great light into the Earth Mother’s body. It is a sacred blessing upon all life, in all its myriad forms, so all beings may be abundantly fertile and happy.
After we have had our feast and more dancing, Myriam will be brought out of a dark room and led to a special place that has been prepared. There is a platform under a red silk canopy that is tied in such a way as to reveal a bed of richly upholstered cushions covered with cloths, sheepskins and even a leopard skin. It is used by Egyptian priests who officiate in the conception and resurrection rites of Isis, Osiris and Horus.
Now we are ready for the actual ceremony. At the foot of the canopy is a long bench upon which Yeshua is sitting in calm repose. Myriam is brought to stand a distance in front of him. Yeshua silently beckons Myriam to come close. She kneels at his feet. His entire body ws washed earlier in a special ritual that is done among the men. This is also true for Myriam with the assistance of the women.

….She bends low. Slowly and gently she kisses his feet, her long hair cascading all around, veiling her sacred supplication. Yeshua places a hand on her head, indicating it is time to rise.
Standing before him, she removes a sealed alabaster vial of expensive spikenard oil from her girdle. The heat of her body has made its thick syrupy texture into anointing oil that is easy to pour and apply. All is very hushed until she breaks the wax seal from the head of the vial.

….Then she places both hands upon Yeshua’s crown. His hair, which was previously knotted, hangs long and limp down his back. A quickening energy begins to rise as Myriam’s belly quivers and her hips begin an almost imperceptible undulation. Yeshua’s head falls back, his eyes closed, his hands resting in equipoise on his thighs. Myriam kneels once more at her beloved’s feet and begins to pour oil upon them.

….A male cantor now starts reciting the entire ”Song of Songs” - the way of opening to the Beloved on High. Myriam tenderly lifts each anointed foot into her lap and massages it in a very sensual way. Slowly, she massages the soles of his feet, each toe and between the toes.

…. Ever so slowly, she anoints and massages his calves. She rises up on bended knees and reaches under his robe to anoint and massage his thighs which are like smooth, white, marble pillars. The music becomes more ardent and the harmonies more complex. Our voices make the cooing sound of doves.

…. Among us, a solo female voice joins the male cantor with melodious and increasingly ecstatic refrains. She weaves her beautiful voice through the entire tapestry of sound.

The voice of the Divine Feminine, the Queen of heaven and earth, calls forth the King of kings to make his descent. She calls forth the winds from their four directions. She calls forth the angels of earth, fire, water and air to bear witness. She weaves the sounds of all creation and infinite space to come and be present here.

…. Myriam anoints Yeshua’s head once more, now massaging every orifice and plane of his face, neck, shoulders, back and arms. She takes his hands and lifts them to her mouth and kisses them. Placing his hands upon her hips, she pulls his head to her breasts. Her breasts are like pomegranates, rich and full and nurturing. She continues to coax the energy to rise up Yeshua’s spine, one hand upon his crown and the other behind his heart.

….Our bodies begin to undulate, our eyes, wet with tears. We are all feeling the serpent power rising in our spines. Tears stream from Myriam’s eyes. Her body quivers. The male and female cantor alternate between singing in unison and reciting in response to each other. The beloved song of ecstasy awakens passion within our hearts and loins.

…. Myriam bends low and places her mouth above Yeshua’s head. A ram’s horn is raised to the sky. Myriam blows the breath of life into her beloved’s crown and the horn ushers forth a quickening tone – clear and fervent. We feel an awakening shudder through our bodies. It is as if what Myriam is doing to Yeshua, she is also doing to us. She, representing the Great Mother, anoints and awakens her children.

...Yeshua raises himself from the bench. He takes Myriam’s hands and beckons her to take his place upon the bench. It is the Bride’s turn to be honored and anointed. The male cantor’s tenor notes and the woman’s contralto passages weave into each other, soothing and coaxing an ever rising flow of energy.

…. The ancient, primordial marriage of ”The Dying and Risen King with the Queen of Heaven and Earth” - the consecration of their bodies to bring forth a covenant child - is enacted before our eyes.

….As Yeshua anoints his beloved, it is as if we can feel a lifegiving fountain offering up her waters, freely spreading her greening wetness upon the earth’s dry wastelands. We can feel the Great Mother quenching all beings’ thirst. As his hands anoint Myriam’s hands, heart and belly, we also feel a fiery energy rising up from the earth’s center. It penetrates our bodies, as if the flame of a cosmic fire is surging upward to merge with the light of the stars, sun and moon.

….Then he blows the breath of life into her crown – the horn resounds! Once again we are quickened. There are no dry eyes.

….A large cushion is placed between them and they kneel upon it facing each other. A small glass bowl is handed first to Myriam. In it is a red paste made of ground minerals and olive oil. She gathers the paste upon the middle finger of her right hand and draws a red stripe down Yeshua’s forehead, nose, lips, chin, throat, and then she stops at his heart. Yeshua takes the bowl and does likewise with Myriam.
All the while they are looking deeply into each other’s eyes. It makes me want to swoon! Myriam is quivering. Yeshua is quivering. Then he raises his hands and she takes the red paste and presses it deeply into his palms and wrists. Yeshua does likewise with Myriam’s palms and wrists. They bring their hands and wrists toward each other until they are pressed together.

…. Slowly they bring their bodies close as their hands and forearms extend out to the side. At last they rest together heart to heart, thigh to thigh, forehead to forehead and mouth to mouth.
For those able to see, way up above their heads, there is bright golden-white light swirling round. It descends and gathers like a pillar around them. In perfect unison, they stand up within the pillar of light. There is weaving of multi-hued energy, penetrating and weaving their bodies into one entwined body. There is an extended hush. In the deafening silence we feel like we are being lifted up into the canopy of the heavens.”

In the book, Anna, Grandmother of Jesus, that was published eight years before Anna, The Voice of the Magdalenes, not many details about Yeshua’s family life were given by Grandmother Anna. Now there is, however, hope that the amount of Light and the consciousness of people have increased so much that people are more receptive to take this kind of information.

With love and blessings,

Marketta Myllari

Joseph of Arimathea, the Father of Maria Magdalena

One of the most significant supporters of Yeshua’s family was Joseph of Arimathea. He was Anna’s eldest son, Yeshua’s uncle, and Maria Magdalena’s father. He was the person who with his wealth, influence, and services to the Roman emperor, could easily help establish the new Essene communities in the countries around the Mediterranean Sea and in Britain.

With his big fleet of ships he transported both ore from England to the Roman emperor, and secretly initiates and equipment to the Essene communities. He was like a ”chameleon”. He was a smart businessman and diplomat, a child genius in his knowledge and skills, the supporter of his family, and a high initiate. Without him Anna’s big family hardly would have been able to fulfill the great Vision given to them. All his work served the big Mission of Yeshua and their whole family.

Joseph lived during the years 57 BC – 62 AD. Like his mother Anna, he also used cellular rejuvenation. Joseph’s father was Matthias, whose soul had previously incarnated as Thomas and who had been betrothed to a young girl, called Hannah. He had been captured and taken away to Babylon. The soldiers almost killed Hannah. Anna ’walked into’ Hannah’s body when she gave birth to her daughter Aurianna. From some deep place within Anna’s heart, a desire rose to somehow fulfill Hannah’s unrequired love. (Anna and Hannah were two aspects of the same Oversoul, and they had agreed on this. All this had happened in 596 BC, hundreds of years earlier). Anna then raised Aurianna as her daughter, who later moved with her family and Anna to Egypt, where their descendants served Anna’s large family over the centuries.

Anna and Matthias lived in the Essene community of Carmel, were married and raised two children, Matthias and Martha. Martha was gifted with wisdom of the hearth, and had a talent for managing the household at his brother’s estate at Betany. Matthias adored his son, Joseph, yet he could not offer him the same learning as Anna could. Consequently, there began to be a tension that arose between the parents with regards to Joseph’s upbringing. Matthias felt that he had ’lost’ his son to Anna. The Council of Elders then granted Anna and Matthias an annulment of their vows. Joseph moved to the Essene Community at Qumran, and died in 37 BC of wounds suffered when he resisted the Roman legions at the time when they burned Qumran to the ground at the orders of King Herod the Edomite.

Note: The father of Anna’s other 12 children was Joachim, her twin flame soul. Their youngest child was Maria Anna who was born in 20 BC. It was not until 82 AD that Anna died.

Joseph was a gifted child and was raised with great love and devotion. He learned many languages, such as the native Aramaic between the ages of two and three - then Hebrew tongue and fiery letters. Next the Celtic language. At the age of six he learned the Persian and Sanskrit, then Greek and Eyptian. Latin, the former language of the Romans, was somewhat relunctantly introduced into Joseph’s curriculum when he was eleven. Joseph wanted to learn everything. At the age of twelve he was drawn to travel with the wise Magi’s: he was taken to Alexndria’s great library to study and then took initiations in the temples of the Nile. Next he travelled through Parthia into India, and into the Himalayas. For several years he lived among the saints and masters there. Some of these were physical immortals, such as the one called Babaji. When he returned he created home bases at Mount Carmel and Qumran. He translated the scrolls that he had brought from Tibet, India, and Mesopotamia.

In 32 BC one member of the Order of the Magi invited Joseph to come to Britain and enter into the initiations understood by the Council of Druids. The Druids were a remnant that preserved the wisdom of ancient Atlantis (and even more ancient Pangaia) upon the British Isles. Joseph began the long initiatory process that eventually saw him an Arch Druid in his old age.

Shortly after returning to Palestine from his pilgrimage to Britain, Joseph conceived the idea of owning and operating a fleet of freighting boats that primarily carried tin and lead ore. Also, having acquired partial ownership of two mines in Britain, he was now qualified to become a Minister of Mines in the Roman Empire. The Roman citizenship, along with these credentials and resources, provided him with the perfect cover for secretly transporting initiates and documents to Britain and to other Essene libraries located throughout the mountainous regions surrounding the Great Sea. This is how Joseph developed his entrepreneurial and diplomatic skills. Over the next ten years, with the aid the Druid councils, he purchased and amassed a fleet of twelve boats. From that point on, it became his practice to make at least one trip to Britain every year.

The name Arimathea Now that Joseph’s wealth and influence were becoming quite noticeable within the administrative structure of the Roman Empire in Jerusalem, he came to the attention of a wealthy Hasmonean prince, Arimathea, who was a member of the Jewish high judicial and legislative body called the Sanhedrin. He had inherited lands in Samaria from his Macedonian forebears. This large estate was located in southern Samaria on the caravan route between Galilee and Judea. Arimathea took a strong liking to Joseph, and he offered his eligible daughter (Eunice Salome) in marriage. This marriage was arranged and celebrated in Jerusalem in the summer of 29 BC. They were blessed with two daughters, named Lois Salome and Susannah Maria.

Arimathea saw in Joseph a prodigy who could set aright the corruption which currently was sowing so much strife in Jerusalem. After marrying into the Arimathea family, Joseph began to study the law of mediation with his father-in-law who took Joseph to his bosom, not only as his son-in-law, but also as his adopted son. Joseph became an adjunctive representative from Galilee and Samaria to Jerusalem’s Sanhedrin. Shortly thereafter, he moved to Jerusalem to make his home among the wealthy and the learned, serving for many years as an influential advisor as liaison between the many factions and sects which were often in conflict. His mastery of the languages and his knowledge of human nature made him respected by all. He was always available to those in need and to those of the Brother-Sisterhood who knew him as an adept. His three residential properties in Jerusalem were strategically placed so that he had access to underground passages known by the Brethren of Solomon’s secret orders. The descendants of these secret orders became known as the Cathars, Templars and many of the ruling families of Europe.

Joseph was the person responsible for the arrangements for security, wellbeing and travels for the big family. He financed the travels of family members, including Yeshua, to Egypt, Greece, France, England, as well as to the far countries, such as India and the Himalayas. When Yeshua visited Britain between the ages of thirteen and sixteen, there lived many of his uncles in the Essene communities that they had established, and where they lived among the Celtic Druids.

In Avalon, Joseph led Yeshua’s final initiation inside the Tor at Avalon (now Glastonbury). There Yeshua met Torak, who was the high priest, and whom had survived the sinking of Atlantis. He had gone with the ships of light into the underground city of Thoth beneath the Great Pyramid. When the Earth’s waters finally receded, revealing the ancient lands, now called Britain, Torak went with his bride Torhannah to bring a Divine Feminine balance for the Earth’s people who still grieved. By doing so, it was hoped that humanity’s survival against any future holocaust would be assured.

So it was that Torak and Torhannah chose to linger through time upon the face of the Earth. Yeshua became aware of Torhannah’s presence, who announced that she represented the Divine Mother. She shared how important it was that Yeshua feels and expresses the healing and nurturing energies of the Divine Feminine that dwelled within him throughout his life. She explained that he had entered upon the earthplane during a time of great darkness and suffering that was caused by humanity’s attempt to separate the Divine Masculine’s objective mind from its Divine Feminine intuitive heart.

In Joseph’s residences in Jerusalem, there met all important persons such as the Wise Magi’s, as well as the members of the Last Supper. In his countryside estate in Betania there lived his close family. After many years of being a widower, Joseph married Maria who came from Magdala and was a high priestess of the Divine Mother. They were blessed with two daughters. The older was called Young Maria (Maria Magdalena) and the youngest named Martha, who was named after her aunt. They also adopted the orphan child of Maria of Magdala’s sister. The child was called Lazarus, and he became the beloved own son for Joseph.

The relationship of Young Maria to her father and mother was special, even demanding. She missed her father continuously when he was on his long journeys and business affairs. When her father was at home, Young Maria was happy and she radiated. She adored her father, and would have liked to have been in his accompany all the time. She did not understand the conflict between her harmonic, beautiful home life and the surrounding world. Maria of Magdala and her children very seldom went outside their home – only when visiting their relatives and the holy places of the Divine Feminine, such as the caves to worship with ceremonies honoring the Divine Mother. Joseph’s important work in the Sanhedrin forced the family to live a modest, quite secret life in Betania. This was something that Young Maria rebelled against all her youth. Yet in all her difficult times Joseph supported his daughter and loved her and the whole family deeply. He very generously gave resources to his wife and children to build and support hospitals, orphan homes and hospices in Betania and in other places.

In every situation when there was danger present, Joseph helped Anna’s family with his wisdom and resources. He took the newborn baby Yeshua with his parents to Alexandria, and then near the Mareotis lake to the relatives to be in a safe place. In later years when Yeshua’s Big Mission began and culminated on Golgata, every member of the big family of Grandmother Anna knew their places. In the Sanhedrin, Joseph was forced into an ultimate situation whereby they voted against Yeshua. To stand neutral was something that demanded great self-control and the wisdom of an high adept. Joseph also arranged the cave where Yeshua was laid after the Crucifiction. There Anna’s son Luke, the doctor, and other helping family members were ready in the tomb to receive Yeshua’s body to clean and purify it with healing herbs. Yeshua did not suffer on the cross, as his conscience was not present in his body. What happened on the cross, was public demonstration that there is no such thing as death. That Yeshua had been learning all his life in his many initiatons of the Rites of the Sepulchre. The first initiation had been led by Grandmother Anna at Carmel. In the big Initiation of the Great Pyramid, all the family members had participated in different roles.

Sar’h, the daughter of Yeshua and Maria Magdalena, received her Light Conception on the night after the Last Supper had been held in Joseph’s residence with the family and close friends. After what had happened on Golgata, it became clear that Maria and the children had better leave Palestine for their safety. Joseph took his pregnant daughter Maria, and the closest of family, by his ship to Alexandria and then to the relatives that lived by the lake Mareotis (where Sar’h was then born in 30 AD).

A couple of years later, when Joseph returned from his trip to Palestine, the situation had worsened and Joseph decided to take all of his family via Alexandria to southern France where many of Anna’s sons lived (such as Andreas, Josephus, Noah, Jacob and Isaac), in the Essene communities that they had established there. Joseph took two of his boats and sailed to Alexandria. There waited his daughter Maria with her two-year old daughter Sar’h. Yeshua had told Maria to come to France where they would meet again. Yeshua would live for 40 years on the earthplane, first quite physically, then in more subtle energy bodies.

Something fateful turned out and changed the plan. Joseph had been dismissed from the Sanhedrin and imprisoned for a while, yet he was freed with the help of his influential friends. One legion had been sent to Alexandria, and the officers had a free landing day. Joseph was with Lazarus, Phillip and Nathanael at the matket place to get equipment for the journey. Suddenly they came across the same centurion that in Jerusalem had imprisoned Joseph. They thought that Joseph had escaped, and they caught him. Joseph was again freed and proven innocent. However, the offended centurion wanted to punish Joseph. He let Joseph be whipped, and had both of his boats robbed of all their equipment, even the oars.

Joseph and the family immediately left Alexandria by one ship, with no sails, oars, food or water. The family was in great danger of dying while floating adrift at sea. Grandmother Anna realised that they must start nonstop praying all together. Only that would save them. Sar’h was two years old, and there were many other small children on the boat. They started a mystery school on the boat. So even the small children learnt the importance of praying. And so it happened that the wind brought them westward, rain brought them water to drink, and fish jumped up into the boat. Dolphins danced around the boat and brought joy and hope. The family sensed the presence and blessing of Yeshua. Finally the boat landed on the coast in southern France, in a little fishing village now called Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer. The family was saved. Joseph sent a word to Anna’s boys and to his business friends.

The most important Essene Community in France was the one at the foot of Mount Bugarach, and in England the communities in Avalon. Joseph took his famly members and other Essenes conveniently on his boats when they traveled between France and England and in the Mediterranean countries. Joseph’s daughter Lois Salome stayed in France, and after being widowed married Aonghas who was from a respected, noble, Roman Celt family, and Joseph’s old business partner.

Joseph, after being widowed a second time, married Nueme in 41 AD, a Celt from the tribe of the Siluries. Joseph and Nueme were blessed with the twin sons. The last twenty years of his life, Joseph lived a harmonious, well deserved family life as a respected Arch Druid and a Counselor for many people.

With Blessings and Love,
Lady Peace Minister
The Beloved Community

Marketta Myllari
Santa Claus SanctaDivina

Sar’h, the Daughter of Yeshua and Maria Magdalene Soul’s Mirror 3_ 2017

Let us go now to a spacious upper room in Joseph of Arimathea’s residence near the Temple, where Yeshua and Maria Magdalena had come to their last supper together with their faithful families and companions. It was the evening before what you call Good Friday, the day of Yeshua’s crucifixion. There were about 70 persons present. Anna is telling in the book Anna, Grandmother of Jesus:

”The fragrance of sandalwood, frankincense, and myrrh greeted us from above and mixed with the sweet odors of the kitchen below. A long, low table was placed in the center of the room, surrounded by reclining benches. Large hand-worked pillows, oriental rugs, and ornately carved hardwood chairs surrounded the innermost benches. The upper branches of palms, pomegranate and fig trees silhoutted the sun as it slid behind the opposite dwelling across the courtyard. Golden light and violet shadows bathed each of us as we quietlty selected our places.The men and women were invited to sit together as couples, friends, and equals. Maria Magdalena comfortably sat beside her husband to his left. John ben Zebedee with his wife Abigail accompanied him at his right side. Yeshua motioned for his mother and me to take a seat opposite him. A very relaxed Yeshua sat with his arm around his beloved Maria, whom, from time to time, he openly kissed on the mouth.
Yeshua gently poured a handful of water over our heads, and washed our hands and feet, which he dried with the towel that was girded around him.The last to come to Yeshua was Maria Magdalena, whom he lovingly assisted. After receiving the cleansing ritual, Maria Magdalena removed the white hair band that caught back her thickly curled hair, letting it fall in a mahogany cascade to her waist. Then Maria knelt before Yeshua, washing his feet. Her tears poured profusely from her eyes, spilling into the water basin and pooling on his feet, which she dried with her hair. Then, she gathered his feet into her lap and cleared her throat. Maria’s contralto voice rendered Solomon’s Song of Songs and David’s 23rd Psalm with such piercing love that a chorus of audible sighs rose up out of our collective throat. Even the doves that nested just beyond the balcony awoke and joined in. Then she drew out one of precious alabaster jars filled with spikenard salve. Ever so slowly and gently, Maria applied the sacred ointment to Yeshua’s feet, palms and wrists, heart and head, paying particular attention to the crucifixion points in his wrists and feet.
Standing still, gazing upon everyone with tear filled eyes, my beloved grandson motioned to his close disciples that it was time to take our various stations. Maria Magdalena slipped her hand into his, and led her husband to their room. It was this night when their daughter, Sar’h, was Light-conceived. Maria’s life knew the redeeming miracle of love. Her loins were miraculously opened. The searing heat of the Kundalini fire many years ago had left her barren. She had gone to Egypt for more advanced initiations in the vow to alleviate people’s suffering. But she was not sufficiently prepared to practice the more advanced aspects of the Rites of the Sepulcher. She experienced a spontaneous rising of the Kundalini energy. She was opened to unspeakable anguish and torment. She saw the hell realms in their utter nakedness, and she lost her concentration and thought she would die. Everything went dark. Then she heard a sound within the void, and she felt the presence and love of Yeshua who had been undergoing an extended meditation retreat in the Himalayas. Yeshua instantly became aware of Maria and flew to her, descended and lifted her up into the Light, carrying her upon the wings of his love.”

….. Sar’h was born in Egypt in 30 AD near the Mareotis lake, south of Alexandria, where Yeshua’s family had found refugee in an Essene sanctuary after escaping from Palestine. Sar’h was two years old when the family escaped to southern France. The voyage by ship was very dramatic, and describes also the current situation in our world, when the Great Sea has become a grave to many refugees.

Joseph of Arimathea, Anna’s eldest son, who was the most important person in all the arrangements concerning the family’s wellbeing and safety, had been captured earlier in Jerusalem, but then released free. In Alexandria he met the same Centurion when shopping in the markets with Lasarus, Filippus and Natanael. He was again captured by this Centurion, and then again released. But the offended Roman Centurion punished the family by stripping Joseph’s boat of its sails, even of oars. Grandmother Anna realised that they had to start praying, everyone. And so the journey became a mystery school, teaching also the little children of the importance of praying. The wind turned to the west to France, the rain gave water to drink and the fish jumped to the boat giving food to eat. They finally landed in a little fishing village of Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer on the shore of southern France. The family was saved.

Joseph immediately sent word by messenger to a friend in commerce who lived nearby in Marseilles. Anna’s sons, Isaac and Jacob had moved in 18 BC permanently to this region of the Languedoc where the mystical Mt. Bugarach dominates the landscape. Isaac with his Egyptian wife Tabitha also lived there.

James Twyman arranged Camino Maria Magdalena to southern France in May 2013, and I attended that pilgrimage with his group. On this trip I also fround the important ANNA books in the bookshop of the famous Rennes-le-Chateau. Our group met in Marseilles and then we went direct to that famous village of Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer. It was just time for the gypsies’ celebration. Every year in May during the days of 24-25 the gypsies have a big celebration in honor of the Black Madonna Sar’h. A big crowd is thronging in the little village. I saw the little statue very close when it was carried back to the church; it was a two-year old of size.

We lived in modest camping huts near the village. Before going to the celebration we were baptized by James in the sea. The next day others went back to the church, others walked to a beautiful flamingo lake. I preferred that instead of the throng. The pink flamingoes enchanted me. The area of Languedoc is full of hollow limestone mountains, very big and beautiful. So is also ¨La Caune’, a famous cave where Maria Magdalena and other Magdalenes had their ceremonies. They say that the first statue of black madonna was found in this cave. There is an open space up in the cave. The Sun shone direct to a little stone where I sat down. With my face towards the Sun and my chest naked I sat there like a priestess of the temple as a focus of the healing rays. I felt deeply the presence and blessing of Maria Magdalena. There are 450-500 statues of black madonna in Europe, such as in Poland the famous Czestochowan Madonna, and those in Chartres and Montserrat.

The black statue of Sar’h in the village is of the size of two-year old child. And so was Sar’h, too. The gypsies think that the color of the skin makes the madonna black, but black means something else. As the family came by boat from Africa, it was a good reason for this kind of story.

Yeshua’s mother Maria tells about the Black Madonna in the book of Anna, The Voice of the Magdalenes: ¨She was a representation of Isis brought forward by the Roman Catholic Church. The Great Mother, Isis, had her origin in Egypt and Atlantis and other civilizations before that. For it is that Great Mother has always been amongst us, though she is called by many names. She is black because she represents that which lies hidden beyond the veils of unawakened mortal mind. She is black also because she has worn the skin of darkness in Africa, Mesopotamia and India, whose origins go into the far distant places. She, with her brother/ soul mate, Osiris, and their son, Horus, had their beginning in Atlantis. They migrated to Egypt and began a powerful civilization. Tey amassed great spiritual powers and political influences. They initiated many souls into the great mysteries of awakened mind and eternal soul. Their teachings flourished into my day. Many of my family still practice these mysteries. Those of us who wear the mantle of the Magdalene also wear the mantle of Isis, for in truth, they are one and the same.”

The name of Sar’h is written in Egyptian way. Her name also refers to Sarah, the wife of Abraham who was a high Initiate. Sar’h married Andrew whom she learnt to know as a child in Bugarach. They got four children. Because of the persecutions the big family of Grandmother Anna was forced to disperse. Then Sar’h and Andrew after first travelling in southern France and around the Great Sea in eastern Europe (at present Macedonia, Bulgaria and Romania) they settled down on the island of Ibiza. There they continued the Essene way of establishing hospice, hospital and orphanage for all people. Serving and the works of practical love have always been close to the heart of Anna’s family.

Sar’h: ”Someday you may go to the little church on the Great Sea (Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer) near Marseilles where there is an effigy made in my honor. But, know it represents much more than a simple girl called Sar’h. As you walk in the places where I have walked – the places within the sweet Earth’s garden, which my family loves and tends from one conscious incarnation to the next – be aware of the seeds of Light we have planted everywhere.That same Light is seeded in you because you carry our genetic codes and the frequency of an ascending Earth within the elements of your bones.

Attune and feel us always close – carrying you and all life in our arms. Do not be surprised to find, once you remember fully who you are, that your arms also carry the sleeping ones who also may choose to awaken.

I send forth a kiss from my sanctuary on the Great Sea. I send it forth on the wings of the dove. I send forth an endless prayer so that my kiss of love and peace may find a place within every human heart.

Blessings and Love,
Peace Minister /
The Beloved Community

Anna, Grandmother of Jesus, tells the Truth Magazine Sielunpeili (Soul’s Mirror) 2/2017

The ANNA -books:

Claire Heartsong: Anna, Grandmother of Jesus / Anna, Jeesuksen Isoaiti, (English 2002, Finnish 2016) pages 365

Claire Heartsong with Catherine Ann Clemett: Anna, The Voice of the Magdalenes / Anna, Magdalenejen Aani (English 2010, Finnish 2015) pages 398

Translator / Publisher: Marketta Myllari / Santa Claus SanctaDivina, Rovaniemi

In the book Anna, Jeesuksen Isoaiti, the reader gets to experience episodes of the lives of Anna and Jesus in an unbelievable way. It is at first bewildering and unreal.Then everything opens up piece by piece, and one only wonders how we did not know anything about this before, not even that such a person as Anna existed. And then there’s no question about it. Not a single doubt that Anna or Jesus would talk otherwise.

The book opens with Anna’s birth that already in itself is unique, but not after all. In my own life, something comparable has happened. Anna lived a remarkale life span of more than 600 years. She knew how to regenerate her cells, so that she preserved the appearance of a woman about 35 years of age – her youth and beauty retained. Once a month she would seclude herself in a cave or sanctuary to go through cellular rejuvenation – not of selfishness, but to avoid unnecessary deaths and births. She knew the urgency of giving birth and raising the ones that would support Jesus’ great mission, that was the huge planetary ascension of consciousness.

There would be funny situations in which generations of Anna’s children, at their older ages, would meet their young-looking ’grandgrandma’! Only a few of Anna’s children used the same, demanding cellular rejuvenation practices she did. The eldest and youngest of Anna’s sons, Joseph of Arimathea and Noah, were those.

Anna’s whole life was focused on her mission. Her work as a scribe in the underground vaults of Egypt, her numerous initations on the physical level in Egypt, Britain, as well as in her beloved Karmel, and also on the etheric level – they were all aimed at the same goal. And so Anna, after preparing herself in Egypt for 303 years, returned to Palestine and started giving birth to her fourteen children, raising them and leading their initiations through the mystery school in Karmel.

Anna’s life was full of work in the historical frame in which she lived. It was hard work and within difficult circumstances, as we know of the times of the Bible. Anna and her large family experienced joy and pain. The relationship between Jesus and Anna was extraordinary. Jesus gave Anna the petname Nana, ’the little mother’. Young Jesus’ favourite play was sweeping Anna in his arms and whirling her around and around, laughing and having fun with her. There was great joy, playing and with humor radiating between them. Jesus was loving towards everyone, but something special was between he and Anna – perhaps playing relieved the responsibilities that weighed heavily for both of them.

Jesus’ initiations and travels, as a young boy to Britain and Egypt, and then later on to India and the high Himalayas, have been described by Jesus himself or by Anna. Also the family life of Jesus starts to take shape. He is not a person living in celibacy as the Bible tells, but a very human, deeply feeling man, spouse, and father for his children.

Anna was not always physically present with Jesus, but by bilocating and teleporting she could follow what was transpiring. Many of her children had these same abilities, many also were adepts, and Maria Anna and Jesus avatars /born conscious. Jesus’ father Joseph was not at all a regular carpenter. He was a very high adept who on Jesus’ first trip to the high Himalayas guided him when they went to see the great master, Babaji. Jesus tells an interesting episode when he for the first time crossed a deep gorge by levitating, following his father and Babaji.

”When I arrived on the other side, neither Babaji nor my father looked at me. With their physical bodies reconstituted, they simply continued onward. I paused, breathed in the manner I had been taught to recalibrate the frequencies of my subtle and physical bodies until my perception of the physical plane was as it had been before. I admit that I was a little disappointed at first that I was not acknowledged for accomplishing this great feat. Then, I realized that this was a gift of Spirit, not my ego’s doing. So, I accepted and acknowledged the One who works the ways of miracles. I prayed for sincere humility, brushed off any thought of false pride, and followed behind my father.”

What happened in Jesus’ life, all his experiences and teachings, get quite new insights. Jesus demonstrates with his beloveds the Isis/Osiris/Horus resurrection drama, and so gives an example to us all, showing in practise that there is no death. This drama was not understood by the Church, not even by all of Jesus’ disciples. It is not a question of atoning the sins of an individual, yet everyone is responsible for one’s actions by reincarnating. This is grace and love.

Jesus lived close to the earth after his ascension, for forty more years, communicating with his beloveds. First very physically, then gradually in more subtle forms. At the same time the reader experiences living with Anna’s big family, in their joys and hardships. Deeply living with them.

All this information is authentic, direct from Grandmother Anna. No-one needs to guess any more as to the meaning of the fragments of knowledge we’ve had access to, or the forged texts on how the things were reported. No more manipulation by the Church!

In the book Anna, Magdalenejen Aani, Grandmother Anna and 18 other family members, tell their individual stories of a certain time in their lives. The book gives exact historical facts, the family relationships, and the years of birth and death of most involved.

The main thread in the book, besides the life experiences of Jesus and his beloveds, is how the Divine Mother again gets Her Voice heard. For Jesus, God was at that time and still is, both Father and Mother. Woman and man are equal, and they become One.

Very illustrative is the Opening of the Mouth by Myriam of Tyana:

”I say to you again, it is time now for fear that has closed our voices to be laid to rest – for those who have been silenced, to speak at last.

May all beings hear the Mother’s gentle voice before she is required to use a much louder one! May all beings experience the ultimate liberation within and beyond form! May all beings know peace! May all suffering cease! Amen and Amen!

Now for the beneft of all beings: ”The Opening of the Mouth”

”In Oneness with our Christ-Magdalene sisters and brothers and with the Councils of Light under the auspices of the Divine Mother-Father, we wish to initiate what the Egyptian alchemists call: The Opening of the Mouth

”It is time for what has been silenced to be heard.
It is enough! It is enough!!
(Spoken with great emphasis and passion)

In this second book Grandmother Anna and the family members reveal the long-hidden secrets concerning Jesus’ intimate life, relationships, and children. Revealing them in the first book, Anna, Grandmother of Jesus, would have been premature. People wouldn’t have been receptive, as the time was not yet ripe for this to be shared.

Maria Magdalena has for years been in my heart, and also to me learning that she was not the only wife of Jesus, was a challenging thing for me to learn. The ’Three Marys” of Jesus - Mary Magdalene, Myriam of Tyana, and Mariam, were important supporting pillars that Jesus needed among others in the Great Pyramid Initiation. Jesus had many children, eight all together. Two of them were born after Jesus’ Resurrection / Ascension drama. Light Conception is possible both physically and non-physically. So it was also with Jesus. Jesus had to have children that would then disperse to all countries. So Anna’s big family is at present dispersed all around the world. It is a question of the planetary awakening and ascension of consciousness. The Christ Consciousness with its Light Codes are anchored all over the Earth. Here Anna’s large family, including Jesus of course, were these key persons.

Grandmother Anna shares that Jesus and Mary Magdalene are twin flame souls, like she and Joachim. It is also a question of many things beyond our understanding. The mission of Jesus and his beloveds was not fully understood at their time. Now there is hope that the amount of Light has increased enough to illuminate our consciousness. At this time there is dramatic growth in the consciousness of humanity that is bringing up fears and shadows; but along with it a love that the Magdalenes and the other great Initiates have brought to our planet Earth to help us now through just such a time. A time they worked so hard to prepare us for.

Love and Blessings,
Lady Peace Minister /The Beloved Community

Books direct from:
Marketta Myllari


In the latest issue of the Finnish magazine, Sielunpeili (Soul’s Mirror) 5/2017, I wrote for my column ’Maria Magdalena in my heart’ a three-page article about Holy Sexuality. For the newspapers I made shorter versions of this text. The local, big newspaper, Lapin Kansa, published the short version on August 7th. Here I give you a little bit longer version that is also on my website. My article is very much based on the book ’Anna, The Voice of the Magdalenes’ (by Claire Heartsong and Catherine Ann Clemett) that I have translated into Finnish.

Sexuality is quite a taboo even nowadays. It is, however, a normal, natural thing in everyone's life. God created us in Her/His own image, woman and man. And quite apparently Mother/Father/Creator wanted us also to increase on this Tellus, our Beloved Earth. Why is sexuality then such delicate a matter for us?

There is a Divine spark within us; we are Divine Beings who are born here to the physical world ”to test our wings”. Development does not stop but searches all the time for new dimensions, new worlds to search and create anew. Can you ask with reason why humanity has denied the other half of its Divinity? Where has Mother God ”hidden away” all these thousands of years?

Christianity regards Jesus as the Son of God who was born to a human being to this physical world. He was allowed the role of a sufferer in the human being, but nothing of the sexual joy and happiness. A mere thought of that kind might be impossible to a religious one. You can question with reason; How can this kind of savior redeem a human being without experiencing the whole scale of joys and sorrows of the human being? I have often wondered this odd logic of the Christianity. If it was meant that the human being was to be saved by some Holy Being, so it is. But the Church specifically emphasizes that Jesus, besides being the Son of God, was also born an ordinary man among ordinary people.

During the time of Jesus the position of a woman was as miserable as it is today in many countries. For Jesus, a woman and man were equal. His Beloved and Wife Maria Magdalena was the one that understood the most profound mysteries and shared all the wisdom that Jesus had. Without Maria Magdalena Jesus could not even have been able to fulfill his mission: to manifest the Christ Awareness on the physical level. Together they formed the Holy Union where the Feminine and Masculine Divinity united in a sacred and holy way. This kind of marriage is made in heaven but on the physical level it is manifested also in the physical sexuality that creates children; and so it was also with Jesus and Maria Magdalena.

When a person falls in love she/he starts an adventure to deeper Divinity. The human being searches for her/his soul's companion, the lost connection and the experience of Unity. Everyone who has experienced this, at least once, recognizes what the soul is missing and its fulfillment. It is a great blessing, joy and comfort given to a human being.

A woman and a man must first balance within themselves the male and female energies. It isn't until the energies of the lovers are in balance that they can successfully start a harmonious, loving couple relationship. There are many kinds of couple relationships, but the most profound is a spiritual union on the soul level; one that can be revealed on the physical level as an intercourse. This is natural and holy.

The marriage of Maria Magdalena and Jesus was a big threat to the Church. As Maria Magdalena violated many Jewish laws, she had to be eliminated. Even many male disciples condemned and humiliated Maria Magdalena into tears. We can read this in many of the Gnostic writings, such as Pistis Sophia, the Gospels of Fillip, Thomas and Maria Magdalena. Very soon, as early as the fourth century, the Church systematically started to remove Maria Magdalena from the sacred writings. And it was Pope Gregory I in the year of 591 who declared that real believers must consider Maria Magdalena a whore. This intentional lie was withdrawn by the Church – in the year of 1969. It took time (almost 1378 years)!

Constantine the Great, along with the Church, started to create their own image of Jesus. It was important to lead and control people. Fear/guilt/shame/hell and original sin helped a lot. These were rooted effectively in the minds of the people. Constantine the Great and the Council of Nicea in 325 started an effective manipulation of people. They created a doctrine of Jesus and man's sinfulness from which only the Church could save the poor person who was doomed to live their lives with sin, guilt and shame. This led to the fact that the Church had to create more odd doctrines to manage their explanations.

In the fourth century St. Augustinus got a genius idea to create the original sin that starts with Adam and Eve; according to this doctrine even the newborn baby is full of sin. Only the Church can pardon the sinner. They created also the eternal hell where you were sent if you did not obey the Church. The word hell is in Hebrew 'Gehenna'; the name for hell and apparently the whole idea was taken from the rubbish dump (with the eternal fire) outside Jerusalem that was named Gehenna in the days of old.

In 554, The Council of Constantinople condemned as heresy the reincarnation that was to Jesus and many living in Palestine a natural understanding in those days.

Where did the Church’s denial the marriage of Jesus and Maria Magdalena lead to? It denied the sexuality of Jesus, the son of God and Man. Thus, it appeared Jesus did not redeem the sexuality of human beings. The consequence of this was that sexuality became unholy, even filthy. And where did this lead us? The priests had to be celibate. This is something that St. Paul never had demanded from his priests. And what followed from this impossible requirement? Many priests, especially bishops and even the Popes themselves led obscene lives, secretly of course. And even worse, sexual abuse, which is one of the most terrible things that a religious leader or believer can do.

In all of this, there was no room for Feminine Divinity. The power was masculine, and the Feminine Divinity went underground. Maria Magdalena, who was pregnant, fled to Egypt and from there to southern France. There She declared and taught that Divinity is the balance of the Feminine and Masculine Christ within a person. Maria Magdalena has for many years now manifested this truth.The Divinity is found within, not outside the person.

Blessings, Love and Prayers,

A Woman behind everything

Tracing Saint Anna

Maria is well-known and recognized, but who is Anna, the Grandmother of Jesus? Ultra interviewed Margie who has found out about Anna.

Text: Marko Kananen

Margie, last December you published in Finnish "Anna, The Voice of the Magdalenes" (2010) by Claire Heartsong and Catherine Ann Clemett, the book that you had translated last winter. Who is Anna?

- Anna is the Grandmother of Jesus and Maria Magdalena, and she was a very extraordinary woman. She lived almost 700 years. She birthed and raised a spiritual lineage, and she has today descendants all over the world. Her intention was to create a direct lineage of spiritual persons to support the work that Jesus was coming to do. 

With great reason you can say about Anna: "There is a woman behind everything.""

How did you find Anna?

- I have been for decades interested especially in Maria Magdalena, but about Anna I knew nothing. She has been fully hidden; The Church declared her Saint Anna, but that was all. In some medieval paintings you can find her if you know to search for her.

Margie, The Peace Minister

I have written and facilitated discourses quite a lof about Maria Magdalena, especially after completing the Seminary of Spiritual Peacemaking and being ordained Peace Minister in the Beloved Community, in Assisi in 2000, Margie tells.
This studying, led by James Twyman, included a lot of literature, also many books on Maria Magdalena.

During the summer Ultra Days in 1998 I facilitated a discourse and workshops about this theme. In 2005 there was my article "Interview with Maria Magdalena" in the Ultra magazine. During the years of 2009-2013 I had a column "Maria Magdalena in my heart" in the Sielunpeili (Soul's Mirror) magazine. In May 2013 I was with James Twyman's group on the pilgrimage "Camino Maria Magdalena" in southern France. The region is known as Holy Land of the Magdalenes with many famous sites. One of them is situated on a high hill, the well-known Rennes-le-Chateau. In the bookstore over there my dear friend Lisa- Marie from the USA, who was also on the pilgrimage, recommended these books. So I found the Anna -books.

There have been published two Anna -books, how did you choose which one to publish?

- I wanted to translate the newest one, as in this book Grandmother Anna and many other family members give new, earlier unpublished information; also about Jesus' private life. The book "Anna, Grandmother of Jesus" (2002) tells more about Anna herself and creates foundation for the newer book. The both books are important.

Once again I was overjoyed about finding truthful knowledge. Anna does not lie. Everyone who reads these books, realizes this. The knowledge that Anna gives, fully agrees with the facts of the history and the Bible. Besides the facts that the Church brutally turned down and made her distorted stories.

Margie's photo from her window:
The sun is back!

With inner fire

What was the translating work like?

- Last winter I translated this book of 400 pages in two months, without thinking of its publisher. The inner fire was so strong. This kind of thing happened once before, when I translated into Finnish "The Secret of the Beloved Disciple" by James Twyman. The translation of the Anna -book was not automatic writing, but quite  arduous - continuous work; but very intuitive. I contacted Claire, the writer, and after two months I got an e-mail from her. After that we were communicating a lot and she gave her full blessing to my work.

This kind of projects are seldom so simple.

- When someone's work is spiritually important, "a spanner in the works" may be thrown to harm the person and the work. For me it happened when it was time to find a publisher for the book. I was faced with unbelievable brutality from one publishing house (that I knew quite well).Fortunately I have for many years had direct contacts with the Light Forces, and now with Anna herself and the other Magdalenes. Magdalene is the name for all initiated that belong to Anna's family, either feminine or masculine ones. The blessing and support of the Magdalenes have blessed and guarded me all the time.

One problem arose, as the writers had started to think that I am translating the first Anna book. And this caused quite an awkward situation. I did not get the Charts of the Descendants of Anna, Joseph of Arimathea and Yeshua that were included in the Anna 2 book. Then the approaching Christmas season made it quite a race against time. Claire was often in retreats with her beloved Lorenzo in their hermitage, and Catherine was travelling facilitating seminars. I could not contact them, and I just waited and waited.

Patience is a great virtue, that I sure learned. Finally the Charts arrived, and we made the final "squeeze" in a couple of weeks with my wonderful layout lady. Claire gave her own painting "Rosa Mystica" for the Cover. Anna brilliantly smiles on the cover!
My friend Kristiina was a great spiritual support. My little sister Riitta with her wisdom: "Things tend to be solved" had a marvellous effect with her words.
So it is. The Finnish book appeared to the Christmas markets. The book was published by my new publishing house "Santa Claus SanctaDivina" here in Rovaniemi (where Santa lives).

Stopper for the humanity

A large crowd wades in the rain walking in the mud. Mothers with their babies try to protect themselves and their children.

Our politicians rub their hands smiling: there is now a stopper on the borderline in the north in the town of Tornio by the river Tornionjoki. We can breathe a sigh of relief.

Imagine this by youself: You are a person like this. Your only hope in this physical world is to get to the n o r t h. There  is a country somewhere in the north that has enough room to resettle refugees; where there live humane people. A country where you can live without fear, where you can breathe free. A country where you have hope to live in the way that people are meant to live.

There is an old prediction by Nostradamus that the Light will come from the North when the time is   bad. Would that time perhaps be now? Would it be that we here in Finland are now the last hope for the refugees in Europe. Let us remember this and do our best to help people.

With Blessings, Love and Peace
Lady Peace Minister

Refugees are Blessing

Why? It is so that the refugees like Jesus shake us to wake up from our stuffy stupidity.
The so-called Christians believe that they know what Jesus really taught. How could they know as Jesus' teachings have been distorted and changed to the benefit of those in power in the Church during all these two thousand years. People had to be subjugated and humiliated to be penitent of their sins and shame. Especially women, those sinful beings that seduce poor men.

For Jesus women and men are equal, in his days and now. He also lived accordingly and gave so an example how to live in that world where the of image of God and Human beings were distorted.

For Jesus God is both Father and Mother. And so He prayed to both. But this was not allowed to read in the distorted texts referring to His sayings. I have always wondered about the logic of the people, and how they explain that ”God created human beings to be His image, woman and man”. And nevertheless half of the humankind, the women, have been swept under the carpet and they have been oppressed as half-humans for all these centuries.

So the world has been ruled by the masculine power and brutality. And the Mother nature of God: love, mercifulness, gentleness and peace, have been oppressed. The world won't get real peace before God's Mother and Father are in balance.

It is good that also here in the north the strictly conservative communities and their members are forced to face their fears and intolerable beliefs. Recently there was in the newspaper a photo of a priest standing among refugees with disposable gloves in his hands. Was he perhaps scared that filth might stick to his fingers from the refugees. The photo told a lot.

We have to learn to live as human beings are supposed to live on this earth.There is no other possibility. It is a great blessing that we are given so much mercy that we get an opportunity to learn this matter with the help of the refugees that come to live with us. Every refugee that we meet is Jesus. Let us remember this.

Marketta Myllari
Lady Peace Minister

Anna the Grandmother of Yeshua and Maria Magdalena

Claire Heartsong published in 2002 the book ”Anna Grandmother of Jesus” that tells about the life of Jeshua's Grandmother Anna hundreds of years before the birth of Jeshua.  ”Anna, the Voice of the Magdalenes”, published in 2010, tells the own stories of different family members. The writer, Claire Heartsong, quite obviously belongs to Anna's ”clan”, so that she gets text direct from Anna.

I have enthusiastically and excitedly read these books. Mostly I have been fascinated by the humanity of the members of Anna's family, including Yeshua and Maria Magdalena. This supports my former thinking. I have always felt very close to them as human beings. Spirituality is self-evident, but knowing them also as physical persons is something else than the worshipping of pictures, and the odd attitude of the church to these great persons.

I have translated some texts of both of the books, and I will tell here a little bit of these books.

”There is a woman behind everything.” That is true about Anna, the Grandmother of Jeshua. She lived more than 700 years (612 BC- 82 AD). Her mission was to make the way ready for Yeshua; give birth to many children (9 sons and 5 daughters), raise them and their descendants. Mary Ann, Yeshua's mother was Anna's youngest child (20 BC- 66 AD). Grandmother Anna and most of her descendants were Adepts and high Initiates. Anna herself went through all possible initiations. She knew, among others, how to win death in your physical body, how to regenerate your cells and how children are lightseeded. She taught the initiations to her children and descendants, and, of course, also to Yeshua. She supported Yeshua (4 BC -72 AD) from birth to death and resurrection. Yeshua gave to her, his beloved Grandmother, the pet name of ”Nana”.

One very important person in Anna's books is also Joseph of Arimathea (57 BC -62 AD), Anna's eldest son. He was Maria Magdalena's father and Yeshua's uncle. Joseph married Mary of Magdala 5 BC, and Maria Magdalena was born 4 BC, Lazarus 1 AD, and Martha 3 AD. Joseph was very rich and one of the 70 members of the Jewish council Sanhedri. With his wealth and influence he was able to finance the trips of his family members – also Yeshua's – to the countries, known in those days as Egypt, India, Himalaya, Greece, France and England. He had a big fleet; he bought, among other items, tin from England and sold it to the influential people in Rome. So he gained useful privileges. In his ships he could safely take his family members abroad to ground new Essean communities, and bring them what they needed. Grandmother Anna's dearest Essean Community was the Carmel Monastery which with the Quamran Monastery was the most important Essean Community in Palestine.

In France Anna's family grounded an Essean Community at the foot of Mt. Bugarach. Also Anna's eldest sons went to England and grounded there Essean Communities in Avalon (Glastonbury) and other places on the island.

Joseph of Arimathea took in his ship Yeshua's family and other family members from Egypt to France where they landed ashore (now known as the village of the Saintes-Maries-de-la Meer). The voyage was very dangerous because the Roman soldiers had taken all sails and oars off of the vessel, and also all of the food and water. The officer of the Roman soldiers, who had served in Jerusalem and had been transferred to Alexandria, had recognized Joseph in the market place of Alexandria. He had put Joseph in prison in Jerusalem, but could not hinder that he was freed. Now he did the same, but Joseph was again freed because of his influential Roman papers. Without sails nor oars, food nor water the family with many children managed to land in France. That was a big Miracle.

James Twyman arranged in May of 2013 a Maria Magdalena Camino in the French Pyrenees. This is where a group of about 30 of us, mostly from the USA, walked in the footsteps of Maria Magdalena. We walked and climbed mountains in these regions where Maria Magdalena and Yeshua's relatives dwelled and influenced after the dramatic events in Palestine. The journey was both physically and spiritually very challenging. Just walking and continuous climbing up to the mountains and Cathar castles required strength. I am no mountain climber; I managed with the aid of prayers.

The group met in Marseille, where we continued the same day to Saintes Maries de la Mer, the little well-known village where Maria Magdalena and the other members of Jeshua's family landed from Egypt. From Saintes Maries de la Mer we went by bus into the Pyrenees. A steep mountain road took us to Salve Terra (the Holy Land).

The whole region of Languedoc is full of hollow mountains with huge caves inside. They are very beautiful, some of them like nature's cathedrals. We walked among sage and rosmary bushes to find a whole in the wilderness that led into a magnificent sacred cave, ”La Caune”. That is a very special shrine, used by Maria Magdalena and others initiated for ceremonies. The oldest known Black Madonna was found here. There is a hole in the upper rock. The sun shone direct to a little stone where I sat down. With my face towards the sun and my chest undressed I sat like a tempel priestess as a focus of the healing rays. I sensed strongly the presence and blessing of Maria Magdalena.

Rennes-les-Bains was an unforgettable experience. One reason being that there we had a very good accommodation. A lovely village built along a river, hot springs, and other sources from the mountains. Here we were baptized a second time by James in the beautiful holy ”Fontaine des Amours” where Maria Magdalena has baptized people. Her presence was tangible. Everyone shared their own prayers. Mine was: ”I pray that I am released from all my fears and can be an instrument of our Mother Maria Magdalena.”

Our next stop was the famous Rennes-le-Chateau. We walked there the whole way, most of the time baptized, now by rain. We were in the area where mystic and symbolism have given inspiration to many. The walking was a real pilgrimage and often it felt very strenuous. We also passed by a place where we saw the mountain of Bugarach. Our guide told that it is famous for its UFO's that often land there. I did not know anything about this mountain. It was a big surprise to me to read in a book that I bought in the shop in Rennes-le-Chateau that it is that mountain where the Essene Community was located and where the family and relatives of Jeshua dwelled in France.

The two centers Rennes-le-Chateau and Rennes-les-Bains  - one placed on a hilltop and the other down in a valley – guided our pilgrimage between the male and the female. As above – so below.

Our last location in the Pyrenees was Montségur, one of the most beautiful and touching places. Montségur is both a village filled with medieval charm, a mountain, and a Cathar Castle. It was the last stronghold of the Cathars and was destroyed by the Pope and the French army in 1244. Hundreds of of Cathars were burnt alive in the field down the mountain.

In the field of the big massacre where 500 hundred Cathars were burnt alive, we had a beautiful rose ceremony. Each of us put a rose as a token for love and peace and forgiveness in the middle of the field and said some prayer. Many of us cried, we felt we were those Cathars. The climbing the steep path was hard and also dangerous.

After the trip I absorbed in reading the book that I had bought in Rennes-le-Chateau, ”Anna, The Voice for the Magdalenes”. I have read and read, been stunned, even shocked at the first reading. Anna is the grandmother, the mother of Yeshua's mother and she is the head of this 'clan'. The members of her family tell their own stories. The book gives detailed information and exact dates and years. It is so amazing that I just couldn't but read and reread. Then it started to live within me.

Jeshua had many children, of which with Maria Magdalena these children: Sar'h born in 30 AD, Lizbett, born in 33 AD and Michel, born in 56 AD. The children were light-seeded as most of Anna's descendants.

Yeshua never intended to create dynasty to reign the sons and daughters of the humankind. All the family members of Anna already before the birth of Jeshua were in imporant positions to create Essene communities throughout the world of that time. They all prepared the way for Jeshua who was to demonstrate that there is no death. They supported Jeshua in all his trials and resurrection.

Jeshua's father Joseph was a high adept that led Jeshua to Himalaya to get higher initiations; he also ascended in Himalahya in the presence of Yeshua. Later Joseph reincarnated as Master St. Germain, a very well known person in Europe.

It is fascinating to read these Anna books. Finally there is true information available concerning Yeshu's family. You also understand why the Roman Catholich Church has always persecuted Anna's family and their esoteric wisdom.

For me personally is it fully clear that the information that the Anna books give, is true. Since I first read ”The Woman with the Alabastert Jar” by Margaret Starbird, my remembrance opened. In the same way it happened with my first theosophical book a long time ago. I have actually never searched for anything. I have always been led to the information that I have needed.

My dearest wish is to serve the Feminine Divinity in balancing the Masculine Divinity.

I hope that these wonderful books will be soon translated into Finnish. The Finns deserve to have these books in their own language.

With blessings and love
Lady Peace Minister.

Find your own path

I have always gone my own path and I have felt a pioneer.

One example of this is that when working as a teacher I took one year off and travelled around the world in the beginning of 1990's. I had not heard any teacher do so. My husband had died some years ago and I lived with my dear collie Lady in my new beautiful house that I had built beside the old little house of my aunts by the river Kemijoki in my home town of Rovaniemi.

I got an idea of this kind, a year off, when having an extended winter holiday in South America. During my trip my house and collie Lady were taking care by a lovely couple, my dear friends. When I returned home Lady hardly remembered me, but after a while she got a ”fit” when she realized who had come home.

I was about to go back to my old job as a teacher at the commercial college, but it was not meant to be so. In the previous night when I was supposed to go to the school I saw a very peculiar dream. Usually I do not see any dreams at all or I do not remember them when I wake up. In that dream my aunt Lyyli, a teacher, who had been dead for years, came to me as a light being and took me inside her grave in the cemetery. I stood in the grave, and then suddenly the light went off. At the same moment I, however, pressed the button of the lift in the grave upwards. I woke up and sat in my bed wondering what the odd dream may mean.

I ended up in the conclusion that I right away left for the school; it was the last day to tell in  the school if I come back or leave my job. I saw the headmaster of the school at his computer, greeted him quickly and said (just like that): thanks a lot, and bye bye, I will not come back. I left the headmaster astonished and turned to the office where I left my paper to quit my job. And that's it! Afterwards I thought that I would have worked in the new school building (that was under construction) located  between two cemeteries – would I have perhaps died ”upright standing”. Was that what my dream meant? Well, who knows!

I knew in my heart the reason why I did not like to go back to my old job. On my trip I had been free like a bird, and I did not want to go to a cage. After this I never had a permanent job contract.

I rented my lovely house, took Lady with me and started off to Tampere. My sister's little apartment there just got vacant and I rented it. In Tampere I wanted to fresh up my German language and attended a suggestopedian course for that. And that was like a miracle for me!
I learned how to learn and how to teach others in the best possible way! In this teaching method there is used all kinds of material, and also classical music is used to bring new stuff to your brain. I lived a very creative time. The floor of the little apartment was full of papers when I was drawing and making material for the lessons. Lady was stepping over the papers happily that we were again together. We were both very happy. I taught for many years English in this method around Tampere, and then later on I got an idea to facilitate ”know your self” courses in the same suggestopedian method. That was easy for me as all my life I had been studying self knowledge myself.

One advice I would like to give you. Remember to be independent and use your own brain. Many just walk in circles with others. But you can make your own path. It pays. Believe it. The life is a big adventure and a great miracle. The red thread in it is the spiritual growth.

P.S. This text is a shortened version of my speech in my old highschool in Rovaniemi where I was invited to have a ”morning opening”.

Marketta Myllari

Who are you?

Margie's column

The theme for the annual Rovaniemi week in 2008 was ”Who are you?” I remember this because I had just returned the previous year from Tampere to my hometown of Rovaniemi, and the question hit my conscience strongly. I sent an answer to the local newspaper, ”I am a native of Rovaniemi”.

I gave my full explanation:  I am Maila Maire Marketta, a native of Rovaniemi from all my roots, as far as I can see. I was born as the seventh child in the family of ten children in the farmhouse of Myllari in Katajaranta in Rovaniemi. There has been a farmhouse of that name for centuries, as long as there have been written records in Rovaniemi.

I am truly proud of my roots, humbly and with gratitude. I feel as if my ancestors live within me, especially the women. The women have always been very strong in the farmhouses. When the men were in the fields, fishing, breeding reindeer, in timber forests, or in the wars, the work of the women was always crucial. Women had to do their utmost. And besides, give birth to many children (often more than ten) and often without any break from their daily work.

Nowadays, people often search for their roots. There is a built in internal yearning within the human being. Those torn from their roots, refugees, adopted or taken away from their families, often start their journey of discovery to find their lost identity. It can also happen that one who leaves their home, returns many a time, only to leave again until one day they return and stay home. The blood draws one home, and you cannot help but accept it. So it is, and I have experienced this myself.

The other side of this question ”Who are you?” is this:  I am a spiritual being, who was born in this physical world to learn and develop as a human person. This school of life is often hard and quite stern, but the good thing is that what you have learnt of its fruits you can enjoy in the life that follows. How else would, for instance, some great artist during one life learn everything; in numerous lives they have worked to attain their goals. We as human beings have our own will to influence how quickly we want to progress. The closest people are for us the most valuable teachers, and often they are also the strictest. Hate and love combine people until the lesson has been learnt. The human being is a co-creater with their Creator, and surrenders with joy to be the instrument for their Creator. They understand that everything has its own Divine timing.

This spring I published one of my old columns written in Tampere, Sunflowers 1-3.  I was also inspired to publish my writings of the last few years here in Rovaniemi. Inspired by one of the articles in my book,  I gave it the title  I AM A NATIVE OF ROVANIEMI. See my website for more information about this book, and additional books.

As the Peace Minister I believe that our outer peace comes only after our inner peace. Only through individuals can world peace come to us. Maintaining peace of mind is very important for everyone. Prayer is a very strong way of affecting things, actually the best way. As we know, everything is made of pure energy. This also includes our thoughts. So, let us simply all be peaceful.

With blessings and love,
Marketta Myllari
Lady  Peace Minister

Siunaten ja rakastaen
Marketta Myllari

Myllari has published two new books

Marketta Myllari, a resident of Rovaniemi, has published (in Finnish) two new books I am a resident of Rovaniemi and Sunflowers 1-3; the publisher is Mediapinta in Tampere

I am a resident of Rovaniemi consists of 55 newspaper and other writings in Rovaniemi, most of them published in the local newspapers of Lapin Kansa, Uusi Rovaniemi and Lappilainen. The texts are from the period 2007-2014. There are also about one hundred photos in the book, old family photos and new photos taken by the writer herself.

”I am Maila Maire Marketta Myllari, a native of Rovaniemi with my roots spreading as far as I can see. I was the 7th of 10 children and was born on our family farm located in Katajaranta on the Kemijoki River. There has been a farmhouse of the same name on this same site for as long as there are existing documents in Rovaniemi. Our farmhouse was miraculously preserved from destruction during the Second World War when Lapland was almost totally destroyed. Both my father's and my mother's families cultivated the fields by Kemijoki for centuries. From them I inherited my respect for Life, for Mother Earth and all living creatures. I greatly appreciate the countryside and pure nature and I do everything I can to preserve them.” So Myllari introduces herself on the back cover of the book.

Sunflowers 1-3 consists of Myllari's columns in the newspaper of Lansi Sanomat in Tampere
during the years 1999-2006. The book is a collection of three books, of which 1 and 2 have been published earlier, and the book 3 now for the first time.

Myllari has originally studied at the Helsinki School of Economics and Business Administration, where she earned a master's degree. She has worked as an authorized teacher in commercial colleges and other types of adult institutes; she has also studied many spiritual traditions, travelled a lot, and taught self-knowledge using the suggestopedian teaching method.

”I have enjoyed teaching people self-knowledge for many years. In 2005 I was ordained a Peace Minister in Assisi in Italy. Today especially Peacemaking and serving Peace Prayers is close to my heart”, Myllari tells.

The new books will be launched on the festivites of Marjetta in Poykkola on the 20th of July. Myllari has
also a stand on the Old Markets of Rovaniemi in August.

Nils Aslak Valkeapaa's play ”The Frost Haired and The Dream Seer” 

Last March I visited the festivities of St. Mary's Day at Hetta, northern Finland. It turned out an impressive journey to me. I learnt to know Nils-Aslak Valkeapaa (1943-2001), the famous Sami multi-media artist, who would have had his 70th birthday this year. His memory has been celebrated in many ways.

At the festivities of St. Mary's Day, I saw two films about Nils Aslak Valkeapaa, known as Ailu/ Aillohas in Sami language. The films opened my eyes and my heart. I was amazed. How is it possible that I know so little about this great artist, I thought. Actually I knew only his name and his yoik music. I felt ashamed and embarrassed. I have travelled a lot, around the world, studied different religions and cultured, I live in the north – and I actually know nothing about this great soul.

Nils Aslak Valkeapaa was possibly the greatest Sami poet. He also worked as writer, composer, painter/sculptor and yoiker, and his works are known all over the world. He had an enormous impact on the development of modern Sami culture and received The Nordic Council Literature Award in 1991 for his book Beaivi, ahcazan /The Sun, my father.

Áillohas was invited to perform in Japan several times, and there he became fascinated with the Noh theatre. He wrote The Frost Haired and Dream Seer using the structure of a typical Noh play; a lonely traveler reaches a place of special significance, meets a mysterious person who turns out to be a supernatural being. The play was put up as a concert in Sapporo, Japan in 1995 by Aillohas himself and a group of yoikers, but it was staged for the first time by Beaivvas in 2007. This is the only text that Valkeapaa wrote for theatre.

Arctic Europe meets Japanese theatre in this play, inspired by yoik, a form of chanting peculiar to the Sami people indigenous to the Arctic region, and Noh, a Japanese form of musical drama. Duration of the play is 75 minutes. The play is simultaneuously being texted in Finnish/Swedish/English. The Sami National Theatre Beaivvás has toured the northerns parts of the Nordic countiries; Norway, Sweden, Finland with the play, as well as Iceland, Greenland, India, Nepal and Bangladesh. In autumn 2013, Beaivvas will be touring Norway, Japan and Finland as a part of the Aillohas´s 70 year anniversary.

One month ago I went by bus to Inari (five hours's drive to the north) to see Aillohas´s play in its authentic region in Sajos that is the fine new Center of Sami Culture in Inari. The building itself is worth seeing with its magnificent shape.

In the play a young reindeer herder is following his trekking herd. As he settles for the night and falls asleep, he is visited by an apparition of an old man with frosted white hair. The old man tells the young herdsman to open up his senses and gain strength and knowledge from nature. He then disappears. The young herdsman wakes up and realizes that the Frost Haired had some important message for him and he begs him to return.

The old wise man returns and in poetic terms and song opens up the young man's eyes to the necessity for us humans to continue our interaction with, dependency upon, and most importantly respected for nature, the environment, and each other for the longterm welfare and survival of the planet. Man must never forget that he is only a small part of nature, of life, of the universe. The Frost Haired brings the young man back to sleep, leaves his shamanic cane by his side and flies away in the shape of an owl. The young herdsman wakes up and seeing the cane, realizes that this was not just a dream. He rejoices in his new strength and wisdom given him by the Frost Haired.

I met at the theater my friend Maaritar and a Czech lady Zuzana, both studying at the Sami Institute. We were all very impressed by the play. It touched us into tears, and we all sensed the presense of Ailohas.

When we left we were amazed outdoors. There was nothing but stillness around us, peaceful beauty of wilderness, beautiful dark sky with its stars above us. We thanked Ailohas and the Sami National Theatre Beaivvás for this wonderful experience.

With gratitude and joy,
Lady Peace Minister

Anna, the Woman Behind Everything

In my previous column of the Soul's Mirror, 5/2013, I promised to write about Claire Heartsong's books ”Anna, the Grandmother of Jesus” and ”Anna, The Voice of the Magdalenes” ( My situation, however, now is such that it is not good for me to sit much on the computer. I am recovering from a surgery where quite a big tumor was operated from my breast by a plastic surgeon, beautifully and skillfully. Everything went fine, and I am very happy about that. I have bathed in the light of prayers and healing blessings. This tumor was quite a long time in my breast, also during the Maria Magdalena Camino in France last May. It was a big miracle that I managed so well during the Camino. My prayer all the time was ”Christ help me”. I am deeply grateful to Life and all the wonderful people that have helped me with their prayers and healing energy. Everything has its purpose. Life is a wonderful adventure and rebirth every moment. To fully recover, I still need and very much appreciate all the loving prayers and healing energy from you, my dear friends.

”There is a woman behind everything.” That is true about Anna, the Grandmother of Jeshua. She lived more than 700 years (634 BC- 82 AD). Her mission was to make the way ready for Yeshua; give birth to many children (9 sons and 5 daughters), raise them and their descendants. Mary Ann, Yeshua's mother was Anna's youngest child (20 BC- 66 AD). Grandmother Anna and most of her descendants were Adepts and high Initiates. Anna herself went through all possible initiations. She knew, among others, how to win death in your physical body, how to regenerate your cells and how children are lightseeded. She taught the initiations to her children and descendants, and, of course, also to Yeshua. She supported Yeshua (4 BC -72 AD) from birth to death and resurrection. Yeshua gave to her, his beloved Grandmother, the pet name of ”Nana”.

One very important person in Anna's books is also Joseph of Arimathea (57 BC -62 AD), Anna's eldest son. He was Maria Magdalena's father and Yeshua's uncle. Joseph married Mary of Magdala 5 BC, and Maria Magdalena was born 4 BC, Lazarus 1 AD, and Martha 3 AD. Joseph was very rich and one of the 70 members of the Jewish council Sanhedri. With his wealth and influence he was able to finance the trips of his family members – also Yeshua's – to the countries, known in those days as Egypt, India, Himalaya, Greece, France and England. He had a big fleet; he bought, among other items, tin from England and sold it to the influential people in Rome. So he gained useful privileges. In his ships he could safely take his family members abroad to ground new Essean communities, and bring them what they needed. Grandmother Anna's dearest Essean Community was the Carmel Monastery which with the Quamran Monastery was the most important Essean Community in Palestine.

In France Anna's family grounded an Essean Community at the foot of Mt. Bugarach. Also Anna's eldest sons went to England and grounded there Essean Communities in Avalon (Glastonbury) and other places on the island.

Joseph of Arimathea took in his ship Yeshua's family and other family members from Egypt to France where they landed ashore (now known as the village of the Saintes-Maries-de-la Meer). The voyage was very dangerous because the Roman soldiers had taken all sails and oars off of the vessel, and also all of the food and water. The officer of the Roman soldiers, who had served in Jerusalem and had been transferred to Alexandria, had recognized Joseph in the market place of Alexandria. He had put Joseph in prison in Jerusalem, but could not hinder that he was freed. Now he did the same, but Joseph was again freed because of his influential Roman papers. Without sails nor oars, food nor water the family with many children managed to land in France. That was a big Miracle.

”Anna, Grandmother of Jesus”, that was published in 2002, tells about Grandmother Anna's life hundreds of years before Yeshua's birth. ”Anna, the Voice of the Magdalenes”, published in 2010, tells the own stories of different family members. The writer, Claire Heartsong, quite obviously belongs to Anna's ”clan”, so that she gets text direct from Anna.

I have enthusiastically and excitedly read these books. Mostly I have been fascinated by the humanity of the members of Anna's family, including Yeshua and Maria Magdalena. This supports my former thinking. I have always felt very close to them as human beings. Spirituality is self-evident, but knowing them also as physical persons is something else than the worshipping of pictures, and the odd attitude of the church to these great persons.

To close this writing, I tell you a little funny story of my time in the hospital. After the surgery I woke up and felt quite sick, but after sleeping for several hours I felt amazingly refreshed. I said to the nurse that ”I feel like newborn”. The answer of this nurse who turned out to be also a midwife was: ”That suits well, there are new people being born here all the time.” My room in the hospital was situated in the ladies department where there were also the delivery rooms, and newborn babies with their mothers! Life is a Big Miracle.

I am deeply grateful for all of the prayers and healing blessings that I have received from you, my dear friends.

With Blessings and Love,

Lady Peace Minister

Camino of Maria Magdalena in the Pyrenees

James Twyman arranged, this past May, a Maria Magdalena Camino in the French Pyrenees. This is where a group of about 30 of us, mostly from the USA, walked in the footsteps of Maria Magdalena. Our guides were a Danish sweet lady by the name of Benedicte, and her husband Claus. During a couple of weeks, we walked and climbed mountains in these regions where Maria Magdalena and Jeshua's relatives dwelled and influenced after the dramatic events in Palestine. I have spent the whole summer digesting what I experienced, and I’ve also wondered how I managed. The journey was both physically and spiritually very challenging. Just walking and continuous climbing up to the mountains and Cathar castles required strength. I am no mountain climber; I managed with the aid of prayers.

The group met in Marseille, where we continued the same day to Saintes Maries de la Mer, the little well-known village where Maria Magdalena and the other members of Jeshua's family landed from Egypt. We arrived just in time to join the Gypsy Festival celebrating Sainte Sarah on the 24th and 25th of May. The little black statue of St. Sarah was carried from the church to the sea. The crowd was huge, and I chose not to go with the crowd into the sea as is their tradition. Instead, I witnessed the statue on its return from the sea being carried back into the church. Somehow I was more impressed by the Wesak full moon shining in the black sea when we returned from the event to our cabins.

We stayed over night in modest camping cabins. Before we went to the festival James had a ceremony in the sea where he baptized us. It was a good start for the holy camino. The next day, some of the group returned to the continued church celebrations, and others had a walk to the lovely flamingo park. That fascinated me more. The pink flamingoes were just gorgeous.

From Saintes Maries de la Mer we went by bus into the Pyrenees. A steep mountain road took us to Salve Terra (the Holy Land). The white horses running free in the fields and by the roads were charming and reminded me of the mystical Unicorns. When we walked on the road they came quite close so that we could easily take photos of them.

Our bus often left us after a while and we continued walking. We were fortunate that the weather was unusually chilly, that helped walking a lot. The region where we walked is Salve Terra, the old region of the Cathars. It is full of their castles and fortresses, many of them in ruins, some of them reconstructed safe for the walkers to climb, among them the castles of Queribus and Peyrepertuse where we climbed.

The whole region of Languedoc is full of hollow mountains with huge caves inside. They are very beautiful, some of them like nature's cathedrals. We walked among sage and rosmary bushes to find a whole in the wilderness that led into a magnificent sacred cave, ”La Caune”. That is a very special shrine, used by Maria Magdalena and others initiated for ceremonies. The oldest known Black Madonna was found here. There is a hole in the upper rock. The sun shone direct to a little stone where I sat down. With my face towards the sun and my chest undressed I sat like a tempel priestess as a focus of the healing rays. I sensed strongly the presence and blessing of Maria Magdalena.

We could sense the holiness of the region. Picturesque views, old villages, castles, churches with their statues on every step. Charming Cucugnan where there is an old mill and bakery, and a church full of statues of Maria Magdalena from many centuries. The stunning scenery in nature, the Galamus Gorge, the Hermitage of St. Antoine de Galamus. And the chapel in a cave and the buildings hanging on the gorge wall. There you could have a cup of coffee served by a hermit who still lives there.

Rennes-les-Bains was an unforgettable experience. One reason being that there we had a very good accommodation. A lovely village built along a river, hot springs, and other sources from the mountains. Here we were baptized a second time by James in the beautiful holy ”Fontaine des Amours” where Maria Magdalena has baptized people. Her presence was tangible. Everyone shared their own prayers. Mine was: ”I pray that I am released from all my fears and can be an instrument of our Mother Maria Magdalena.” Our lovely local guides, Sus and Kai, were good hosts and lecturers of the history of the whole region, including also the next day's destination, Rennes-le-Chateau.

Our next stop was the famous Rennes-le-Chateau. We walked there the whole way, most of the time baptized, now by rain. We were in the area where mystic and symbolism have given inspiration to many. The walking was a real pilgrimage and often it felt very strenuous. We also passed by a place where we saw the mountain of Bugarach. Our guide told that it is famous for its UFO's that often land there. I did not know anything about this mountain. It was a big surprise to me to read in a book that I bought in the shop in Rennes-le-Chateau that it is that mountain where the Essene Community was located and where the family and relatives of Jeshua dwelled in France.

The two centers Rennes-le-Chateau and Rennes-les-Bains  - one placed on a hilltop and the other down in a valley – guided our pilgrimage between the male and the female. As above – so below.

Our guide Benedicte told that, ”In our search we have for several years asked The Maria Magdalena Church the question 'why' and it has sent us answers from a world reserved for the initiated.”

. Relations between the inside and outside geometry of the church
. The connections to astronomy
. The spiritual symbols in the church
. The balance between the male and the female
. The possible group behind the architecture and symbols
. Connections to other churches nearby

With the spectacular view-point, its natural defences and abundant sources, man has always lived on this ancient site. Rennes-le-Chateau has been a place of pilgrimage since the 500th hundred. It is also famous for its priest Bérenger Saunière who in 1891 made a chance discovery, that brought him fame and fortune. It is not known what he actually found. He might be the keeper of a spiritual secret, hidden in this land, and of which he wished to leave us a trace.

Abbe Saunière built the Maria Magdalena Church with all its mystic symbols and the Tower of the Magdala. In the church there is a big altar piece with Jesus and Maria Magdalena kneeling at his feet. The line in the center of the Church touches exactly the head of Maria Magdalena. When you stand near the Tower, you can gaze at a large landscape temple in the form of a pentagram, the five-point-star. One of the points goes to Mt. Bugarach, where there was an Essene Community modeled after the Mt. Carmel Community in Palestine. That was the Community for Jeshua's family and relatives when they lived in France. I read about Mt. Bugarach in the book that I bought in the shop in Rennes-le-Chateau. ”Anna, the Voice for the Magdalenes” written by Claire Heartsong with Catherine Ann Clemett, published in 2010.

Our last location in the Pyrenees was Montségur, one of the most beautiful and touching places. Montségur is both a village filled with medieval charm, a mountain, and a Cathar Castle. It was the last stronghold of the Cathars and was destroyed by the Pope and the French army in 1244. Hundreds of of Cathars were burnt alive in the field down the mountain.

The walk to the village was utmost strenuous for me. The closer I reached the village the more painful it was. I happened to walk by myself between big rocks that felt utmost threatening. My feet weighed tons, and I almost collapsed.

We accommadated in fancy, beautiful rooms, and after a good meal and rest we were strong enough to start next day our climbing all the way up from the village to the Montségur Castle together with the local guides Richard and his wife Anne Mie. Richard is a specialist in the Cathars' extraordinary history and their influence on spiritual/religious people, and he gave us a great lecture before we started the trip.

In the field of the big massacre where 500 hundred Cathars were burnt alive, we had a beautiful rose ceremony. Each of us put a rose as a token for love and peace and forgiveness in the middle of the field and said some prayer. Many of us cried, we felt we were those Cathars. The climbing the steep path was hard and also dangerous. Without David's help I hardly could have reached the top to the Castle. I prayed all the time ”Christ, help me”. So I managed safely to climb to the top. Climbing down was more dangerous. Now I got help from the lovely guide Anne Mie who took my hand and led me safely down. Montségur is 1200 meters high. I am happy that I did it. It was my Himalaja.

Our guides told about the Cathars. Cathar means 'pure'. They were heretics because they did not obey the Pope or his priests. They had direct connection to God. They lived a modest and humble life. One of our group shared that according to our guide, they ate the same kind of food as I do. What a surprise for all of us. I did not know that either. My food is macrobiotic, no meat, fish, milk products, and only glutenfree flour. My food is organic vegetables. My health therapist Liisa Kinnunen, had taught me about this food a long time ago. If I have slipped my diet for some reason, or had big traumas in my life, I have had serious problems and illnesses; breast cancer twice; the second time being during the Camino. I am confident that the old Cathar traumas and the cell memory have forced me to live like a Cathar, also in this life. During this pilgrimage the quality of the food for me was very poor, only on the last few days did I get the excellent food I needed in good hotels where we stayed.

Our last destination was the most beautiful La Sainte Baume where Maria Magdalena stayed in her last years. Climbing to the top of this mountain was a lovely walk through a beautiful forest. Walking was light and pleasant, only the last steps were steep to the Cave that is a huge Cathedral inside the mountain. During the centuries there have been built many altars and statues for Maria Magdalena. I saw only one altar for the Christ on the Cross. The view from the top is so heavenly beautiful that it is easy to imagine that The Illumined Saints love to stay there, meditate and pray in high energies.

After the trip I absorbed in reading the book that I had bought in Rennes-le-Chateau, ”Anna, The Voice for the Magdalenes”. I have read and read, been stunned, even shocked at the first reading. Anna is the grandmother, the mother of Jeshua's mother and she is the head of this 'clan'. The members of her family tell their own stories. The book gives detailed information and exact dates and years. It is so amazing that I just couldn't but read and reread. Then it started to live within me. Yes, so it is. I will write my next article about this book. I also ordered (and have now read) the first Anna-book, ”Anna, Grandmother of Jesus” that Claire Heartsong has published earlier.

I am very grateful to this Maria Magdalena Camino, and to Grandmother Anna and her family members for all the information and love I have received. Life is great.

Lisa Marie who lives in the USA, and who edits my English versions, also joined the Camino. I invited her to visit my home in Rovaniemi at the Arctic Circle. After a couple of days' sighseeings we drove up to Karigasniemi in Utsjoki, on the head chakra of Lady Finland; about five hours' drive up to the north. Maaritar, our dear Maria Magdalena Sister, invited us to participate in a funeral for Alina, a dear friend of hers, who had died. We were taken into the tundra. It was a very long drive through rugged tundra, past Creation Lake and then to Holy Mountain. Here we did sacred ceremony together, and spred the ashes of Alina to the beautiful sky.

So we brought with Lisa Marie the sacred energy of our Beloved Maria Magdalena direct from Salve Terra up to the Crown chakra of the Lady Finland, to radiate Her beauty and blessing all over the world.

With Gratitude, Blessings and Love,
Lady Peace Minister


What a joy, what a joy
spring in the heart and the Sun
shines, the Easter festivities coming
and I have a new reindeer outfit 

What a joy, what a joy
to you I am coming

Nils-Aslak Valkeapaa: The nights of the spring so bright  (Margie's translation)

I carried out an old dream and visited the festivities of St. Mary's Day in Hetta last March. It turned out to be an impressive journey for me. I learned of Nils-Aslak Valkeapaa (1943-2001), the famous Sámi multi-media artist, who would’ve had his 70th birthday this year. His memory has been celebrated in many ways.

Áillohas or Áilu lived two lives. The first began in March 1943 during the war, when he was born into a Reindeer Sámi family in the Eanodat municipality in northern Finland. The family was living in their winter home in Ádjagorsa in Gáresávvon. It was just before their spring migration to the coast of Norway at Ivgubahta.

The family later moved their winter home to Beattet, which was also Áilus's winter home for the whole of his life. He spent the summers in Ivgu. In his own way, Áilu followed the ancient Reindeer Sámi annual migration his whole life. Personally, and as an artist, he was truly a ”migrating Sámi”, whose wanderings reached different areas of art to the edges of the world.

Nils-Aslak Valkeapaa put the tradition of the Sámi people into words
Photo: Jaakko Heikkila

At the end of February 1996, Áilu was in a violent car accident near his home in Beattet. In a snow flurry, he collided with a semitrailer on the road to Gilbbesjárvi. He woke up to masses of flowers and thought he was in heaven. But he really did start a new life. The world was to him as if to a newborn baby. He did not remember how a television or computer worked. He lost his foreign languages; some, like Norwegian, returned, but English never did.

Áilu adjusted to his new condition amazingly well. He said: ”I am an instrument that life plays”. Because of his health, he had to move from Beattet to Ivgubahta, where he was very much appreciated. The municipality and the Norwegian government helped him to build a grand studio house, perched above the shores of the beautiful Ivguvuotna. His second life ended up on his good friend's sofa in Espoo, Finland, after returning from a trip to Japan. Áilu died in a manner worthy of the son of a Reindeer Sámi and of a poet: jodus, on the move.

Áilu was born into a mode of living that crossed the borders of nations and cultures. ”I came from a multicultural community and I still live in three countries”, he said. ”We never paid attention to borders, and I never even knew that there were different countries until I went to school”.
The young Àilu concisely summed up the issue in a provocative book ”Terveisia Lapista” (1971), (Greetings from Lapland,1983).

”When i went to elementary school I found out that I did not have a mother tongue. Today when I am at home in Beatter, I notice that I do not have a fatherland.” That is the origin of Áilu's ability to cross cultural and political borders as well as the borders of art. From the crosssection of many cultures, he looked at things freely, without borders. Áilu was busy in many international activities, traveling the world as the Sámi's ”ambassador”. In his view he was not acting internationally. It was his natural way to communicate.

When I was in Hetta, at the St. Mary's Day festivities, in March this year, I saw two films about Áilu/ Áillohas. The films opened my eyes and my heart. I was amazed. How is it possible that  I know so little about this great artist, I thought. Actually I knew only his name and his yoik music. I felt ashamed and embarrassed. I have travelled a lot, around the world, studied different religions and cultures. I live in the north – and I actually know nothing about this great soul. I went to the library and there I found an exhibition about him. I also found a great book ”The Sámi People – Traditions in Transition” written by Veli-Pekka Lehtola, and translated into English by Linna Weber Műller-Wille. I was happy to find an English version, too. Most of this text I have taken from this great book.

The name Sámi is an ethnic designation signifying that Sámi view themselves as members of a culture set apart from the dominant cultures. It supplants the term ”Lapp” which was given by outsiders. ”Laplanders” are people who live in the province of Lapland in Finland, regardless of whether they are Sámi of Finns.

The Sámi are the only ethnic group in the European Union to be recognized as an aboriginal people. They are a minority living in four countries, and have their own language and culture. The largest population live in Norway, 40-50,000. In Sweden there are 15-25,000 Sámi, in Finland at least 7000 and in Russia about 2000.

At the end of the 1960's, the Sámi movement began among young people. Nils-Aslak Valkeapaa raised the yoik music to be the central symbol of national spirit, making it into a stage art through concerts, recordings, and publications. Music combined traditions and Sámi language with the influences from modern pop music. Writers committed themselves to building a new Sámi identity.

The modern view of identity is an on-going process, continually being produced. There is no such thing as a complete and unchanging identity; it is in certain ways created all the time. It changes through time and history.

The yoik has always been one of the cornerstones of Sámi identity, a strong expression of Sámi distinctness. The yoik represents the clearest of all the age-oild Sámim cultural traditions. It has been an aspect of ”our people”, ”our” point of view.  It is no wonder that, in its attempt to break down the Sámi belief system and world-view, the church attacked yoiking. As well as forbidding spiritual yoiking, it also forbade normal, secular yoiks merely because of their distinctiveness.

In the postwar years the yoik tradition was completely lost in some places. It may be said that Nils-Aslak Valkeapaa's public performances, which began in 1966, raised youik to a new flourishing, and to a new identity as a symbol.

Sámi heritage of pictorial art reaches back to rock drawings of thousands of years ago. Áilu penetrated the rock images and ancient world-view through his books and photographs. Like other artists, he did not want to make use of the original meanings of the ancient symbols. Even so, they are remarkable sources of inspiration that originated in the same environment and among the same people as today's art.

Áilu's works crystallizes many characteristic features of  Sámi poetry. A central theme for him was the conflict between the different mental worlds of a people close to nature and of western cultures. He stressed the language of Sámi experience in nature, and portrayed the difficulties of Sámi children in the srtrange environment of a Finnish school and their development of an understanding of the beauty of their own people's picture of life. On a trip to visit North American Indians as a  Sámi musician, he found new hope when he realized that readers were to be found among the world's aboriginal peoples, whose problems were similar to the Sámi's.

Áilu said, ”People who only know one language think that in another language the words are only replaced with equivalent ones. It probably never occurs to them that the whole way of thinking may be different and that things may be seen in a different way.”

As a writer Áilu's most important gifts to Sámi culture were the large works of  poetry Ruoktu vaimmus (1985),  and Beaivi, áhčážan (1988), and Eanni, eannázan (2001). Based on those works, he has deservedly been called the Sámi people's mythographer and interpreter of their national mythology and identity.

He gradually grew to be a symbolic personage for Sámi themselves and in the eyes of outsiders. In the early 1970's he was ”Finland's Áilu” in Guovdageaidnu and on the Swedish side ”Válgon Áilu”. But toward the end of his life he was to all the Sámi only Áilu, Áillohas.

Writing and print making were just as natural to Áilu as music. He said that he does not remember a time when he did not do them. It was a just as natural for him to combine different forms, from literature to print making, from music to poetry. He saw nothing strange in that. The natural life was for him unlimited.

When I paint, I hear it as music and words; when I make music, I see it as colours and words; when I write music is in my head the whole time and I see colours. Different art forms are products of the same spirit, only carried out with different techniques. Crossing borders and forms has always seemed natural for me. What seems strange is someone who only writes or only draws.

Holistic ingtegrity was Áilu's essential characteristic. In his epic poems his conscious ambition was to create a comprehensive picture of the Sámi people, their world of thought and their traditions. While Ruoktu váimmus was the first psychological accounting, Beaivi, áhčážan was plainly a consicious effort to create an ”epic of the Sámi people”, which would have symphonic dimensions in its structure. The photographs are an integral part of the tale.

As is appropriate for an epic, Beaivi, áhčážan  begins with the creation of the world, ”the embryo of life in the womb of the world”. Humanity appears gradually in the poetry; they make pictures on the rocks and on noaidi drumheads. Here the photographs are of rocks and shrines, flat rocks which vaguely resemble people.

Beaivi, áhčážan  is both the tale of one Sámi's life after the war, and a portrayal of the whole world-view of the Sámi people. The main character is a Sámi who cannot kill a reindeer. Instead of living as others, he becomes a noaidi and an artist with his drums and the realities born out of them. In poetry and pictures, goahti, Sámi siidas, reindeer migration and markets all come to life.

But in the poem are the threatening shadows of strangers, conquerors, rulers who bring with them new boundaries, new goods. ”they are fine / educated men / they could not sit at the fire.”
With the newcomers come new ideas and concepts, which have neither the adaptability of the northern residents nor their humility.

A quality that permeates the work is the Sámi concept of time. Just as a person's life, history also recurs as ”seasons” - from birth to death, from morning to night, spring to winter and to a new spring, appearance to disappearance. Beaivi, áhčážan  is a great homage to Nature, the turning of the world, totally in harmony with the Sámi way of thinking. At the end of time, everything will melt again into the wholeness of the world, into dream.

In the poetry, everything ends at the beginning. The book finally blends into a picture – he no longer knows whether he is real – or only his own picture. ”I open the door to the outside / when I step inside”. The work ends with photographs of rock drawings and sieidi, flat pictures, rocks that vaguely resemble people.

Ja go visot lea meaddel
ii gullo žat mihkkege
ii mihkkege

ja dat gullo

when all is finished
nothing can be heard

and it is heard

(poem translated by Linna Weber Muller-Wille) 

Artist and world citizen Nils-Aslak Valkeapaa portrayed in his art his own background of living on the borders between several states and cultures. His background gave rise to his desire and inclination to overcome the borders through art and through cultural and political activism. It is  about a natural way of living. Overcoming borders creates new avenues, but also tensions, without which there is no progress. ”The only genuine thing is just what lives”.

I am so happy that I have finally found Nils-Aslak Valkeapaa and his great art. My soul corresponds very deeply with his soul. It is something very Universal that we all people have in common. God bless you Áilu and your Sámi people, and all of us. 

With love and gratitude,
Lady Peace Minister

Blessing Flowing Into Hearts

Right in front of me the Sun is shining, radiating small snow flakes like diamonds. In the morning it was hard for me to rise from bed, for the sight was so fascinating. In the background is the big dark fir tree, and these blessing little snow flake stars flowing from the sky. Today is the UN's Women's Day, and it starts with Blessings! 

For the last few days I have been reading James Twyman's book ”The Barn Dance”. I read it when it was published a couple of years ago, but now I felt that I needed to read it once more. The book is an amazing true story how James met his ex-wife Linda after her death in a place somewhere ”between Heaven and Earth”.

On November 27, 2005, two men broke into Linda's apartment in Evanston, Illinois, and brutally stabbed her to death. Three and a half years later, one of the two men was found, and he was already in prison. No motive was found for the murder. Their daughter, Angela, was visiting with her father and was thus saved. 

In his book, James shares the guilt that he had felt since leaving his family after a couple of years' marriage. They were young and James did not adjust to his role as a husband, no matter how much he loved his famly. He did not find his place and work, and how to support his family. He disliked his  job as a salesman. He knew that he had some mission in his life that was for the whole of mankind. He needed to make an impact on the world, and not just raise a family, as Linda wanted. When he saw a film about St. Francis, a deep desire arose within him to start searching for himself and his mission.

He believed for ten years that Linda would understand and forgive his leaving, hoping that they would find each other again; that was the reason why he did not accept a divorce for a long time. It was just when they were about to rebuild their marriage that Linda was murdered. After this James was overwhelmed with huge guilt.

James was driving in his car to Oregon with Angela (and Angela's best friend). Linda's ashes were with them. In a big snowstorm they were driven to a dangerous cliff, and they almost were killed. For three and a half years James did not find peace, but he had to return to that cliff. From the cliff  he climbed down and was led deep to the Nevada wilderness where a strange man found him. This man, Richard, led James in three nights to a place that he called Barn Dance place. In this place there gathered souls that had left their physical level and which wandered in the between place led by their own soul plan. Everyone had a lesson of their own to learn. Every night the place turned out a different stage, such as barn dance, fine restaurant, and theater. It was here that James met Linda – as a physical person – which rarely happenes – only for a few people, told Richard.

Linda and James healed the wounds of each other. Both showed to each other how they had felt their marriage. They could feel their emotions. Looking deep into each other's eyes they could recall the mutual moments. James experienced his fears and guilt, his own incabability to take care of his family, and what was worst – of Linda at her moment of death. She showed that she was not left alone. There was a policeman who took Linda in his arms and looked into her eyes at the moment she died.

Both Linda and James forgave each other. James had two options, to stay with Linda in the heaven, or return to the physical world. The daughter Angela and his mission made James return to the physical world.

The book tells about how forgiving heals a person from fears and guilt. It also tells that we can communicate with our loved ones who have passed to the other side, where Heaven and Earth meet, and where love never ends and life goes on forever.

Right after reading this book,  I read James' new book ”Love, God, and the Art of French Cooking”. It tells about how James by chance finds a little reastaurant near Toronto. The owner, a French cook, Roger Dufau, turnes out to be a mystic who teaches about love and God as easily as he makes delicious meals. ”Food is the closest thing we have to real spirituality”. He gives an example of how to smash garlic.

Most people say it's best to cut the garlic in little slivers – they think it brings out the flavor. What they don't realize is that garlic has a very inrteresting quality: it heals itself after it's been cut, just like your finger would. Your finger wants to retain your blood, the garlic wants to retain its juice. You chop the garlic slowly, carefully, and by the time you've put it on the fire, it's locked its juice inside...Your life is the same. Your life is not meant to be slowly dissected, it is meant to be smashed. Then the juice inside you flows out and adds flavor to everything you touch. When you try to control the circumstances and the people around you, you're are doing so out of fear. Don't give too much, or you might be left with too little – that kind of thing. You stop the flow of life as soon as it starts.

So you need to let go of the fear and let it spill out into the world like this garlic.The same is true for you. You've been smashed by women. They squashed you, which forced you to start looking at the parts you were afraid to look at before. Then you were able to express, push out, the juice that's within.

It is very important for you to realize that you have no direct power over outer things. Anything that seems to be outside you is really a consequence or a picture of something that is already within. The idea that you can affect externals directly, without first changing your thoughts, would mean that you can think one thing and produce another. It is impossible, it's against the true law of the Universe. As within, so without.

Simplicity and high-quality ingredients is the basis for all cooking. The same is in life. When Roger cooks he communicates with the ingredients, and so he knows how to cook.

Besides all the cooking, Roger helps James to get rid of his pain and attitude towards women. James has all his life felt in his relationships with women that he is not good enough to be held and loved. He has not believed that he deserves love. It was so with Linda, but also in all his relationships with women. Roger takes James to his childhood and to his jealousy to his mother when his little sister was born and took his mother's attention. Roger helps James to handle his fears of love and intimacy. Roger teaches him also that healing happens in helping others who have the same problem. Both men and women have fears towards the other sex.

Poems start to sing within James.
”Sister, Forgive Me”

I wish I could have been more conscious when my fears began to rise-
I didn't mean to project them onto you and force you away from me.
I wish I could have held still for a moment instead of running or
forcing you to run -
No matter how far I went, you were still with me, and I was still alone. 

There are so many things I've learned from you, so many lessons I've gained -
But most of them were never seen by anyone because I was afraid
to be that vulnerable.
Being alone felt safe, even though I missed what we could have been together -
And melting into another felt like I was losing something
instead of receiving more. 

I wish I had seen you as my sister -
Insted of a person I could use, then throw away.
I would never have done that to someone in my own family -
Something I feel whenever I think of you. 

Sister, I'm sorry I took you for granted and looked the other way -
Didn't honor you, hoped for something more.
I'm sorry I was so impatient, uncaring -
Leaving you to wonder what you did wrong. 

You didn't do anything wrong -
And when I'm honest, neither did I.
All those things have brought me to this moment -
And it's a moment I treasure more than any other. 

This is when I can look you in the eyes ansd say I'm sorry,
And in doing so, forgive myself.
I didn't run from you -
It was me I was trying to keep my distance from. 

I understand that now, and I can also understand you -
Who you really are!
You're a gift that helps me remember that life is meant to be shared -
And I commit myself to that now. 

More than anything, I want you to know that I love you -
Not for who I thought you were or what I could get from you -
But for who yuo really are.
Now that I see that so clearly, I know I can never forget. 


Sister, it feels like I've turned a corner,
One that I didn't know existed a moment ago. 

Were you the one who inspired this movement?
Or was it something neither of us could have seen before now,
Deeper than our breath or the wounds that have driven us into the shadows
Where we hid unannounced? 

A seed that was buried breaks through the surface of our lives,
And as we stretch toward the sun with our hands and hearts open wide
We renew our commitment to love and to each other.
It took us this long to finally arrive at this place,
And now that we're here, I reach my hand toward yours and we step forward -
Into a world we have yet to create. 

It's as if I've opened my eyes for the first time,
And I can see you looking at me,
Vulnerable and awake. 

How could we have understood the changes taking place within us?
Who was there to witness the beautiful opening of our lives? 

A light begins to expand inside our hearts,
Filling us with more energy than we've ever known before.
Is it possible that this is what we've been waiting for?
Was this the promise we sensed even when we stood in the shadows,
Waiting for the sudden approach of heaven?
All I know is that I can no longer remain where I once stood,
As if one door has opened and the other suddenly disappears. 

I've tried to stand still, hoping to delay the step that appears before me now,
But then I remember why I came -
Not to vanish, but to forgive;
Not to abandon, but to absolve the restless spirit that has claimed me till now. 

Thank you for the persistent echo that moves through me still.
Thank you for reminding me that yesterday has been abandoned,
And tomorrow is nothing more than a mist that fades as the sun rises. 

I am ready to stand in front of you without running,
I am ready to hold you instead of moving.
I am ready to hold myself without worrying about who is looking.
I am here, present and whole – perhaps for the first time,
All because I was willing to look inside both of our hearts,
And not recoil when the thunder shook the air around our bodies. 

Thank you, dearest Sister, for holding me accountable for everything I am,
And everything I might become.
It is the only thing that is left of me now,
And time won't forget this moment of perfect grace. 

That Divine Feminine that lives within all people deserves to become known and loved without fears. Let's rejoice over this;  we Sisters deserve it.

With blessings and love,
Lady Peace Minister

St. Mary's Days celebration in Hetta, Enontekio, March 13th-17th

The Sami people have traditionally gathered in Enontekio for hundreds of years, in Hetta Church, to celebrate St. Mary's Day. The first church was built by three devout Lapp brothers (at their own expense) in the late 16th century at Rounala.The next church was built in 1661 in Markkina which was an important market place for the Lapps. The present church was rebuilt in 1952 after it had been burned down during the Lapland war in 1944.

This present church is one of most beautiful modern churches in Finland. It is also my favorite church and I consider its altar wall most beautiful. The magnificant mosaic work manifests the resurrected Christ blessing the people of Lapland and their daily life with reindeer. There are fells in the background where reindeer are going, and one large reindeer and two Sami persons, too.

I like to drive to Hetta, up to the North, in the colorful autumn time. I always stay overnight in the Hetta Inn, in its old wooden house, which is full of the feeling of generations of hikers and skiers. The inn is owned by a fourth generation family. Mother Tuula works in the kitchen and Tiina, the young daughter, works in the office.

This year the program was very much in Memoriam of Nils-Aslak (Ailu) Valkeapaa's 70th Anniversary. There were Aillohas-concerts and Aillohas-films presented in Skierri which is the Fell Lapland Nature Centre.

I have always known that Ailu was a great artist, singer, musician, painter, writer. He was especially famous for his singing of Sami-joiks, which Sami people like to sing in the fells, without words or instruments. When I saw the Aillohas-films on Aiku I realised how great a soul he has been. He gave identity to the Sami people. He showed how great and spiritual this culture of the Sami people is, which the Christian church almost totally ruined.

Forgivng is the power which is the basis for a genuine culture. Ailu understood this and was able to forgive. The young people have clearly found their roots. In Skierri there was an opening of an art exhibition where Maria-Liisa and Nea-Maria Valkeapaa, mother and daughter, relatives of Ailu, had hung their brightly colored magnificent paintings.

There was a Sami psalms-concert in Hetta Church on Saturday evening. It was great and the colorful dresses of theSami people were fantastic. On Sunday there was Holy service in Sami and the Finnish Language in Hetta Church. I enjoyed the colorful Sami dresses, the Sami language, and the peaceful atmosphere, very much. Even the priest had on beautiful reindeer skin boots during the service.

There were, of course, also reindeer race and lassoing competitions on the frozen Lake Ounasjarvi, (skill and speed lassoing competition for women and men). Traditional Sami handicrafts and other local products were for sale in the market place. Many happenings were going on during these days, and many tourists from many countries were present. At the breakfast table I heard many languages, and especially French, to my great surprise!

It is great that young people have found their roots and are proud of their culture. It is a great resource, not only for the Sami people themselves, but for all of us. We all should return to our own roots, closer to nature, humanity, and caring for each other. Living in the Love. I am deeply grateful for these wonderful days I spent with Sami people and St. Mary within my heart.

Peace Minister

The Celibacy of the Priests and Pedofilia

Sexuality is quite a taboo, even nowadays. It is, however, a normal, natural thing in everyone's life.
God created us in Her/His own image, woman and man. And, quite apparently, Mother/Father/Creator wanted us also to increase this on Tellus, our Beloved Earth. Why is sexuality then such a delicate matter for us?

The marriage of Maria Magdalena and Jesus was a big threat to the Church. She had to be eliminated. Even many of the male disciples condemned and humiliated Maria Magdalena into tears.  Very soon, as early as the fourth century, the Church systematically started to remove Maria Magdalena from the sacred writings. And it was Pope Gregory I, in the year of 591, who declared that real believers must consider Maria Magdalena a whore. This intentional lie was eventually withdrawn by the Church – in the year of 1969. It took time (almost 1378 years)! And many people today don't even know about this truth.

Constantine the Great, along with the Church, started to create their own image of Jesus. It was important to lead and control people. Fear/guilt/shame/hell and original sin helped a lot. These were rooted effectively in the minds of the people. Constantine the Great and the Council of Nicea in 325 started an effective manipulation of people. They created a doctrine of Jesus and man's sinfulness from which only the Church could save the poor person who was doomed to live their lives with sin, guilt and shame. This led to the fact that the Church had to create more odd doctrines to manage their explanations.

In the fourth century, St. Augustinus got a genius idea to create the original sin that starts with Adam and Eve; according to this doctrine even the newborn baby is full of sin. Only the Church can pardon the sinner. They created also the eternal hell where you were sent if you did not obey the Church. The word hell, in Hebrew, is 'Gehenna'; and apparently the whole idea was taken from the rubbish dump (with the eternal fire) outside Jerusalem that was named Gehenna in the days of old.

In 554, The Council of Constantinople condemned as heresy the reincarnation that was to Jesus and many living in Palestine a natural understanding in those days.

Where did the Church’s denial of the marriage of Jesus and Maria Magdalena lead to? It denied the sexuality of Jesus, the son of God and Man. Thus, it appeared Jesus did not redeem the sexuality of human beings. The consequence of this was that sexuality became unholy, even filthy/unclean. And where did this lead us? The priests had to be celibate. This is something that St. Paul had never demanded from his priests, as Nick Bunick (former St. Paul) writes in his book ”Time for Truth”. And what followed from this impossible requirement? Many priests, especially bishops and even the Popes themselves led obscene lives, secretly of course. And even worse, sexual abuse, which is one of the most terrible things that a religious leader or believer can do.

In all of this, there was no room for Feminine Divinity. The power was masculine, and the Feminine Divinity went underground. Maria Magdalena, who was pregnant, fled to Egypt and from there to southern France. There She declared and taught that Divinity is the balance of the Feminine and Masculine Christ within a person. Maria Magdalena has for many years now manifested this truth. The Divinity is found within, not outside the person.

With Blessings and Love

Lady Peace Minister


I originally planned to spend two weeks sunbathing in Teneriffe, in the Canary Islands, after Christmas, and not here in the bitter cold at home! Once again, I learned a lesson: not to let your mind plan anything too early. Wouldn't it be more convenient to let things flow in their natural rythm, and allow yourself to flow in life without resisting? Isn't flexibility what you are now studying? Yes, I am!

I cancelled my holiday trip, one reason being that I did not want to celebrate the New Year by myself far away from home. And so it happened. My sisters, Riitta and Helena arranged Christmas parties in their homes for our relatives. And the New Year party was arranged by our wonderful youngsters in our old family house where our brother Arvi lives with his family.

While I was walking home New Year’s night, I met in the street a group of cheerful young people. They told me that they were coming back from the New Year's celebration of their congregation. When they heard me share that I am a peace minister, they started hugging me. And so we hugged each others in the middle of my home street. We were happy that we had such a cheerful and happy start for the New Year! At home the telephone soon rang. My friends Maaritar and Niilo were returning from their visit to Tampere on their way up to the north in Utsjoki. They had missed the party, but we had a party of our own, celebrating, eating and having fun. They stayed over night, and at noon we watched on TV the New Year's speech of our President. Before they left we shared the Peace Prayers around the Emissary Wheel quilt, the first service of this new year. So by no means was I alone in celebrating!

While listening to the speech of our President, Sauli Niinisto, I received an inspiration to comment on his speech. I sent a little article to both of our newspapers, the big one and our city paper. They published it in two days. Someone has asked me where my congregation is, as I am an ordained priest. I share that all people are my congregation. I write to ordinary people.

In the ordination of the Beloved Community I committed myself to three wows, the three direct orders of Jesus. To all followers Jesus said: ”Love each other unconditionally as I love you.” To Peter He said: ”Feed my sheep”. And at the Cross He said to Apostle John: ”Hold Mother Maria in your heart until it is time to give Her to the world.”

Margie with Venla and Ilmari

Now it is time to give Mother Maria to the world. I am committed to this, and that is the reason why I do this as an instrument of Mother Maria Magdalena. When I have asked Jesus how I can feed His sheep, He has said that I do it all the time with my words and the texts that I am given. Also the little article for the papers ”Happy Being Society for everyone” is one of these products of inspiration.

Our President happened to launch a new word. He may have meant something like ”lazy people not doing their duty to benefit the society with their talents”.

”We all should consider aiming our lives at implementing exactly this: that the purpose of life is Being, not doing. We are spiritual beings that come time after time to this physical level to study what it is to be a human being. Unnatural plodding along under different kinds of tyrannies may raise our character, but in many cases it puts us down, hardens us, and can make one very cruel. It is unpleasant, especially for the noblest and loveliest of persons that do not want to have anything to do with merciless global rulers. These are people who do not want to contribute to the humiliation of other people, for whom money will not replace God.

How has our world improved more today than, let us say, one hundred years ago? Has the wisdom of our time really moved our humankind spiritually forward? Are people in general somehow more noble and spiritually advanced? Are they at the moment of their death, after studying carefully and objectively his/her life as if from a film, satisfied with themselves? Do people remember their leaders as gentle persons who loved and who were also loved? Are the developing countries now happier after they have been deprived of their natural ways of living, after their lands have been polluted and their self-esteems have been raped?

Let us allow those noble souls who really want to benefit our mankind and this beautiful planet of ours, make it in their silent beautiful way, with their loving prayers and blessings. Those who love, they will be loved. Those who serve, they will be served, by Angels of Light.  This is a legacy worthy to be remembered for.”

The third reason for cancelling my trip was that I unexpectedly received an invitation to Helsinki to attend the memorial service for Jorma, the son of my deceased husband Jussi. In the last few years, I have received the ability to communicate with my beloved living in the other levels, and Jussi has often shared with me that he would like me to meet his chilren's families.

When Jussi and I got married, I was 33 and Jussi 66 of age. Jussi was a widow with three children, one son and two daughters. I now think of myself being in the same situation. How would I have taken this? How would I have reacted as the father's daughter when my father would marry a woman of such a young age? It just so happened that this father's daughter and the father's wife never learned to know each other in this life. Annikki died very soon after her father.

The younger daughter, Paivikki with her family, adjusted herself to the situation and we were  communicating a lot when the children were small. Jorma, the son, was loyal to his father and tolerant in his attitude, but the family lived in eastern Finland, and we met only few times when they visited us in Rovaniemi on their summer holidays. Jorma's eldest son, Jari, visited me several times with his friends when travelling to northern Norway and back. I, by then, was a widow myself. 

I met the children more seldom. There were also a few small incidents that got too big effects. I also moved to northern Finland where I absorbed in my own soul scenery and my relationships here.

I received an invitation from Jorma's children to attend the memorial gathering. After his wife's death, Jorma's health weakened within one year. Jorma was, like his fasther, a philosopher, thinker and a great lover of books. The memorial meeting turned out to be very warmhearted. I got to be with the family, and a lot of sweet little grandchildren that I had never seen before. I met, once again, Jorma's three sons and their families. I lost my heart to their darling children, Jukka's Sampo and Sonja, and Jaakko's Ilmari and Venla. 

Jari's wife, Jian is a Chinese lady, and she brings international color to the family. Jian asked if she could touch my left ear and my nose. She thinks that they are ”happy”. The right ear, too, but not so much. Jin, the left side of the body is feminine, and the right side, yang, is masculine. It suits well  the lady peace minister who has devoted herself to the Feminine Christ! Jari and Jian believe that ”the Asian thinking” unites the three of us. Why not?

With Paivikki's family, Jussi and I communicated a lot when the children, Ville, Anna and Maija were small. We often visited them in their little, beautiful house by the forest. I called them ”fairy house family”. We had a lot of fun together. 

Jussi's memorial service took place in Helsinki crematory chapel, and the memorial meeting was in the nearby restaurant. There was singing by the Kerava's Men Choir, where Jussi had sung for more than forty years. It happened so nicely that Anna, Jussi's granddaughter, had her 5-year birthday on that same day. It occurred to me then that the men's choir could sing a serenade for Anna. Grandpa Jussi would like that. And so it happened. Anna stood on a chair surrounded by the choir of many men. Anna smiled sweetly and looked like a little princess in her beautiful white dress. Anna still recalls this, and is very proud of it. She has now herself two sweet daughters, Selma Helena, two years, and Elsa Johanna, 1 year. Anna did not have the girls with her, so I have not seen these darlings yet.

What has been the main thread in my three latest articles? I have wondered it. But no more, now I know. It seems to be death and the children. The whole circle of the life. The continuity of the life. The tender caretaking of our Blessed Mother Maria Magdalena. Forgiving. The bright insight and the beauty of the Being. 

With Blessings and Love,
Lady Peace Minister


The sky looks fabulous in its midday beauty. The Sun shines in pastel colors above the peak of Poyliovaara. It is about minus twenty degrees Celsius. I felt quite a sharp frost when I
walked to the nearest mailbox to drop in my birthday card to Jaakko. It was the last minute to do it, so that it would reach Turku on time for our Indepedence Day, the sixth of December.

The funeral service for our beloved Sister Eeva, who passed away last November, took place in the  church of Rovaniemi, and it was performed by a sweet Lutheran female priest. My heart longed to have a memorial speech for Eeva, and it happened when I left my flowers to Eeva by her coffin. I felt very strongly the presence of Eeva and I said: ”I know that you know. We have talked about these matters. There is no death. What we call death is only a transit to a different kind of conscience. When the silver core breaks and the soul is ready to transit to the land of the Light after examining her/his life objectively as in a film. The one who loves, is loved. The one who serves, is  served by the Angels of Light. You fulfill both of these features. I thank you and bless you my beloved big sister Eeva Kaisa Maria.” In the memorial occasion afterwards, I shared some text from my previous article in the Soul's Mirror.

The next night was quite extraordinary for me. I was woken up before four o'clock by some odd sound, and it was repeated twelve times, and also a couple of times later at Noon. Eeva was present and talked to me. She seemed to have an urgent need to tell that she lives, and everything feels wonderful on the other side. She stressed that everything that I had said by her coffin, is true and that I should share this with her children, all relatives and friends. She was very anxious about something. I found out that she was worried about her grandchildren. I didn't sleep all night, but instead prayed and blessed all the relatives.

During this same time, Mother Maria Magdalena asked me to read the Bible, and I opened it by chance in the same way as Margaret Starbird tells us in her books. I did this through the night.

There opened the First Book of Kings, ”Elijah revives the widow's son”, and there the verse 17:24
'Look, your son is alive'. Then she said to Elijah, 'Now I know for certain that you are a man of God  and that the word of the Lord on your lips is truth.'

Next opened Psalms, ”Prayer for healing”, and there the verses 41:11-14 'Then I shall know that thou delightest in me and that my enemy will not triumph over me. But I am upheld by thee because of my innocence; thou keepest me for ever in thy sight. Blessed be the Lord, the God of Israel, from everlasting to everlasting. Amen, Amen.'

Then opened Prophet Micah, the chapter 4 as a whole, ”A remnant in an age of peace” and ”Purpose in Israel's captivity”.

'In days to come the mountain of the Lord's house shall be set over all other mountains, lifted high above the hills. Peoples shall come streaming to it, and many nations shall come and say,

Come, let us climb up on to the mountain of the Lord, to the house of the God of Jacob, that he may teach us his ways and we may walk in his paths. For instruction issues from Zion, and out of Jerusalem comes the word of the Lord; he will be judge between many peoples and arbiter among mighty nations afar. They shall beat their swords into mattocks and their spears into pruning knives;
nation shall not lift sword against nation nor ever again be trained for war, and each man shall dwell under his own vine, under his own fig-tree, undisturbed. For the Lord of Hosts himself has spoken.
All peoples may walk, each in the name of his god, but we will walk in the name of the Lord our God for ever and ever. On that day, says the Lord, I will gather those who are lost; I will assemble the exiles and I will strengthen the weaklings. I will preserve the lost as a remnant nation and turn the derelict into a mighty nation.The Lord shall be there on Mount Zion now and for ever.'

'And you, rocky Bastion, hill of Zion's daughter,
the promises to you shall be fulfilled;
and your former sovereignty shall come again,
the dominion of the daughter of Jerusalem.'

These Bible texts are very important for me of old. In the Peace Prayers there is included the Jewish Peace Prayer. Margaret Starbird tells in her books how prophet Micah foresaw long before Christ the Holy Marriage of Jesus and Maria Magdalena when the families of David and Benjamin will unite. So the Masculine and the Feminine Christ together will redeem the mankind. The word ”Magdalen” stems from a Hebrew word meaning ”watchtower, fortress or a high hill” where the shephard watches the sheep. Maria Magdalena will get back Her respect that She deserves as the manifestation of the Feminine Christ.

In the same morning at 10 o'clock I went to our nearby Lutheran church to attend the First Advent service where the Hosiannah was sung. After returning home I was again asked to open the Bible.

Then opened the Second Book of Kings, the chapters 3-4 telling about Prophet Elisha and his many mirales: curing and reviving people and providing them with their necessities.

Next opened Proverbs, the chapter 15 as a whole.

A soft answer turns away anger, but a sharp word makes tempers hot.
A wise man's tongue spreads knowledge; stupid men talk nonsense.
The eyes of the Lord are everywhere, surveying evil and good men alike.
A smoothing word is a staff of life, but a mischievous tongue breaks the spirit.
A fool spurns his father's correction, but to take a reproof to heart shows good sense.
In the righteous man's house there is ample wealth; the gains of the wicked bring touble.
The lips of a wise man promote knowledge; the hearts of the stupid are dishonest.
The wicked man's sacrifice is abominable to the Lord; the good man's prayer is his delight.

What Maria Magdalena told me during those night moments was that She again confirmed for me how to act. Without planning anything, but surrendering, trusting and being grateful. It was important to share in the church that there exists no death, and it happened naturally beside the coffin of my sister. So it was supposed to happen.

I hurried to contact Eeva's children. I called Maarit who told me that the father of her children, her ex-husband, had been taken to the hospital because of brain infarction. Katariina and Jaakko, of course, were very worried about their father. Also Eeva's many beloved ones were driving in their cars to their homes in southern Finland. The road conditions were quite difficult in the snowing weather. Prayers were needed.

Finland's Independence Day, the sixth of December is Jaakko's birthday. It is celebrated in Turku where the family lives. This year it is Jaakko's 16th anniversary of his birth.

When Jaakko had his fifth birthday, eleven years ago, I was present and wrote a little story of his birthday party in my column ”Sunflowers” that I had in those days in the local newspaper in Tampere. Here is something from that story:

”The young gentleman Jaakko Aleksanteri has chosen for his birthday a  great flag-flying day. In the morning the first thing that we did was to gather by his bed with the tray and our presents. We sang the birthday song and then Katariina, the big sister suggested that we sing ”Maamme laulu”, the Finnish national anthem. What an impressive start for the birthday! (the first time in my life)

To honour the celebration I interviewed the birthday boy:

Jaakko, do you know why it is a flag-flying day today? - As it is the Independence Day and a flag-flying day. What does Independence Day mean? My birthday. What difference is to be four years of five years old? I don't know the thing. Are you now bigger? Yesterday I reached here, now here (on the wall). Did you grow during the night? No, I didn't grow at night, but in the morning when I was born at 7 o'clock. What makes the birthday fine? When I get a lot of presents (at Christmas I get more). What gift do you like now best? The ”digimon” toy that I chose myself with my mother. It is ”motimon/tentimon”. It transforms and looks funny. All flags are waving on your birthday. How does it feel? Boring. Why? Well, you don't have to like everything. What are you going to be as you grow big? It is a secret, and besides I don't know it yet. (So stupid questions!)

When I wondered that the digimons look so furious, Jaakko answered: ”Nevermind, the light always wins the bad things!” So it is, the children know the truth.

In the evening we all watched the big Independence Day reception in the presidential palace. (a great fun for the Finns every year.) I asked Katariina, if she would like to get an invitation to the Reception. She said self-confidently that as a renowed ballet dancer she will get an invitation. (She was taking ballet lessons). Jaakko was not a bit interested in those festivities. He presented one man's show of digimons. Tirelessly, again and again, he did fierce jumps shouting ”peppery breath!”

With love,
Lady Peace Minister

(Peppery Breath......  I’m not sure how the text works in English. I was surprised to get this kind of idea, to “time-travel” somehow; to tell about death, to include Bible texts, and then tell about the birthday party of 5-year old Jaakko. What combines all this, is Eeva and her grandson. Jaakko is a very special youg man, very smart. He invented by himself that ”Light always wins bad things”

'Peppery breath' is my literal translation from Finnish. It just sounds funny. Prima donna refers to Jaakko's sister Katariina who was fond of ballet dancing; now she is more interested in modern dance.

I just wrote the newest article and sent it to Soul's Mirror. Now I know what the main thread for these three articles is.  You may guess! I will tell you in my next story.)

Happy "Being Society" for Everyone

Our new President Sauli Niinisto launched his New Year Speech with an exrtraordinary word. He probably meant with his term ”Being Society”something very different from what I present in my text below. (He most likely meant something like ”lazy people unwilling to do their duty to benefit the society”.)                                                

We all should consider aiming our lives at implementing exactly this: that the purpose of life is Being, not doing. We are spiritual beings that come time after time to this physical level to study what it is to be a human being. Unnatural plodding along under different kinds of tyrannies may raise our character, but in many cases it puts us down, hardens us, and can make one very cruel. It is unpleasant, especially for the noblest and loveliest of persons that do not want to have anything to do with merciless global rulers. These are people who do not want to contribute to the humiliation of other people, for whom money will not replace God.

Margie's photo from her study window

How has our world improved more today than, let us say, one hundred years ago? Has the wisdom of our time really moved our humankind spiritually forward? Are people in general somehow more noble and spiritually advanced? Are they at the moment of their death, after studying carefully and objectively his/her life as if from a film, satisfied with themselves? Do people remember their leaders as gentle persons who loved and who were also loved? Are the developing countries now happier after they have been deprived of their natural ways of living, after their lands have been polluted and their self-esteems have been raped?

Let us allow those noble souls who really want to benefit our mankind and this beautiful planet of ours, make it in their silent beautiful way, with their loving prayers and blessings. Those who love, they will be loved. Those who serve, they will be served, by Angels of Light.  This is a legacy worthy to be remembered for.

With Blessings and Love,
Lady Peace Minister


The landscape from my study window appears silver grey. The big birch trees are lace-covered, the big firs with their cones are like Christmas trees, and the little lake with its silver snow cover - mysterious.

When I had my walk today along the river Kemijoki, the sun suddenly revealed itself above the top of Poylionvaara, the rocky hill on the opposite side of the river. The river is all but iced over, except for after the big curve around Korvanniemi, where the water runs slowly, taking small ice flows down the river with it.  The landscape is alive, even though the picture of it is almost at a standstill.

Slow moving has also been the tempo of our family during these past two months. Eeva Kaisa Maria Vainio, who is 81 years of age and the Mother figure of our big family, has been in terminal care. It has been confusing, and also difficult, to say farewell several times.

Eeva has looked like she was passing away, and then suddenly she has woken up as if from a deep sleep and has started to talk with us clearly. In the past she had hurt her head many times, and she had tumors in her head, but nevertheless her brain has worked and she has been able to converse with us as sweet and sunny as always. We have witnessed how beautiful the coming of death makes a person. The cheeks become smooth, the eyes shine as blue violets. With a pink silken scarf around her head she has looked like a Mother Superior or a Madonna.

My beloved sister Eeva was born in Rovaniemi as the oldest in our large family of ten children. The old Myllari farmhouse is situated by the river Kemijoki, about two kilometres from the city center, and is one of the oldest in the district. When the youngest of us, Riitta, was only 6 months old, our mother died. The situation was very difficult. Our Aunts, two sisters from our father’s side, who lived in the neighborhood, helped a lot and pretty much took charge of the little ones (the three daughters).

The responsibility of our big sister must have felt heavy for a young woman of about twenty years. Eeva did not give up on her life, and did not start living as a foster mother at the expense of her own life. She broke away and left for Sweden to work there for some time. After returning home, she found her beloved husband Ernst with whom she married and gave birth to seven children. The family lived for several years in Petajaskoski, about 30 kilometres down the river, where Ernst  worked as the policeman for the company Kemijoki Oy during the construction of the hydroeletric power station. Eeva and Ernst were a very happy couple who were loving to their children.

It has been moving to see the tender relationship between Eeva and her children, and to witness how how the children have taken turns at Eeva's bedside in the hospital. They have taken time off  from their jobs, and traveled a long journey from southern Finland many times. We, her sisters, have also helped too, of course.

We have been forced to think about the possibility that our love might hinder Eeva in leaving this physical world, by not letting her go. I have also pondered myself how the continuous pain medication may affect the Soul that is about to depart in a situation where the life has almost left this world.

I have experienced myself how the beloved ones give energy to a dying person. It happens unconsciously and from love. So it happened between me and my husband Jussi during his last year. I worked as a teacher at the local Business College, and at the same time we were building a new house to make bigger the aunts' little house. Jussi was in a very fragile condition, and my own life energy was almost as weak. I hardly had strength to stand in front of the class. All the time I gave energy to Jussi, unconsciously, and of course from love.

We would probably have both died unless one of the group of healers, led by Unto, quite uninvitedly had visited us. I suddenly got the energy to stand up from the bed and get ready for skiing up on Ounasvaara. I had felt that it was a miracle! In our new house we had had a housewarming party in March, and Jussi died that following August. I thanked and blessed Unto and his friends. Unto shared with me that he gets an order sometimes to drive in a certain direction, and he then follows the blue arrow. The arrow stopps at the place where help is needed.

We all have many different roles in our lives. A woman is a daughter to her parents, a wife to her husband, a mother to her children and a grandmother to her grandchildren. In addition she is a sister and aunt, a mother-in-law, a co-worker and a leader. And, of course, she is a friend to numerous people.

The relationship to every person is different. Nevertheless, the undertone remains the same. The person who loves, will be loved. The person who gives, she/he will be given. Everything within us radiates outwards. Love and affection in a person is seen as small, self-denying deeds. Eeva has regularly visited hospitals and old peoples' homes seeing their relatives and friends. She herself has gone through many sicknesses, but even so she has gladly and lovingly paid visits to her friends. Joy within her is genuine and stirring.

Eeva and Ernst bought a little apartment in Tampere, near the University, where the children could live while they were studying. In the same little cozy apartment, I also spent my first year after I had left my big house in Rovaniemi, to live in Tampere with my collie Lady. This year was one of my most fascinating and creative times. I was thrilled with the new way of learning and teaching, the Suggestopedian method that I had found very soon in Tampere. I drew material for the courses at the Community institutes, by kneeling on the floor of my little apartment. Lady was stepping all the time on my papers. It was just a great time for me and Lady!

Some time after, when Eeva was already a widow and the apartment happened to be free, Eeva decided to start ”studying” herself. She took this same little apartment as her own, to be her Tampere  home. She made acquaintances right away with neighbors and other people. Soon she had invited the lady who was cleaning the staircase to a cup of coffee in her apartment. They made friends, and later on Eeva invited this lady to visit with her in Rovaniemi.

When Eeva went shopping in the neighborhood, she would gladly say in the shop, ”Greetings from Rovaniemi” and again she made new friends. She has this phenomenal ability to be an open and loving personality. People love this kind of person, of course!

When the time was ripe, Eeva left her little apartment to the daughter of her youngest daughter, Pia Marie, who is studying in Tampere.

I would not have been able to live in my house in Rovaniemi without Eeva. She took care of Lady as a puppy, watered my indoor plants, and helped me in all possible ways.

At Christmas we have always celebrated Eeva's name day. We have all been invited to Eeva's home to celebrate on the Christmas Day. This is how she became the Mother figure for all of us, not only for her own children. All of us being together as a whole family, and in the center of course, our beloved Eeva.

We have been five sisters. Kristiina died earlier. The four of us have sticked together. All the name days and birthdays we have celebrated together. Our houses have been built near each other, in the fields of our family land, not far from the old farm house where our brother still lives with his family. Our sister, Helena has her house opposite Eeva's house, and Helena has been able to see if there is light and life in Eeva's house. This has been very important, of course. Taking care of each other is a great, valuable thing. Eeva's sickness has brought us even closer.

The mother is important for every person. The Divine Mother lives within each of us as the gentle and forgiving love. Mother Maria makes Herself known through other people. In the eyes, the smile, and in small loving features.

A month ago I stood in the bus at the air terminal in Helsinki. In front of me there sat a young mother with her little baby on her lap. The baby looked at me all the time, did not smile, but an amazing feature was the concentrated, intensive look at me. In the evening at my friend's home I realized, ”Oh yes, it was again Maria Magdalena, greeting me and giving me courage for the next day's speech in the Rosicrucian Tempel.” The speech was about ”Maria Magdalena in my Heart”.

Through babies we have a direct contact to Heaven. I remember very well one first meeting. I came to see Eeva in her house. When I opened the door, I first saw a baby sitting on the lap of his mother, Maarit. When the baby saw me he started to giggle cheerfully, and when I embraced him, he kissed my face wet. This baby is Eeva's grandson. He was born on the 6th of December, Finland's Independence Day, and received for his name Jaakko Aleksanteri.

Richness and love are in everyday's small things. Blessed are those who radiate this affection for others in our world.

We know that there is no death. What we call death is in reality only transferring to some other level of our consciousness. It happenens when the silver cord releases, and the Soul is ready to continue  the journey to the Light, after studying carefully and objectively his/her life as if from a film.

When born in the light of the springtime, the Soul certainly gets an extra dose of Light. So this child of light radiates the light during his/her life. I am happy that I have been blessed with this kind of big sister. I thank you and bless you, Eeva Kaisa Maria.

Maila Maire Marketta Myllari

Eeva Kaisa Maria Vainio, m.n. Myllari
born: March 11th 1931
died:  November 7th 2012

This article was written on October 29th.


Today, on Wednesday, the 19th of September, quite a news was broadcasted by YLE, the Finnish Broadcasting company. The text, reported by Jussi Hanhivaara, reads as follows:

Was Jesus married? Ancient Papyrus found. It mentions His 'Wife'.

A small fragment of faded papyrus contains a suggestion that Jesus may have been married. The fragment, with just eight lines of text on the front and six lines on the back, is from a fourth-century dialogue, written in the Coptic language, between Jesus and his disciples. In it, Jesus speaks of ”my wife”, according to Harvard professor Karen L. King, who discovered the fragment.

King, who has helped to translate the text, presented her research at the Tenth International Congress of Coptic Studies in Rome.

”The most exciting line in the whole fragment... is the sentence 'Jesus said to them (his disciples), my wife...” King said. The next line of the text reads. ”She will be able to be my disciple.”

This is the only extant ancient text which explicitly portrays Jesus as referring to a wife”, King wrote in her paper on the discovery.

King stresses that the new discovery ”does not provide evidence that the historical Jesus was married.” However, King writes, ”the fragment does provide direct evidence that claims about Jesus' marital status first arose over a century after the death of Jesus in the context of intra-Christian controversies over sexuality, marriage, and discipleship.”

In the years after Jesus' death, Christians debated what was the correct way to follow Jesus' example and lifestyle. King says the parchment might simply mean that some Christians believed after Jesus' death that he was married during his life.

Further researching will be made to verify this papyrus.

Actually I am not surprised at all. The time is ripe the facts to be revealed to a bigger audience.

For the last few weeks I have been studying the material and books on Maria Magdalena. After many years' break I am starting again giving courses and talks on this subject that is so dear to me. The very topic is the marriage of Maria Magdalena and Jesus. The whole existence of the Church is for a good reason at stake. By denying this marriage the Church has backed itself into a corner. By denying the other half of Divinity mankind has been led into misery and imbalance. By praying for two thousand years only to Father God, Mother God has been suppressed and mankind strangled by masculine fury and hatred. Maria Magdalena, the Beloved, wife and the mother of Jeshua's children, has been disgraced and humiliated. And so all the women of our globe until these days.

Stephen Adam (d. 1910), stained-glass window, Kilmore Church, Dervaig, Isle of Mull, Scotland.
Photograph courtesy of John Shuster.
From Margaret Starbird’s  book “Mary Magdalene, Bride in Exile

There is a lot of material telling about what happened in those days. For me Margaret Starbird's books are very dear and I have studied them for many years: The Woman with the Alabaster Jar (1993), The Goddess in the Gospels (1998), Mary Magdalene, Bride in Exile (2005), and the latest by Joan Morton and Margaret Starbird: 14 Steps to Awaken the Sacred Feminine (2009). Also the books by James Twyman, especially The Emissary of Light (1997) and The Secret of the Beloved Disciple (2000) are important to me. And Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code (2003).

It was in 1945 that the 13 papyruses, so called Dag Hammadi Library, were found in Egypt, among them the gospel of Filip. Also The gospel of Mary was found in Egypt. And in 1947 the Dead See scrolls were found at Quamran. Also the coptic text of Pistis Sophia was found. The papyrus that is now found is from the same time, about 400 A.d.

Here are some texts from these gospels.

The Gospel of Filip:

There were three who always walked with the Lord: Mary his mother and her sister and Magdalene, the one who was called his companion.

And the companion of the (Savior) is Mary Magdalene. (But Christ loved) her more than (all) the disciples (and used to ) kiss her (often) on her (mounth). The rest of the disciples were offended by it (and expressed disapproval).They said to him, ”Why do you love her more than all of us?” The Savior answered and said to them, ”Why do I not love you like her? When a blind man and one who sees are both together in darkness, they are no different from one another. When the light comes, then he who sees will see the light, and he who is blind will remain in darkness.

… Then Maryt wept and said to Peter, ”My brother Peter, what do you think? Do you think that I thought this up myself in my heart, or that I am lying about the Savior?” Levi answered and said to Peter, ”Peter, you have always been hot-tempered. Now I see you contending against the woman like the adversaries. But if the Savior made her worthy, who are you indeed to reject her? Surely the Savior knows her very well. That is why he loved her more than us.

The Gospel of Mary:

Peter said to Mary, ”Sister, we know that the Savior loved you more than the rest of women. Tell us the words of the Savior which you remember...which you know but we do not, nor have we heard them.” Mary answered and said, ”What is hidden from you I will proclaim to you.”

… When Mary had said this, she fell silent, since it was to this point that the Savior had spoken with her.

But Andrew answered and said to the brethren, ”Say what you wish to say about what she has said. I at least do not believe that the Savior said this for certainly these teachings are strange ideas.” Peter answered and said concerning these same things. He questioned them about the Savior, ”Did he really speak with a woman without our knowledge and not openly? Are we to turn about and all listen to her? Did he prefer her to us?”

Pistis Sophia:

Jesus, ”Where I shall be, there will be also my twelve ministers. But Mary Magdalene, John and the Virgin will tower over all my disciples and over all men who shall receive the mysteries in the Ineffable. And they will be on my right and on my left. And I am they, and they are I.”

Maria Magdalena and Jesus united the Feminine and the Masculine Christ in their Sacred Marriage.    Now the Feminine Divinity is being revealed for our mankind. Let our prayer be to Mother/Father for the balance of these energies. It will bring us joy, beauty and loving peace in our hearts. 

Lady Peace Minister

The Five Tibetian Rites

I give you for a change a picture story about the five Tibetan Rites: Exercices for Healing, Rejuvenation, and Longevity. In 1985 a book called ”The Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth” written by Peter Keller was published which for the first time fully described an exercise program for ”youthing”.This is an exercise program used by Tibetan monks to live long, vibrant and healthy lives.

They tell that there was a British officer who heard about a monastery of ”Fountain of Youth” where he went to live with the monks. When he returned after four years none of his friends recognised this 70-year old man, because he looked like a 35-40 years old man.

I believe this fully for I have found out in myself how my physical strenght has amazingly improved and I feel much younger. I have done these rites for several years having had, however, some periods that I could not do them, but every time I have started again.

Breathing is very important. Inhaling and exhaling deeply before and during the rites. For the first week do each exercise three times. Then increase the number of each exercise gradually on a weekly basis. 21 is the maximum of each exercise you should ever do.

I do only what I feel comfortable. I never force myself to do too much, the body knows what is good for it

My cousin Matti took these photos where I do these rites at my home. Matti also does these rites daily.

Rite 1

Stand erect with arms outstreched horizontal to the floor, palms facing down. Your arms should be in line with your shoulders. Spin around clockwise until you become slightly dizzy. Gradually increase number of spins from 1 spin to 21 spins.

BREATHING: Inhale and exhale deeply as you do the spins.

Rite 2

Lie flat on the floor, face up. Fully extendd your arms along your sides and place the palms of your hands against the floor, keeping fingers close together. Then raise your head off the floor tucking your chin into your chest. As you do this, lift your legs, knees straight, into a vertical position. If possible, extend the legs over the body towards your head. Do not let the knees bendd. Then slowly lower the legs and head to the floor, always keeping the knees straight. Allow the muscles to relax, and repeat.

BREATHING: Breathe in deeply as you lift your head and legs and exhale as you lower your head and legs.

Rite 3

The hands should be placed on the backs of your thigh m,uscles. Incline the head and neck forward, tucking your chin in against your chest. Then throw the head and neck backward, arching the spine. Your toes should be curled under through this exercise. As you arch, you will brace your arms and hands against the thights for support. After the arching return your boldy to an erect position and begin the rite all over again.

BREATHING: Inhale as you arch the spine and exhale as you return toan erect position.

Rite 4

Sitdown on the floor with your legs straight our in front of you and your feet about 12” apart. With the trunk of the body erect, place the palms of lyour hands on the floor alongside your buttocks. Then tuck the chin forward against the chest. Now drop the head backward as far as it will go. At the same time raise your body so that the knees bend while the arms remain straight. Then tense every muscle in your body. Finally let the muscles relax as you return to your original sitting position. Rest before repeating this Ritge.

BREATHING: Breathe in as you raise up, hold your breath as you tense the muscles, and breathe our fully as you come down.

Rite 5

Lie down with your face down to the floor. You will be supported by the hands palms down against the floor and the toes in the flexed position. Throughout this rite, the hands and feet should be kept straight. Starty with your arms perpendicular to the floor, and the spine arched, so that the body is in a sagging position. Now throw the head back as far as possible. Then, bending at the hoips, bring the bodly up into an inverted ”V”. At the same time, bring the chin forward, tucking it against the chest.

BREATHING: Breathe in deeply as you raise the boldy, and exhale fully as you lower the body.

(Instructions taken from the Internet).

I am no Tibetan monk. I have my own way of doing these Rites, never forcing my body, but always feeling comfortable with the exercises that I do. These Tibetan Rites are actually the only gymnastics or yoga practices that I have had endurance to do in my life. I love these Tibetan Rites, and I also love stick walking, skiing, swimming and a lof of dancing - everything that brings Great Joy!

Love and Blessings
Lady Peace Minister

Margie Marketta Myllari


From the window in front of me, I see two majestic old pines with their trunks and branches beautifully twisted as they bend to reach the sunshine. In the background I see the great river Teno, the boundary river between Finland and Norway, which is famous for its big salmons. I am lodging with other ladies in the Inn of Dreams, owned by Olavi Moilanen, the well-known interpreter and writer of books on dreams. This place is unbelievably gorgeous with its landscape, the surrounding terrain, and its old holy Sami ritual rock. It is located in Poroniemi (reindeer point), 17 km from Karigasniemi along the road Utsjoki to the north. The inn is a traditional, old log house.

The female figure of the the State of Finland looks similar to the statue of Lady Liberty which stands proudly in the harbor of New York City. On the crown chakra of the head of Lady Finland, where we are just now lodging, there are three holy mountains (or Ailigas as they are called in the original Sami language). They are called the Ailigas of Karigasniemi, Nuvvus, and Utsjoki, just like there are three Giza Pyramids in Egypt.

Maaritar Rantamaa (her name is Maarit, but she likes to be called Maaritar -tar referring to the female like -ess in English) who has moved from Tampere and now lives in Utsjoki, has invited us three ladies here to celebrate the transit of Venus with the Sun.

I brought with me the Emissary Wheel quilt, and we put it on the floor in the hall upstairs in front of the triangle window. As the altarpiece behind the window, we can see the River Teno and the fabulous pine trees. There are two painters among us,  Marja Pessi from Helsinki, now living in Ivalo, and Kristiina Alatalo from Tampere. Marja has brought a big, beautifully radiating painting, where a big, yellow rose radiates its Light to an earth bowl that two blue dolphins support. We put it on the opposite side, on the wall, as the other altarpiece. Under that we placed Maaritar's Maria statue and Globe. Beside this altar we placed Kristiina's painting 'Wise woman', where inside the pyramid there is sitting a woman with the Merkurius/Hermes stick in her hand. There are three golden triangles in the painting, like three pyramids in Giza – and three Ailigas in Utsjoki! Above the female figure, there is the white Dove of the Holy Spirit.

The dance of Venus with the Sun took place here in the North on Wednesday, the 6th of June, after Midnight. We wanted to celebrate the transit in Utsjoki with the  local group of Ursa, the astronomical society. There were now three of us, Maaritar, her Sami boyfriend Niilo Johannes Rasmus, and myself, who went to celebrate the transit. We drove one hundred km to Utsjoki to participate in the Midnight Sun festival on the mountain of Annakurra.

The energies of the Mars planet, in the square to the Venus, had been quite strong and challenging. In our little group, some of us even rattled our horns. So Marja decided to leave us and return to her home in Ivalo. (In the name of Ivalo, the ...'valo' means the same as Light!) There by the great lake of Inari she wanted to enjoy the Light of Venus in her private peace. So our square became a triangle. Kristiina, as a balancing force, wanted to stay in the Inn of the Dreams, meditating at the Peace Wheel with the Peace Prayers and being connected with the other groups in Lapland, especially the group meditating on the holy mountain of Saana in Kilpisjarvi which is situated on the 'torch' of Lady Finland. Later on Kristiina told us that she had seen the Emissary Peace Wheel hovering above the whole area of Lapland.

We drove to Utsjoki, the top of Finland, and found the group of Ursa, the astronomical society, and many other interested people on the bank of Onnela (the bank of Joy!). We then started to climb to the peak of the nearby mountain Annakurra. Most of us did not know what was ahead of us. The path to the top was sheer and it felt like climbing a steep wall. I have never been in Annapurna in Himalaja, but this Annakurra was like that for me. I would not have managed without help. Maaritar took my felt (that I carried so as not to get cold at the top), a young lady, a Sami reporter, took my jacket, and Niilo took my rucksack. I might have reeled down, on the slippery path, if Niilo, the Guardian Angel, would not have taken a firm grip from my hand. I noticed that this climbing was almost too much for me. My heart and lungs protested firmly.

On top of Annakurra Juhani Harjunharja, the chairman of the astronomical society, placed a telescope towards the Sun and reflected the Sun on a big paper. The Sun was shining brilliantly with all its glory forming a double Sun, with one reflecting on the surface of the little lake of Kalkujoenlampi. It was a fabulous sight. Right after one o'oclock a little black spot was seen on the edge of the Sun, but not with our eyes, only through the telescope.

People were having a Venus party eating their food, sitting at the fire, and enjoying this beautiful  sight and silence. There was also a tent where people got more information of this heavenly transit by Kalevi Mursula, the professor of astronomy. A young Sami man was playing and singing in Sami language his own poems in a very gentle way. The atmosphere was very fascinating and I could sense the radiation of the Feminine Venus as a huge Light within and around me. Mother Maria Magdalena was present all the time.

After three o'clock Maaritar, Niilo and I left the others to continue their celebrating, and we started to drive back. This time we crossed the Saamibridge and drove back along the Norwegian side of the River Teno. When we had driven to Utsjoki, the Sun had shone brightly making the Finnish side golden, and now it shone making the Norwegian side golden. After four o'clock we stopped the car and went out to look at the Sun with our darkened glasses. It was about a quarter past 4 o'clock, and there it was: Venus as a clear black ball in the middle of the Sun! We bounced up and down and  danced on the road – even Niilo who does not consider himself a dancer! Only some curious reindeer by the road wittnessed our joy. Also present were three moose, two females with a little one.

We drove round the River Teno during the night. Earlier, on the previous day, we had been driving on Niilo's new boat on this same river. Niilo, a native Sami person, is such a warm genuine personality. In the name Niilo, the end 'ilo' means 'joy'. It is the right name for him!

What a splendid Nightless Night we had experienced. Exciting and unforgettable, when Venus danced and made us dance!

I asked other ladies to write about their experiences, too.

Kristiina: Venus celebrating

On Wednesday 060612 was the transit of Venus. The transit lasted altogether about seven hours and the Great moment at the latitude of Utsjoki was at 04:29. The transit of Venus was fully seen in Finland only in the nightless night of the north.

The transit always occurs in the cycles of eight years, and the next cycle will be in the years of 2117-2125. Then in 2117 the Era of Aquarius will actually start. The previous transit happened eight years ago 08.06.2004, and at that time I was celebrating the strong energies of Venus in the Vaasa archipelago.

Venus represents, besides love and among other things, our values and relationship to money. We can clearly see how these values have changed during this time from 2004 until 2012. In the esoteric meaning Venus represents our Solar Angel, our Soul Self that during the transit strongly radiates us its love and light, strengthening our Soul plan and our highest spiritual visions.

During the transit I was here in the Inn of Dreams, sitting at the Emissary Peace Wheel reading the Peace Prayers and meditating. The experience of the Oneness of everything and the communion  with my own Soul Family and Solar Angel was very strong. The Sun of the nightless night at the latitude of Utsjoki was an impressive experience as such. At the Great moment, I experienced a huge emanating of the Light and I saw how the Light from the Solar Angel went through the white center in the Emissary Peace Wheel, spreading all over and how the mystic figure of the Peace Wheel was hovering very big above Lapland.

The Rose of Venus
Venus forms during eight years when transiting around the Sun, a five-petal ROSE. When this geomertric figure is again complete, they say that Venus is reborn. So this 060612 transit also means the rebirth of Venus!


On the day before the Holy Trinity, four ladies of the north gathered in the Inn of Miraculous Dreams by the great river, Deatnun, Teno in the land of the Sami Goddess Madderaka to observe in the sky the planet of love, Venus, merging with the Sun. And here we were in the Sami crown of Utsjoki, the very best place, when the Light dance lasted as long as seven hours!

Messages from Venus

”The Will of the Love Goddess”

Oh people, you all wonderful
each other love

each each enjoy
with all your heart
your body

have fun
to one unite
each other as holy regard 

in all peace
in all love
in light

 your heart open 

Oh people, you all wonderful
in all peace
in all love
gently smiling
each other 


in the name of
and the Holy Body
A Mama 


Venus in our hearts
Lady Peace Minister 

Marketta Myllari


Eli, Eli, lama Sabakhtani
my God, my God,
how you me so glorify
that I am so much honored,
that you love me
take care of me
and lead me to be what
I Am

Easter roses on Margie’s table

According to the doctrine of the Church, Jesus is alleged to have said on the Cross:”Eli, Eli, lama Sabakhtani, why did you abandon me?” I am convinced (as many learned have also said) that this translation is wrong. I received this alternative text intuitively some years ago. Recently I added the four last lines to this prayer. Now it is my first prayer early in the morning, and last prayer in the evening.

For me, celebrating Easter has always been different from the Christian tradition. Since I was very young, I have disliked the doctrine of the Church. The sight of Jesus hanging on the Cross is still somewhat repulsive to me. I don't understand why the Church worships the suffering Jesus. It remains so, even though after Jesus's suffering, the Resurrection is overjoyed.

In Ruusu-Risti (the Finnish independent Rosicrucian Society) that I joined at the age of thirty, Easter has always been celebrated.  However, Good Friday has never been the focus of a suffering drama. There are festivities for many days, meetings, festive ceremonies, and matinees. And Jesus is very much present.

This year, during Easter Sunday and Monday, our weather was great all over the country, with the sun shining brightly.  I spent these days in the most beautiful tempel I know – in nature. There were many people skiing on the big river, and so was I. My connection to the 'upstairs' has always been a direct one.  I have not been interested in any kind of middlemen, no matter if they were clergymen or mediums. I discuss with spiritual beings as naturally as with physical persons. My conversations are personal, not any fortunetelling to anyone. I can contact them myself, or I am asked if I want to discuss something. Very often Maria Magdalena, Jeshua, my Energy family, or lately also Mother/Father/God/I Am have had conversations with me.

When I was skiing on the river Jesus or Jeshua, as his Aramean name is,wanted to converse with me about the Easter celebration. He told me that he does not like the way it is celebrated. The Christians crucify him every Easter. Year after year he is forced to suffer on the Cross, physically. It is some kind of masocistic need for Christians. Also Maria Magdalena, his wife is crucified into forgetting and defaming. Jeshua asked me to use these strong expressions, because the matter is very serious and distorts the real message of the Easter. His message is Resurrection and winning of the death. That is enough. Celebrating Easter is an old Jewish tradition, not set by Jesus.

Jeshua would not have been able to manifest to the world what He did without His Beloved Maria Magdalena. They formed a complete couple. They embodied the masculine and feminine Christ. These two Christ principles united within them into One Universal Christ. Together they brought Christ consciousness into the physical world, brought for the first time to mankind, to be within everyone's reach.

The Church created their own image of Jesus for their own purposes. Maria Magdalena was cleared away from the texts, except of those two cases that were difficul to distort because so many had managed to hear about them. Maria Magdalena at the Cross together with Jesus's Mother and Apostle John. And Maria Magdalena at the grave witnessing the resurrected Jesus. But as a witness she was not initially accepted. The nameless man was better than a woman with a name. So it was, and still is in many countries. All this rude distorting of the historical facts is depressing and sad. Yet the time is ripe for the truth finally to emerge. Now the old lies are crumbling and collapsing on those who present these lies. Nothing can hinder this happening.

After Easter, the weather suddenly warmed up and the temperature went near zero. Skiing was no longer fun. I met Mata, who was visiting my sister Riitta, and we decided to go to the sports center to swim when the others went to Ounasvaara to downhill ski. I found once again the water element and swimming. We enjoyed it so much that we decided to make a one-day trip to Levi mountain where they have a fine new hotel spa.

The weather the next day was not as good. It was misty and sleeting. I asked the angels to give us a sunny day. In Levi we first wanted to see the whole area from the top, and we drove to the panorama cafe. While driving up the mountain, the sun suddenly burst out. I said to the angels, that they should give us three signs and we would know that they were with us. At the top, Mata, fascinated by the surrounding mountains, took her camera and started to take pictures. Then the sun came out shining brilliantly again. The third time the angels brought us the sun was when we were in the spa, sitting in the outdoor jacuzzi admiring the ski slopes around us. The sun started to shine directly onto our faces. We couldn't help but laugh, enjoying and thanking the angels for their gift!

Inside the spa, in a little pool that had a beautiful ceramic bottom and water only up to mid-leg, I had an extraordinary experience. In the warm, shallow water I floated on my back and suddenly I had a feeling like floating in space without gravity. It was great! When in water I usually bless it. Our body is full of water and so the connection to water is quite natural. I bless the water around me and then spread the blessing to all waters, small and big, until the oceans are blessed as well. While swimming, it is easy to do. I know that it works. All blessing works. You just have to remember to do it. Also the blessing of people is important, particularly with people that are somehow difficult. The word 'sea' in Latin is mare and 'seas' is maria. The name Maria has connection to water and the Mother energy. I sensed that Mother Maria Magdalena was with us, and especially in the spa.

While we were driving back,  we saw an owl twice by our road. There are now lots of owls in this area, but we were truly surprised to see them so close. Half-way home we dropped in to see Pietari, my old schoolmate and good friend, who has returned to his home village. This former teacher of mathematics is now breeding reindeer and enjoys his life living in nature. Mata and I admired the spectacular panorama of the river Ounas from Pietari's windows, and enjoyed the delicious, golden cloudberries that he had picked himself. Mata,who lives near Tampere in southern Finland, was excited about everything she had seen and experienced during our day to the mountains.  

Gratitude and joy fill my heart. The world is so beautiful and people so kind and warm-hearted. Worth blessing is that it is also only an hour and half's drive from my home town to the nearest mountains, to Levi and to the Pyha/Luosto area. It is also worth blessing that there is no need to leave to go anywhere. Nature is on my threshold. I highly recommend blessing to everyone. It is a loving solution to any problem, to find peace of mind, and to live the inner, real life. 

With blessing and love,
Lady Peace Minister

The Goddesses of Light

Light has again returned from its resting place, the dark chamber. It floods forth from the early morning into your conscience when you open your eyes. I do not have curtains, for when I wake up I want to see the sky. Light has a miraculous effect. I was  born in late May when light at these latitudes – at the Arctic Circle – lasts almost through the day and night. When the Soul is born at the light time, it is easy for the Soul to assimilate the Light and remember where it comes from. We are born out of  Light, and each of us leaves for Light when our time is full. Everything in between is living with Light and its shadow. Without shadow we cannot realise Light. Everything that happens for us is this same interaction.

The month of April is the time when people here in Lapland wake up from winter's coldness like bears from their winter dens. Last weekend, ice skiing started on the rivers. The grand two rivers, Kemijoki and Ounasjoki, meet in the center of town and then flow together as the one river of Kemijoki down to the sea. The midday sun caresses the skier. The river is for the city dwellers, like a big living room where they get to meet each other. I live on a hill between to little lakes, Kirkkolampi and Harjulampi, not far from the city center. Both lakes flow to the river Kemijoki. It is easy to ski down to the river, and skiing on the flat smooth ice is a great joy. The surrounding rocky hills give clarity to the scenery as landmarks in the horizon. I rejoice often that I can live here in my own Soul scenery.

These last months I have lived a very healthy life. I started eating again macrobiotic organic health food. To get a good start, I went to Spain for a couple of weeks. My dear friend and health therapist Liisa Kinnunen lives the winter months in Fuengirola where she has rented an appartment. She  kindly invited me to stay with her. Liisa put me into her wonderful, holistic health care. She is a vegetarian and eats only macrobiotic organic food. She buys all food in the healthy stores and makes it in her kitchen. She does not eat meat, fish, dairy products, domestic grain (rye, corn, wheat etc) coffee or any additives. She is very particular about the sour/alkali balance of the food. Liisa's food is not only healthy but also very delicious and of wide variety. I got excited again about this kind of food that is very familiar to me. Ten years ago Liisa helped me to win breast cancer, and at that time this food was an important part of that win.

In the last few years I started little by little slipping from this ideal health food. And last year, after the fire in my apartment, this slipping from well-balanced food continued. All kinds of stresses started to have their effects on my health, and the breast tumors started to grow again. I was faced with many challenges, one after another (and still unsolved today is the mystery of my valuables that were taken by someone after the fire). Redecorating my home was quite a huge task. Luckily, I took off to have holidays in the sunny South to rid myself of these burdens. However, all the challenges you have to deal with and solve are still there when you get home.

A human being needs help, and it is wise to ask for help. Liisa's whole life has been helping other people in their sicknesses. She has a holistic view about health. It includes food, therapy, massages, peat cures, creams, oils, etc. Her products are high-quality, self-made; so is Liisa herself. She is no doctor but has many doctors as her clients. What a lady, she is 75 and looks 55! Liisa also has a Bemer-set that helps with healing ( I purchased this wonderful Bemer-set and have used it now for four months.

My body has started to recover. Skiing on the river ice has also given me more strength. Skiing has helped me often in the past. It was about 25 years ago, when I lived with my husband here in Rovaniemi and we were building our home.  I worked as a teacher at the Commercial College, and my husband Jussi (he was 33 years older than me) was very fragile and living his last year. We were both very near the point of moving to the other dimension. Then came spring, sunshine and skiing. At that time I skied on Ounasvaara, the rocky hill near our home. Suddenly, I woke up as from a dream, and my strength recovered miracuously. It was thanks to skiing, nature and fresh air in the beautiful surroundings.  The same goes today, and now I can add that food is a vital factor in keeping one healthy.

My friend Maaritar recently visited me on her skiing holiday. I have known Maaritar since I lived in Tampere. Maaritar studies at the Lap Institute in Inari up in the North. She is fond of Lapland and has found her new home there. Maaritar writes Goddess Poetry. Here is one from her collection 'Dancing Goddess'.

(my free translation)

AGAIN DANCE GODDESSES      by Maaritar Rantamaa

far in the north
in the land of ladies
again dance goddesses   
under the brightly
sparkling Pole Star 

unveiling their veils
baring their faces
spreading their hair
to be admired by all 

far in the north
in the land of ladies
again dance love goddesses
on the skin of mother earth
in the warmth of father sun
embraced by brother wind
and sister rain 

as stars in darkness
loving everything
they meet


In Light all ladies dance as Light Goddesses. We have the right to dance that we have had forever, and we know that. Yes, we are free from all chains of guilt and shame that were once thrust upon us. We no longer resign ourselves to living in the shadow, for the Light shines through and above everything, changing our lives forever to the real. 

With Light's Love,
Lady Peace Minister

Spiritual politics

Warm thanks to Paavo for his great presidential campaign! Although he did not win (he almost did!), he gave his great contribution to the presidential debate and brought up new topics.

Paavo Vayrynen has created a new concept in Finland, 'spiritual politics'. It is opposite of materialism which has found its end in Europe and all over the world. Instead of wearing ourselves out by consuming more and more, buying all kinds of novelty/junk products that we do not need and that covers as waste our beautiful globe, we need to find new dimensions in our lives; to find our inner spiritual essence. We need to become openhearted and courageous in our lives, and not to run slavishly as others command. A human has the right to be an independent thinker. That is why we all have brains that we can learn to draw our own conclusions and decide what is wise and suitable for us. Only courageous, broadminded people can lead humanity forward.

Peace and love,

Maria Magdalena's Politics

The sun is just starting its glorious sunrise in the horizon. Two of my windows face the South and the window of my Study faces the East. I had received remarkable insights and messages during the month of November. Today’s message is this:”Be open and courageous.  Share what Mother Maria Magdalena wants you to share.  Share that Mother Maria Magdalena supports Paavo Vayrynen as the next President of Finland.”

This morning I watched a TV interview with Paavo Vayrynen. There was again one of those strong impetuses, for myself, on how to act. I had just been pondering the theme of my next article for the Soul's Mirror magazine (the title usually comes first, then I go to the computer and directly write the article).

It was the second of September when I took my usual stick-walk alongs the riverside. Mother Maria Magdalena contacted me, as She often does, and said simply: ”Write an article about Paavo Vayrynen”.  I reacted: What! Should I write about a politican?!  I was amazed with Her request, and I repeated and repeated this question to Her.  The next day, on Saturday, my sisters Eeva and Helena came to visit me, and I laughingly shared with them what had happened, what I had been directed to do by Mother Maria Magdalena and shared laughingly this odd request. To my great surprise, my sisters urged me to write the article!  After their visit, I went to the computer and wrote a short text and sent it to the papers. It was soon published in two of the local papers (Sept. 9 and 22).

Paavo's wife Vuokko gets the issue of the Soul's Mirror from Margie

Paavo Vayrynen and Margie

Paavo, Eemeli's Son Vayrynen, for President

We, the Finnish people, need Paavo to be our next President.  Listed below are a few reasons to support this statement:

He is by far the most experienced and distinguished politician of our present time. As a young politican, he has had the great priviledge of seeing and influencing the affairs of Finland.

The fact that he was so close to President Kekkonen, and within the Administration for years as a minister of various departments, gives him an excellent background and resume of experience. As a foreign minister, he also learned and worked with foreign politics. He also knows that one can learn from one's own mistakes. He has never given up, even when he has been knocked down heavily many a time, he has always surfaced the better for it. It is a skill that few, not to speak of politicians, have.

Paavo is a resident of Lapland, who appreciates his country and the countryside, and wants to keep it alive. He comes from a farm family and he respects Mother Earth and her products. His roots are deep in the agricultural culture of northern Finland. His father, Eemeli (who passed away recently), received a patent for an invention at the age of 101 years. There is a lineage of learning and innovation in Paavo's genes. He does not stagnate, but always seeks new alternatives to serve the people and the highest good of our country.

Paavo has built a folk high school in Keminmaa (by the river Kemijoki, about 100 km south from Rovaniemi) where his family farm is located. He also built a small chapel there. The chapel, with its beautiful paintings by Juhani Palmu - the famous painter, is quite unique. It resonates Mother Maria's energy with charming female figures. You can sense that the builder of the chapel has been influenced by deeply spiritual inspirations.

As a Peace Minister I also appreciate Paavo's broadmindedness and tolerance concerning the matters of faith. I myself have dreamed, and visualized for many years, a small Peace Chapel for the Santa Claus's village at the Arctic Circle here in Rovaniemi. This chapel would be open for all kinds of faiths, beliefs and traditions that contribute to the peaceful coexistence of all people. I hold this vision in my heart as this Peace Chapel would welcome visitors from around the world with open arms and hearts, making them feel and know that they are welcome here.

I see Paavo as a Peacemaker, greatly qualified to serve as our next President, and a man who also has the qualifications necessary to succeed in matters of peace. What more could we ask for?


Maarita, a friend of mine whom I know from the time when I used to live in Tampere, visited while passing thru on her way to Tampere. She is studying at the Saami Institute of Inari in northern Finland. She is a real 'Goddess fan', and writes poems about the theme 'TAR'. Tar is the old ending meaning the same as 'ess' in English, like goddess, seamstress, etc. (I myself use the title 'rauhanpapitar' meaning 'Lady Peace Minister). Maarita calls herself today 'Maaritar'. When I told Maaritar about Paavo Vayrynen, she got enthusiastic and told me that she has always been a Paavo fan. We laughed and had a good time together sharing that 'all the ladies of Finland will support Paavo.'

Then Paavo (as he is called so widely) came to Rovaniemi on his campaign tour on November 12, and of course I went to hear him.  When I arrived, it was the coffee break after the party meeting.  This is what happened:  I walked, as if pulled by a magnet to his table in this large room, and I sat right beside him. I greeted him and we shared some small conversation. We then all went to listen to his speech in the Hall. I sat amazed and could not believe my ears! It was like I myself was speaking. I could agree with him in almost everything! After his speech, some of the people present were responding to his speech. At first I did not know if I should say anything, then suddenly, before it concluded, I found myself rising up. I just stood up and started speaking (as a teacher I am very good and also comfortable with speaking). The words I spoke flowed fluently. I said that if he had convinced me (who has never been interested in politics and is not a member of any party) to support him, ALL THE WOMEN IN FINLAND WILL SUPPORT HIM.        The man beside me said ”What a woman you are; so courageous, and so much energy!” I received much applause, and the ladies especially seemed to like what I had said. I wrote another article and sent it to the local papers:                                 

Spiritual Growth Instead of Economical Growth

Spiritual growth replaces the ecomonical growth. This is what the 'heavyweight class' politican Paavo Vayrynen told in his speech in the presidential election campaign here in Rovaniemi. Really!

For the first time in my life I support a politican in public. The whole speech was the same kind that I could speak myself. Here are some of his themes:

The mankind cannot afford the continuous economical growth. It will unavoidably lead to a catastrophy.

We must spare the natural resources and get the renewable natural resources to a sustainable level.

The living countryside is important for all of us and it is to our mutual benefit.

The new set of values presupposes that economical growth will be substituted by spiritual growth. We must create a new world of values where spiritual values are given priority. The change of the values and the communal life are necessary for the mankind to survive.

The president needs to be a value leader who pays attention especially on justice and providing for those who are less fortunate in their living.

If our new president is so broadminded, tolerant and compassionate to his fellow people, he is the best president that Finland in these days needs. Not to forget his great experience and skills as a statesman!

In all my articles, also for the local newspapers, I have used the title 'rauhanpapitar' meaning 'Lady Peace Minister' (Pappi means Priest and Papitar Priestess). I have been very tenacious in this respect, and do not mind if some of my writings have not been published because of this. I have always wanted to emphasize in my articles the importance of the Divine Feminine, the Magdalene Flame which was revealed by Maria Magdalena, the beloved wife of Jeshua. The same Maria who was once rudely set aside by the Church, and reputed to be a whore. This has disgraced all women until today. There is now, however, a renewed strength and wisdom within us as men and women to forgive and bless everything and everyone.

May Mother Maria Magdalena bless all of us during this Christmas time. May peace and love prevail in all of our hearts.

With Love,
Lady Peace Minister


The midday sun gilds the landscape before me with its rays. The lake is now frozen; the rains are gone and winter has started. It was just the day before yesterday that I had taken the geraniums downstairs to the washing room and put them on the windowsills. Here they will delight the people of our house, with their beauty, before settling down to their winters sleep.

I am having a similar feeling to that of climbing to the peak of a mountain; the scenery suddenly widens and the light is flooding into my soul. This is the jubilee time of Light. Tomorrow is the Scorpio full moon, and this Friday the magical date 11.11.11. I have always passed over these kind of numbers, the reason being that I consider all days uniquely special. However, the body knows when something is happening. The energy flow is strong, and the connection to the higher frequencies is lively as it is with the space traveller.

Heavier sensations fall off like old clothing. For me, this is a realization that I have been in a continuous purification process, quite concretely. I have been present in situations that have tested my strength and my faith;  tested me as to how to act when one feels that their confidence and trust has been missused;  when you pray and pray, and you don't seem to find any answer. Those who walk on the spiritual path set high demands for themselves, and often with good reason. They know that this physical world is illusion; that in Reality nothing has ever happened that shaked God and your connection to the Unity. God does not see, feel or know when I 'fall'. When my frequency drops into the heavy energies of the Earth, I am at that moment invisible to God. I always feel that this is most embarrassing, but this is also relieving for I also know that in reality it never happened.

As I was praying for what kind of attitude I should take as to a tricky situation facing me (which I was robbed after my house fire by someone I thought was being kind in her helpfullness), Mother Maria Magdalena gave me two words: LOVABLE SOLUTION.

I started blessing this situation and the persons, myself included, that are included in this chain of events. Every time when the matter occurs to my mind, I say aloud or silently: God bless you. Every time when I feel anguished for something, I say these words. There is a piece of paper above my home altar ” Lovable Solution Peace”.

When I was browsing through my papers, one little note bounced forth. I received these words  during a silent moment years ago when I lived in my little red house in Tampere.

Eli, Eli, lama Sabakhtani
My God, my God
How you brighten me so
How such a glory
Is possible to come to me

Forgiving is that miraculous magic that reveals from the depths of the mind and sets the matters in such frames that I can get free from them. It is possible that I have agreed with some person from  my previous life that we will teach each other in this life; sometimes in a very challenging way. When we have received the lesson and understood it, we can free ourselves from that situation and that person. By blessing, being thankful for the lesson, and saying: everything is forgiven; we can each continue on our path in peace and love.

I can use these words:
I forgive everything and everyone who ever opposed me. I forgive all those whose name arouses in me bitterness or hostile feelings. I forgive myself. I am not predestined a hard fate – not by God nor by other people – I do it myself. I was born on this earth to learn to forgive. Forgiving is a spiritual attitude. It enables me to heal my sickness. It is developing. It is able to make a mourning person joyful, removing all the obstacles between my lower and higher selves. It gives me room for my real self.

I have thought about receiving healing for myself, and healing others as well. I took Reiki courses twenty years ago and I have given energy healings. After the fire in my appartment I have not felt it necessary to purchase a new healing table.  It is no longer needed, nor is healing with laying on of the hands. Touching is no longer necessary. It can even hinder the progress of the healing if the energies are not in harmony.

I have very seldom in my life wanted to meditate with a group. I just have felt uncomfortable in a group. It was like my heart was not beating at the same pace. Now I know that nobody can be forced into the energy of other people, or to a close contact. In the same way, it is no  longer necessary to communicate as much by phone, as connecting now comes often through telepathy. The healing process also can happen without touching. Jesus said, Blessed are those who do not see, and they believe. Faith is the key word in getting healed, and in healing others. Your faith is going to heal you!

The healing power of this new era is Faith, Hope and Love. Surrendering to the healing strength of Love. Trusting with Hope in your heart, and feeling Gratitude that embraces everything and everyone.

Lady Peace Minister

Spiritual Growth Instead of Economical Growth

”Spiritual growth replaces the ecomonical growth”. Really! This is what the 'heavyweight class' politican, Paavo Vayrynen, shared with us in his speech during the presidential election campaign here in Rovaniemi.

For the first time in my life, I publically support a politican. The entire speech was written and spoken with words that I completely align with. Here are some of his themes:

- Mankind cannot afford continuous economical growth. It will unavoidably lead to catastrophy.

- We must spare natural resources and get renewable natural resources to a sustainable level.

- A living countryside is important for all of us, and it is to our mutual benefit.

- A new set of values presupposes that economical growth will be substituted by spiritual growth. We must create a new world of values where spiritual values are given priority. A change of values and communal life are necessary for the survival of mankind.

- The President needs to be a value leader who pays special attention to justice and the providing for those who are less fortunate.

If our new, future President, is so broadminded, tolerant and compassionate for his fellow people, I believe Paavo Vayrynen is the best President that Finland can hope for in these times.  Of course, keeping in mind as well, his extended experience and skill as a Statesman!

Marketta Myllari
Lady Peace Minister

Paavo Vayrynen and Margie, November 12, 2011

Pythagoras and the Prisoner of Patmos

Greetings from the islands of Samos and Patmos in the Aegean See! It was a quick decision to leave again. When I let things simply happen, I feel there is more of a flow for me.

The isle of Samos’s distance from Turkey is only by 1.2 km at its narrowest point. The midlands of the island are mountainous and abundant with forests and rich flora. This is in thanks to Hera (the goddess of fertility) who according to Greek mythology was born on the island.

The main city of Samos, by the sea, has a charming view upon a high hill where the road runs through it. I stayed, however, in a little town called Pythagorion. Its name comes from Pythagoras, who was born there.  However,  it was not until the 1950's that the town realised the value of this name.  Prior to then it was named Tighani.

Pythagorion is a small town with 3000 residents.  It has a beautiful harbor, and in its background you can see the high peaks of Turkey. The hotel in which I stayed was an old-style beautiful home. Its colrs were of pastel shades.  Even the wooden furniture and the doors in the rooms were the same color.  It suited me well for pink has been my color this summer. Also, the universal feminine color of pink is the perfect color right now. The sea was only 20 metres away, so it was easy to go for a swim and sunbathe.  Even the weather was great, with the late summer unusually hot. 

The history of the Greek islands goes back thousands of years.  The invaders and pirates have always attacked them and subdued the people, controlling them. That is why many monasteries were built inland so that they could not be seen from the sea.

In the harbour of Pythagorion there is an imposing statue of Pythagoras, who stands there with his finger upwards pointing to some kind of bulb hanging above. In his left hand he has a triangle. The statue is covered with mathematical formulas and geometric designs.

Pythagoras was born on the island approximately 600 years before Christ. At the same time Buddha lived Buddha in India, the last Zarathustra lived in Persia, and Konfutse and Laos in China. Mankind received quite a tremendous spiritual impact at one time. In Greek, the name of Pythagoras means 'the collector of information' or 'the enlightened teacher'. Pythagoras travelled a lot. In Egypt he was ordained into the school of mysteries.  He also traveled in Kaldea and India, adding spiritual knowledge to his wisdom. When Pythagoras returned to his home island Samos, he found out that it was ruled by the tyrant Polykrates. This ruler did not tolerate his teachings and very soon Pythagoras was exiled from the island.

Afterwards, Pythagoras settled down in Croton in southern Italy, also known as Magna Graecia, where he established his school (his ideal society) for which he has become renowned. There students gathered from all over the known world. Pythagoras convinced the senate and the thousand-man council of Croton, to build him a magnificent marble building outside of town. There his students were taught either 'eksoterical' or 'esoterical' depending on the level of their lessons. There were both men and women among the students. At the entrance there was a statue with the writing ”Procul profani”- meaning 'impure ones stay away'. One of the 'impure' gentleman who was not accepted as a student, started a campaign to defame the school. This resulted in the devastation of the entire community. Many students were killed or exiled. Pythagoras' s ideal society existed for forty great years and left a great impact on mankind.

Pythagoras had 71 Golden verses that were the main themes of his lectures. They are well known, and they include both practical and divine virtues. Among others; ”Respect everything, and most of all, yourself”. Beauty was important and it was present in every way, but it was mathematics that was the dearest subject for Pythagoras. All students today know the triangle of Pythagoras. And Pythagoras also explained how the triangle is formed from ten commas. It is holy, because by meditating on it a person can understand the harmony of the world, ”the music of the spheres”. The comma is the beginning of all existence. When it moves, it makes a line, and in the line must be at least two commas; when the line moves, it makes a surface that has at least three commas.  When the surface moves, it makes a piece that has at least four commas. The whole world is concealed into four commas; and when these four commas move it creates cosmos.

I also made a boat trip to visit Patmos, the isle of the Apocalypse. It is held as the holiest island of Greece because it holds the sacred cave of the Apocalypse. There, John the Evangelist experienced his God-inspired visions, which culminated in his writing The Revelation, last of the books in the Bible. These horrible visions have caused, and they still cause, wild speculations.

The cave was quite unique in shape, and there were many paintings telling about the holy visions. I sat on the bench for a while and was happy that there were only a few people there. I felt peace in my heart. There was nothing fearless in the cave, no horrible visions disturbed me. Quite soon I received a connection with Mother Maria Magalena. She spoke to me, as always, about peace and love. She also spoke about my own work, and especially about my writings that are important. Suddenly, I remembered the books by Nick Bunick, alias Apostle Paul, ”In God's Truth” and ”Time for Truth”.

Back at home I found ”in God's Truth” on my bookcase (among the few books remaining after the fire). This book was miracuously saved, quite readable, and only a little bit dirty.

Nick Bunick explains everything in a different way. The person who saw the horrible visions was not St. John the Evangelist, but another man having the name as John. He writes, pp. 137-138:

”The author of these writings was imprisoned in a Roman penal colony on the barren rocky Greek island of Patmos. The man's name was John, not to be confused with the apostle John who had died by this time and was buried in Ephesus. This man knew that he would never see his family again. He would die in that prison. His crime? He was a Jewish Christian. The book was written near the end of the first century A.D., during the time of the Emperor Domitian, who was known for his brutal persecution of the Christians. The Emperor Domitian was often referred to as the Beast or the Harlot, and the city of Rome was built on seven hills. It was also known as Babylon, because of its depravity.

In reading the Book of Revelations, I sit in puzzlement, and yes, in intellectual anger. How could any person who is old enough and educated enough to have learned to read, interpret the writings of this justifiably bitter and sad man to represent anything other than his hopes and prayers that the world was going to be punished during his lifetime, not nineteen hundred years later....”

On the top of the mountain, above the cave of the Apocalypse, there is the Monastery of St. John, built around 1000 AD. The monastery complex consists of buildings built in different periods. It sits on five different levels and has the form of a boat with its bow pointing towards Ikaria.The enclosed entrance yard is fortified with toothed ramparts and towers for use against pirate raids, and its main gate is fortified and secured with a great bolt. The whole area is huge with its church, museum, library and other buildings. There are still monks living in this old monastery. The view down to the harbour and town is breathtaking.

St.Paul who lives nowadays and uses the name Nick Bunick, has given a different view to the history of the time of Jeshua. He writes very clearly in his books how things were distorted and explained for the benefit of those in power. Paul and Jeshua knew each other from their youth and they were close friends for ten years until Jeshua died. Also, many other writings in the Bible come to a new light. St. Luke was born after Jeshua's death and he wrote his own stories as being an eyewitness. ”Who ever does not hate his father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters, even life itself, cannot be my disciple”. According to Paul, Jeshua never made those remarks. That was not how Jeshua felt, that was how Luke felt about his own life.

According to Paul/Nick Bunick it is time for people, who profess to be the teachers of God's messages, to stop preaching their fear, despair, gloom, and their false words in the name of God (as is done in the Book of Revelation).

It is not the end of the world that is coming. It is the beginning of a new world. A world filled with love and compassion. A new era with new energies. We are already living in this time. And that is the reason why Feminine Divinity is now present so strongly. We are all invited to do this work, with courage and a loving heart. The peace within us radiates and expands.  As it does so, it increases the peace in all of the world.

Lady Peace Minister

Paavo, Eemeli's Son Vayrynen for President

We, the Finnish people, need Paavo to be our next President.  Listed below are a few reasons to support this statement:

He is by far the most experienced and distinguished politician of our present time. As a young politican, he has had the great priviledge of seeing and influencing the affairs of Finland.

The fact that he was so close to President Kekkonen, and within the Administration for years as a minister of various departments, gives him an excellent background and resume of experience. As a foreign minister, he also learned and worked with foreign politics. He also knows that one can learn from one's own mistakes. He has never given up, even whe he has been knocked down heavily many a time, he has always surfaced the better for it. It is a skill that few, not to speak of politicians, have.

Paavo is a resident of Lapland, who appreciates his country and the countryside, and wants to keep it alive. He comes from a farm family and he respects Mother Earth and her products. His roots are deep in the agricultural culture of northern Finland. His father, Eemeli (who passed away recently), received a patent for an invention at the age of 101 years.  There is a lineage of learning and innovation in Paavo's genes. He does not stagnate, but always seeks new alternatives to serve the people and the highest good of our country.

Paavo has built a folk high school in Keminmaa (by the river Kemijoki, about 100 km south from Rovaniemi) where his family farm is located. He also built a small chapel there. The chapel, with its beautiful paintings by Juhani Palmu - the famous painter, is quite unique. It resonates Mother Maria's energy with charming female figures. You can sense that the builder of the chapel has been influenced by deeply spiritual inspirations.

As a Peace Minister I also appreciate Paavo's broadmindedness and tolerance concerning the matters of faith. I myself have dreamed, and visualized for many years, a small Peace Chapel for the Santa Claus's village at the Arctic Circle here in Rovaniemi. This chapel would be open for all kinds of faiths, beliefs and traditions that contribute to the peaceful coexistence of all people. I hold this vision in my heart as this Peace Chapel would welcome visitors from around the world with open arms and hearts, making them feel and know that they are welcome here.

I see Paavo as a Peacemaker, greatly qualified to serve as our next President, and a man who also has the qualifications necessary to succeed in matters of peace.  What more could we ask for?

Marketta Myllari
Lady Peace Minister

The Unbearable Lightness of the Alternatives

The evening sun mirrors on the surface of the lake. The scenery is familiar, but now I see it directly in front of me in a new way. My desk used to be in the window corner.  Everything in my home is now arranged in a new way, in new frames, hugged by new energies.

My evacuation after the fire in my apartment lasted almost four months. Initially, it was not at all clear if I was to return to this apartment, or not. The threshold to come back was unexpectedly high. I had already gotten used to being free, with my most important things travelling with me in my car.

But so it is in this life that you have to face your challenges and undergo all the obstacles.
You cannot overcome without looking after all the things and goods that come your way. If you want to receive your insurance reimbursement/indemnity, you have to dive into the depths, and go through the sooty goods taken to the container after the fire, and itemize all your goods/things. The hardest work was with my books. I had hundreds of them, some quite valuable. They had to be sorted through many times, and most had to be discarded; a few are still on my balcony to be aired longer due to the smell of smoke. Luckily Helena, a good friend of mine, offered her assistance to research their value. I could not have had the energy to do that and I am so grateful for her.

At the moment, my love for books seems to have shifted. I despise the smell of smoke, and books and papers absorb the smell of fire like a sponge. What  books have I missed? Not any novels. I miss my study books, those with my own remarks on the margins of the pages. For instance, the study book of Kalevala, the Finnish Epic, is one of my dearest. My dear husband, Jussi, was a great Kalevala expert and he held a three-year Kalevala study group for our Rosicrucian friends, Kauno and Sinikka, and myself. A couple of words in the margin remind me of Jussi's lessons. Now the book reeks of smoke, but I have not been able to throw it away. I still hope that airing it out will help. I have sprinkled esoteric oils on the books. The same goes with my copy of  ”Lady with the Alabaster Jar”. It is full of my own translations and remarks. The old books of fairy tales from my childhood are also dear to me, and I have not thrown them away.

My home is now new and purified. Am I also? What have I experienced and learnt? My mind has gone through the roller coaster of up and down, sometimes even into the depths. There have been also hard times. My physical body has been tested under heavy pressure, tiredness and even sickness. When all the routines disappear, how to cope? I have often spoken in my talks that our routines can be obstacles. But there are all kinds of routines. I have found out that they are valuable, too. It is not until last week that I started again the Five Tibetan Rites in the morning. They just were left/discontinued, as were some of my other good routines. And so it is that these simple practices, and my hiking with my walking stick, have been the basis of my good conditioning each day. In cases like these, getting back into the routine is a great blessing.

When writing this, His Holiness the Dalai Lama is visiting Finland. His picture took up a whole page in the local newspaper, Lapin Kansa, with the title ”He responds to your smile”. And so it really is. You cannot help loving Dalai Lama. I am happy that my copy of his book ”The Art of Happiness”, after being aired out, is again pure and readable. The book is full of my underlines.

Here is a little extract:

”Every day we are faced with numerous decisions and choices. And try as we may, we often don't choose the thing that we know is 'good for us'. Part of this is related to the fact that the 'right choice' is often the difficult one – the one that involves some sacrifice of our pleasure.”

The most exciting happening of this summer for me was the Ninth LuostoClassic Concerts on the mountain Luosto. Its Main Concert this year was outdoors on the slope of Ukko-Luosto. It was an incredible experience. Even last summer the Concert with huge brass bells was a stunning one. This summer it involved several pianos, a pianomania they called it. There were six grand pianos outdoors and seven concert pianists playing; along with a big orchestra, of course. There was a picture in the paper of a large grand piano being taken up the deep slope; simply incredible! The classical music and a certain craziness, the miraculous harmony of old and new, and the majestic mountain surrounding you. There was a piano playing above your head, on the right and the left side, and in front of you on the outdoor stage.  The weather was great and the sun was shining, as always, during the Main Concert. It would not have been possible in the rain with six grand pianos exposed in the open air.

I love driving to the mountains. I went by myself and enjoyed it very much. I saw a lot of reindeer, even on the road; small fawns with their mothers. When driving I always make Archangel Michael's crosses in front, behind and right and left sides. Guarding yourself and all others, people and animals on the road, is essential. I was so pleased with the day that in the evening I decided to go dancing with some friends, 70 kilometers South, where there is a nice outdoor dancing place. The day was great. My soul and my body got the refreshment that I needed.

How have I survived? In the mornings when waking up I have prayed to Mother/Father/Creator, the Holy Spirit to give me courage and energy to live in this physical world. I have been in continuous contact with Mother Maria Magdalena and prayed that She continues to guide me. Being Her instrument is the most wonderful thing that I know. I feel that this writing is a natural way for me. I am grateful that my laptop was not damaged in the fire, and that all my files were saved. This shows me that I am guarded and that my continued writing is desired.

Peace of mind and love of heart together create miracles. With these you can manage even when the challenges seem almost overwhelming. Surrender, Trust and Gratitude work in practice;  as I experienced with the hardships of the fire these past several months. Learning is essential.
Love is behind everything.

Lady Peace Minister


Cretan poet
Nikos Kazantzakis:       (free translation)

You must go to the wide world
and see lands and seas
and people and ideas
and see everything as
for the first time,
and see long.

Then you must close your eyes
and feel, how these riches
emerge from you
when the time has filtered them
in its thin-eyed strainer
and your own joys and sorrows
find their way further away.

I spent the First of May in Kilpisjarvi. I left Levi with its mountains and Hotel Spa the day before the First of May, as the big celebrations occurring there (with lots of people) did not attract me. Without giving it much thought, I packed my car and headed up towards the northwest, near the Norwegian border. I found an accommodation at the old Hotel Kilpis, actually the only hotel there, rich with its traditions. The hotel has a gorgeous location by Lake Kilpisjarvi. They still have a lot of snow in the north in May, and even in June. It was wonderful to ski on the lake. Saana, the Holy Mountain, has a unique shape and is present all the time when you ski on the lake which is five kilometres long.

Most of the time I skied by myself, as other skiers usually went on a whole-day trip to the border monument of three states: Finland, Sweden and Norway. For me it would have been too long and I preferred to enjoy the sights of the lake surrounded by Saana and other high peaks.

The sun was shining radiantly, and I could easily sense the holiness of the surroundings. Especially  the mountain Saana was present all the time. I was in the Divine energy flow of Mother Maria Magdalena. I lived at NOW and forgot totally about the fire in my apartment; which was my intention.

Five days of skiing brought miracles in my being. Refreshed and glad I headed again southwards. I drove in the sunshine and avoided the snow flurries coming the next day. Five hours later, in Levi, I enjoyed swimming and bathing in the beautiful spa. Snow had changed into water. I thanked and blessed the water element and sensed the healing touch of it within me.

My 'suitcase living' changed when I settled down in Rovaniemi and spent one week with my little sister Riitta, in her beautiful house by the water, and saw my other sisters and relatives that care so  much for me.

It was my original intention to celebrate my birthday in May and have a party in my apartment. Now with no apartment the situation was different. I happened to see in the paper a direct flight to the island of Cyprus. That's it! I tried to get my sister Helena to join me but she was too busy with her garden, so I decided to go by myself. I took one suitcase with me and left the other one in the car that I had parked in Riitta's place.

Cypros was new for me. The excursion around the island was great even if the best of the blooming was over and the weather hot. At night there had been a sand storm from the Sahara, and everything was covered with yellow sand. I wondered how people could drive their cars with the windows so dirty, without cleaning their cars, but they most likely were waiting for the storms to continue. People here in the north do not always understand that there may be reasons like this for not cleaning so often.

Cypros is divided into two parts, the Cypriot and Turkish parts. The city of Nikosia is divided, too. It is easy to go to the other side, and there is no conflict going on; it looks peaceful. But, nevertheless, young men in Cypros have a two-year service in the army, and you can see them overall.

The divided city of Nikosia reminded me of another once divided city, Berlin, that I visited when I was working as an exchange student in Frankfurt am Main. I ran alone in the rain along the famous street Unter den Linden. I had lost my fellow students when trying to buy some stamps. I was afraid. Everything in the city was gloomy; the students in the cafe sat silent with depressive look. Luckily it has changed now, and Berlin is no more divided.

My flight was to Pafos, but my hotel was in Limassol. I wanted, however, to visit Pafos, because of St. Paul. It was quite a day with two buses, running in Pafos without a clear plan, and the weather being very, very hot. Nobody seemed to know where the place of St. Paul was (the pole where he had been whipped with 40 lashes). It happened when he came to the city and started preaching. Afterwards, the Governor of the city converted into Christianity and Pafos was the first city in the world reigned by a Christian leader.

In places like Crete, there are so many historical sites with monuments and archaeological excavations that the local people are not very interested in the sites – not the young ones I had met.

The place with the lashing pole that I had been searching for was actually not far from the harbour, but it was hidden behind old lanes. When I finally got there, I spent a good while just sitting on the bench in silence. I could sense the presense of St. Paul. For me it is strange that it was not until I had read the books of Nick Bunick, that St. Paul has come close to me and touched my soul. In some mystical way I have a connection with him now – perhaps because I have read his books and also written about them. The day in Pafos was worth all trouble, and I feel now that it was one of the reasons why I was sent to Cypros.

After Cypros I spent four days with my sister Riitta, resting and wondering what was next. I discovered that next was flying to Crete! I found in Lapin Kansa, our newspaper, that there still were tickets available for their readers' trip. I got the last ticket – and it was again obvious for me what I was to do! I am now used to living without planning anything, to live in the NOW.               

I had visited Crete ten years ago, and had also visited Knossos and the great historical sites there. But I had not seen the city of Hania. I now fell in love with this city and especially with its old historical Venetian harbour surrounded by the most beautiful, centuries-old buildings painted with all possible pastel colours. There I met a philosopher in his cafe. His name is George and he sat in front of his cafe. Classical music from inside led me there. We started a conversation like old friends. There were no other people in his cafe as the restaurant in front of his cafe had built an ugly shed facing his cafe. So George had lost most of his view to the see. Illegal, said George, but they have more money! He shared with me how he had been born and raised in that neighborhood. He was sad, and looked sad, when telling this. We then discussed many topics: the economic situation of the EEC, the world situation, philosophies, religions, etc. We agreed in all themes. The next day when my excursion was cancelled I went again to Hania and saw George sitting in his cafe. I was happy to greet him again. You never know whom you meet! You have a connection with someone in half an hour and feel very close to that person. Actually, it is no wonder, as we are all connected with each other. We are literally ONE.

Both in Cypros and Crete I enjoyed swimming in the sea, walking the beach, sunbathing, and meeting people. In Cypros I celebrated my birthday in a beautiful restaurant with wonderful people from Rovaniemi that I did not know before. The waiters brought me a birthday cake, sang Happy Birthday and enjoyed the party with us. In Crete there was a late spring, so the flowers were now in full bloom.

Why these trips? Why was I sent to Cypros and Crete? When I look at the map, I see that Cypros is surrounded by countries with many conflicts, such as Syria, Israel, Turkey, etc.

When our flight landed in Crete in the city of Hania, we saw some 40 bombers in the airport. Hania is a base for NATO and bombers are sent to Libya to fight there. There was an odd feeling in my stomach. Bombers – killing weapons.

I was sent first up to the north, to Kilpisjarvi, near the border of three states: Finland, Sweden and Norway. That is one of the most peaceful border in the world. There I regained my inner peace after what had happened in the fire of my home. Then I was sent to the south to bring that peace from my heart to the hearts of other people there.

It is my sincere hope that Mother Maria Magdalena can use me as Her instrument to radiate Her Peace, Love and Joy. I am so happy and grateful for Her blessing.

Blessings and Love,
Lady Peace Minister

Fire Initiation and Freedom

A fire consumed my apartment on Thursday morning, the 24th of March. I was preparing to watch the 8 o'clock news on TV, and had lit a small contained candle (that was in its own glass container) on a little table in front of the couch. I got up to get cup of tea from the kitchen.  There is a direct view from the kitchen to the living room. I did not even have time to get the cup of tea when a terribly loud sound from my smoke alarm started. I turned around and saw that the couch corner where I had been sitting only seconds earlier, was ablaze. I tried at first to extinguish the flames with a normal blanket – I had no fire blanket – but it was in vain. Then I ran to the door, grabbed my cell phone on the little table near the door, went to the corridor, closed the door and immediately called 112, the emergency number. The fire department arrived within five minutes as they are stationed close to my apartment. Nevertheless, every minute seems like an eternity in a situation like this.

All of the residents of our small apartment house gathered downstairs. I saw little Vilma running to their car crying in fear. The sight of her went deep into my soul and reminds me of the picture of the little Vietnamese girl running amidst in the war. It was a great blessing that neither Vilma nor anyone else in our house was physically injured.

The ambulance took me to the hospital to check my health; thankfully, I had not received any poisonous gases in my body.

I have three wonderful sisters who took care of me and supported me with their love and shelter after the fire. Some time later, I moved to a little cottage at Ounasvaaran Pirtit; they have cottages for sports enthusiasts and tourists, and the place is near the skiing stadium. I lived in a little cosy cottage by myself.

One morning I woke up and sensed that Lady, my collie that had passed away about ten years ago, was beside me. I knew right away that Lady was with me, even though I did not see her. Lady mourned and was very sad and sorry for what had happened to me. I comforted Lady and said to her as I used to say to her: ” Everything is OK, Margie loves Lady.” In the afternoon, when I was resting on the bed, this incident came to mind and I started to communicate with Lady. I asked her if she’d like to be born as my dog again, or perhaps in some other form. To this question, Lady said that she will not be born again as a dog or a human. She is an angel and has always been my Guardian Angel living close to me as a dog on the physical level. Lady gave me a living testimony that angels can take a physical form if they want. If she had appeared as an angel and told me that she was my Lady, it would not have registered with me.

After the fire, one of the cleaners asked me about a pebble they had found on the floor near my door. It was a little stone I had put on the threshold between the doors. The inside door had been difficult to open at times, and would sometimes get stuck.  I was told I was lucky that the pebble had been there. This also confirmed for me that I was not meant to be hurt by the flames.

Most of my possessions have either been destroyed, taken to the cleaners to be washed, or moved to a container to be cleaned. There is a lot of work ahead to go through sooty books, paintings and other goods. The apartment has now been entirely emptied, and repairing and repainting can start.

It was another miracle that my portable computer with all its files and my writings was salvaged, even though it was only a couple of meters away from the flames.  It was on the desk of my study with its door open to the living room.The lap top just needed cleaning : )  It was also a miracle that my beautiful Emissary Wheel was saved. Simpy another Blessing for me.

With having to leave my apartment during its repairs, I also know I have received a water initiation or baptism by swimming every day at the beautiful Spa in the Hotel Levi, a couple of hours' drive northwards from Rovaniemi. Levi is the mountain where I love to go downhill skiing in the winter and also swim year round. I have enjoyed with my whole heart the water element, bathing and swimming which I love very much. I have also enjoyed dancing. It has always been a joy for my heart. Dancing is a marvellous way to get your energies balanced and live in the NOW. Last evening Amadeus was singing here in the restaurant with his orchestra. The same Angel boy that in 2009 as the Tango King of the year for his songs, touched my soul deeply. I sense that he has a connection to the Divine energies.

I have a new life after having gone through a fire initiation, and have inner assurance that everything in life follows Divine guidance. Surrender, trust and gratitude are of uptmost importance for me. This is exactly what Jeshua, in His Spiritual Peacemaking Ministry, emphasizes.

I haven't the slightest idea what Life will bring for me now. My dear green Mazda-car takes me at present where Divine guidance leads. My car carries me and the belongings that I need. I feel the same as I did nearly two decades ago when I travelled around the world as a backpacker. Free. The same feeling now, however, with the nose of my car heading towards the North this time.

I am completely protected and blessed by our Beloved Mother Maria Magdalena. May she continue to lead me now and always, in all ways.

Blessings and Love,
Lady Peace Minister

The Sexuality of Maria Magdalena and Jesus

Sexuality is quite a taboo even nowadays. It is, however, a normal, natural thing in everyone's life.
God created us in Her/His own image, woman and man. And quite apparently Mother/Father/Creator wanted us also to increase on this Tellus. Why is sexuality then such delicate a matter for us?

There is a Divine spark within us; we are Divine Beings who are born here to the physical world ”to test our wings”. Development does not stop but searches all the time for new dimensions, new worlds to search and create anew. Can you ask with reason why humanity has denied the other half of its Divinity? Where has Mother God ”hidden away” all these thousands of years?

Christianity regards Jesus as the Son of God who was born to a human being to this physical world. He was allowed the role of a sufferer in the human being, but nothing of the sexual joy and happiness. A mere thought of that kind might be impossible to a religious one. You can question with reason; How can this kind of savior redeem a human being without experiencing the whole scale of joys and sorrows of the human being? I have often wondered this odd logic of the Christianity. If it was meant that the human being was to be saved by some Holy Being, so it is. But the Church specifically emphasizes that Jesus, besides being the Son of God, was also born an ordinary man among ordinary people.

During the time of Jesus the position of a woman was as miserable as it is today in many countries. For Jesus, a woman and man were equal. His Beloved and Wife Maria Magdalena was the one that understood the most profound mysteries and shared all the wisdom that Jesus had. Without Maria Magdalena Jesus could not even have been able to fulfill his mission: to manifest the Christ Awareness on the physical level. Together they formed the Holy Union where the Feminine and Masculine Divinity united in a sacred and holy way. This kind of marriage is made in heaven but on the physical level it is manifested also in the physical sexuality that creates children; and so it was also with Jesus and Maria Magdalena.

When a person falls in love she/he starts an adventure to deeper Divinity. The human being searches for her/his soul's companion, the lost connection and the experience of Unity. Everyone who has experienced this, at least once, recognizes what the soul is missing and its fulfillment. It is a great blessing, joy and comfort given to a human being.

A woman and a man must first balance within themselves the male and female energies. It isn't until the energies of the lovers are in balance that they can successfully start a harmonious, loving couple relationship. There are many kinds of couple relationships, but the most profound is a spiritual union on the soul level; one that can be revealed on the physical level as an intercourse. This is natural and holy.

The marriage of Maria Magdalena and Jesus was a big threat to the Church. As Maria Magdalena  violated many Jewish laws, she had to be eliminated. Even many male disciples condemned and humiliated Maria Magdalena into tears. We can read this in many of the Gnostic writings, such as Pistis Sophia, the Gospels of Fillip, Thomas and Maria Magdalena. Very soon, as early as the fourth century, the Church systematically started to remove Maria Magdalena from the sacred writings. And it was Pope Gregory I in the year of 591 who declared that real believers must consider Maria Magdalena a whore. This intentional lie was withdrawn by the Church – in the year of 1969. It took time (almost 1378 years)!

Constantine the Great, along with the Church, started to create their own image of Jesus. It was important to lead and control people. Fear/guilt/shame/hell and original sin helped a lot. These were rooted effectively in the minds of the people. Constantine the Great and the Council of Nicea in 325 started an effective manipulation of people. They created a doctrine of Jesus and man's sinfulness from which only the Church could save the poor person who was doomed to live their lives with sin, guilt and shame. This led to the fact that the Church had to create more odd doctrines to manage their explanations.

In the fourth century St. Augustinus got a genius idea to create the original sin that starts with Adam and Eve; according to this doctrine even the newborn baby is full of sin. Only the Church can pardon the sinner. They created also the eternal hell where you were sent if you did not obey the Church. The word hell is in Hebrew 'Gehenna'; the name for hell and apparently the whole idea was taken from the rubbish dump (with the eternal fire) outside Jerusalem that was named Gehenna in the days of old. In 554, The Council of Constantinople condemned as heresy the reincarnation that was to Jesus and many living in Palestine a natural understanding in those days.

Where did the Church’s denial the marriage of Jesus and Maria Magdalena lead to? It denied the sexuality of Jesus, the son of God and Man. Thus, it appeared Jesus did not redeem the sexuality of human beings. The consequence of this was that sexuality became unholy, even filthy. And where did this lead us? The priests had to be celibate. This is something that St. Paul never had demanded from his priests, as Nick Bunick (former St. Paul) writes in his book ”Time for Truth”. And what followed from this impossible requirement? Many priests, especially bishops and even the Popes themselves led obscene lives, secretly of course. And even worse, sexual abuse, which is one of the most terrible things that a religious leader or believer can do.

In all of this, there was no room for Feminine Divinity. The power was masculine, and the Feminine Divinity went underground. Maria Magdalena, who was pregnant, fled to Egypt and from there to southern France. There She declared and taught that Divinity is the balance of the Feminine and Masculine Christ within a person. Maria Magdalena has for many years now manifested this truth. The Divinity is found within, not outside the person.

I see, hear and sense Maria Magdalena in ordinary people; and especially in the children. Also in nature, beauty, peace and silence. Nothing is hidden underground any more. All shame, guilt and fear have been washed away from the human being; and especially the woman is freed from any humiliation. All this comes to us now with great force. Let us humbly thank for this great blessing.

Blessings and Love,
Lady Peace Minister

Song of Songs:

Return, return O Shulamite, return, return that we may look upon thee.
Who is she that looketh forth as the morning, fair as the moon, 
clear as the sun, and terrible as an army carrying banners.
Look not upon me because I am black, because the sun hath looked upon me.
I am my beloved and my beloved is mine, he feedeth among the lillies.


I am the Rose of Sharon, the Lilly of the Valley. 
As the lilly among the thorns, so is my love among the daughters.
A garden enclosed is my sister, my spouse, a spring shut up, a fountain sealed.
A fountain of gardens, a well of flowing waters, and streams from Lebanon.
Let my beloved come into his garden and eat his pleasant fruits.
I am my beloved and my beloved is mine, he feedeth among the lilies.


He brought me to the banqueting house and his banner over me was love.
I sat down under his shadow and his fruit was sweet to my taste.
Thou art all fair my love, there is no spot in thee.
The joints of thy thighs are like jewels, the work of the hands of a cunning workman.
This thy stature is like to a palm tree, and thy breasts to clusters of grapes.
Until the day break and the shadows flee away, 
I will get me to the mountains of myrrh and the hill of frankincense.
I am my beloved and my beloved is mine.
I am my beloved and his desire is towards me.


Until the day break and the shadows flee away, 
be thou like a roe or a young hart, upon the mountains of Bether.
My beloved spoke and said to me: Rise my love, my fair one and come away.
Let us get up early to the vineyards, let us see if the vine flourish, 
whether the tender grape appear and the pomegranates bud forth:
there I will give you my love.
And our bed is green.
How fair is thy love, my sister, my spouse! 
How much better is thy love than wine!

Pekka Ervast and the Era of Women

Just now when writing this article I see from my window a most fascinating view. The big fir behind the window at my eyes' level is covered with snow, and the cones on the branches are like Creator's fingers saying: ”Hey, look how beautiful the world is!” The sun is shining at the brightness of the noon, the ice on the lake is beautifully pure. Beauty and light are always real. You need not look ”through” as when mist covers the scenery. Then you have to have strong faith in believing that there is light and brightness behind everything.

This physical world is illusion, but very important illusion! Here I have to find everything that will be everlasting; to create from this body eternal. No matter what the scenery or who the person in front of me is, I have to see behind the mask.

God does not see me if I am in a low vibration of energy, if I fear, if I am angry, am negative in any way. I remember how I got terrified when I for the first time realized this. It felt merciless. But when I get deeper into it, it seems quite logical. God sees in the human being God's own Divinity. So it is no use to accuse God of all the horrible things around and within me; not to speak of wars and other crimes against humanity.

In the decision making there is always question of either fear or love. I choose fear when I need a severe lesson that I have not yet learnt. Afterwards it often feels that there was no grace for myself. Only when I understand that all fear ifs futile, I am free of my chains.

In my life the first and certainly the most effective spiritual teacher has been Pekka Ervast (1875-1934), the Christian mystic and writer. He deeply loved Finland and strongly believed in Finland's spiritual leadership; he was one of the first theosophists and the founder of the Finnish independent Rosicrucian society in Finland. In his lessons and books he emphasized two topics more than anything: Jesus's lessons of the Sermon on the Mount that the church did not teach, and the ancient wisdom of the Finnish epic, Kalevala, the wisdom of our ancestors. When I found his books, my spiritual consciousness was aroused at one blow. I have not needed in my life to search by searching spiritual matters; they have walked towards me. This has been a great blessing for me. The matters just happen without much searching.


As early as in the 1920's Pekka Ervast wrote about the future era of women. Here is an extract of his Esoteric Teachings that was publish first time by Rosicrucian Society in 2005.

”Let’s take one old, well-known example. Men are fighters by nature.  Women are conciliators by nature. Men arranged societies on the basis of violence and force and have been at war with each other ever since.  And women, in their admiration for men, gave up their feminine demands and, instead, supported and blessed men who strove for violence. So women often inspired men to violent deeds, since men didn’t usually go to war unless women urged them to do so.

Now we are living in a time when more people, both men and women, see this clearly and are beginning to realize that there is a the feminine conciliator in each human being: the conciliator that has, until now, been so disregarded.  This conciliator in each person will soon step into sight, but only when all wise people say we are moving into the era of the feminine when the voices of women will be heard more often, not only propping masculinity but awakening all humanity.  As more women seriously strive to develop their spiritual lives, peace will follow.  And women can teach the younger generations how to avoid fighting and the martial spirit in order to understand higher ideals, such as human love, peacefulness, balance, and reasonableness.

When women understand their position and begin to develop their spiritual lives, they can perform miracles in the world.  At this point in time many women are too feminine and simply follow their men. Women must start going their own way and living their own lives. They must star, one step at a time, to wield the scepter of life in a new humane way and to discover the great goal and ideal of life.  Women must work for these goals and ideals so that all humankind can evolve, for we are now standing on the threshold before the portal above which these words are written: 'The Era of Women'.

Since the men who already understand this are in an uncomfortable and unnatural position until more men come to understand, it is most important that women realize that many men actually resent women. When women understand this more deeply and begin to change the world’s opinion of them, men who bring from their past a great spirit, can begin to understand that the great goal and ideal of life is not to fight physical wars but to use this warrior spirit to fight evil, selfishness, materialism, and meanness in the world; in other words, to transform fighting for physical victories into working for moral victories.”

Pekka Ervast was a genius in languages, even as a child. He translated numerous books from their original languages into Finnish. One of them is the Coptic script, Pistis Sophia, which tells about the life and the penances of a being, Pistis Sophia. The words pistis = faith and sophia= wisdom are Greek, and the manuscript is considered a translation from Greek into Coptic. The manuscript was bought by the British Museum in 1785, from a collection in a London antiquarian bookshop. The book is one of the few Gnostic Gospels found from the early Christian centuries. (gnosis = knowledge).

I remember how my husband, Jussi, who had studied in the Rosicrucian Society for decades when we met (he was 33 years older than me) spoke with great respect about Pistis Sophia and about Maria Magdalena's role in that gospel. At that time I considered Pistis Sophia too difficult for me and I did not go into the matter in greater detail.

In Pistis Sophia Jesus has discussions with his disciplines, among them there are men and women. There are Mary, Jesus's Mother, Martha, Salome, and Maria Magdalena who was the dearest and closest discipline for Jesus. She was that discipline who understood most profoundly, besides Apostle John, Jesus's esoteric lessons. Many of the male disciplines did not even understand what she asked Jesus. Especially Peter was jealous and envious to Maria Magdalena, so that his way of speaking was quite rude (the same you see in other gospels, too.) In one text he said:” Oh Lord, we cannot tolerate this woman, for from all others she takes the opportunity to speak with you, but she herself speaks a lot.” Jesus did not reproach Peter but let him understand that he greatly appreciated Maria Magdalena and her wisodom.

17 Chapter in Pistis Sophia:
When he (Jesus) had talked to his disciplines, he said to them: ”Anyone who has ears to hear, may hear.”
And it happened that when Maria (Magdalena) had heard these words of the Savior that she looked for one hour closely to the air. She said: ”Lord, tell me to speak with you openly.” And Jesus, that Blessed, answered to Maria: ”You Blessed Maria, whom I want to make perfect in all the mysteries, speak openly, you whose heart has become to the level of heaven more than any of your brothers.”

Everything has its time. Now is the time of Maria Magdalena in my life.

Blessings and Love, Margie

Mother, Maria and Martha in my Life

I was raised by two aunts since I was five years old. One was named Maria by her soul, and the other was named Martha by her soul. My Maria-soul Aunt Lyyli was a school teacher, and the Martha-soul Aunt Anna was a cashier for the Rovaniemi municipal town, through whose hands all the entire cash flow of the town was running. After World War II, they built a little wooden house near our old family farm home by the Kemijoki river. They named their house Keinuvuopaja (it derives from the Lappish word Keinovuopio, meaning 'waterway') after the bed of the river by their house. From this little house they radiated love and affection for the whole family. They gave their tender care and support also to their brother, Mikko's, family with ten children. And especially so after the family lost their mother when she died while the youngest being only half a year old.

My Aunt Anna adopted me even though she was actually too aged for adopting a little child, but because of the situation of the family it was allowed. Also the youngest, Riitta, came to live permanently with the aunts when she started going to school. So the aunts had two children to take care of; in addition to being physical Guardian Angels for all the children of the family.  

Even as young as I was, I often thought that my aunts were like Bethania's Maria and Martha in the Bible. Both of them were lovely persons, but in their own way very different kind of people. How did they manage at their age, almost as retired persons, adapt themselves to new circumstances, and all living together in a little house? How did Maria feel, and how did Martha feel? Maria took care of 'internal' affairs and Martha took care of the practical 'outside' affairs.  

Maria was a quiet person, radiating tranquility. She was that person in our family who never blamed anyone but always supported and encouraged, and it was easy to go to her with your joys and sorrows. When Aunt Anna tried sometimes – very rarely – to 'raise' me, Aunt Lyyli sat beside my bed in the evening and comforted me with her words”don't worry about it, forget the whole thing”.

Even as a child I was very conscious of my self-esteem; no-one had the right to reproach me for anything. As a teacher Aunt Lyyli was known for keeping good order in her class; that was her inner authority that helped her. She was at the same time gentle and firm in her work. She has always been an example for me of a teacher and spiritual guide.

Martha was active and productive in every respect. She had a house built, created a garden and had taken care of it with great love. She provided housing and found work also for those relatives who lacked energy and activity to do so themselves. Aunt Anna has taught me all practical things. Even now I remember her advice. For instance, when ironing the clothes 'do it properly so that they would not wrinkle so easily'. I learned that there are two things important with your house: keep clean the roadside and the compost in the garden. Good advice for any housekeeper! I also learned to be sensible with my monetary affairs. She was interested in the local history and culture and wrote many articles for the local publications. Her writing has been an example for my present writing as well.

Our mother, Tyyne, was the only daughter of a big farm estate. She would have liked to study as her brother did, but she was needed at home to help her sick mother. She was very efficient, able to organize and lead, even when there were a lot of people living in the house during World War II. At night when others slept, she would take a horse from the stable and drive a couple of kilometres down the river to check in on the situation at her parents farm. When men were at war, women had to take care of everything, including being responsible for big farms. The episode below describes her very well:

Our mother and the children were evacuated in September 1944 to Sweden, as were all people of  Finnish Lapland. The place was Norsjo, a little village. The youngest of the children was Helena, the baby. Our grandma died during that time in another place, Skellefteå. When our mother heard that our old farmhouse had been spared miracuously from the war, she decided at once to leave for home, without any permission. The very next day the place she we were staying was put into quarantine because of some epidemic; she might have suspected it. She managed to get train tickets to Haparanda. To make sure that she was allowed to take with her all eight of the children, she agreed with some women that some of the children belonged to them.

In Haparanda, the border town, she found place in an open truck (it was winter time!) that was going to the devastated home town. In Rovaniemi a miracle happened: our father, Mikko, and two other men, were with their horse sleighs to pick up goods from the only trade house that was preserved and was open. Our father was greatly surprised when he saw Eeva, the oldest child, jump off the truck. The evacuees were not yet allowed to return to the burnt, destructed town! Our father had already been released from the army and had come home. The Eeli-priest, (people called the beloved priest of the congregation by his first name) had asked our father to clean the house so that they could have a Christmas service there. And so the first service after the war took place in our very own home.

During this evacuation journey I was only three years old. For some reason that I don't know, I was taken to hospital. In a strange place among strange people missing my mother I yelled myself almost to death. Someone told me that my mother would never come if I did not stop yelling. I went silent, unconscious and fell from the bed. It might be that in that moment there happened a change of the souls; I feel so now. My mother did not know me after that, and I did not know my mother. According to Luule Viilma my mother was not told about what had happened to me. It might be this trauma that caused my aunts to take me in to live with them.

Ten years ago I got breast cancer. Luule Viilma, Estonia's most famous doctor, seer and healer, who greatly contributed to my healing and with whom I had many sessions, told me that my mother/child relationship and its breaking was the main reason for my sickness. She told me of my mother that ”she fought like Jeanne d´Arc and felt that her country had betrayed her.” My mother gave all her strength for her family and was only 43 years old when she died. I was then nine years old and had not learned to know my mother. I loved my mother as a shy child, admiring her secretly 'from the door open a crack'.

What have I learned from these three most important ladies of my life? Have I brought forward their dreams, have I realised them, as each of us should do? From my mother I have received my courage, love for freedom, independent way of thinking and healthy self-esteem. I have also been able to study and travel a lot, as my mother had dreamt of in her youth.

I also realised the lives of Martha and Maria manifesting their dreams. I studied at the School of Economics and worked in the business life as my Aunt Anna, the cashier. My studying completed her commercial studies. My business life did not, however, make me fully happy, and I went on with my life.

Next I realised Aunt Lyyli's, the school teacher's, dreams. From her I got the theosophical world picture; she lived according to their lessons without preaching anything. I found her old Ruusu-Risti (Rosicrucian) magazines at about 30 years' of age, and decided, without consulting anyone, to join Ruusu-Risti (the Finnish independent Rosicrucian Society with Masonic Order). My aunt had not joined this society but, nevertheless, she was by her soul a Rosicrucian Theosophist. Later on I continued my career as a teacher, first at commercial colleges, then in different kinds of schools teaching languages and, finally giving lectures and seminars on self-knowledge. In the last few years I have studied Spiritual Peacemaking and have been ordained a Peace Minister in the Beloved Community, created by the Beloved Apostles, Maria Magdalena and St. John 2000 years ago in Palestine.

In my youth I was not interested in Jesus or Maria Magdalena. I said once to my Aunt Lyyli that I do not need Jesus; I have direct contact with God. My Aunt disapproved and was sorry for me. I was ashamed of my words, but I did not care about the Jesus picture that the church gave. And Maria Magdalena was for me some prostitute that Jesus healed, nothing else.

When I think what Jesus and Maria Magdalena now mean for me, I am greatly grateful to these wonderful ladies that have worked as the Guardian Angels in my life. I have lived the life of Betania with Maria Magdalena and Martha, and I received the best possible home to be raised in. I have awoken in this life to continue the work that these physical Angels of mine did. And I know that they continue to bless and guard me in this work to manifest in my life the Feminine Christ Consciousness.

Christ is close to our hearts at Christmas time. I like to share with you this little story of my time as a commercial student:

I was working as an AIESEC trainee for about one year in New York. My work was dull office work that I was not so much interested in; I asked to work as a sales girl in the department store of the company. This was my first service work. Franklin Simon was located opposite the famous Empire State Building. Christmas is celebrated in the States only for one day and night (in Scandinavia we celebrate about three days). It had been a big snow storm, and the city was all white; my work ended at 6 o'clock; then I stood tightly packed with others in the subway, hanging from the ceiling belt, stupefied and aware of the strong garlic smell around me. I departed the subway in Brooklyn, and found a florist to get a bunch of Christmas flowers for Harriet and John with whom I lived (John was the brother of my aunt's husband).

At Midnight we went for a walk. It looked like a fairy tale picture: the surroundings white with snow, all houses beautifully decorated with many colors (that was something new for me at that time). But the most amazing thing was this: Silence beyond desciption. It was as a big cat animal had held its breath for a while and gasped it. To feel a Silence like this in a big city! That was the Christ Miracle of the Christmas Night of the big city.

Blessings for all of us,
Maria Magdalena Sister


(This English version is longer than the Finnish one.)

I've been reading Nick Bunick's books In God's Truth and Time for Truth. I became interested in Nick Bunick some years ago when I translated James Twyman's book The Secret of the Beloved Disciple. Nick Bunick had written the Preface of this book and in it James Twyman also writes: ”...There were many people in the world, very ordinary people, who were waking up to extraordinary missions, and I knew that. One I knew personally was Nick Bunick, the subject of the book, The Messengers. I had met and become friends with Nick through the speaking circuit, and though I was at first a bit suspicious of his claims to be the reincarnation of St. Paul, our friendship had convinced me otherwise. It was clear to me that Nick had an important mission to fulfill, but anyone who had known him up until that particular time in his life would have never expected such grandeur. ”

I ordered James's latest book The Barn Dance in which James tells about how he met his former wife Linda who was very brutally killed in 2005. Three-and –a- half years later, guided by a series of visions and dreams, James was mystically drawn to a barn in the Nevada wilderness ”where Heaven and Earth collide and magic changes lives”. Everything that James and Linda experience witnesses that there is no death. The life continues after the transition, and it is possible for the physical person to meet a person who has transferred to the higher energies. The book is beautiful and reveals bright visions.

Also on there were two novels by Nick Bunick that I was strongly guided to buy.  I have now voraciously read these books and I just finished reading each of them a second time.  Every time a book has comes to my attention, it has had an important message for me. So it happened to me with these wonderful novels.

We live in a very miraculous time. There are walking among us so called ordinary people who at the same time are far from ordinary. Many of them are Ascended Masters who voluntarily returned here to continue the work of their previous lives. And most importantly, they’re working to correct the lies and distorted information that the church passed down to people during past centuries, and still does.  It is now the Time for Truth.

Nick Bunick started to recall memories from two thousands years ago. Some of the knowledge has come directly from Spirit – the spiritual world collectively – but he also underwent six months of regression under hypnosis and relived Paul's life 2,000 years ago.

At the age of 21 years, Paul met Yeshua/Jesus, who was 23, and developed an intense and close personal relationship with him. His relationship with Yeshua was one-on-one, very different from that of the disciples. The two were much closer, and discussions were held between them that couldn't have taken place with the disciples, who were not educated men. He had been educated at home on his father's estate by some of the finest scholars in Tarsus, and was able to speak the language of the Hebrew, as well as Latin and Greek.

Five years afterYeshua's death Paul went to Damascus, not to persecute anyone, but on business. What happened to him on the way was not a conversion – he did not need any –and it was five years afterwards that he himself founded Christianity. It was a Commitment that Yeshua asked him to make to help the apostles succeed in their mission.

Apostle Paul/ Nick Bunick feels that it is his responsibily to tell the Truth, what really happened in Palestine in those days. He corrects the many lies and distortorted knowledge that had been put into the mouths of both Yeshua and Paul in the Bible. Messages of love had been distorted to messages of fear; messages of compassion had been distorted to messages of guilt; and messages that were supposed to bring us together as God's children had, instead, been so corrupted by early Christian leaders that they polarized people, creating hostilities that persist today with even greater intensity. 

Nick Bunick explains how the early Christian leaders of the 4th century, especially St. Augustine, got the idea to control people with fear by stating that we are all sinners, and that atonement and redemption could only be received through the church. They also created the notion of the hell, the original Hebrew word being ’Gehenna’, which  refers to a dump outside Jerusalem where garbage was burned 24 hours a day!

One of the most detestable and criminal lies in the history of the world is that the Romans made the Jews responsible for Yeshua's death. The three members of the Sanhedrin Council  (3 out of  70!) that Pontius Pilate had called to witness Yeshua’s testimony and to condemn him washed their hands – not Pilate. It was Pilate, in a rage, who commanded his guards to replace Barabbas with Yeshua in the crucifixion that was to take place that morning at Golgotha.

As the 4th-century scribes were translating the scriptures, Christian leaders made sure that the Romans would never be held responsible for the death of Yeshua. These horrific lies perpetrated by Romans and Christinitys's leaders fomented hatred toward the Jewish people resulting in the torture and murder of Jews for 2,000 years. These lies still continue today.

Yeshua and Paul regarded women and men as equal. God is Mother/Father. Paul honored and respected women and wrote of them in his letters, complimenting them and thanking them.  He never denied them ministerial positions.  In fact, many of his apostles and administrators were women. But early Christian leaders chose to deny that. Where Paul praised women in his letters in the scriptures they changed their names to those of men, or stated that they were wives of the male ministers.

Paul also did not declare that his ministers had to be unmarried men and remain celibate. But again, his words were twisted. Nick Bunick says sarcastically that they were no doubt concerned that when priests died, they would leave their estates to their children, rather than to the church.

Nick Bunick's story was first featured in the best selling 1997 book The Messengers that tells how a very successful businessman started to get miraculous angel experiences and angel codes of 444 that totally changed his life. The angels, for instance, would aweaken him in the morning at 4:44. This angel code represents the Power of God's love. Angels are the messengers of God, and the angelic intervention in your life is always a miracle. Also, the readers of Nick Bunick's books started to get these angelic interventions.

The Messengers aroused a lot of publicity and this started Nick Bunick's new career as a lecturer speaking on TV and radio shows. Later he wrote the books In God's Truth and Time For Truth, the latter published this year.

I was very much interested, of course, in what Nick/Paul tells about Maria Magdalena. He writes:
”Lazarus lived with his two sisters, Martha and Mary, in the town of Bethany. Their home was located about a twenty-five-minute walk south of the city of Jerusalem. Whenever Jeshua came into Jerusalem, almost without exception, he stayed in the home of Lazrus and Mary. Mary was known as Mary Magdalene, because the famaily originally came from the city of Magdala, on the western shore of the Sea of Galilee, just south of Capernaum. Mary was a loving, gentle, beautiful woman. She had long black hair, an olive complexion, large brown eyes and an athletick body. Jeshua and Mary loved eacht other. I truly believe they would have married one day, if Jeshua had not given his life on the cross when he died.”

What did Yeshua look like? ”Jeshua was a descendent from the tribe of David, in which the people were fair-skinned and blue-eyed. Jeshua had thick brown hair that he parted in the middle. His hair had golden highlights from the sun. He had high cheek bones and a thin face, with wide eyes that were bluish gray in color. He had a thin nose and full lips; his hair and his beard were always well groomed, and his light skin was tanned from his constantly being in the sun. Jeshua had beautiful features. He was a handsome man, but at the same time you could see the tremendous strength in his looks and you could recognize his charisma.” There are two portraits of Yeshua in the book.

Even though Paul was a very close friend of Yeshua, he did not belong to the inner circle of Yeshua's disciples. Paul was an educated man and he was not impressed with the disciples; he was critical of their tactics and their organization after Yeshua's death. This is another reason why they later changed Paul’s texts.

Nick Bunick tells about his present contacts with Yeshua who may also live on Earth at this time as a physical person. Yeshua has a person called Anna who helps Him to contact people. Contact can be made by e-mails or telephone and Nick Bunick has been in contact with Yeshua.  He tells about one telephone conversation in his book and it is truly amazing.

The eletrical equipment in these days often function in funny ways. As for me, my computer and e-mail have either worked or not worked, and it’s all a mystery to me so far. When I was reading Time for Truth and  was wondering if something were true or not, I learned that the alarm eguipment on the ceiling started to flash. Ok, I thought jokingly, please do not start yelling! I have also noticed that it often communicates with me and then I know there are lots of angels surrounding me.

Here is one of Nick's messages, which today represents his credo, the commitment that he lives by. He had written these words in his own handwriting with a pencil, but they were words that were given to him by God's messengers, the angels:

”You must believe in yourself at all times. You must never lose faith that you are capable of doing anything in life that you choose to do. And you must always choose the highest good. It is not enough for you to choose that you must achieve excellence. You must believe in yourself enought to accomplish that which others cannot accomplish.

”To believe in yourself, you must have courage that exceeds the need for the consideration of courage. It must be a natural part of your life that avoids any needs for decision making based on whether you have the courage to do that which you must. This must be a belief beyond personal questioning, beyond personal doubt, to a point when it can no longer be considered courage but rather a way of life. This shall be so, for you will believe in yourself.

You must have character that is beyond criticism and is a permanent part of yourself. It is not imagined or pretended. Every moment of your life must be naturally conducted with pride and dignity that cannot be confused with arrogance, but recognized with respect. Your character must always contain compassion and concern for others. This concern will be genuine, for you never lose sight of your background in trying to understand those you have difficulty identifying with, for they are the majority of the world and the ones that need help the most. You must believe in yourself so that your character never bends, never compromises, and is consistent.

You must believe in your intellect, that no task is beyond your ability to succeed. Your intellect is a gift that you shall not waste and you shall use it to its greatest capacity. You must have the patience and tolerance to realize that others will not always agree with or understand you. But rather than find fault, you shall try harder to reach them, for it shall become your responsibility to serve them. This is your calling. You cannot question it. You must accept it.”

As I read these books I clearly relived my life of 2,000 years ago. The text resonates deeply with me. I feel like returning home. It feels good that we now live at a time when lies and distortions are revealed and corrected. And I also think of Maria Magdalena who is now respected and blessed as the Feminine Christ living among us.

Blessings and Love,
Maria Magdalena Sister


We are people of the same Divine origin. We have come to this physical world to learn and to rediscover our inner Divinity within this world of illusions. We have voluntarily agreed to forget who we really are. That is our lesson. We are born here again and again till we realize and understand this. It makes no difference what our nation, race or religion is. The religion is however, not at all obligatory in our life. Everyone can find their own Divinity by themselves, and most people do, without the help of any church. A human being has been given a brain to be able to draw their own conclusions as to what suits them best. A priest can help in this, but is often only a hinderence with his stuffy, intolerant opinions.

One is hit with the bible on the head as if we were living in the Middle Ages. Nevertheless, the Bible has been translated and distorted both deliberately and unintentionally during all these past centuries. The texts have been translated from the original Aramaic language into Greek, into monastic Latin, then contemporary Latin, and then into many other languages. Numerous monks have written by hand the same text over a couple of decades and have painfully tried to find the suitable expression among the many variations. Or someone has deliberately changed the text. In the past, there have been votings in many Councils as to which texts and wordings are appropriate for the church’s purposes. Often, if any one of the participants has disagreed, they have been expelled or killed.

There are in the Bible, of course, also genuine texts and beauty. But to claim that every word there is of the Divine origin, is full delirium. I have been reading Nick Bunick's books 'In God's Truth' and 'Time for Truth' where St. Paul explains, how the texts have been distorted over the course of time. (Nick Bunick being reincarnated St. Paul!). How can any clear-headed, sensible person claim that the Bible should be read literally?

I am a Priest myself, a Minister of Spiritual Peacemaking, Ordained in Assisi, Italy, but not Catholic however. For me, God is Light within. Jeshua and Maria Magdalena are examples for me of the Masculine and Feminine Divinities, beautifully united in Christ in human beings. We are created to be God's image, men and women. This is so. But Love does not care about who falls in love and with whom. For someone the previous life 'strikes through' and so it makes no difference if that life is lived in the body of a woman or a man when the person falls in love with the same sex. It is time for the Church to admit its error and start teaching reincarnation, which was a matter of course at Jesus's time and for two-three centuries afterwards.

Within my own ministry I want to serve God as well as I can. I believe other Priests want the same. The difference is that I am allowed in my ministry to follow my own conscience, and am not forced to any obliged doctrines. Unconditional love and tolerance are the core measures. That is enough for any Priest.

When driving to the north some weeks ago, I visited Hetta, one of the most well-known villages   and centers for Lappish people. I love the church there because of its big fresco. Up in the fresco there is an image of Jeshua blessing the scenery beneath: mountains, reindeer and Lapps. I sat there for two days, by myself, allowing Jeshua to bless me as well. When I compare it with the fresco in my home town, there is a big difference. It is very high and Jeshua is there, but the people in it are divided into two groups. On the right side of Jeshua there are those that are good, and on the left side there are those that are sinners. Jeshua seems to be blessing only the saved ones.

Jeshua in the church of Hetta blesses everyone and everything.

Love and Blessings

Rev. Marketta Myllari, M. Div.


James Twyman’s first visit to Finland has been a great joy and a blessing to all of us that attended his lectures and workshop. His lecture and workshop on the Moses Code was informative for myself as well, even though I  have read his book “The Moses Code” and have utilized the code these past few years myself.

The Moses Code gifts its user a super power, as it did to Moses, who was able to perform miracles. The name of God had not been given before to anyone, not to Abraham, Isak or any other prophets. The name of God “I AM” was not allowed to be used even after Moses except by the highest of the priesthood because of its super power. Jesus continually committed a breach of this severe law of the Jews. He used the words I AM Love, I AM the Way, the Truth and the Life, I AM the Resurrection and the Life, ... For the Jewish clergy it was blasphemy and an unforgivable crime committed by Jesus. The Moses Code is no longer a secret.  However, the person that uses it must be conscious if he/she uses it selfishly for their own benefit, or for the benefit of All.

When God spoke to Moses, in the burning bush that did not burn out, he started a conversation with Moses. When God told Moses to go to Egypt to free the people of Israel from slavery, Moses asked God what he should tell them when they asked who had sent him. It was then that God told Moses his name “I AM THAT, I AM”.

James shares in his book the importance of the COMMA between the words so that one can fully understand what it is all about. God and Moses communicate, and as God recognizes the Divinity within Moses, they become One. The power that is in God, is also in Moses. The power of the Code is based on this. For instance, if you say “I AM Love”, God replies “I AM”. When you breath out you say “I AM Love” and breathing in “I AM” (the voice becoming like a whisper). You can affirm and call to you anything you want in this way. But you must remember the substantial power of this code. And remember, do so for the mutual benefit of All, not for mere selfish reasons. A person, pure in heart, can create miracles in our day and age.

James is a jovial person with a great sense of humor. He told the following joke about President Bush and Moses. Bush met at the street corner an old, long bearded man in a long robe and said to him ”You look very much like Moses”. The man did not say anything, and Bush repeated his words. Again the man did not answer. Then the secret police of Bush said ” Do you not know that the man that speaks to you, is President Bush. Why do you not answer him?” The long bearded man said ”Last time I spoke to Bush, the lights went out…”
On Monday James decided to make a day boat trip to Tallinn, and during that voyage he created a new theme for his evening lecture in Helsinki:  TEN CONDITIONS OF SOUL. It tells how both the Ego and the Soul have their own languages.

    1. The Ego seeks to separate while the Soul seeks to unify. 

All the time we make choices, either from fear or love. We are feared very much in our relationships, and especially our married relationships are challenging.

In my previous article, I shared an experience while on our Peace Walk with James and other walkers in Italy (walking from Assisi to Rome). I had suddenly noticed that I was walking by myself on the sidewalk of a very heavily trafficked highway; I could not see any other walkers. I was in a panic from fear. At the resting place, I could not sit or be with the others, but sat separate and alone. It was a complete falling into fear. I eventually recovered from this by apologizing for my behavior, and after doing so, feeling our Community being at One. This lesson has been very significant in my life.

  1. The Ego focuses on what is different, when the Soul focuses on what is the same.

James has traveled the world for15 years and has noticed that people are very much alike. When he was invited by Saddam Hussein to Iraq in 1998 to perform the Peace Concert, he was first frightened to meet many different kinds of people. However, he very soon realized that people are the same.

  1. The Ego seeks to be right while the Soul wants to be happy.

Ego wants to be higher and better than others. The Soul knows that it will not reach happiness this way. A happy person does not brag or behave boastfully.

And why should you have an opinion about everything? Why should you feel that you are right? And who anyway could say that you are right? There is no right, no wrong, no good or bad. It all depends on the way you look at the matter, and who is looking. The wise ones choose happiness.

  1. The Ego seeks to impress while the Soul expresses itself with simple words.

Many great teachers, such as Dalai-Lama and Mother Theresa, have expressed themselves with simple words. They know that the truth is simple. Why try to make things complicated? The wise one often speaks with his/her whole Being – without using words.

  1. The Ego draws attention to itself, while the Soul shifts attention towards what is Holy and true.

The Souls always rejoices when it hears the truth and it seeks simplicity.

  1. The Ego says: ”Look at me”.  The Soul says: ”Look at yourself, look within”.
  1. The Ego gives because it wants to receive, while the Soul realizes that they are the same.

In the film ‘The Secret’ this becomes obvious. People want to get for themselves with selfish motives. The Soul knows that giving and receiving are the same. When you give to someone, you give to yourself. You can’t give away anything that you do not have yourself. “When I am hungry, give me someone to feed…” Only by pardoning are you pardoned…etc.

  1. The Ego seeks after goods, while the Soul seeks after goodness.

The Ego is fascinated by material and does not care about the means. The Soul seeks and sees the goodness that lies beneath the surface in everyone and in everything. “To see as God sees, to feel as God feels, to Love as God Loves, to know what God knows.”

  1. The Ego believes that it must defend against what might harm it, while the Soul knows that it is invulnerable. There is no reason for it to feel frightened. This leads to inner peace. And all kinds of war making becomes futile and unnecessary.
  1. The Ego believes that it dies while the Soul knows that death is not real.

I have often thought that the Church has a tremendous responsibility as it does not tell people the truth about the reincarnation of the soul. It would be extremely important to tell that there is no death. Many a suicide would not be committed if people were told the truth. Many an exhausted person thinks that “I will get rid of all my pains and problems when I voluntarily leave this physical world.” This is an illusion. At death, and afterwards, the person deals with his/her life and can only notice that the problems are still there to face.

James has a wonderful way of performing his touching music in between his lectures. He did the same during our Retreat in Assisi and during our Peace Walks in the evenings. In the mornings before starting our Peace Walk, we prayed the twelve Peace Prayers. These Prayers are the basis for the peace work in the Beloved Community. Realizing that in every religion there are Peace Prayers. “God has no religion”. That is also the name of James’s new CD.

When you pray for something, it means that you admit the lack of this thing; and so you focus your attention on that lack, and it will increase. When you pray that peace emerges from beneath, it is a different thing. Peace has always prevailed. It is our task to love it to come forth. Within us, the peace appears in peace of mind that radiates from within our hearts to the world. And Mother Maria Magdalena also keeps saying to me ”Be always peaceful.”

With blessings and love,


James Twyman is coming to Finland for the first time ever, this September!

He will be the guest speaker at the Spiritual Well being Fair in Jarvenpaa. The Fair is arranged by Leena Sarkkinen from the Tietoinen valinta (Conscient Choice). James will be performing a concert with Girilal Baars on Saturday the 11th, and on Sunday he will have a lecture and a workshop on the Moses Code. On Monday the 13th he will have another lecture in the Balder Hall in Helsinki.

James became world reknown originally as a Peace Troubadour. Since 1994 he has performed his Peace Concerts around the world (especially in the most difficult places such as Bosnia, Serbia, Croatia, Iraq, Northern Ireland and many times in Israel). In 1999 he was in Macedonia in the muddy refugee camp of Kosovo, from where his Peace Vigil was sent around the world.

James has written a number of books, of which “The Emissary of Light”, published in 1996, aroused worldwide attention. In this book he tells about the secret community of the Emissaries of Light, that he found in the remote mountain of Bosnia in the middle of the fighting there. In 2000 he published “The Secret of the Beloved”. I translated it and it was published in Finnish by Unio Mystica. This same year James also published “The Prayer of St. Francis”. These two books are my favorites.

James has always utilized the internet. He has hosted numerous internet courses and reached an enormous audience.  Through e-mail he sent out Jeshua’s /Jesus’s 33 lessons of Spiritual Peacemaking, and afterwards published them as a book “The Art of the Spiritual Peacemaking”. The e-mails were translated into Finnish by Veronica Witikka and sent to thousands of Finns before the book was even published. Later on, James published “The Moses Code” and together with Phip Gruber “The Kabbalah Code”. This fall he is publishing and will release his newest book “The Barn Dance” in which he tells about his former wife Linda’s murder, and his connection with Linda afterwards.

James has also made many films. “The Indigo Children” is very significant and tells about the children of our time, children with many intuitive spiritual skills.

I have taken many of James’s Internet courses and also studied in the Seminary of Spiritual Peacemaking within the Beloved Community. James is an Ordained Peace Minister and the head of the Mystery School of The Beloved Community. I was ordained a Peace Minister by James during the Peace Retreat in Assisi in September 2005. After this Retreat there was a Peace walk from Assisi to Rome, which I participated in as well.

The Beloved Community is the same “Community of the Beloved Disciple” that was founded by Maria Magdalena and St. John in Palestine. This community has always existed, nevertheless more or less hidden, because the Catholic Church has persecuted it and its adherents all these past hundreds of years.

The purpose of the present Beloved Community is to unite the masculine, exoteric church of St. Peter, and the feminine, esoteric church of Maria Magdalena and St. John. Now is the time for us to allow the Divine Feminine to emerge, emanate within us, and flow to all of humanity.

The purpose of our Peace Walk in 2005 was to walk in the steps of St. Francis to Rome to meet the Pope. Francis was courageous and independent, and he made the Pope abolish many misconducts, and let him have his new Order (later called the Franciscan Order). Francis’s Beloved St. Claire also had a huge impact on renewing the female monastery Order.

I have come to know James as a warm and wise man with a great sense of humor. I’d love to share a little episode during our Peace Walk.

We walked from Assisi to Rome the same route that St. Francis had made; along the paths that nowadays are quite lively and even dangerous because of the heavy traffic. It was somewhat the same at the time of St. Francis. He was captured many times during his walks, and he was put into prison. He had been a soldier in his youth and the cruel and merciless life was familiar to him.

Our route was: Assisi - Foligno - Trevi - Spoleto - Terni - Orte - Civita Castellana - Fiano Romano – Rome (8 days/ about 170 km). We experienced all kinds of feelings along the way. Romantic illusions disappeared, but our experiences also strengthened us. The third day was for me memorable.

We usually walked in small groups that lived along the situations. Someone might rest for a while longer and then joined some other group coming later on. There were about 60 persons, depending on the walkers that made some shorter trips. Our backpacks were in the service bus, and if needed it could give us a lift for part of the journey.

At the end of our route from Trevi to Spoleto was a highway. I do not know why, perhaps it was the only way to reach the town. It was late afternoon and the traffic was very heavy as we approached Spoleto. Suddenly I noticed that I was all alone by myself on the roadside. In the highway there was no room for pedestrians, and I believe no one is allowed to walk there. Here I was with my Peace flag waving at my back. I knew that there were Beloveds in front of me and behind me, but I did not see anyone.

I almost got into a panic; I did not know what to do; I dragged myself along the roadside and prayed that I would survive. Then I noticed a police car and policemen on the other side of the road. At the risk of my life I crossed the highway and went to the policemen. I tried to explain my situation and ask them to take me to Spoleto. They just laughed, did not understand me, and probably thought that I am one of the crazy tourists. I crossed again (at the risk of my life) the lively highway and continued my dangerous walking. All the time I was thinking of St. Francis and his walk risking his life on the way to meet the Pope in Rome.

Finally I arrived at some resting place where I saw our people; there was also James. I was so exhausted and bewildered of everything that I had experienced that I could not go to them. I went a little bit separate and stayed there. I just could not go closer to the group. During my walk I had pondered in my mind all kinds of questions: What is this; is there any love in the whole thing; is it only empty words; is this for me at all? Will I go home right away?

When I went on standing separate, Jimmy (as we called James) came to me. I felt bitter and said him face to face: “It was terrible, it was dangerous”, letting him know that he was to blame.

Jimmy said nothing; but when the others went on their way, he stayed and walked behind me. I then said him: “Brother, I do not complain, I am just tired and exhausted.” I told him that I had been thinking of Francis and his walk to Rome; that I had associated very deeply with him.

At the dinner table in the evening I cried all the time when telling my Canadian Sisters about my experiences. Then I saw Jimmy at one table. I just had to go to him. I apologized to him for my words on the walking, and said how much I love him and the Beloved Sisters and Brothers. He stood up, gave me a kiss on the cheek, smiled and said simply: ”I love you”.

The following day from Spoleto to Terni was a most wonderful day. I walked with my Canadian Sisters, Linda and Julia. We were like three joyful rogues having fun together. Julia took a lot of pictures and easily made friends with the local people; one farmer even had time to propose to Julia! We arrived at the beautiful waterfalls. Most of our Beloveds were there and we enjoyed the beautiful place and our Beloveds’ company.

Life is like this. If there were no painful moments, could the lovely, memorable moments be so sweet? In Rome, the Pope did not give an audience that day to any group. But we were there, in front of the Vatican, greeting the Pope with our hearts, and left our Peace message with his office. Blessed was our Peace Walk.

I am happy to meet James at the Spiritual Fair in Jarvenpaa and Helsinki. It is great that he finally visits Finland. He is most welcome!

Peace in my heart,

Rev. Marketta Myllari (Beloved Community)
margie (at)   tel. +358 40 7626454

James and his two Finnish Lady Peace Ministers, Margie and Raija Maria Rintapaa. The photo was taken at the Fair in Jarvenpaa.


With your Midnight Sun I have been awake
And celebrated the nightless night

And fallen in sweet dreaming
Having watched the Creator’s work

I cannot forget the enchantment of your light
Oh, the land of tens of tens of streams.

(the first verse of the official song of ours: “The land of ten streams” just the words translated)

The sun does not set here in Rovaniemi until the 7th of July. This wonderful, magical time is here again “The time when there is no time”. There is only light, and the joy and delight of it. Time is an illusion, as much as everything is in this physical world. Everything happens here and now. Time is timelessness.

You can best have a sense of this timelessness of time, during the time of the nightless night. For myself, it is always a big miracle and at the same time fully natural. I have been used to this lengthy amount of light since I was a child. You could be busy with the gardening day and night, and sleep any time you felt tired. Still, even now, I never have the curtains pulled over the windows at night. That would bother me and be a nuisance.

Life is inbreathing and outbreathing, silence and action, tranquility and the streaming of the waters. Within water flows the elixir of life. And in us as well, human beings, this elixir is flowing. It is the reason why we have such a longing to see and experience the streaming of water.

When the rivers Kemijoki and Ounasjoki were freed from winters ice, and the water started to flow freely towards the sea, I sensed it with my very soul. While Nordic walking with sticks daily along the riversides, I am dazed by the bubbling joy of the flowing water and the shining sunrays being reflected. My steps get light and my breathing is easy.

I experienced this timeless time very clearly last weekend when I celebrated with my classmates in our old high school on the day of the yearly high school graduation. We were announced jubilee students (it means that we had our own graduation fifty years ago in the same high school). We, two parallel grades, celebrated the whole weekend in several gathering occasions. Two years ago we celebrated the 100th anniversary of our dear Lyska (Lyceum). With our class reunion, we celebrated as if we were ‘in our high school days of old’.

How does this miraculous timelessness appear within us? Nevertheless, there are more years coming and we do not actually feel them within us. Every time I dance a fast rock’n roll or jive, I feel within that I am a teenager. It is a real wonder that during all these decades these dances have always been popular dances. How I am feeling is most important. It describes what time I live in. It is up to me and what I decide. Do I choose joy or sorrow, love or fear? Nobody can tell me what attitude I have to take with anything. No matter what happens in this physical world, it is my own decision how I experience it.

In the last few weeks I have been driving to different directions along these great riversides of Kemijoki and Ounasjoki and have admired the open views. It is no wonder that our provincial official song is ‘The song of ten rivers’. Water flows in tens of streams into two big rivers to unite in the heart of the city on their way towards the sea.

A couple of weeks ago, I drove to the mountains. I visited Luosto mountain (about 1,5 hours’s drive) and met Pirjo, a good friend of mine, who lives there and arranges courses and seminars in Luostonlinna, has a large log home near a little pond facing the mountains. I started having my Maria Magdalena weekends there with courses and healing sessions. The energy for outbreathing has started within me. Thus far, I have mostly done energy work in my home Sanctuary. The daily Peace Prayers and the Emissary Wheel have been the priority of my prayer work.

My writings have also been a great joy in my heart these past few years. I am very grateful to all who voted for me in the “Next Top Spiritual Author competition”. It was a great experience. The fact that I am not amongst the 25 who continue on in the competition does not mean that I had stopped writing, quite the contrary. I learned a lot and received much love and support around the world. Everything has its purpose in our life. You never know what exciting things may happen; my energies are now joyfully out in the whole wide world! We need not know necessarily about the results of our work. The energy knows where to go and whom to reach. And so it is.

“How can I serve you Mother Maria Magdalena?” This is most important question for me. To be in direct contact with Her and surrender to Her Divine guidance, and trusting that guidance, makes me grateful for every moment in my life. To remember that this life in the physical world is an illusion, and that life is important. As Divine beings our task is to find our own Divinity within us in this world of illusions, then radiate that Divinity around us. Only in this way can we help and influence Peace in the physical world of illusions. Peace comes so that the human mind calms down and becomes illuminated. The heart awakens and the soul understands this process. This is exactly what the Emissary Wheel teaches us. It is what I love to teach in my courses to those that respond to the invitation of the energy of Mother Maria Magdalena, and who want to receiving this teaching through me as Her instrument.

I love the scenery from my windows. I often sit on the wooden sofa in my kitchen and look at the fabulous view to Harjulampi, the little lake where the sky reflects off the water in fabulous colors that are continuously changing. I have taken hundreds of photos of this same scenery at different times. I even snap photos when I am simply sitting or working in the kitchen. It is an easy way of taking photos! Blessed is this scenery.

Sleeping does not attract me in these days of Midnight Sun at all. At midnight I sit on my sofa in the kitchen and watch the sky and the water. Often I play with my Oracle cards – I have several of them. Last night when the writing of this article stepped into my heart, I took the Magdalene Oracle cards (that I received a couple of years ago from my dear friend during the Easter Retreat in Willow Springs Sanctuary).

It was the Magdalene card that I pulled. Below is the text of this card. Let it bring Joy to your heart!

Go forth and be true to yourself
Dare to be different
To make mistakes

Create, for it is in creation that you exist
In a world full of dreams that stem from your heart
In oneness, love and hatred
Wonder and awe, softness and pain, joy and light.

In the stillness the unknown awaits
A void wanting to be filled.
Step into it with courage and strength
Like a budding rose reaching for the light
Love will lead you to greener pastures

Keep your pockets full of dreams
For life is a test of faith
Allow your light to shine
There is no beginning or end,
There is only love!

With blessings and love,
Marketta Myllari
Lady Peace Minister


The Santa Claus Village in the Arctic Circle needs a Peace Chapel. It would be a Divine Sanctuary for all people of all paths, and a sacred space where all are welcomed with open heart and arms; along with the vision that these Peace Chapels will spread around the world.

I have spoken, written and meditated about this Peace Chapel for about three years. Now I have taken the next step by taking part in the international “The Next Top Spiritual Author” competition with my book “Maria Magdalena in My Heart”. The creators of this competition are James Twyman, the best-selling author of many books, and fellow publisher Robert Evans. The winner of this competition will be awarded a publishing contract with Hampton Roads Publishing along with a lot of publicity.

My book consists of articles that I have written and will write for local newspapers and nation-wide magazines. The competition lasts for 8 months and the book needs to be completed by the end of the competition. I am writing these articles full time. There are 4 Rounds of voting, and the first voting session ends on May 3rd. After this initial voting, there will be 250 authors remaining from the original 2500.

In my video, I promote traveling, Santa Claus, Lapland and the whole of Finland. I share the dream of manifesting our Peace Chapel. You too can help in promoting Lapland and the realization of this Peace Chapel in the Santa Claus Village at the Arctic Circle. Please go to my website and you’ll find the links for voting and the instructions in Finnish.

It’s high time to get this Peace Chapel in Santa Claus Village, isn’t it!

With blessings and love,
Marketta Myllari
Lady Peace Minister, M. Div.


The Emissary Wheel represents creation and life. It is a geometric representation of your Highest Self in Perfect Balance and the journey of your personal transformation. It has been used for thousands of years. The wheel has many names: the wheel of wisdom/life/love/peace. It was the sacred focus of the ancient mystery schools in Egypt and was later adopted by certain esoteric Christian traditions and communities. This ancient symbol was adapted by the Emissaries of Light through their lineage in the Community of the Beloved Disciples that was the Community of the Apostles St. John and Maria Magdalena. The Emissaries of Light meditated in a chapel that was in the shape of a wheel; there were six men and six women with a person in the middle that was called a Teacher.

James Twyman discovered the community of the Emissaries of Light at a secret location in the mountains of Croatia in 1999. He received a task from the Emissaries to bring forth their spiritual message, and since then, the wheel has been open for all those interested. James published his experiences in his book “Emissary of Light”. The Emissaries told James that they are no longer needed; every person can become an Emissary Wheel within themselves.

In the spring 2003 James sent thousands of e-mails and had over 20,000 people join the internet course “Spiritual Peacemaking”. The course was held from March 3 to June 6, 2003. There were 33 lessons in this course that flowed through 99 days. There were 999 English words in each lesson, and one lesson was given every three days.

What power the number three has! Thirty-three is not an ordinary number. “It is the number of your Christ Consciousness. It is the number of your awakening. Why are these lessons being presented every three days? “I lied motionless in the tomb for three days so that life would take me into itself.” These are the words of Jeshua/Jesus whose lessons James brought forth to the people.

Later James published these lessons of Jeshua in a book “The Art of the Spiritual Peacemaking”. These lessons started the worldwide mystery school that James held and also his wide spiritual work with peace concerts, books, films and many organised peace projects.

In the beginning, I received one of these many e-mails from James. I do not remember who sent the first one to me. This started my own journey within the Beloved Community. I took part in many courses offered by James, and then started studying in the “Spiritual Peacemaking Seminary”; this studying culminated in Assisi in 2005 when I was Ordained a Peace Minister of the Beloved Community by James Twyman himself. I became the first Finnish Peace Minister.

The Emissary Wheel has affected my life for many years. When I lived in Tampere, I built it on the floor of my living room using little stones that I had collected when travelling abroad. I was amazed to find out that I had collected exactly the correct amount of stones.

When I returned to Rovaniemi, my home town in the North, almost three years ago, I built the wheel again. This time on the floor, in the middle of my kitchen. It remains to this day. All day long I ‘hop’ around it. A couple of years ago I ordered a Emissary Wheel cotton quilt from the USA. This “Joyous Spirit Emissary Wheel” was created for me and manifested in prayer and blessing by my Beloved Sister Jane Shaw Stein. It is very valuable and beautiful and is located in the middle of the floor of my living room. It awaits a bigger room in the Maria Magdalena Tempel here in Rovaniemi.

I start and end my days with the Emissary Wheel. There are many levels and objects in the wheel. I let the wheel teach and speak to me intuitively. The outer circle represents Mind, the Triangle -Heart and the Inner Circle - Soul. On the Outer Circle there are 12 points and spokes inwards. Each of these points represents a quality of energy associated with a Spiritual Peacemaker. They start at the twelve o’clock point and move clockwise around the wheel. They are:
Courage, Patience, Wisdom, Certainty, Compassion, Joy, Clarity, Understanding, Depth, Generosity, Abundance, Agape.

The Wheel seems to move on its own, but the Center remains still. You see triangles upon triangles, all leading to the very center where no movement occurs at all. This is your goal, perfect stillness.

All these qualities deal with the three Enlightenments: Illumined Mind (Outer Circle), Awakened Heart (Triangle in the middle) and Realised Soul (Inner Circle).

The vital lesson of the Wheel is Surrender, Trust and Gratitude. Mind surrenders, Heart trusts and Soul is grateful. Mind believes, Heart feels and Soul knows. The foundation of the Tempel is: Grace, Peace and Truth.

In the mornings and evenings I walk around the Wheel 12 times focusing on each quality of the Outer Circle, strengthening in this way my own qualities. I use the name of God: I AM and strengthen it by the Moses Code: I AM THAT, I AM. I also use the word: Yesh a lot.

I gaze at the Wheel with my arms up like the Y-letter and say: The Emissary Wheel Yesh, I AM that, I AM. Then the arms down and up again: I AM that, I AM in this way with every object. After this practice, in the same way, I gaze at the Outer Circle and say: I AM Illumined Mind, I AM. ….Then I gaze at the Triangle and I say: I AM Awakened Heart, I AM….. Then I gaze at the Inner Circle and say: I AM Realised Soul, I AM….

Next, in the same way, I look again at the Outer Circle and say: I AM Surrender, I AM. …..Then I look at the Triangle and say: I AM Trust, I AM….. And then I look at the Inner Circle and say I AM Gratitude, I AM….

I remove the little candle, that I usually have lit in the middle of the wheel, and step into the Inner Circle. I say in the same way (with my arms up) in the center of the Emissary Wheel: The Center of the Emissary Wheel Yesh, I AM that, I AM. Only the Beloved I AM is Real. To see as God sees, to feel as God feels, to know what God knows. The Beloved I AM Sees only the Beloved I AM. Surrender. Trust. Gratitude. Grace. Peace. Truth. Unconditional Love. Mother Maria Magdalena.

I do the same in front of the Emissary Wheel in the living room. Usually I speak in Finnish and English (the same as when presenting the Sacred Office of Peace Prayers at my home altar).

The Emissary Wheel quilt in the living room is next to my meditating couch and I have noticed that the influence of the Wheel is very strong. I take “color energetic baths” wrapped in my colorful quilt blanket, there is a big painting with Labrador tea flowers above the couch and from the window I see the dancing twigs of the big fir. This is a truly energetic power place for me! The Emissary Wheel quilt is also for sacred ceremonies such as wedding ceremonies.

When I think of the location of Rovaniemi, I do not wonder why the energies her are so high. Two big rivers in the heart of our city making a big Y letter. Y refers to the name of Yeshua/Jeshua and the word of Yes. When you put your arms up, you make the Y letter and then you surrender to the Light Forces trusting them and thanking them for everything in your life.

Rovaniemi is surrounded by arctic hills. The Ounasvaara in the heart of the town has always been a power place for the residents. I see from my window my own Mother hill, at the foot of which my mother had her family farm. I feel very deeply that the Mother energy embraces all of us.

Mother Maria Magdalena is for me everything. She has brought me back home and lives in me. She walks with me in the mountains in summer time and skies with me in the winter. She inspired me in downhill skiing after not having done so for 15 years. I was scared when I looked down the top of the mountain. I said to myself, why am I here, why I am doing this? Mother Maria Magdalena and Archangel Michael, please help me and protect me, so that I can ski down safely. And I did it. I faced my fear and won. And now I truly love downhill skiing. From the top of the mountain you see far away and the sky is closer to you. You can breathe easier and you feel like getting wings to fly.

From the mountains I have received inspiration for my articles as I now participate in an international writers competition. The creators of this “Next Top Spiritual Author” competition are James Twyman and Robert Evans. James has written 13 books, two of which have been on the New York Times Best Seller List, and the other one being on top of the Amazon books Best Seller List. James and Robert are helping others get publishing contracts. My book, Maria Magdalena in My Heart, consists of my articles that I have written for newspapers.

My idea is to write for all people, not only for so called “spiritual persons”. Maria Magdalena tells me to write and supports me in this work, too. On my website you will find the link and the Finnish instruction for the voting. My heartfelt thanks for your love and support!

With blessings and love,
Lady Peace Minister, M. Div.

The Secret of the Beloved Disciple

There are two books that are especially dear to me concerning Maria Magdalena. One is “The Secret of the Beloved Disciple” by James Twyman, and the other is Margaret Starbird’s book entitled “The Lady with the Alabaster Jar”.

When I studied in the Seminary of the Spiritual Peacemaking, both of these books were part of the reading list. I translated James’ book into Finnish. I received a sudden inspiration for this on New Year’s Eve 2006 and translated the book day and night for two weeks. I did not even consider whether it would be published by anyone or not. The inner burning for translating was so immense.

It took one year to find a publisher. Unio Mystica in its Delfin Kirjat (Dolphin Books) published it in 2007. They preferred to drop the word “Beloved “and entitle the book in Finnish “The Secret of the Disciple”. The original “The Secret of the Beloved Disciple” was published in 2000.

The Secret of the Beloved Disciple is a fascinating book which continues the story that James Twyman told in his earlier book “Emissary of Light”. In this previous book, James shared his adventure in the late 1990’s when he travelled to Bosnia to sing a Peace Concert. There he was led to a mystical community known as the Emissaries of Light (an ancient, thousands of years old society whose purpose is to anchor peace where peace has been all but forgotten). The Emissaries invited James to join in their meditations and learn their ways of transmuting fear into love. He also learned of their origin.

During a peace march in the streets of Belgrade, James met a mysterious lady named Maria. Afterwards he learned that Maria is a physical apparition of Jesus’ Mother Mary. During the same trip he meets Maria again in Medjugorje (a little village, full of pilgrims, in Croatia). Later on, he again meets Maria (in different physical apparitions) in the refugee camp near the borders of Kosovo and Macedonia. From Maria, James receives a lot of information.

It is interesting that James uses the both names, Maria and Mary in his book. I did the same in my translation, without translating the name Mary. Using different names has its purpose. James’ family is Irish and they are devoted Catholics. James was 10 years old when he gave his promise to the Blessed Mother Mary to give him self to Her and to be used to bring people to God.

Here are some extracts from the book:

Maria: “What returns to the world is what you might call an “energetic signature”. The Christ is an experience, not a person…The teacher you are waiting for, what you call the “next teacher”, will assume the same frame of reference as Jesus. It will be Jesus, but it will be more”.

Maria: “ I am the Queen of Peace. ..You could say that I am the Feminine Principle…Compassion, understanding and tolerance are the paths that lead to me. These qualities are traditionally feminine qualities, and it is into this energy that humanity must now enter”.

James: ”We’ve always been taught that Jesus ascended into Heaven”.

Maria smiled: “You can call it Heaven if you want. In many ways it is very similar to your concept of Heaven. And yet there is so much more, many other levels that are so subtle you have no way of understanding them. The masters do not return from these levels physically, unless it’s in a form like the one you’re perceiving right now. I have assumed this body in order to teach you a particular lesson. When the lesson is over the body is gone”.

Maria: “The next teacher is already with you, and you will know what to do when the time comes. I am here to prepare you. I am here to remind you of your promise, and to hold your hand”.

On the island of Iona in Scotland James met (before his trip to Kosovo) one mystic, old woman. “You can call me ‘Old Woman’. I’ve been here as long as these rocks. I can tell you things that no one else can…things you want to hear”.

”You’ve met my daughter…. Yes, you know what I mean. You’ve met her, and she knows who you are. She’s the one who will lead you… lead everyone. I’ve been here for a long time, but now it’s her turn. I’ve been making the crack in the rock, and she’s going to get inside that crack and break it apart. Don’t act so stunned. This is what you knew would happen, I just look a little different than you expected.”…

“The door is already open. It has always been open. And I’m too old to keep up this tapping. Here, why don’t you keep this”…

“She, my daughter will tell you what you need to know, just like I told her. Just don’t miss it, because it’s important. And keep tapping the rock. You’ll laugh about it someday… someday when you understand.”

It is significant that the name of Peter means ‘rock’. It’s time for the masculine church of Peter and the feminine church of St. John and Maria Magdalena to come together. It is time to break the rock of Peter by tapping it with the enthusiasm and love of Mother Maria. It is time to recognize and confess that there are two Christ’s, the masculine and the feminine. The Feminine Christ has been in the background for two thousand years, but now it is emerging by force of nature.

Shrinat Devi , shaman, James’s friend:

The Light of Christ has already returned. And I didn’t say anything about Jesus. She (Mary, the Blessed Mother) had two children, but the other has been asleep for a very long time. They are really the same, but manifest in two different ways. You are to find the second, which is really the first. The lineage of St. John in the Beloved Community waits for the Second Coming of the Christ.

Maria: “Before Jesus died on the cross he put me, his mother, in the care of John. He, St. John, has continued as a living master to the community he founded, and most importantly, has protected the greatest mystery of all – the very nature of Christ’s return. There are actually two manifestations of the Christ energy. For the last two thousand years Jesus, in his identity as the masculine Christ, has personified that manifestation. The New World I spoke of is essentially a shifting of poles. The energy of the Christ, just as everything must, is about to find balance”…

James:” Once again, I must ask this. …Are you the feminine Christ?”

Maria:” I carry the feminine Christ in my heart. And because my heart is open, you sense only that Light, though it has been blocked by centuries of fear and distrust. But the time of awakening is at hand, and you have all been impregnated with the Light of all Lights. As you move closer to the appointed moment. Light will grow within you, until you come to the end of your waiting. Then Light will be born and will come into the world again. When I say you, I mean all of you. for the Feminine Christ comes not through one, but through all. This is the message of the Beloved Disciple, and it is now your message.”

Nearly every spiritual tradition acknowledges and honours the feminine compassionate nature of God. Some identify this being as Tara, Quan Yin, Sofia or Saraswati, but behind them all beats the heart of a mother, a Divine Universal Mother. Christians call her the Blessed Mother”, or simply “Mary, the Mother of Jesus”.

In Belgrade James meets Maria. In Medjugorje he meets Maria again, but he also speaks of Mother Mary who is worshipped there. In the conclusion of the book James writes: “I’m still not exactly sure who ‘she’ is. Is she the Mary I was raised to love, the Blessed Mother I was told cherished and watched over me, or is even that title a limitation?

James’ text is mysterious and clear at the same time. So it is generally with the texts of the wise men. James does not give ready answers, either. I have been fascinated from the first moment I started reading his book by this question: Who is who? What is the part of Maria Magdalena in this book? One hint is that James uses also the name ‘Maria’. I have pondered why he does not speak direct of Maria Magdalena. And I know that in Seminary he did. He has also dedicated many songs to Maria Magdalena.

I think that the reason is that James wanted to emphasise the essence of the Universal Mother. This Magdalene Flame appeared at Jesus’ time in His mother and in his Beloved Maria Magdalena. In the Holy Marriage of Jesus and Maria Magdalena, these two energies (the Feminine Christ and the Masculine Christ), fused. These energies are universal and for all religions and nations – also for those that do not even speak or know of Jesus and Maria Magdalena.

Who is the Beloved Disciple? The matter is not so unambiguous. Both St. John and Maria Magdalena are being presumed to be this person. What if they are one and the same person in one meaning? The Bible has cleverly hid the existence of Maria Magdalena as Jesus’ Beloved and spouse. She could not be removed from history because so many people knew of Her part in Jesus’ last moments at the cross and at Jesus’ tomb; BUT she was made a ‘nameless male person’, ‘the disciple that Jesus loved’. Even a nameless man was better than a woman in those days. Especially to witness Jesus Resurrection, a woman was not worthy of that.

What if the Beloved Disciple really is St. John? This is not invented, either. Both St. John and Maria Magdalena were important, dear persons to Jesus. They formed the Beloved Community that has existed for two thousand years; the same community to which James was led in Croatia.

Maria Magdalena was forced to flee right after Jesus’ Crucifixion. She was also crucified, as she was defamed, forgotten and had to escape. She was not able to lead the Beloved Community. It was fully left to St. John. These two closest disciples of Jesus understood his most profound, esoteric teachings.

Jesus and Maria Magdalena had, according to many books (and also my intuition), three children: two sons and one daughter. When she escaped to Egypt, she was pregnant. Her daughter Sarah was born in Egypt.

From Egypt they moved to southern France. Southern Europe is full of statues of Maria Magdalena, and statues of the Black Madonna. Black refers to the underground, secret life as a refugee. For instance Poland’s patron saint is one of these Black Madonna’s.

What about James himself? What is his part in all these happenings? The book gives hints all the time, but James does not say anything directly of himself. But the reader may make conclusions between the lines.

In the end of this book, Fr. John and Shrinat Devi say to James:

“We think you need to begin a mystery school based on everything that was revealed to you by the Emissaries and Maria. We’ll help you. The ‘New Emissaries’ will emerge from that school, and the ancient order will be in the open again.”

I have studied in the Seminary of the Spiritual Peacemaking of the Beloved Community and was ordained a Peace Minister by James in Assisi, Italy in 2005. In this Seminary and during the Peace Walk from Assisi to Rome, I came to know James more closely. I realised that this Seminary really is this special mystery school that he writes about in his book. My memories of those times back two thousand years ago are recovered. Quite naturally and easily recovered are also my memories of Maria Magdalena. It was then I started communicating regularly with Her.

I am deeply grateful to Life and Maria Magdalena for this wonderful blessing to be able to be Her instrument. The Life is more miraculous than you can imagine.

This is the message of the Emissaries of Light in James’ book:

“There are two simple truths you need to accept if you are to move effortlessly in to the New World, the world which is based on the laws of love.

“The first message is – You’re Ready. You are ready to release the fearful beliefs that have kept you bound to concept of separation. You are ready to accept the reality of love that is the foundation of your existence. As you are ready to give love to everyone in every way, for that is the only way you will fully experience it for yourself.

The second message is – You Are Holy. Who you really are is beyond the scope of your imagination. If you are one with the Divine Pulse of creation, then you are also one with the holiness of God. When you realize this, when you begin to perceive this truth within everyone you meet, including yourself, then the world will change by itself. You are holy, and that cannot change.

When you accept that you are ready, and that the truth in you is the very essence of holiness, then you will recognize the next teacher - .the Messenger of Love. It is this teacher who will take you through the Door of Eternity, to the very seat of the soul.

Love and Blessings,
Lady Peace Minister

Maria Magdalena in my heart

Marketta “Margie” Myllari is a Spiritual Peace Minister, ordained by James Twyman of the Beloved Community in 2005 in Assisi, Italy. She lives at present in her home town Rovaniemi where she performs Peace Services in her home Sanctuary, performs Marriage Ceremonies, gives Energy healings and facilitates discourses and seminars. She is devoted to Maria Magdalena, whose instrument she feels that she is.

In her column of the Soul’s Mirror Margie writes about everything that is dear to her.
You can contact Margie:
phone +358 40 7626454
Margie (at)



In every man and woman there are both male and female energies. God created the human being to be in His/Her own image, male and female. The Divine Feminine has, however, hardly at all been noticed during the last two thousand years. Woman have been subdued, despised and humiliated, and very often it continues today.

When Jesus lived there was still much influence from Egypt, and a woman could also be a high priestess and in a high position. And so Jesus’ Beloved, Maria Magdalena, besides being Jesus’s wife and mother of their children, was also a very respected high priestess. She was also the disciple, that besides Apostle John, had the deepest understanding of Jesus’ esoteric teaching. The Pistissophia and the Gospel of Mary Magdalene, among other books, are evidences that prove this.

In the last few decades, female energy has come out very strongly. It reveals by itself, as there are now many open souls that act as instruments for this Divine, Feminine energy. Balancing the energies is just now starting among humanity.

Jesus’ Mother, Maria, and Jesus’ Beloved, Maria Magdalena, have in their own lives brought out the Feminine Divinity very clearly. Especially when studying the life of Maria Magdalena, it opens many doors. In the marriage of Jesus and Maria Magdalena these Divine forces joined in the way that the Creator has meant for us to join together.

For me, the life of Maria Magdalena revealed itself when I was studying to be a Peace Minister within the Seminary of Spiritual Peacemaking with The Beloved Community. In the reading list there were many books concerning Maria Magdalena. “The Woman with the Alabaster Jar” by Margaret Starbird opened my eyes and my memory. Everything that I had been studying for over three decades came together in a miraculous way.

When I was Ordained a Peace Minister, I gave The Three Vows that Jesus gave to His Beloved Ones at His cross.

  1. To love all beings unconditionally
  2. To feed the sheep of God
  3. To hold the Divine Mother in your heart until it is time to give Her back to the world

This is now the question of how to balance the feminine and masculine energies in mankind.  Between a woman and a man it happens in their wedding ceremony, and then in their Divine intercourse. It occurs quite naturally and in a Holy way.

In the Marriage Ceremony of the Beloved Community, there is the Sacred Oil Ceremony in which the Minister anoints the bride and groom with Spikenard and with Frankincense Oils to claim their wholeness and Union. The Spikenard Oil is the same with which Maria Magdalena anointed Her Beloved Yeshua, Jesus.

In the Marriage Ceremony there is also the Candle Ceremony in which two lit individual candles unite to be one candle with one flame. There is also the Ring Ceremony and the Blessing of the Marriage.
Maria Magdalena and Yeshua are for all of us the examples of the Holy Marriage. We all can experience the same Divinity in our marriage. In sexual intercourse, the man and the woman experience Divine Unity. It depends on us how strongly we experience it. Spiritual connection is the key to the physical experience. When two souls experience the blessed intercourse, it is a Holy union. I am convinced that most of us have, at least once, experienced this union.

From my own experience I can tell that it is possible to experience the fusion of two souls.
I was 33 years of age and my husband Jussi 66 years when we got married. As Theosophists and Rosicrucians it was clear for us from the beginning that we had been lovers already in our previous lives.

I believe that we people have many so called “soul mate relationships” for we have met a huge number of people during our many lives. It is hatred and love that combine people. Some might be married with their old enemies, until they learn to love each other. Actually, there are no enemies; there are only teachers. Sometimes the souls get a kind of ‘rest life’ and are given the possibility to love each other without any adversities and troubles; devoting themselves completely to their beloved one.

I have published a book about the Love letters between my husband and myself. They are the Love letters that we wrote in 1973 before we got married. When I rewrote these handwritten letters on my computer in December 1999, Jussi and I started to write new letters in between the old ones. It was amazing and felt quite natural. That was surprising ‘time travelling’. I enclosed these letters in the book. I am still in connection with Jussi. He belongs to my ‘Energy family’.

Later on I realised that Jussi had helped me to get a breast cancer with which I could handle the tragic traumas of my present life, but mostly of my previous lives. It happened so that when writing the letters at the computer and reading them again that I suddenly realised how Jussi had doubted my love in his jealousy. (At that time I was studying at an Adult Institute and Jussi was a widower living by himself at his home). The reading of some of his letters burst out a huge emotional storm within me, even rage. When I wrote hundreds of pages in three weeks, it was a physical and emotional process.

Big Love can act in this way, too.

Here are some extracts of our Love story *Keinuvuopaja Trilogy*
(Keinuvuopaja is the name of my house in Rovaniemi. The name is Lappish and means *Waterway*)



Just one look into your eyes - and that united us in this life

I sit after the lecture in the basement café opposite you. I see your eyes. Our eyes meet quite unexpectedly. We experience that amazing flash when in a split of second we look into the depth of our souls. Persons, quite unfamiliar to each other, unite at the soul level and recognize each other. Incredible, heavenly experience at the physical level.


I read this letter of mine to you. I remember that feeling that I had when writing it. So that I would have liked to be of the same age as you. The reason for that being, of course, that in my heart I knew the time coming when I will be left alone. And so it happened, according to the laws of nature. Many years have now passed living without you. And now suddenly you are again with me in my consciousness. You communicate with me as if sitting beside me. We discuss. When I am silent for a moment I hear your voice. You have wanted from the beginning that I write this correspondence of ours a book. You, my Beloved, are also now present with me at this moment. There is no past, no future, but THIS PRESENT MOMENT.
Beloved, I am so happy that you are here with me.

Your loving
Time Traveller



The blood, that strange elixir of life, is the home of our soles and at its best it feels as if only one heart is pumping it. The concept youme – meyou – Jussimarketta – Markettajussi describes that feeling at its best. Is it only emotion? Can you imagine life without emotion, or vice versa: emotion without life. Love is emotion, but above all it is life. Take love off your life, what is left? Hopeless emptiness.  Loving each other means that we live in each other and for each other at the same time. We feel that only together we are a unity, oneness without limits and boundaries. As much as there is love in us, as much there is God in us for God is love.

My Maila Maire Marketta, I live in you and for you. Through you and with you I realise and experience that I live. In God, Love we move and are – we live.
Life is a great Adventure.
Your loving Jussi



When you caress me I feel as if an enormous orgasm – on the surface of my whole skin with a great strength; the feeling can also be like a downy dream where you want to drop into…I do not underestimate the pleasure of the interaction, the heavenly feeling, the joy of fusion and ecstasy.
For me caressing is never ’just’ foreplay but a complete wholeness from beginning to the end. That – caressing - can end in relaxing, leading into a gentle nirvana, dream, or it can continue playfully here and there, or it can lead to an interaction. Every moment is a unique, own, individual moment – it can in an instant change its direction, but never from me alone – but as a mutual impulsive desire it appears. In other words: I cannot desire anything that you, my Beloved, do not desire at the same time. This is how I feel, my Beloved.

 Jussi & Marketta


The ice crystals of the frosty trees glitter and shine in the silent morning wind like the eyes of the angels. They urge to take your thoughts to the land of the blessed ones, from which Love radiantly flows to the heart of the conscious seeker. The heaven is so close, it is in the eyes and in the heart, everywhere. For a moment I can step there, live there and realise the truth: In God we live, move and are. It is really a sight and feeling that you won’t lose. The sunshine, love, however, smelts those shining crystals. And when they die the shining rays strive to our hearts to fill it with their beams and warmth towards everything, God. We can live in the shining warmth of God’s fire and transforming strength. Great, incredible love fills us wholly and we are God’s blessed co-creators.

Thanks to life and to its Creator. It is so good to be. Thanks. Thanks!

My Marketta. You are to me a visible crystal. Thank you that you consider me worthy of your love!
Your Jussi


Maria Magdalena in my heart

Marketta “Margie” Myllari is a Spiritual Peace Minister, ordained by James Twyman of the Beloved Community in 2005 in Assisi, Italy. She lives at present in her home town Rovaniemi where she performs Peace Services in her home Sanctuary, performs Marriage Ceremonies, gives Energy healings and facilitates discourses and seminars. She is devoted to Maria Magdalena, whose instrument she feels that she is.

In her column of the Soul’s Mirror Margie writes about everything that is dear to her.
You can contact Margie:
phone +358 40 7626454
Margie (at)


The freedom of the Spirit and mind

The month of September has been, for me, a celebration! I have been hiking on the nearby Nordic hills (wooded, rocky hills), in the mountains, forests and nature paths. In Rovaniemi nature is at your doorstep, and the closest mountains are only a couple hours' drive away. You need not carry your equipment throughout the country. You can get take off when the time is suitable, and when the weather is great and calls for hiking.

You have the freedom of the Spirit and the Soul to walk under the Divine guidance of Mother Maria Magdalena. Freedom is for me the most important thing that I breathe in. This autumn I have gone hiking four times in the mountains. Each time the weather has been sunny and glowing with autumn tints, especially on the ground. It has been glorious.
On the first weekend of September, I made a trip with the hikers' club to the fells of Yllas. The autumn colors on the ground were already magnificent. It was quite an experience to climb the very steep slope of Hell's Gorge, especially when the loose stones drop around you. I did not dare to stand at the edge, but climbed with my hands to feel  the peak. I may not have gone if I had known what was ahead! Protection and blessings were, however, clearly present all the time.

photo   - unknown hiker  

Inner burning up to the mountains
Generally I have set off in any direction any time by myself. I just have a feeling that I have to get out, as if I were lacking oxygen otherwise. This inner burning has taken me again and again up to the mountains. One reason for hiking by myself, is that by walking I hold the Peace Prayers in my heart and in my mind - stopping here and there on some high peak to present them aloud.
When you walk it is not good to talk; it takes energy from you. It is good to breathe in through your nose, the mouth shut, and then breathe in through your mouth. This I learnt during the Peace Walk with James Twyman and others when we walked in 2005 from Assisi to Rome, in the footsteps of St. Francis. It was Alex from Russia that taught this to us. He had been hiking in Siberia and had learnt this right way of breathing when walking. This works amazingly well! When you concentrate on your breathing your tiredness is gone -miraculously!
Next, I "sprinted" to the northeast direction, to the fells of Saariselka (about four hours' drive). It was my intention to drive to the mountains of Pyha and Luosto, but when coming to the fork in the road I noticed that I drove right up to the north. I felt that it was meant to be so.
It was late afternoon when I reached the mountains. I got a moderately-priced room at a nice little hotel.  After settling in, I got off right away to the mountain.
The dazzling vastness of the scenery
The area of the Saariselka fells is very familiar to me. It is the old, traditional terrain for cross country and downhill skiing, and rambling and hiking in the nearby big National Park. Long before the other fells, like Yllas and Levi, were built full of modern hotels. I know the treks and hiking paths there very well, and I know that they are also safe for hiking by yourself.
It was about three in the afternoon, and those people that I met wondered why I was going in the opposite direction? Nevertheless, I went on hiking by myself. I knew the route and felt safe. At the end of trek, in the Rumakuru Gorge, there is a little log cabin that is open for hikers. There I presented the Peace Prayers in great silence and peace. I felt the Presence of our Divine Mother Maria Magdalena.
When I returned I saw only reindeer on the slopes of the mountains. Then I turned to another path and climbed to the peak of Iisakkipaa (one of those peaks, not too far from the center of the hotels).
It was about six o'clock in the evening, cloudy,and little by little getting dim. Then suddenly I felt sun beams on my face when the Sun burst out brilliantly shining. It was amazing and impressing! The Sun and the dazzling vastness of the fells around me. In every direction I saw the same huge vastness, nothing but mountains, the sky and the shining Sun. I turned around and around, again and again, and fell into this dazzling, glorious, limitless space.

photo: Hell’s Gorge, Yllas   -   Margie

I presented the Peace Prayers on the peak in beauty and sunshine. Then I started my way down the slope, the Sun still shining on my face. I had to hurry, because it was getting late. There were some wet places with duckboards at the end of the path, and some steep cliffs. I felt, however, all the time how Maria Magdalena gently protected and blessed me.
Maria Magdalena and the Sunbeams
Next morning, very soon after the breakfast, I started off again to climb the mountain. It was early and no hikers on the path; again I was by myself. The clouds were down, BUT suddenly the Sun burst out and shone direct into my face. Maria Magdalena again played joyfully with me, giving Her blessing with the sunbeams. I felt very happy.
At the hotel I still had time for a shower and to eat my packed lunch before giving up the room. When I was driving back home it started to rain silently, little by little. Yes! Raining felt good; it cleaned and relaxed the mind and the body.
At home between the mountain trips I just had time to wash my clothes and go for a short hike on the hills (here they are called Nordic hills as they are wooded, rocky hills) of nearby Ounasvaara or Poyliovaara, my favorite home hills. Many forest paths are dear to me as well and I enjoy our close nature surroundings very much.
The old, nostalgic fells of Pallas
My next direction was right up to the north, to the Fells of Pallas. Halfway there I stopped to visit my old school mate Pietari, a retired teacher at mathematics, who returned to his home village, built a house by the River Ounasjoki, and started to keep reindeer in the same way as his family always did. Reindeer are for him, once again, the dearest thing in the world.

photo: Autumn colours  -  Margie

I drove to the north to the mountain of Levi. This place, about two hours from Rovaniemi, is nowadays like a modern tourist town with many mountain slopes for downhill skiing, hotels and restaurants. It did not invite me this time. I passed it and continued the drive north.
My next goal was the Fells of Pallas, the other nostalgic mountain area for me (besides Saariselka). Pallas is located in the big National Park of Pallas/Yllas. There is only one hotel there, up in the mountain, an old log house hotel. There has been a lot of debate lately whether to expand the hotel building, or not. Pallas has traditionally been a hikers' place.
The Pallas-Yllas Natonal Park protects the great fell chain in western Lapland. It is the third largest national park in Finland covering an area of 1020 sq. km with unique fell, forest and peatland nature.
The fells of Pallas is the mountain area where we used to go for skiing and hiking when we were young. The way up to the old hotel in the mountain is most beautiful and fascinating. I remember how we always cheered "hurrah!" when we saw the many summits of Pallas. The sight is always captivating. I went there often during our winter holidays with my girlfriends.  We had great fun together, skiing, hiking and dancing in the evenings. The same old hotel still is there. Probably next time it will be bigger.
I thought that I might stay over night at the hotel, but it was closed for the season. Luckily the center for the national park was open. Very soon I got off to the closest peak. I found the same rock where I had shared the Peace Prayers two years earlier when I was there with my friend Kaarina. And once again: the Sun started to shine brilliantly. The Peace Prayers seem to invite the Sunshine!
There are many hiking trails in the fells of Pallas/Yllas National Park and one of the most popular is the trail of Pallas - Hetta, the length of which is 56 km. I walked this trail a little way, and I met some joyful ladies. They shared with me that their home town is Nokia, the nearby town of Tampere where I lived for many years. They were going up to Taivaskero (Sky Peak) that is the highest summit of the Pallas National Park, rising to 870 meters.
Hiking or skiing the trail Pallas-Hetta has always been my dream, and some day I will do it!
Hetta is a sacred place
I reached Hetta  that same day in the evening, not hiking, but driving around the mountains for hundreds of kilometres. I stayed at Hetan Majatalo. This nice, cosey family hotel was Lapland's first tourist enterprise, and this year it celebrates its 85th anniversary. Tiina, a charming young lady, is the fourth generation director of this family business.

photo: Autumn colours  -  Margie
I stayed over night alone in the old wooden main house. I felt many generations' of hikers rambling in my room. I could imagine how they happily fell asleep after several days of hiking in the fells between Pallas and Hetta.
Early in the morning I went off again. I climbed Jyppyra, the highest peak in Hetta, and then started hiking along the path on the ridge. I did not see any other people, not even reindeer. The scenery was beautiful. You could see the peak of the mountain of Saana far away in the northwest direction, near the Norwegian border.
I walked and talked the Peace Prayers, in my mind and also aloud, when I found a special place to do so. The SUN was again with me. It means that Mother Maria Magdalena was with me all the time. How happy I felt! The Joy and Peace in my heart was tangible. And the Beauty around me was magnificent.
We have a special word in Finnish : RUSKA
"Ruska is the autumnal period that changes the summer shades into vibrant colors. Mornings are misty, damp and chilly - frost gives the first taste of the coming winter. The sun gives way to the starry skies, dark nights and moonlit evenings. When the southern visitors have to say their goodbyes, feelings of longing and sadness fill the air. The exhausted nature becomes quiet and settles down.
You can take a hike into the Lappish nature on a trip lasting a day or two, or perhaps even a trek lasting a few weeks. Alongside springs, autumn is the most popular time for hiking. The mosquitoes have gone, the air is neither too hot nor too cold, and in both seasons the nature displays its most colorful splendor." (booklet 'Fell Lapland')
I walked again and said the Peace Prayers, enjoyed the sunshine and beauty and the Presence of Mother Maria Magdalena. What a blessing I experienced!
When I asked Maria Magdalena why I needed to drive to Hetta, She answered that Hetta is a sacred place for the Laps and for many others. And so it is. There is church high on a hill in the village of Hetta, and especially at Easter there are special festivities that also many travelers come to attend. Hetta is a well-known place in Lapland.

photo: The fells of Yllas - Margie

I left Hetta in the late afternoon with sunshine within me and shining outdoors as well.  It was a great joy to drive along the fells, rivers and forests. I drove down to the southern direction, hundreds of kilometers. This time I drove the western side of Lapland, following the River Tornionjoki that is the border river between Finland and Sweden. This river has always been one of the most peaceful rivers in the world: no fights whatsoever.
The colorful, yellow birches alongside the highway, the bluish Nordic hills in the distance, and the glimmering water of the River Tornionjoki on the right side made the drive a great experience. It was as if driving in the Nature Tempel.
The Sun Invitation to Pyhatunturi ('Holy Mountain')
The fourth time I felt the invitation to the mountains was the last weekend of September. The Sun shone brilliantly on Saturday morning.  I packed my things in the car and got off to the mountain of Pyhatunturi (about a two hours' drive) for a daily visit there. I knew exactly where to go. First I went down along the Isokuru Gorge, then up to the steep steps and ahead up the path to the "Water of the Holy Baptism". This is one of the old, traditional sacred places for Lappish Shamans.
Many Shamans were later forced to take the Christian baptism in their own holy places. Or they were driven to death to the gorges. These places have needed a lot of purification and healing with blessings. I attended two years ago this kind of healing process with a group arranged by my friend Tiina and some friends from southern Finland. Marko Pogacnik, the writer of "Healing the Heart of the Earth" and many, other great books, was invited to lead this healing process.
I followed the path and then suddenly I felt an invitation. The slope on the left shone in a special way. I climbed to the top and then found out that it was the same place where I had had the Peace Prayers two years ago. There was a huge formation of rocks that looked like a pyramid. That place shone in a brilliant sunshine. Again Mother Maria Magdalena was with me with the sunshine.
I had the Peace Prayers in beauty and silence. The open, vast nature was the Temple. Maria Magdalena Herself was the High Priestess.
The Sunshine and Beauty have followed me in the fells. I feel that beauty has grown inside me. I have prayed for Peace, Love and Blessing. Everything has its purpose. Maria Magdalena has walked with me in the fells. I have felt that everything is in order in the world. I am happy, joyful and peaceful. 
I wish the same to you.

Peace, Love, Joy and Blessings,


Maria Magdalena Sister
Lady Peace Minister




Maria Magdalena in my heart

Marketta “Margie” Myllari is a Spiritual Peace Minister, ordained by James Twyman of the Beloved Community in 2005 in Assisi, Italy. She lives at present in her home town Rovaniemi where she performs Peace Services in her home Sanctuary, performs Marriage Ceremonies, gives Energy healings and facilitates discourses and seminars. She is devoted to Maria Magdalena, whose instrument she feels that she is.

In her column of the Soul’s Mirror Margie writes about everything that is dear to her.
You can contact Margie:
phone +358 40 7626454
Margie (at)

Margie, fallen in love with Life:


Maria Magdalena was Jesus' Beloved, and the closest person to him. She was also a high Priestess and the disciple that (besides the Apostle John) most deeply understood Jesus' esoteric inner wisdom. It was a great joy for me to find Maria Magdalena when I began studying Feminine Divinity many years ago.
In Stockholm there is a most beautiful Maria Magdalena Kyrka (the Church of St Mary Magdalene) built in the 17th century. It is situated high on a hill in the heart of the city. You can see its high, green tower from a long distance. Whoever built the church must have known who Maria Magdalena really is. The church is very beautiful and feminine, with pastel colors indoors and outdoors. The altar piece depicts " The Adoration of the Shepherds", with shepherds blessing the child. There is a feminine figure on each side. The pulpit ~ a work of Rococo art ~ is of a particularly elegant stature. On the front is a medallion depicting Mary Magdalene. The whole church radiates the beauty and grace of the Divine Feminine. Even the lady minister giving the service looked beautiful, like Maria Magdalena herself.
There is a great joy in my heart that Maria Magdalena is gaining the respect and love that she deserves. One of my dreams is to create a Sanctuary, a temple for Maria Magdalena here in northern Finland. If you would like to unite with me in co-creating this dream as a reality, please contact me.

As an instrument for Maria Magdalena, I received a task from Her. To form the Maria Magdalena Sisters. Its formation meditation was this last Pentecost, the 31st of May, right here in Rovaniemi. There were three of us physically present: Marianne from Oulu, my little sister Riitta and myself. Many, many sisters and friends in many countries also joined this peace meditation.  Included were those in my SanctaDivina community. Maria Magdalena Sisters is fully free without any restrictive rules or leaders. A sister helps another sister as a sister naturally does. How this spiritual community continues to act, is fully up to Maria Magdalena's desires. The main thing is to realise that it exists. You can receive Divine energy assistance just by thinking of Maria Magdalena. You can also send me your prayers and I will joyously forward them to the Sisters.
Since I first started reading books on Maria Magdalena, when studying in the Beloved Community's Seminary of Spiritual Peacemaking, my heart has belonged to Her. I enjoy every moment to be able to contact Her and be one of Her Instruments. I surrender, trust and feel gratitude of this great blessing in my life. The visions she gives to me manifest according to Her desire.
The symbol "Y" is a strong sign for me.

I returned to my home town Rovaniemi a couple of years ago. I felt how the roots of my heart called me home. Here, two wonderful big rivers, Kemijoki and Ounasjoki flow together in the heart of the city and make a huge "Y" symbol-letter. Jesus' Aramean name was Yeshua. It is the English word Yes. When you extend your arms upward, your body forms this "Y" symbol-letter. By doing this, you open up to the cosmic love and can ask it to be present in your life. There is this kind of strong sign/symbol in our city. The town is embraced by arctic rocky hills; its home hill being Ounasvaara in the heart of the city. My personal Mother hill is Poyliovaara, at the foot of which my Mother's home farm was situated. I see this hill from my window when I give daily service (with Peace Prayers) at my home altar.
My ancestors lived here for centuries, cultivating the fields by the river Kemijoki. Many of the inhabitants of the town are my relatives. In World War II Lapland was devastated. Only a few houses were miraculously preserved. Among them there are the houses of my parents, of my grandmother, and of my greatgrandmother. These three houses form a triangle and they are situated at a distance of a couple of kilometres from the city center. I feel that this is a big blessing and mystery, at least for myself. I have often thought of this and its meaning.
Profound and miraculous silence
Maria Magdalena has often told me that she led me here to be born, at the time when there is so much light in May, when darkness gives way to the light here in the north, at the Arctic Circle. Then she led me out into the big wide world, and now back home again. Everything in your life has a purpose, just as it does in this manner. You simply need to be quiet and listen to the voice of your heart. Be still, silent, and humble. In doing so, you find your answers within.

gSilence is a profound and miraculous thing. It is this silence that I have enjoyed so much during the last few years. I can lie on my couch, looking at the big spruce from my window and admire its branches dancing in the wind, without thinking of anything. It's in these moments that Maria Magdalena often speaks to me.  I hear Her also in the mornings when I wake up, and in the evenings before falling asleep. Her talk is gentle and comforting. "Be peaceful" is always the most important message, "and after that we can discuss". When you surrender, trust and are grateful, a miraculous channel opens up and gives space for the Divine/higher energies to flow into and through you.
The spoken word is very powerful.
This summer has been very warm here in Lapland. The water in the lakes and rivers has been ideal for swimming. I don't remember when I have swum so much. The little apartment house where I live is situated by water. The little lake Harjulampi is half of kilometer away from the city center, and its water runs to the big river Kemijoki. Its waters are continuously renewed, so it is always pure. When I swim I always bless the water. I know that in this way I can bless all the waters of our earth. I started swimming on July 1st and I still swim in September (my goal being to swim one hundred times).
Every day I have one to two hours' service at my home altar. I dress in the white minister's outfit with the blue stole and the jewelry that I received when I was Ordained a Peace Minister in Assisi, Italy. The Peace Prayers of the great religions are an important part of my Peace Service. I also have included in my Service other texts that have become essential for me over the years. I speak aloud in Finnish and in English. I know that the spoken word has a big power. This I learnt when studying our great Finnish Epic of Kalevala.
I am an energy priest
My congregation is the whole of mankind. In my heart I feel that it is an energy priest that I am. I call myself a Lady Peace Minister to distinguish from the orthodox male priests. A Peace Minister can be male or female. There is another priestess of the Beloved Community right here in Finland, Raija Maria Rintapaa, who lives in Vaasa. We perform, among other things, marriage ceremonies. In this ceremony, the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine unite in a most Holy and Sacred way.
I feel that I have lived during the time of Jesus and Maria Magdalena, when they lived in Palestine. That is why these matters are so familiar to me. I am fully convinced that Jesus and Maria Magdalena were married and that they had children. In them, the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energy completed each other, as our Creator has intended it to be. They are close, dear friends to me.
Now it is the time for everything to be revealed
Maria Magdalena and Apostle John established the Beloved Community. It has always existed, mostly however, acting underground. The Church has always hated and persecuted it and its followers. At present it works openly, the name being the Beloved Community. Its most renowned Peace Minister is the famed Peace Troubadour, musician, and writer, James Twyman. The goal of the community is to awaken people, and contribute to the combining of Peter's exoteric church and the esoteric church (established by Maria Magdalena and the Apostle John), so that the balance between the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies could finally be united
as One.
Now is the time for everything to be revealed. It is time to let the Light shine in the darkness. The Light needs Instruments. We are called to bring forth this Light, to be Instruments through which the Light will shine. That is the reason why there are so many enlightened souls being born voluntarily. It is a miraculous calling in your heart. You cannot be mistaken. Your heart rejoices.This happened to me when I returned to Rovaniemi, my home town.
In dancing, every cell rejoices!
Joy is a great, mysterious thing in our life. Without joy you do not even feel that you are alive. This is the great joy we have been able to experience this summer, when the sun has caressed us with its rays. I have expressed this joy also in dancing. I have always loved dancing in all its forms, with rock'n roll as my favorite dance. In this dance, every cell expresses joy with enthusiasm. You just surrender to the music and rhythm and let it take you with it. I have danced a lot this summer in the open-air dancing places. These are typical Finnish summer dancing places by beautiful lakes and/or rivers.  Spectacular  surroundings of water, fresh clean air, good music, and great friends, have all brought me great joy in a wonderful way.
One of the most wonderful experiences this summer was the concert of Amadeus, the Tango King of Finland for this year. He sang in the popular dancing place Valdemari by the river Kemijoki (Valdemari is owned by Valde and his wife Mari). A joyful group of ladies from our house got together and went there. We had a great time and enjoyed the evening dancing.
We were all impressed by this young, charming singer. He sings well, is humble, modest, and talks very nicely with people. He walked and talked with people. When he stopped near me, Maria Magdalena said through me: "You are connected with high energies. They protect you. Be conscious of this." He looked at my eyes and said: "Yes, I know it." And then he hugged me warmly.
I felt the whole evening like being a teenager. Amadeus, dancing, joyful friends, and beautiful surroundings on a beautiful summer evening, created high energy for this occasion.

What brings us joy is a source of good. It attracts to us Divine energies. All the joys of this beautiful, warm summer such as Nordic walking, swimming, eating strawberries, blueberries and cloudberries, have created in me a state of falling in love. I can say that I have fallen in love with Life.  I live with all my heart and cells. 
With blessings and love,
Lady Peace Minister

Pictures by Ville Ojansivu.





One of the most misunderstood, defamed and disgraced person of the history of our time is Maria Magdalena.

Mary Magdalene's identity as a prostitute stems from Homily 33 of Pope Gregory I, delivered in the year 591, in which he declared that she and the unnamed woman in Luke 7 are, in fact, one and the same, and that the faithful should hold Mary as the penitent whore:

"She whom Luke calls the sinful woman, whom John calls Mary, we believe to be the Mary from whom seven devils were ejected according to Mark. And what did these seven devils signify, if not all the vices?... It is clear, brothers, that the woman previously used the unguent to perfume her flesh in forbidden acts."

This started hundreds of years' insulting of Mary Magdalene.

Only in 1969 did the Catholic Church officially repeal Gregory's labelling of Mary as a whore, thereby admitting their error - though the image of Mary Magdalene as the penitent whore has remained in the public teachings of all Christian denominations. Like a small erratum buried in the back pages of a newspaper, the Church's correction goes unnoticed, while the initial and incorrect article continues to influence readers.

Did you know this? I didn't, before I read this some years ago in the preface of the Gospel of Mary Magdalene.

So it is. Very easily a person is defamed. Then it is repealed in a little note that only few people see and even less people believe to be true, but go on keeping the same lie in the mind.

Derelicta by Botticelli

One of the most eloquent of all Botticelli’s paintings is Derelicta. Numerous critics have tried to guess the identity of the desolate woman  huddled on the steps before the closed door, shreds of her rose-colored cloak scattered around her.

No one seems to have recognized the “Derelicta” as the bride from the Song of Songs, beaten by the guardians of the walls who took her mantle. She is the scorned and wounded feminine, barred from full participation in the community. Her name in Latin means “abandoned”

from Margaret Starbird's book "The Woman with the Alabaster Jar, Mary Magdalen and the Holy Grail"

In the late decades many Gnostic gospels and old books have been found in the deserts of Egypt and the Dead See, hidden there in the first century or earlier. They are not questioned. Many of them were hidden again by Vatican in the darkness of museums. But nowadays nothing can be kept in secret, no valuable material can be in the possession by only a few people. The technical knowledge of our days some assist in revealing secrets.

Maria was the closest and most beloved person for Jesus. She was also a high priestess and the apostle who besides St. John understood most deeply Jesus' esoteric, inner wisdom.

It has been a great joy for me to find Maria Magdalena years ago when studying the Divine Feminine. For two thousands years women have been tortured, disgraced and burned. The Church has always hated heretics and especially courageous women that are free and independent in their thinking.

Today nothing can be kept in secret. All  rotten secrets are revealed. We have seen this happening at a great speed in these days.

At Easter I visited Stockholm with my friend Kaarina. There I found a most beautiful Maria Magdalena Kyrka (the Church of St Mary Magdalene) from the 17th century. It is situated on a high hill in the heart of the city. And you can see its high, green tower from a long distance. Whoever built the church they must have known who Maria Magdalena really is. The church is very beautiful and feminine, with pastel colours indoors and outdoors. The altar piece depicts " The Adoration of the Shepherds", shepherds blessing the child, and there is a feminine figure on both sides. The pulpit is a work of Rococo art of a particularly elegant stature. On the front is a medallion depicting Mary Magdalene. The whole church radiates the beauty and grace of the Divine Feminine. Even the lady minister giving the service looked beautiful like Mary Magdalene Herself. (

There is a great joy in my heart that Maria Magdalena is getting back the reverence and love that She deserves. Maria Magdalena is always in my heart.

With blessings and love,

Lady peace minister




My Best Friend

Who is my best friend? That is quite a question because it's hard to answer it when each and every one of my friends has a unique ray of soul that brings warmth and comfort to my own soul. Everybody's beauty of soul is different and isn't comparable with that of any other soul.
The best way to contact people, including our friends, is to communicate with each one at the soul level. This means creating heart-to-heart contact between people, and this is possible even when the people involved are not physically present. I can send thoughts from my heart to your heart like the sun sends its rays to Earth.  I can also visualize a 'wheel of love' that sends beams of love from my heart to the hearts of everyone I want to love and support.
For instance, As I write my articles I focus on everyone who reads this newspaper, "Lapin Kansa," and I focus even more on those who read my articles because I believe that my words touch you, my dear reader.  I ask for the words that surely touch you and bring you something you need. Perhaps it's something beautiful that will germinate deep inside your heart to emerge just when you need it.  You don't even need to think of the matter and I don't need to do anything but send my thought to you. It will reach you if you are receptive to it.
Even if you are close to me, my dear reader, I have something to confess.  There is someone that I regard as My Best Friend.   I hope You won't be hurt if I say that the person is myself. It means that I must love myself first so that I can love You. When I am my own best friend I can also be a good Friend to You in my heart.
I recently found my old diary from the days when I studied at Viittakivi Institute. At that time I was already a teacher but I spent one winter studying at this international Adult Institute. Here is a short entry from my diary:
"... I can't listen enough to Sirpa so I can't be a friend to her. I want to be free and let the friendship grow as it will. Helping is a different thing. Or is it? Isn't listening helping? How do I get strength to do the right things? Why do I want to spend so much time by myself?  It's like my intuition is telling me to spend all of my spare time in this little attic room just doing nothing. A funny thought just occurred to me and I say it because it says what I truly mean: Just now I don't need any company.  And yet I don't want to separate myself from the people around me because I like them. At the same time I have a deep feeling that "my innermost self needs my own company the most."
Even though I wrote this entry in my diary many years ago I can say the same thing today. I genuinely feel that true friendships spring up and blossom freely without any obligations.
Let every day be a Friend's Day.
With blessings and Love,
Lady Peace Minister 





This year of 2008 marks 555 years since Rovaniemi was first mentioned in any official document in Finland and people have been asked to write about themselves, in answer to the question 'Who am I?'.  Well, should anyone ask between September 1-7, during Rovaniemi's annual festival, here is one response to that question.
 I am Maila Maire Marketta Myllari, a native of Rovaniemi with my roots spreading as far as I can see. I was the 7th of 10 children and was born on our family farm located in Katajaranta on the Kemijoki River. There has been a farmhouse of the same name on this same site for as long as there are existing documents in Rovaniemi.  My father's mother was born a couple of kilometers down the river in the Poykkola mansion.  Her maiden name was Poykko and her mother's maiden name was Alaruokanen. My mother's maiden name was Keskioja and her mother's farm was located in the neighborhood a short distance down the river. My grandmother was married to a farmer, whose home was the mansion Ruikka, a longer way down the river, in Jaatila. His surname was Alaruikka, but because his wife had inherited the farm, he changed his name to Keskioja so that it would be the same name as the farm.
I often wonder how it is possible that, of the very few houses in Rovaniemi that survived the Second World War, three of them that are located in very central sites and contain my own recent history still stand. What miracles of protection and blessing these houses have had and still have! These three old great mansions, Myllari, Poykkola and Alaruokanen are still standing and filled with life and activities. The Alaruokanen mansion in the city center is used for city social receptions, Poykkola is Rovaniemi's ethnographic museum, and Myllari is still owned by the same family. Interestingly, these three mansions form a triangle with only a few kilometers between the angles! I've wondered a lot about that, too!
My brother Arvi and his wife Tuula lovingly reconstructed the insides and outsides of our two main farmhouses and they filled the farmyards and gardens with beautiful flower beds that look just lovely. Hardly ever in its hundreds of years' history has the Myllari mansion sported such color and bloom. This pearl of Rovaniemi that is located only a couple of kilometers from the city center is not, however, well known because the surrounding buildings hide it from sight. In fact, both houses can only be seen well from the river.
Why do I share so much of my family tree?  The reason is that I am very proud of my roots. I am proud with humility and gratitude. I feel like all my ancestors are living within me, especially the women, because farmwomen have always been very strong.  While the men worked in fields and forests or at any other tasks, especially in times of war, it was the women who took care of the whole estate and used their energies and talents to their limits in the process. And, meanwhile, just like that, they gave birth to ten children and went on with their tasks without any long breaks.
Spirituality in our family has always been passed on through our aunts and this spirituality has always been very open minded, not at all grim looking or rigid.  In their own church the ceiling was high and the walls were broad.  Nothing and nobody was or has been able to suppress the free and independent thinking of our farmers' sons and daughters.
The blood's heritage within me is definitely clear. It has been easy to get off into the wide world and learn new ideas. The first thing I learned, when traveling to southern countries, was hugging. The folks in Lapland in those days didn't show their feelings too openly. This and other self expressions I had to learn from people living in warmer countries.
To find our roots we must leave home and return many times just to leave again until we return to stay for good. The blood draws us home and we cannot help that. So it is, and I feel it's okay.
What do I think of the development of Rovaniemi, especially during the past few years when it has been quite spectacular?  I give the school a number 9. The only thing that doesn't feel quite right is a sense of ostentation in some buildings located in the city center and the commercial use of Ounasvaara, our city's 'holy' mountain. When I last visited Ounasvaara, I felt sad. I could hardly see the city scenery from the top because of the grown trees. And there were all kinds of fences and huts for tourists. I said to my friend that perhaps next time I come here I will have to buy a ticket in order to go to the top of Ounasvaara, which is the traditional site for celebrating midsummer. For one who loves her native place and town I feel saddened by these kinds of situations.
As a whole I see a very optimistic future for Rovaniemi.  I hope, however, that construction and the use of our natural resources will a little bit slow down. In the whole of Lapland we might now take a long deep breath and think about where we are going. Do we want Lapland to be reserved only for tourists or do we want more permanent homes for all people here?
I have suggested more spirituality in the travel business at the Arctic Circle. A year ago I launched a vision that Santa Claus is not enough to promote the spirituality of Christmas to the world. Mere beautiful illusions are not enough. We need a spiritual, open minded part in the program and I promote the inclusion of feminine energy. In my soul lives a native lady farmer/housewife/mother as well as a world citizen and a lady peace minister. This is how I want to serve my hometown and the whole of Lapland at this time.
With blessings and love,
Marketta Myllari
Lady Peace Minister, M. Div., M. A. (Econ.)





(This article is a shortened version of the same article, written on Sept. 22, 08.)
It seems that the collective awareness of humanity has really taken a quantum leap. The things that only a few years ago were considered nonsense are now everyday reality for most people. I think it's true that when someone discovers something new, another person somewhere else in the world can discover the very same thing at the very same moment because we share our thoughts.

The Internet isn't our only common source of information because our very thoughts affect everything. It's now a proven fact that the observations and the thoughts of the person who develops an experiment influence the result of the experiment. Everything is energy, people, animals, plants, and everything in nature around us, even things that don't look alive.
What usually frightens people is change and a change is the only sure thing in our lives. When we cling desperately to the past it is we ourselves who suffer most. We must be flexible so that we can adopt the new and preserve what's useful from the past so that we can synthesize from these ideas a plan that is meaningful to us. 

Courage to think and act independently is a precondition if we desire to live a meaningful life in a meaningful world. We ourselves create our own lives. 
During the past ten years human consciousness has grown at a faster pace than previously. No more do people just stand around doing nothing; now they start working  to influence their own fate at a grass root level. If a person doesn't care about his/her own life, who will? Global companies don't care a bit about people and their lives and politicians are kept on a leash by these companies.
But things happen: even big companies and power structures collapse. And this is a natural process that must occur before the new can emerge. 

I believe that people's awareness and willingness to speak out on issues have the greatest influence on politicians and public policy.  Leaders and politicians come and go, companies are formed and collapse, cultures come and go, but human beings and our belief in life go on because our thoughts are the basis for everything.
With blessings and love,
Marketta Myllari
Independent and Influential Person  





at Midsummer 2008
The abundance of light during Midsummer here in the north is always a great miracle to me. I'm fascinated when I look at the wide midnight sky and its colors from my windows.  It's like a heavenly movie where lights, colors and images change playfully and joyfully all the time. In English there's a nice word family for this: light/delight.  For me these words describe this feeling perfectly.
Midsummer brings to my mind light blue forget-me-nots and white lilies-of-the-valley. Lilies-of-the-valley go well many little flowers, but somehow I think a forget-me-not goes quite specially with them. And when I think of the forget-me-nots there comes to my mind the word 'gentle' and a gentle person. (In Finnish the words 'gentle' and 'a forget-me-not' have the same root.)
A gentle person is peaceful and tranquil like the Dalai Lama. Nothing can hinder his/her sun. I think of my aunt Lyyli, that lovable Maria soul. It was easy to go to her in times of joy and sorrow because she never judged anyone, but listened with the heart and empathized with great love. Nevertheless, in her job as a teacher she was known for maintaining strict discipline and she was respected and appreciated. So gentleness doesn't always imply a 'loose' attitude.  It can also imply strength.  As parents and teachers we try to be gentle and strong at the same time with our children and students.
When people are strong and work to fulfill their own life scripts, rather than drifting along according to other people's expectations, they face the question of their own strength and people's possible reactions to it. Many people fear strong people even if  this strength is not directed at them. Even a feeling of strength is enough to bother some people because it can create a surge of emotions and, possibly, fearful thoughts within them.
Gentleness is the key to all communication. It's an attitude that that gives off the feeling that  no-one needs to fear me, not for any reason. If you need not fear, you need not defend yourself or react against any imaginary dangers. So I, at one and the same time, can be gentle and strong: strong in wandering my own way and living my own life and independent in making the decisions of my life without swinging to and fro along other people's desires.  At the same time I can radiate a gentle attitude toward other people and their decisions while allowing them the same freedom, without pressing my view on them in any way. In other words, I can live and let live.
Light blue forget-me-nots- and white lilies-of-the-valley remind me of gentleness. Just now at Midsummer overpowering scents and magnificent colors are at their most beautiful.  Life is like a gentle play. And why wouldn't it be? We have been granted this beautiful Mother Earth as our home and an abundance of riches and gifts of life. At Midsummer we have time to relax and just be, absorbing into beauty and letting it flow to our hearts. And we joyfully give thanks for everything: for light, delight and the gentle Midsummer.
With blessings and love,
Marketta Myllari




I Believe in the Power of Gratitude

Lapin Kansa, June 4, 2008

We all have many things to be grateful for so let's look around and see those things. Let's examine our hearts and feel them all. Every moment is precious, even if it quickly flies away. Today is soon yesterday. The newspaper of today is tomorrow's garbage, and so on. So what remains of this present moment?
Our earth is millions of years old so what, then, is one fleeting moment or one generation in the life of mankind worth?  Not to mention talking about the life of one person. We can walk in any cemetery and wonder who is who: Does anyone remember this person?  Who remembers the day's politics afterward? The list could go on forever.
Rovaniemi and the whole of Finnish Lapland were destroyed in the last World War and the lifelong work of many persons and generations was left in ashes and ruins.  The destruction raised some questions in peoples' minds, such as: What can I picture myself being and doing for with the small tasks I have in this world?

Well, there is one place where everything is remembered and that place is Nature because it shows us honestly and directly what has happened to it and what is now occurring. We human beings build things and imagine we are leaving something unique for future generations. Perhaps we are but it's only for a moment. 
So what, then, is left after each generation's work? I'd say work that was done naturally by human beings who co-created with their Creator while understanding: the importance of respecting nature and all living beings; that they were part of one whole; and their own smallness along with their responsibilities as human beings and stewards of the Earth.
We human beings were given a big responsibility for this earth. It's with good reason that we were given divine intelligence, wisdom, compassion, love, trust, and gratitude because we need these qualities to work wisely and in harmony with Nature. Only in this way can we fulfill our part as co-creators in this world and bring blessings to all creation.
Gratitude, for example, produces miraculous effects because what we are grateful for expands and grows exponentially.  What we focus on receives energy from us and grows stronger because our thoughts are enormously powerful. So let's be aware of our thoughts and use them to radiate blessings to all beings everywhere.   Our compassion and love also have healing power that can help in any situation from an everyday concern or occurrence to a catastrophe. 
Saying "Thank you" is sharing a beautiful thought that spreads gratitude around.  The gratitude, in turn, expands and calls forth more reasons to be thankful. 
Right now I have many reasons to be grateful.  In fact, today I went to see Kati, my podiatrist because I've learned that having a monthly foot care treatment is a most luxurious experience.  In the soles of our feet there are acupuncture points for every organ of our bodies and, since my feet carry my weight around day after day, I think I have every good reason to thank my feet and to take good care of them!  So I thank my feet - and Kati for her treatment!
I also give a special thank for every supermarket that carries a large assortment of organic fruits and vegetables. More reasons to be thankful include Merja's hairdressing; Leena's dental work; Markus' work on my car, which he treats as if it were his own. And of course I thank all my relatives, friends, neighbors, and all the other people in my life. And finally I thank the people who edit and publish this newspaper.
I truly believe that gratitude brings joy and good things to each and every one of us, wherever we may be so let's make an "attitude of gratitude" our favorite habit!
With blessings and love,




Reverence, Authenticity, Simplicity

I recently spent two weeks in the United States, during which time I attended SanctaDivina's Easter Retreat, which is part of the advanced training program for people in my ministry. I have studied all my life and will continue to do so for the rest of my life.  At this point there's no sign of the pace slowing down since new learning leads to new challenges.  And that's OK with me. 
Since domestic flights in Finland are quite expensive when compared with international flights, I decided to travel by train to Helsinki and from there to Minneapolis via Amsterdam.  While in Helsinki I met my dear friend Liisa, who took me to her health centre and gave me her special peat sauna treatment, a wonderful massage with oils, and a delicious organic vegetarian meal that she prepared and cooked especially for me. After all that pampering she let me sleep a few hours before driving me to the airport early the following morning. A good friend like Liisa is truly a great treasure! 
SanctaDivina Retreat is located in Wisconsin's countryside and the nearest little town is Athens. The area is filled with hilly, peaceful countryside that is very much like Lapland; even the weather was similar to that in Lapland with snow still on the ground at Easter time. The little group was very inspiring and I was the only participant from across the ocean. SanctaDivina Center/Sanctuary is run by beloved Sophia, whom I know very well since she was my coach while I studied for the ministry in the Spiritual Peacemaking Seminary of the Beloved Community.
For each participant the most important part of this Easter Retreat was making a lifelong commitment to three basic values of Reverence, Authenticity and Simplicity. For me it was easy because I live in Lapland and I feel that it's very natural to commit oneself to these values.
Reverence means seeing with the eyes of Reverence; to be mindful of the Divine Nature of all Beings and of all Creation; to see all life with great Reverence. Reverence covers everything in our lives and everything that we value such as the humanity in oneself and in other people; reverence for all beings and for all nature. Reverence means understanding that each of us is a part of a big wholeness, united in this world fashioned by our Creator.  Reverence means understanding that, despite the differences of color, religion, race, culture, and other apparent differences among us, we are all part of one big family: Humanity.
Authenticity means the quest for freedom from unconscious influences; self-knowledge; compassionate awareness; and understanding of all relationships. Authenticity includes honesty within ourselves and striving to be truly what we are without any pretense.  Authentic persons value themselves and other people.  They value their own inner beauty, wisdom and connection with God and the inner beauty, wisdom, and connection with God in everyone.
Simplicity means living as simply as possible in ways that are appropriate to our circumstances; utilizing resources properly; sharing resources for the Highest Divine Purpose of all.
Simplicity means letting things happen naturally, without forcing them. Things tend to go on their own natural way, anyway, whether we like it or not so simplicity also means having the wisdom and patience to let seeds germinate in their own way and time, and letting the sun and water soften the ground, the plants to grow, and the flowers to bloom when it is their time to bloom. We human beings are our Creator's co-creators and we are meant to be joyful instruments for our Creator.  When we understand this, things reveal themselves in their own divine timing.
I think these three basic truths of life, Reverence, Authenticity, and Simplicity, are very much a part of Lapland's culture and could even be parts of an emblem for the Lappish identity. We could start advertising Lapland with these attributes and we could start building small glass peace chapels around Lapland, around the whole of Finland, and eventually around the whole world.  In fact, we could start right here at the Arctic Circle!
I received this vision during my Easter trip to the United States and I think it's wise and very practical. I'm ready to work for the fulfillment of this vision. 
With blessings and love,





The Nobel Peace Prize has been a great matter of joy, not only for President Martti Ahtisaari, but for all of the Finns. Finland as a nation has received recognition for its spiritual essential nature (?). It has been widely known for a long time that Finland is one of the most spiritual nations of the world as considered the little population. Not in so many nations are there so many spiritual organizations, societies and people who are interested in their spiritual growth as in this little, northern country of only five million people.

The ground (basis?) for spiritual peace making in Finland has existed for a long time. One person that has got less attention and who has affected a lot the Finnish peace making is the Finnish writer and mystic Pekka Ervast. He started his lectures in Helsinki in the beginning of the nineteen hundreds, brought the theosophical movement to Finland and later established the national Rosicrucian Society.

Pekka Ervast's main teaching was focused on spiritual peace making and awakening of people. Jesus' ethic teachings of the Sermon on the Mount and the old wisdom of our great national Epic Kalevala were the themes of many of his lectures and books. After the First World War it was clear that the world could not continue the same disastrous way. Unfortunately once again the world was to collapse in the Second World War, and Finland had its own civil war, too.

But the ground for human, non-weapon living together existed, in Finland as well as around the world. Spiritual societies were born at a great pace. And people's interest in their spiritual growth has been increasing for all these decades generating new generations whose only dream has been a world peace. A vision always exists before action. In this matter it is so, too. Only a civilized nation can give birth for such peace makers that are blessing for the whole world.  We really have every reason to be happy and joyful of the progress of our nation on its path of the spiritual growth.

This time that we live now, with all the world crises, is spiritually difficult also for Finland. When the light g rows, also the shadows grow. Today you can see that clearly all over the world. Mother Earth is crying and writhes in her pain. The same is with people, especially the men are violent in their family relationships.

As the two forces in a person, the feminine and the masculine are in disharmony, especially the men do not seem to have tools to liberate their pain bodies and proceed their problems. That is the reason why the softer, more tender, compassionate mother essence that exists in everyone, cries for liberation and emerging out. It just needs to be given a chance. What you focus, that will strengthen. Also men have right to strengthen the feminine gentleness and compassionate love within them. And so get balance and peace in their inside. Family violence will turn into family peace and blessing for the dear ones in the family.

Martti Ahtisaari said in his Nobel prize speech that peace is the matter of will. And so it sure is, but the essence of peace is always a matter of heart. For in the heart of the enlightened person a spark of peace arouses and then radiates out to the world. They say that nations, communities, companies and all organizations have such leaders as they deserve. That means that the spiritual level of individuals appeals such leaders that they need. We Finns as a nation now deserve these leaders that we have. Martti Ahtisaari is a way shower for all of us.

A year ago I was invited to attend the Sitra's 40th Anniversary in Helsinki. I happen to be the first person that Chancellor Klaus Waris hired for this fund. In the year of 1967 Finland celebrated its 50th Anniversary. For this festival a new independent fund was established in the Bank of Finland. The name was first a long "the Fund of  Finland's Independence Jubilee Year 1967" but was soon shortened for Sitra. The President (the biggest boss?) of the Bank of Finland Klaus Waris had just left his post at the bank and started as the Chancellor of the School of Economics and Business Administration. At the same time he started to give birth to the new fund. He applied for a secretary for the fund. I had just started my further studying for Master's degree and happened to see his note on the board of the School. I got the job and so a great enriching (?)phase started in my life. I attended lectures before noon and worked for the Fund in the afternoon, when the Chancellor worked there, too. Later on the work became full time for me.

I was lucky to be able to work daily with the legendary Klaus Waris. He was a charming gentleman to the fingertips (?). I also noticed how the great souls are humble and modest, and have a great sense of humour. They say that a sense of humour is a virtue of great souls. I believe it is true.

We have many great men and ladies in the history of Finland. A little nation like Finland can create way showers for the rest of the world. It is in its heart humble and modest because very often it has been forced fight for its existence in hard ways.

Esko Aho, the chief executive of Sitra invited me to give a little speech in the beginning of Sitra's 40th gala dinner. I told a little bit of the time when Sitra started. I concluded my speech with the following words: "As an international Peace Minister I take the liberty to present my own vision about Sitra's future. So that Sitra contributes to the dream come true that Finland some day will declare itself to be an example country for peace and tolerance."

Blessings and love,
Lady Peace Minister





Wow, what a surprise! It's absolutely wonderful that Johanna Korhonen put "all her cards on the table" right away. Acting so very courageously she openly and explained her situation to the public. Now each and every of us Laplanders must ponder our own level of tolerance because we can hide no longer behind old phrases and prejudices!
That's fine with me.  As a matter of fact, it's fantastic that we Laplanders have the opportunity to show Alma Media, Lapland , Finland and the whole world in this way that "the light really does come from the north".
The northernmost 7-days-a-week newspaper in the world shows great tolerance by hiring a lady such as our editor-in- chief. After ten male editors-in-chief, no matter how good they've been, it's more than enough. Now it's time for female editors-in-chief.
We can show the world, knowing that it's newsworthy information, that we here in Lapland are genuinely in the flow of the new energy. It makes no difference if a woman lives in a registered relationship with another woman!
Let's see how many of us dare to write our opinions on this matter in our own names. It'll truly be interesting to see! I am looking forward with great interest to reading these opinions in "Lapin Kansa".
With blessings and love
Marketta Myllari
Lady Peace Minister


- Beloved Mary. Hi, I am Margie and would like to interview you.

Yes of course, my dear daughter. What would you like to speak about?

- About why you are so much a common topic just now.

The time is ripe for certain things to become public. Everything always happens at the right time. You have heard this saying, haven’t you.

- Yes, and I believe that it really is so. There are happening today so many quite unbelievable things, such as you earlier never could have dreamt about to happen; not at least during your own lifetime.

You don’t, however, seem to wonder that there is now so much talk about me. You also have had discourses on me. I am happy that you are interested in me.

- Yes I am very much. I can say that you “hit” all at once my consciousness. That is not strange to me, however. So happenend to me also when I for the first time found a theosophical book, over 30 years ago. It happened, by the way, to be one book that I found on the bookshelf of my Aunt Lyyli. It was Will R. Garver’s “The Brother of the Third Degree.” Happened and happened. I know in my heart that so called coincidences have very much purpose. And the book, indeed, turned out to be an omen in my life. I have now been over 30 years Rosicrucian theosophist and freemason.

Have you had any other “hits” in your life?

- Yes, the second “hit” happened when the eyes of my future husband, Jussi, and my eyes met. Eternity opened up at one sight. We then got married, I was then 33 years old and Jussi 66 years old.

I understand. So it is when Divine Love combines two souls.

- Beloved Mary, or would you like me to call you Miriam. As your beloveds called you. And Jesus was then called Jeshua.

It suits me well. Mary as a word is beautiful and I like it, but perhaps Miriam sounds more intimate when we are now chatting .

- OK, Beloved Miriam. It happened so that when I found Dan Brown’s novel “Da Vinci Code” I really was amazed. But I wasn’t actually surprised, only happy. All the basic things were familiar to me of old.

This book is a bestseller around the world. It interest me, however, how you found this book.

- Well, Beloved Miriam. I have been studying since last September in the two-year Seminar of Spiritual Peacemaking. In the studying program there is much literature and there are also many books about you.

Would you tell more about this studying.

- It is run by the founder of the Beloved Community, James Twyman. James is an internationally renowned author and Peace Troubadour who has travelled during ten years performing “Peace Concert” in some of the areas of greatest violence and discord. He has sent e-mails around the world telling about his peace concerts and events. He has also sent many Internet courses. The texts are Jeshua’s coming via James. The Art of Spiritual Peacemaking was a three-month course and about 25 000 people around the world completed it. After that there have been many courses, such as Dead Sea Lessons and the latest now the Reclaim your Indigo Power -course. And then there is this Seminar of Spiritual Peacemaking. I started last fall, on the second course. The third has started in April.

There is literature also about me included in this studying?

- Yes, as a matter of fact many of those books that have been published in the last few years. For me the most important is Margaret Starbird’s “The Woman with the Alabaster Jar, Mary Magdalene and the Holy Grail”. In this book there are many medieval paintings, especially painted by Botticelli. He and many other painters have put in the paintings secret codes telling about you. Incredible but true. This book “hit” me totally.

What do you mean by that?

- I knew right away in my heart that what I read and saw was true. At once, there was no hesitation or doubt. I have always known about you, Beloved Miriam. You are very close to me. I call you Mother Mary Magdalene.

What is it in this book that especially interests you?

- Everything. Your Sacred Marriage, of deepest spiritual, emotional and physical intimacy; Jeshua being masculine and you Miriam feminine of the perfect human being, and at the same time also the two aspects of the Divinity.

Do you think that this has been neglected during these two thousand years?

- Completely. You were deserted and abandoned. Peter’s masculine church never wanted to hear anything of you. They told only that which they were forced to tell, such as you Miriam were at the Foot of the Cross of Jeshua and were the first person at his grave on the Resurrection morning. These facts could not be forged because these facts were widely known. Everything else was but misrepresented and lied. The statatus of women in those days was bad and so it has been during all these years. Most of Jeshua’s disciples, especially Peter, were envious and jelous of the intimate relationship between you and Jeshua.

You are right. I was also crucified. By defaming my memory and scorning and abandoning me. But as you see, everything has its purpose. Now is the right time these facts to become known in public. In these days no lie can remain concealed. Everything that is impure and untruthful will come into light.

- I am very happy for you. And also happy for all of us. I love you Mother Mary Magdalene. You are our Holy Mother. Thank you for your interview.

Sivut perustettu 9.9.1999